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patents don't mean anything since 99% of them don't even see the light of day.

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i've seen nothing but positive with this game - and despite having a backlog about a mile long, i think i'll actually get this game, especially that I now know that it pretty much has a single player option.

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bought this game a few weeks ago - still need to start :(

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people need to perhaps stop believing that just because a game is produced by an independent studio, that it means it should cost less than other retail games. if the argument in the past has been that price should be dictated by the amount of content/hours of game play available, then logically those same people should be okay with this game, which has virtually endless game play possibilities, no?

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sorry, but... my money, my choice.

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i can't get the game right now, but my interest was definitely peaked when I found out it has SP campaign.

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I was going to pass on this game, and then I found out it actually has a (more or less) single player campaign. This info might come in handy.

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April 12. So... a little more than a month.

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I still have very fond memories of A Link to the Past. I would agree that it is the best Zelda game.

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I can hardly contain my excitement for this game - looks like it's going to be pretty freaking amazing.

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the game looks phenomenal. the *only* thing I can see that's different (or at least the only one that I care about) is that the transition from full view to over-the-shoulder view can be too abrupt sometimes in the new build. it's not going to keep me from enjoying the game or anything, but the transition was much better in the original gameplay footage, in my opinion. there is some absolutely gorgeous attention to detail in some of those scenes.

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"which Kinect game from those other studios where you looking forward to playing?"

none of them because i don't have kinect for my xbox one. but that's completely besides the point, and not even what I was addressing (which was the flippant dismissal of Press Play's closure) - whether i use kinect is irrelevant as there are people who are interested in those types of games.

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very sold frame rates for both consoles!

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how is the ability to skip the live action stuff a bad thing? iirc, games get lots of complaints when you *can't* skip that stuff.

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compensating people for downtime, however inconsequential, is pretty important in my opinion.

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"Press Play (Max: The Curse of Brotherhood; Kalimba) - A small indie studio. No biggie"

except max: curse of the brotherhood is a good game... and really, any studio that closes, regardless of their size, should never be "no biggie." it ultimately means less games, and that's not good for gamers.

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Game's looking good. Hope everyone who bought it is enjoying it right now!

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I didn't notice any real issues with Syndicate, actually - at least not like what's pictured. I do think that going completely single player helped a lot in that regard, and I sincerely hope they continue along that path - integrating MP into the single player campaign, and all of that social media/ephemeral app stuff was ruining the game for me.

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To be fair, when most of your comments in PS-related articles are overtly negative, yet you scream from the rooftops about how you're a proud, and loyal playstation owner, it does present everyone with very conflicting information. It's not that far-fetched for people to question you on it, and I would expect the same reaction if it were me.

Yup, I asked for photographic evidence of your attendance at PSX. It didn't seem too much to as...

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Rookie, nowhere have I ever said that I hoped you *didn't* own one. I'm glad you do, and I don't think anyone here hopes you don't own one, either. In fact, *I* would love to get a friend request from you, and perhaps even play a game or two with you online. Hell, I'd even accept a friend request from you on xbox (my Gamertag isn't the same as my PSN ID, though). We're all gamers after all, aren't we? My questions were to merely clarify your presented timel...

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