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yes, but it's not included in the 500GB or 1TB versions. so if you buy one of those versions, and want to stand it vertically, you'll have to purchase the stand separately.

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to be fair, there were (to my knowledge) no female soldiers in WWI. obviously there were females in the military, but none of them were on the front lines (edit)that weren't in the infirmary{/edit). it would be out of context, historically, if they were in BF1.

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no joke - I once saw a grown man in his 40's wearing nothing but a diaper, and putting a small blowtorch to (what looked like) a crack pipe.

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clearly I did... D:

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*facepalm* no... video games aren't to blame for the actions of a group of extremist terrorists.

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well... not all remasters are direct ports. Gears of War, for example, received a significant visual/performance upgrade from the original game.

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yeah... there doesn't appear to be any real difference between the two versions.

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so similar to Xbox One S/Scorpio, then...

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Playdead are amazing, and I think everyone should support this great studio. Can't wait to play this when I get home!

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Mystogan, they never, ever promised 1080p 60fps. Stop lying.

Edit: what denial? There was ever a promise of 1080p 60fps for uncharted 4. Either show us proof of this alleged promise or stop spreading lies. Stating that 1080p 60fps is their target is not, in any way, shape or form a promise.

edit 2: none of those articles prove there was ever a promise. saying that it's a target of theirs (which is what is said in both articles) is not a promise. ...

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oh dear...

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"Don't you think it's telling how I don't insult people to get my point across?"

uh... you have:

"...If you play it and enjoy it you are a disgrace."

that's not exactly getting your point across without insulting people.

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Ori is also not a 2016 game...

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they kind of sort of do, though... that, and strong 3rd party support.

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no. it won't have any impact on those who only game on console/PC, and will only allow those who game on both the freedom to play their game wherever they want.

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"So if you're naive enough to think that this developer doesn't know what he's talking about..."

The dev admits he doesn't have any idea what's going to happen. So that tells me he doesn't really know what he's talking about.

"the fact that this isn't the first time this issue has been brought up..."

And every time this "issue" is brought up...

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we don't know anything about neo, apart from that it'll be more powerful than the vanilla PS4...

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the thing is the dev in this article doesn't even say it might/will/may happen - he just says he hopes something like that doesn't happen. it doesn't make sense to suggest that the base/vanilla version would somehow be compromised - if anything, to me, it'd be the other way around. this is really just a case of gamingbolt spreading FUD for clicks, and preying on people's fears of there being exclusive content for the new consoles (despite both MS/Sony stating clearly tha...

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"NOW you people are frickin' talking about this as a possibility?"

... and yet there's nothing to suggest that the thing you irrationally fear is going to happen will ever happen. the dev interviewed in this article doesn't have a goddamned clue, and even admits he's clueless. both MS, and sony have made it perfectly clear that there will be *no* games that are exclusive to the upgraded consoles, that *all* games...

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Most of what you've listed, Rookie, is purely subjective opinion.

5. While the Elite controller is nice, calling it the "best controller ever created" is subjective, and has zero influence on the console itself being "better."

4. Nice feature, for sure, but again... doesn't make the console "better."

3. We've not seen VR on Scorpio at all, so you can't say it's the "best" VR op...

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