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That's a funny joke.

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just let the generic arena shooter die, cliff...

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are you connected wired or wireless?

I had it happen where the store wouldn't load, but it had nothing to do with having a game running in the BG. Usually just doing a connection test would fix it, but as soon as I went from a wireless to a wired connection, the problem actually stopped. I have not had the store not load for me since I switched the connection type.

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Huh... I always thought this was an Xbox exclusive.

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Adding a wish list function would be a good idea, I think... unless that's already there?

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I kind of hope that the controller is sold separately - I like the colour.

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I would like a sequel, too.

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but... you just wrote an article about why gen 2 was the best...

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I don't think the author understands what one-hit wonder means.

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1. I said probably, not certainly.
2. Then why aren't they approaching their own studios to make the games they are going to other, 3rd party studios to make?

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"Would Be Better Off As DLC..."

uh... it *is* DLC. it's just a standalone that doesn't require Uncharted 4 to play...

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was this ever announced as a console exclusive, though?

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They would be hiring them/contracting them out to develop the game, so I don't know where you're getting that MS is getting all of that labour for free...

I don't think you know how business works.

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Actually, they are paying for them - the irony is that it would probably cost them less money to utilize their 1st party studios rather than outsource things to a 3rd party developer.

It also kind of shows that they don't have any real faith in their 1st party developers if they're wanting to outsource.

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@nevin1: the story. there's nothing particularly wrong with the combat that's there, it's just not what anyone would call "deep." it's a solid game altogether. the production quality alone outshines a lot of the AAA games that are on the market right now.

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the combat is pretty shallow, but I don't think the combat is the main focus of the game.

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"This is a crash, if this was caught in QA how do you avoid fixing it? It's a critical bug. It's more likely that it didn't show up in testing."

Believe it or not, I had submitted crash bug reports that have gone unfixed when I worked in QA. One scenario is that the reproduction of the bug wasn't 100% pinpointed, and with no concrete way to reproduce the bug, the devs could have just left it alone - especially if it was...

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"Destiny 1 content still exclusive to PS4"

No, it's not.

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"but it can do better and they are not saying because they are silenced by Sony's marketing deal..."

Marketing deals have absolutely nothing to do with the development of a game on a competing console. That's a bunch of unsubstantiated garbage.

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