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@narsaku: your opinion != fact.

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I dunno about that - MS should have had all of that figured out by the time they put on their presentation. I don't think you can completely blame the FCC.

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As long as MS doesn't force anyone to create/use an/their XBL account or force the use of their network, I think there can be an amicable agreement. Sony also needs to drop the protect the children nonsense, too.

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pre-orders should have been available after E3, frankly.

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2020 is the earliest release of PS5.

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don't you mean you, and everyone else helping you with acquiring trophies?

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I agree - the tracking system is great, and I hope they implement something like that with trophies.

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this isn't about how many people pre-ordered, it's about when it was made available to pre-order. I pre-ordered both the PS4, and the Pro as soon as they were finished their E3 presentations.

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Uh... no. Both were available to pre-order immediately following their reveals on the E3 stage after the whole presentation was finished.

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I think the delay in this particular case is related to the pre-order availability, not whether the console itself will be delayed.

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"Where should blame be assigned when it comes to the late pre-orders of the Xbox One X?"

Partially on MS for not having all of that ironed out before their big reveal at E3.

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Dear god, he's gone full Greenberg.

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It already has all of the games currently out on the market as its launch titles.

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"Xbox One went down in history as the worst console ever..."

come on, now... the Xbox One isn't bad, and most definitely not the "worst console ever" in the history of consoles.

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It's hard to build a library of games when 3rd party studios won't touch your console with a ten foot pole.

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They could put out a proper console...

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You don't get it. It isn't about making games that are super photo realistic or going the CoD route, etc... it's about utilizing the power to increase resolution, frame rate, AA, lighting, depth of field, particle effects, draw distance, etc... it wouldn't be focusing on graphics above all else, it would be about improving on what they are very good at doing.

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Well... because mercenaries like money?

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I know what it means - I'm speaking solely in terms of HW specs.

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