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There would still have to be a FW update in order to add the option in the PS4's menu.

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The fact of the matter, coolbeans, is that this is still just a rumour.

Taiwan Game Software Information Board, Australian Classification Board or not - we've seen this kind of thing happen before, which ended up not being true. Personally, I was never under any impression that this game wasn't coming to Xbox to begin with, so... when it's announced by the devs to be coming to Xbox, then we can talk about which console version will look better.

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septic, you obviously missed the part where I said, "chances are, there would be an increase to the resolution of each mode (resolution preference or performance preference)." to add to that, if there are any fluctuations in the frame rate on the Pro in either one of those modes, that would likely get stabilized on the X. but let's get official confirmation that the game will be coming to Xbox first before you start complaining or gloating about what the devs are doing for the ...

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It's a good game, but don't go into it expecting deep combat. the combat is pretty much a tertiary element in this game.

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They will likely stick with the x86 architecture, which means PS4 games (at the very least) would likely be playable on their next console.

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first, get actual confirmation that this game is coming to Xbox. this is still a rumour.

once we get official confirmation, we will eventually know what the specs are on the X - as of right now there is nothing to indicate what those specs are. for all we know, they could be the same as the Pro. chances are, there would be an increase to the resolution of each mode (resolution preference or performance preference).

nothing abo...

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I've always preferred the WWI/WWII era shooters.

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"Ah so you're saying that the devs won't bother utilising the powe of the Xbox One X to make sure that version of the game runs best like so many other multiplats ? Odd thing to say unless you suspect the devs will be lazy here for some reason."

That's not what I've said at all.

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"Go to the recent sea of thieves articles and look at that. “Mts=No Buy” was consistently said. “DLC is not the same thing. DLC is ok” was also said."

And you've conveniently omitted that in those same articles you had expressed how paid DLC for MP-focused games (whether it was purchased via season pass or purchased individually) was bad because it would "separate the player base", yet you don't seem to be at all concerned with or critical of the...

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Seeing as how this isn't exactly a confirmation that the game will actually come to Xbox (though I have always been under the impression that this was some sort of timed exclusivity thing), it'll look best on the PS4. Even if it does come to Xbox, there's nothing here to indicate that the X version will be anything more than the Pro version.

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wonderful game, but I would not say game of the generation.

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the regular version of CoD WWII is not on this sale for some reason... I know it was on sale last week, but it seems silly to not include it in this sale as well.

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Did he explain exactly what would be different?

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a great game will stand the test of time, and play great even by today's standards. I don't think goldeneye is one of those games, even with its 96 metacritic score.

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I have also been gaming since then (arguably before since my parents had pong), and he's not lying.

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That’s all nostalgia talking... goldeneye was not a good game.

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Get good at parrying. You can stun most if not all of the enemies that way, which sets you up for a visceral attack. You can even do this on some bosses - and even on the bosses you can't, if you deal enough damage you can stun them to get in a visceral attack.

Stacking all 3 of the visceral attack bonus runes adds an extra 60% to the damage you deal, which rips through all enemies in the game, including bosses.

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Won't change anything - the devs will still mark them all as Known Shippable.

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