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"... Obama said it much nicer than Trump...but I haven't heard a peep about Obama being racist."

uh... because he's talking about keeping actual criminals out of the country, not blocking people from entering the country or deporting people based on their ethnicity?

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"...looks like a hipster..."

you clearly don't know what a hipster is, if you think the main character in this game looks like one. trust me, i went through art school. twice. the protagonist in this game is far from what anyone would consider a "hipster."

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"All PS4 games will remain compatible across both consoles, House adds, with Sony expecting "all or a very large majority of games" to be optimised for the new PS4."

Well, this should put to rest the concern of there being exclusive games for the Neo, and completely shut down the "Sony is stabbing PS4 owners in the back" argument.

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no it doesn't, it's the game's budget...

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it doesn't look *that* bad, honestly... but I also enjoyed the first game.

and those of you throwing around the term "hipster" really have *no* actual clue what a hipster is... the people, and the main character in this trailer are not even remotely close to what a typical hipster actually looks like.

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exactly. AAAA is a made up category of games - the only other time I've ever seen anyone use this term has been on the misterxmedia website. and he's only adding the extra A in there in an attempt to imply that xbox games are better in terms of their quality - he doesn't seem to understand that the term "AAA" refers to the budget of a game.

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no, they didn't.


that kind of reaction clearly shows that Sony had already established what they were going to do in their presentation. it also shows that there was no last-minute "oh, we're just going to remove the camera from the con...

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perhaps "worst" isn't the best term to use - I enjoyed all three of the games in the series (so far), I just didn't enjoy #2 as much.


that's fair. and yeah... I really hope they don't just tack on multiplayer.

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Although I don't believe that Kratos has actually died, I feel as though his storyline has come to an end. I'd be fine with a completely different character - perhaps something Norse or even Egyptian could be interesting.

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Despite a few glaring flaws, I still really enjoyed the first installment. I'm looking forward to seeing footage from this one.

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Bioshock 2 is arguably the worst in the series so far, though...

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... *new* Bioshock? Seeing as how the only one that wasn't handled by Irrational Games wasn't as good, I am going to remain cautious - especially if they try to tack on MP again.

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You could always summon friends. Set a password in the game's network settings.

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It all depends on your level...

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I'm not a huge fan of MP or co-op, nor have I played any of the DR games, but I can certainly see how co-op would add to the fun factor in this case.

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That all depends on its price point, and whether it's actually more powerful than the Neo. both specs are still rumour at this point, and anything can happen - especially if Sony can increase the RAM on the vanilla PS4 about 9 months before its release... Both MS and Sony can probably still change specs at any given time leading up to the release of their respective consoles.

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Care to back that up with proof?


@pog - No numbers were even mentioned by jburr. And do you also have proof that all Sony fans think it's a poor man's uncharted?

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New remaster? Probably oblivion.

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There were tanks in WWI.

Edit: but yeah, the cavalry was still a thing then, too.

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... except WWI took place in the 20th century, not the 18th. You're underestimating the technology available at the time.

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