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relaxing is not what I would call this game... it's a wonderful game, but this stuff stresses me out!

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there has to be something that's different inside - I don't mean better/more powerful HW or a 4K blu-ray drive, but apart from it being cheaper to produce, usually there's something to do with the energy consumption or whatever to make it run a little quieter/cooler than the previous SKU number.

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a game is content, too.

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games count as content, too, not just DLC and extras.

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there should almost be a setting in the game to have it at a 4:3 aspect ratio - things get cut off because of this, but this looks pretty great.

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... and that's why MS announced nearly 20 timed exclusives on stage at E3, and are currently trying to prevent PUBG from coming to PS for a longer period of time, right? because that's moving the industry forward?

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I’ve only scratched the surface of this game so far, but it’s fun albeit frustrating at some moments. I’m probably doing the really dumb thing, and playing one level at a time until I get that perfect A+ run. Thank god you only need to S rank one boss...

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Pappy: depth of field isn’t draw distance...

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I have not seen anything that indicates this is going to end up an Xbox exclusive... I’ve just seen the usual things one normally encounters with a game that has a marketing deal with a specific company.

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That’s not really a valid argument considering that Nintendo’s history greatly exceeds the other two competitors.

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because MS has a marketing deal with Ubisoft for this game.

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for a whole number update, this isn't what owners should have gotten. this kind of stuff would be better reserved for a .10 numbered update.

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"The Switch is a generation a head so technically it has no competition."

I know what you're saying, but no... it's not. Its competition would be the Pro, and X because they would technically be the same "generation" (since it's a home console (as per Nintendo's definition), and if you're counting console iterations as generations). It's also more than 4-6 times less powerful than its closest competitor...

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the new Nintendo 64 kid.

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yeah... no.

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hey, at least this is more of a fair comparison than having Forza 7 decked out in all of it's flashy weather effects, and GT on a completely different track in normal, dry conditions... or having Forza 7 on a track in a gorgeous environment along with other racers, and GT on a barren desert track with no other racers.

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I don’t pay tax in the PSN store. I live in Alberta, Canada. I do pay tax in the Xbox store, though. But in most cases, the prices for games under a certain value are the same as the US, so it balances out (for example a game that’s 9.99 in the Xbox store is 13.49 in the PSN store).

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is that a rhetorical question?

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can't wait... so good.

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Just started it last night - I enjoyed the first one, so if this one is better as the reviews seems to suggest, I think I will have a lot of fun with this.

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