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DS2 definitely wasn't *as* good, but it was still a pretty solid game, imo (enough to dump over 300 hours into it, anyway).

the original creator of the series is involved in the game again (he wasn't on the last one, but was involved is the first dark souls), so that makes it promising.

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Dark Souls 3, Quantum Break, and Ratchet & Clank are the three games I'll be playing in April.

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PS4 doesn't actually have BC, so why would he wish it's the same as Xbox One's?

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several lifetimes worth of content isn't worth $60 to you?

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it got delayed before, not after it went gold. and only by a few weeks, which isn't a big deal at all.

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neither of those things ever happened during any of my runs through the game. the first video is just BS, and the second video is a boss fight... the boss *never* just stands still nor does it let you stand right next to it without moving/attacking you, so something is up with that one, too.

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in my best Homer Simpson voice:

stupid sexy Codsworth...

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the buttons could actually be located somewhere else on the controller? i dunno, honestly. it looked like there was something along the top edge in the initially leaked image (something like L1/R1 or LB/RB type of buttons). and the wiiU controller does have similarly positioned thumb sticks.

it wouldn't actually surprise me at all if they continued the concept of the wiiU controller in their next console.

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i really cannot wait for those games to come out. i love the art direction of cuphead, and playdead is one of my favourite indie studios (limbo is a GD masterpiece).

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these are some really great games!

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i have never been disappointed with a souls game. it makes me very happy to know that Miyazaki has been involved in this one.

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to be fair, the souls series has never been known to have great frame rate on either console. so i wouldn't blame the hardware or MS here.

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i am really looking forward to this, but not looking forward to having my butt handed to me on a silver platter, though D:

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the last few gens, sony has actually launched a new model about 3 years after the initial release - the slim model.

for all we know, if any of this is actually true, it could very well just be the PS4 slim with slightly better specs (or, at the very least, 4K video support).

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i don't get why people think this looks horrible... i kind of like it, actually. i'm only hoping that if it's real that it's not just a handheld device - i want a new nintendo console that's on par with what sony/MS have on the market right now. i've pretty much skipped wiiU because i thought it was too late for them to have launched a console that was only just barely better than PS3/X360 right before (yeah, i know it was a year) the launch of PS4/Xbox One.

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I would be okay with this if it's actually true, but I literally just replaced my launch PS4 with the new SKU on Saturday D:

but knowing me, I'll likely end up pre-ordering the damned thing.

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"We know PlayStation 4.5 is real..."

no we don't.

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well, firstly, that doesn't really debunk anything. it's just some guy jumping to the conclusion that it's fake only because it has a scene from the Unreal 4 demo.

second of all, two people from completely different locations faked the same thing?

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how was it debunked as fake?

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with 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets to explore, mods aren't going to add anything to the replay factor because you literally will not be able to explore everything within your lifetime.

edit: your argument was that mods will add *replay value* to this game like it has done for the other two games you've cited. what replay value will mods give this game when the game play is already virtually endless?

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