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I've bounced between the one my ISP provides, and gmail. I have all the tabs set up in my gmail that separates primary, forums, promotions and updates. There is no such separation for the ISP-based address.

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As long as it's not a "complete the game in one sitting without dying, and no save/checkpoints" I'm fine.

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they keep blaming it on some imaginary firewall on my end that's blocking their e-mails even though I have no trouble getting purchase confirmations, and even the sign-in e-mail change/verification e-mails. I've now changed my e-mail a second time to see if that actually does anything, but I unchecked the options before doing that, and rechecked them when I established the new e-mail.

At least with the previous e-mail change, I started getting promos for games (I g...

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I've done all of the troubleshooting steps, have been in contact with their support 5 different times, even changed the e-mail associated with my account, and I still don't get these things even though I am signed up to get them.

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If anything, this shows that no matter how much beta testing a studio goes through, or how thorough the testing is during the normal development process, it will never be enough to prevent issues from occurring once the game hits the retail environment.

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1. No, not going to happen. That rumour had no legs to stand on to begin with
2. Likely, yes
3. Plausible
4. Hopefully
5. Would prefer #4 over this

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depends on the specs. if they're claiming that it offers a full PC experience, it may be of interest to me. I was completely expecting this to be another Ouya, I may have been wrong.

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Well, one would hope that it would...

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No, Canada. Not sure if this is true for every Province, but the one I live in has no tax on the PS Store.

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The risk would be in the complete change in the style of gameplay.

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"Too much feels 6.3/10 - IGN"

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I buy digital because of the convenience, and I don't get charged sales tax where I live. That means that if I were to buy a game brand new, day 1, it costs me less money - plus, new games are often available for me to play the night before the official release date because of the time zone I'm in.

Physical should always be an option, though, and at least with the physical version, you can trade it in/sell it to put towards other games.

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There's a lot they could have done with the dock, but they dropped the ball.

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"What's happening is that Nintendo went out of their way to hurt consoles that may use it."

no they didn't.

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If it's not a licensed 3rd party peripheral, Nintendo doesn't have to support it.

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the claim was made:


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tiny little things that'll get lost easily if you're not careful...

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