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+ someone to give you hugs (or would that fall under counselling?) #1.2.1
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oh god, please stop... are we going to start getting flooded with articles about how indie games aren't worth the money, now? it's on sale, it's playable on *multiple* PS devices... you don't even have to buy the game for each of those devices, either... it's a good deal, even if it was full price. #4
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i'm perfectly fine with delaying any game since it usually means (the operative word here is, "usually") a more polished product. #13
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there's no written rule. it could all very well be something that's dealt with in the DLC or the sequel.

there's barely any squad combat, you're split up most of the time. third-person duck/cover gameplay doesn't mean that co-op would work. share play isn't really an effective method of joining in on someone's game to play co-op/multiplayer.

you don't get to decide whether the cost of the game offered enough value for the am... #20.2
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- since when do you have to fight something that's introduced into a game? there will be other installments of the order: http://www.destructoid.com/... so why would they blow the entire story in the very first episode? plus, there's DLC scheduled, which may shed light on some of the story aspects that weren't addressed/resolved in the game. you've also c... #20.1
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bummer, but i'd rather devs take their time with the game rather than push out an unfinished, buggy product.

this goes for all devs making games on all platforms. #12
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how long do I have to wait for this amazing game to come out, again? #20
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yes, you are generalizing - and you did it again in your response. how many times do you have to be told that the actions of a few individuals do not represent the community as a whole?

the reason hellsvancy was *not* generalizing is because when he was referring to xbox "fans", he's specifically talking about the ones who have hated on the PS4, he was not referring to *all* xbox fans. you keep referring to those same people who may... #7.1.6
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More gross generalizations from you, gangsta_red. You really need to learn the distinction between the actions of a few people, and the behaviour of an entire community.

Your entire sense of history is wrong. The only reality here is the fact that indies have been supported by the PS community long before any sort of rumour about the PS4 surfaced. And the only shift that occurred as a result of that indie campaign was from the handful of Xbox fans who suddenly decided that... #7.1.3
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i just hope it's not bug-fuelled like how contrast was... #3
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doesn't matter how much of the game it is, these devs are more than capable of making a game without resorting to focus groups. #9.1.1
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I loved the king's quest series.

also, space quest was hilarious, and police quest was also very fun. #3
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"Not downplaying the consoles in anyway..."

yes, you are. you're downplaying the PS4 version by singling it out. #1.1.6
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oh for the love of god, don't ask fans what they want to in the next ME... design the game how *you* want to design it, don't design via focus group. #9
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i will definitely pick this up when it's available. #6
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To be perfectly fair, there was an identical article for xbone last week. Not sure if it was from the same site, but it's title is worded the same, so it likely is the same source. #1.5
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"They claimed the E3 trailer was 60fps running 'in engine on PS4'"

... Because it *was* in-engine running from a PS4.

And you're wrong in that they didn't say anything about the trailer being 60fps. if you go and watch the original reveal during the presentation, it was 30fps. Making a high-quality 60fps *version* available after the fact =/= them saying that the trailer was 60fps or implying that the rest of the game was going t... #1.3.2
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Deleting 0% trophies is an amazing feature. I've been wanting them to implement that for a long time. #1.2.1
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You're not presenting facts, you're distorting the facts. A fair bit, too. What they showed at E3 was an in-game, in-engine *cutscene* from one of the chapters in the game, running in real time, captured directly from a PS4.

What they showed at PSX was pre-alpha *gameplay* of (probably) a different chapter in the game.

Those are two completely different things. If you can't tell the difference, that would be horrific... #1.2.6
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Yeah... No. It wasn't anywhere even close to being racist.

What a bunch of over sensitive clods. #33
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