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I've been curious about both of those games, so it'd be a good time to pick them up! I had played day of the tentacle/maniac mansion way back when those games were first released, though.

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"$10 for a game is CHEAP."

it's not $10 in Canada...

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and I'm sure the $400 laptop you can buy these days would be able to run portal 2 just fine as well...

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of course i remember them. it seems rather pointless to run steam on a device that's probably woefully less powerful than what their PCs are capable of doing.

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why would you need to be able to run linux on a console?

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"There was exclusive DLC and games long before Phil Spencer was in the spotlight. This was happening a lot last gen."

absolutely. you can't argue with that.

"Phil doesn't like this practice, but I'm sure the big wigs are MS & Sony will still continue to do it."

well, he certainly didn't seem to mind the practice when it came to Rise of the Tomb Raider - even participating in the vague language th...

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the "xbox lies" article was failed, though...

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"Can't believe your getting voted down, people can't seriously disagree that this practice should be stopped by both companies. You don't see Nintendo doing these kind of deals..."

bayonetta 2...

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It's a great time to pick up Inside, if you haven't already. Fantastic game.

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no, it's not. it means Nintendo has no interest in actually keeping up with the competition. I asked this question before: why should I invest in a brand new console when it's barely half of the power of the competition, and far less in a year's time when Scorpio hits the market?

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that raised my eyebrow, too, but really... they did it with GTA V, so it's not that surprising.

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enhance! enhance!

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I always see a delay as an opportunity for the devs to make the game better. It sucks when a game gets delayed, sure, but it doesn't really bother me.

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I don't think you understand what xenophobic means...

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How am I a hypocrite, exactly?

And you're implying that my sarcasm was being bigoted towards straight, white males, so...

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seeing as how you just accused me of being a bigot, it's not that far of a stretch.

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If you ever played Limbo, and liked it, then you'll love Inside. Play dead is one of the best indie studios out there, I cannot say that enough.

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Because they don't have to... the game was released long before the Pro was even a thing, so there's no obligation on the part of the devs to patch the game for PS4 Pro.

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So it's bigoted to be fine with the inclusion of other groups besides straight, white males? Interesting...

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games prior to October aren't required to have any Pro enhancements. some devs will actually do the work since it's apparently not very time-consuming, but I doubt we're going to see many early games for the system get patched with Pro improvements.

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