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Let's wait until we see some real world results before touting "True 4K and 4K textures" (did you forget that PS4 Pro can also do 4K, and has native 4K titles available?). It was nice what they were able to achieve with Forza 6, and all, but... it's Forza... not the most demanding game on the market (it hitting 1080p 60fps on the base Xbox One should tell you how demanding it is on the HW already, considering the history the console has with resolution/fps), and it was clea...

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I'm never one to complain about the difficulty of this game, but they really did make Midir far too difficult - at least if you're a close-quarters melee player. The huge health bar, huge defense is fine, but it moves around too much, so you spend most of the time running after him. It almost always one-shots you when it hits you, and they made it difficult to actually hit him. It's the only boss in this DLC that I couldn't do solo, and if it weren't for a magic user wh...

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some of the complaints are warranted, some are not. the ME3 thing was ridiculous because people actually expected to get personalized endings based on their "choices" not realizing that it's a video game that has set, pre-determined paths, it's not an organic entity.

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it's not that uncommon for companies to hire hackers to find exploits, actually. hell, I'm pretty sure even the government hires hackers.

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@gangsta: price will likely be revealed at E3, I think. I also don't think we'll see the actual box until then, either. obviously, it would be nice if they did all of this on May 2nd, though!

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It's the same family in the same way the PS4 Pro is in the same PS4 family... obviously there's going to be a Scorpio version, and base version for games, but there won't be any games that are exclusive to Scorpio.

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Why do people keep insisting that this is a new generation console? Spencer himself even said on stage at E3 last year that it's the same family as Xbox One, and that no one who owns an Xbox One right now would be left behind once Scorpio is released - meaning no exclusive games that are only available on Scorpio, meaning it's NOT a separate generation.

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there was never a problem with that. that was a fake issue.

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do you have proof of this? they would not design a FW update that exceeded the amount of RAM required to run the thing. either you're lying or you've done something wrong since there's been zero reports about that happening to anyone else (and this place would have had at least one article about that).

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you just change the setting to always supply power to the USB ports while in rest mode...

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I would rather have constant updates than no updates at all. I never understood why people complain about these things when they're only meant to improve the experience, and fix bugs in the OS.

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@dragon: you most certainly did. I also don't think you understand what regressive means.

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@dragonknight what does any of your racist, and sexist diatribes have to do with the length of this DLC/game?

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there won't be any games that are exclusive to Scorpio... it's not a new, separate console generation, it's part of the same Xbox One family.

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I don't think it'll be more than $499.99

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I'm sure I didn't.

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they refused to fix some major issues in Dragon Age: Origins on PS3, and I haven't purchased a single Bioware game since. They took to blaming the HW rather than improving their skills with the PS3's architecture.

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uh... they're password protected. and you wouldn't be doing that on some random console, unless you have shifty, untrustworthy friends. also some people have more than one of the same console in a single home.

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that's why you put a limit on who has access to the content for any secondary console. i'm talking about having your account on more than one Switch, and still having access to the content *you* purchased without having to jump through hoops. i'm not advocating game sharing.

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you should be able to have your account on as many Switch consoles as you'd like without "unlinking" anything.

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