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"I dont complant, I just wonder if the quality will drop if they do it yearly now."

I think your sense of time is a little off - Bloodborne came out in 2015. Was there a sequel to Bloodborne that I missed out on in 2016?

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While they did have their own event prior to E3, all of them also made an appearance, and were discussed on stage at E3. you'd be naive to think they won't talk about scorpio.

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I think we all knew that when they announced it at the end of last's year E3...

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it's the first game I played on my Pro. it's nice.

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when the system is barely half as powerful as Xbox One/PS4, that's behind. especially with the Pro out now, and Scorpio out in ~11 months.

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"Nintendo Switch May Not Be As Powerful As PS4 And Xbox One – And That’s Okay"

not to me, it isn't. i was hoping they'd do something to actually compete with the competition rather than remain basically (now) a generation, and a half behind.

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That still doesn't answer why you would want or need to do this on your PS4.

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i don't think very many gamers actually support MTs. i don't support them, but i also don't care that they're in games because... well... i ignore them. the only time they'd ever be a problem, imo, is if they force you to buy into them in order to progress through the game.

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there are races in the assassin's creed franchise.

also, watch_dogs/watch_dogs has most of what's in my list.

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that game is just the right amount of absurd.

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the author doesn't seem to like my name is mayo very much. clearly he doesn't know a masterpiece when he sees one.

edit: and as far as i know, they've been able to change their PSN names in Japan since forever (and for free, too), so i think that point is more of a case of when are they going to implement it in the rest of the world than anything else.

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to an extent. also, depends on whether you're wireless or wired. i have both my consoles wired, and my PS4 gets somewhere in the 120-150Mbps download range - which is pretty damned good.

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a few things I wish devs would stop putting in games:

1. races - hate them. a lot.
2. challenges - also hate them. i've walked away from getting 100% of the trophies/achievements because of them.
3. pointless minigames - they often have absolutely nothing to do with anything in the game, so they don't need to be there.
4. way too many collectibles/side quests - i shouldn't have to spend 4X the amount of time it takes to finish the ...

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"This explains why we are getting a new Unvharted..."

we are?

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"Remaster? Seriously... Not a new game?"

yes. seriously. and a new one as well would be nice, but there's no way it'll be a MS exclusive.

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That's pretty much what console exclusive means.

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no, it doesn't.

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"you Don't know when they will release it."

no specific date, but they've already said Holiday 2017 - which could be anywhere from October to December.

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Well, I did say *if*... I am pretty sure it'll either be $449 or $499. even at those two price points, it'll be a day 1 purchase.

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