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no, that never happened. none of the links you posted above in your attempt to "prove" sony didn't want titanfall even say anywhere that sony didn't want titanfall.

what those articles do say is that sony pushed to have a vita version of the game (which means sony did actually want the game), and when respawn approached sony about the PS4, sony wasn't ready to talk about the console yet.

there's nothing th... #7.1.4
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"So the first TF WAS console exclusive..."

no, it WAS timed until MS dumped a tonne of money onto EA's lap. if it was truly console exclusive, zampella (co-founder of respawn) wouldn't have had this reaction at the news of TF being fully exclusive to MS:

"Always MS exclusive at launch, great partner and focus is good for a startup. EA made a deal for the rest, we only found out recently =("

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19 years old is old enough to know better. he's an adult. #6.1.1
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please forgive my ignorance, but is there no means of backing up your HDD prior to transferring the HDD like the PS3?

i'm asking because i truly don't know - i am in no way criticizing your comment at all (just to be clear). #1.1.8
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i agree. it was smart for nintendo, and MS to allow this. #15.1
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no, your point is clear.

just because it's a puzzle game doesn't mean that it can't have great visuals. and how do you know what the puzzles are like, how many there are or how complicated they are? have you played the game? no? #4.1.2
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this is why you can never trust how fast people say it takes to complete a game.

because there's always something that skews their results - whether it's playing on the easiest game mode, ignoring everything, skipping cutscenes, etc... and even knowing the solutions to every puzzle because you made the freaking game... #2.1
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yeah, robots have feelings, too. #110100101001 #5.2
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a better question is:

why does it matter?

who cares. it's just a video game. #19
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for the last time... it's 1080p. claiming that it's not 1080p just shows that you have zero understanding of how things like aspect ratio, and pixel density ratios work... which is baffling since you claim to have some sort of background in this kind of thing.

if the game was 800p, like i'm sure you think it is, that would make its native pixel dimensions *less than* 800 x 1920. and since we know that there is no upscaling, it is imposs... #1.1.21
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yes, they did the last sly, as well as the HD collection of the original games. i think they did a really good job on all of them, so i'd be curious to see what they have in store for us. #1.3
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the hilarious thing is had he gone through with it, there was always the possibility that the value of the 20th anniversary edition could've skyrocketed, and he would've been out of a valuable SKU that he possibly could've sold for way more than 20k.

at least now (unless he's a complete idiot, and smashes it anyway) he has that option. #7.1
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snubbed for what award? being innovative? because if they think that CoD is in any way innovative, then....

http://38.media.tumblr.com/... #16
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only people who have no idea what they're talking about think an image with an aspect ratio of 2.40:1 will fit perfectly into a screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9 (or 1.77:1). so i guess that means that whenever you watch a widescreen movie on your TV you think that 1/3 of the image is blacked out, too, huh?


yes, it is 1080p because it maintains a 1:1 pixel density ratio. the reality is that the order's native pixel... #1.3.11
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oh, thank umbasa... #12
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to be fair, there have been plenty of people saying that they've enjoyed the game based on the demos they've tried out. the sad thing is that those positive comment have been overshadowed by a slough of negativity, and trolling. #3.1
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very impressive. while i'm not exactly a racing game fan, i am always impressed with how realistic the visuals are becoming. #5
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i have been calling for them to go back to a more historical setting for years... long before a good majority of those modern/advanced warfare games came out.

there's nothing about what i've stated that implied that they should stop with the modern warfare titles. WaW was the only CoD game i've actually played/finished. i have no interest in that advance warfare stuff. i would just personally like to see them mix it up a bit. #6.1.1
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no. no it is not. #14
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not according to their own website:

https://support.xbox.com/en... #14.1
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