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"Now name some more games to support that point."


If it can output anything at a native 4K, then it's a 4K machine. Expecting everything to be native 4K is unrealistic - not even Scorpio will output everything at a native 4K.

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There won't. It's been made clear that there will not be exclusives specific to PS4 Pro.

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I thought Sony already said that this wasn't going to turn into a regular thing?

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"GDDR5 RAM at 8GB is way more than enough to deliver what they are doing. RAM isn't at all the limiting factor here."

Exactly. It's also a faster 8GB than what's in the vanilla PS4.

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i'm pretty weak-willed when it comes to new tech, so I couldn't wait. I'll do the exact same thing with Scorpio, too.

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"... are people that thick they still think they are getting genuine 4K?"

TLoU remaster will be patched to run at a native 4K resolution, so...

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I haven't read very closely, but is the 8GB in the Pro a faster MHz at least or is it the exact same speed?

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that doesn't matter - it's still running the game at a native 4K, and its base is the remastered version, not the original PS3 version. dismissing the console's ability to output a game at 4K just because the game was originally released as a PS3 title is needless downplaying.

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so... TLoU Remastered running at a native 4K is not delivering 4K, now?

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"ps3 tlou ran at 30fps, not 60fps"

i think people are referring to the remaster, not the original version. even then, the original version wasn't a locked 30fps. the remaster was, though, if you chose to play with that setting.

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technically, yes, but there are frame rate dips on the current version that would be eliminated on the Pro.

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sort of. it's not a locked 60fps, though. it would just mean that the frame rate wouldn't dip on the Pro.

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i think that all depends on what this thing actually is, and how powerful it happens to be. if it's weaker than the current PS4/Xbox One, and doesn't get any 3rd party support, then I don't see them doing very well with this device.

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while on a technical level, you're right - emulators themselves aren't necessarily illegal. however, they are only used to run illegally acquired software, so it kind of sort of makes the whole thing illegal since the only way to acquire the software to run on the emulators is by illegally downloading them, and running illegally acquired software is... well... illegal. MS is basically promoting piracy, here, and if Nintendo were to ever file a lawsuit against MS, the court would mos...

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"We need more Phils, less Aaron Greenbergs. Seriously."

this, wholeheartedly.

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way to promote piracy, MS... and I think Nintendo will have something to say about that.

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I'm getting one anyway since I know I'll eventually get a 4K TV. until then i'll be happy enough with the performance increase on any games that have been given the Pro treatment.

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considering the reactions we've all seen from the various decisions that have been made over the last three years, the internet would implode from all of the rage if people had to pay for these patches...

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well, there's paying the staff/devs, and the cost of having to have the patch submitted for certification...

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why would they charge people for, basically, a patch?

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