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Started on pong, then intellivision, Commodore 64, NES, some PC (king's quest, and other sierra quest games), and so on...

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Enslaved was fantastic.

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The amount of hatred that game got over hair colour was mind-boggling.

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Most of the people suffering from that kind of nostalgia weren't even born in the decade thee games were first released.

I have a lot of memorable experiences with the games I played that long ago, but the games today offer really amazing experiences.

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It's not. This is coming from someone who's been gaming for nearly 40 years.

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It could easily be more than the amount they tested.

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Playing on easy...

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You can get good without the game deleting your save file.

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Uh... that's possible. I did it to lessen my playthroughs of both Bloodborne, and Dark Souls 3.

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I've been gaming since the late 70's... and I think this is a dumb game mechanic.

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That was a fast correction.

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Backing up your save file might not do you any good if you happen to have only one more death before the file gets wiped.

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So... the game throws enemies that literally cannot be killed, and then deletes your save file if you die too often... from these invincible enemies... that's wrong.

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You shouldn't be punished in that way for dying. Deleting your save file is just dumb.

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I dunno, I think this will be a little more light-hearted, and fun as opposed to dark, and brooding.

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It's actually 3 months away, not 4.

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The first Walking Dead telltale series, Ether One, Life is Strange, TLoU to name a few.

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no. they've said no countless times.

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Is this another one of those we're-going-to-compare-two -videos-captured-at-two-complet ely-different-resolutions/gamma ranges/etc... in a poor attempt to create some sort of downgrade narrative?

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@narsaku: your opinion != fact.

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