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just pre-ordered this game on Saturday. can't wait! #4
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how does an article that cites misterx's delusioblog get approved??? #8
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you'll make any desperate excuse you can make in order to downplay something playstation-related, eh?

you don't lose any real progress, so don't worry yourself - not that you'll ever even bother playing this teaser anyway... and it's just a teaser, it's not even a full demo, and probably nothing close to what the final version of the full game is going to be like. #1.4.2
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PS4 is not even close to being an online-only system... what in the world is the author smoking?? #7
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penello is a MS exectutive - Sr. Director - Product Management and Planning, in fact. funny how his statements only mattered until he debunked the stacked/dGPU.

no. multerer wasn't saying GPU plurally because there are two GPUs inside the console. he was talking in general about how GPUS, across all platforms, are becoming complicated beasts. you should probably have a better understanding of the words you're referencing before you start mocking other people's... #6.2
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gas? #3.1
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oh, please tell us more about this much-to-be-desired gameplay since you've *obviously* beaten the game... /s #11.1
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there's absolutely nothing similar in concept between the two games.

the only similarites are that they're both 3rd person shooter than happen to use a cover system... but there are a lot of other 3rd person shooters that use a cover system, and yet those have never been compared to gears... #13.1.1
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so... if i'm not worried at all, does that mean i'm right, too? #17
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yeah, i don't get why people dump on that game. i thoroughly enjoyed it. #2.1
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it's entitlement when you (i don't mean you, personally!) cry about putting X amount of time, and spending X amount of dollars on a game, and expecting to get a unique, custom-tailored ending because you somehow think that every little decision you've made over the course of the other two games in the series is supposed to have some kind of butterfly effect on the last installment's code. #2.3
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there is no second or dGPU... penello has long since debunked that silly pipedream:


you're taking that 10x statement spencer too literally. you don't just take the numbers from the X360, and multiply them by 10 to get the xbone's power....

mark rein was not implying that a GPU similar in specs to the titan black i... #8.2.1
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what's the controversy, exactly? the audio doesn't really provide any information at all, apart from there being some sort of controversy or "shady dealings."

also, i accidentally clicked disagree when i was aiming to click reply, so i +bubbed you to compensate... #1.2
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"You know that it s difficult for some people to accept they were wrong all the time..."

yes, it's amazing that people refuse to believe that the xbone isn't as powerful, and that there's no hidden power inside the box.

"Beta tested in the future was a clear hint at what was the xbox one."

it's an ad slogan, not an encrypted message.

"I would ask people why still so much nda related to... #29.2.1
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i assure you... the ones laughing are the those who have been telling people like you that there's no secret hardware inside the xbone.

"The Xbox One is the most powerful console ever made..."

except it's not. the specs have been known for quite a while, and the recent leaked SDK contains all of the spec information - that's directly from the horse's mouth.

you need to stop holding on t... #29.3
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... someone needs to learn how to understand satire... #1.1.6
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"It is not a good idea to praise PS4 for its success as it has been made clear that Sony is not afraid to overcharge gamers due to the fact that they love the company."

troll bait. why was this garbage approved? #38
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i'm not lying, though. and i'm not calling you an outright liar, either - you were simply not truthful in this particular case because the statement you made was, "no one is bashing the indie scene" (a shining example right here: http://n4g.com/comments/red... ), when that's clearly not the case. some xbox fans currently bash indies just like at some point i'm sure some PS3 owners bas... #5.1.4
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Then devs should spend more time fixing bugs, and less time closing bugs as known shippable... #4
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... and SE has always held the rights to the TR franchise, not MS, so there's no need for anyone to wait for the purchase of any rights from MS in this case. #2.2.2
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