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actually, yes. you can. #79.1
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this is a case of the devs purposefully gimping one version to make it equal to the other. it's in no way, shape or form, an indication of a decreasing performance gap. #23.3
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US & UK are only two markets.

i fail to see your point in only mentioning two out of the initial 13 markets that both were available... and you've conveniently not mentioned the xbone sales in those two regions.

and i'm not entirely sure what i need to deal with since every time sales are mentioned, you bring up the number of regions of each system, in a sorry attempt at justifying the disparity in sales between the tw... #4.4
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again... it's *not about the resolution*. #13.1.2
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this issue isn't about graphics, though.

it's about purposefully gimping their game on one of the consoles. #13.1
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except they've already said that one of the systems was the cause of the parity. so... specs *were* lowered for one of the systems for the sake of parity. regardless of whether they aimed for it from the beginning.

they can argue all they want about how it was their intention from the beginning, the fact remains - they gimped one of the versions because the competing system was causing problems... and seeing how the xbone version has always been the lower spec-wise on a... #9.1
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the one thing i find the most problematic with this whole thing is:

sure, it's a cool idea, but it only *really* works if you're playing that thing in an entirely empty room. i just find it looks muddled, and confused as soon as it starts to project stuff all over your furniture.

there was even a moment when of the guys nearly put his foot through the book case trying to stamp out one of the moles., so you're bound to have people destroy their... #31
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"Cool, you PS4 gamers vote with your wallets and let the X1 gamers enjoy this great game.

If all you care about is extra pixels then what they say about Sony fanboys is true, they only care about graphics."

no. it's not about graphics, it's about ubisoft purposefully gimping one version of the game for the sake of avoiding "the debates and stuff." #1.1.40
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"UM, now which console has the weakest CPU? Oh that's right PS4."

UM, now which console had the lower resolution last AC game? Oh that's right xbone.

you're also forgetting that xbone also handle 3 OSes at the exact same time, so... which console, who only has to deal with 1 OS, and has an extra chip installed to deal with OS operations in the background? Oh that's right PS4.

@gangsta_r... #2.2.5
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"So how can the XO hold back the PS4 then?"

uh... because it wasn't the PS4 version of the last AC game that had the lower resolution... ? ever consider that fact? #1.2.5
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no because that tired, old argument has never been valid based simply on the fact that in the regions *both* are available, PS4 beats out xbone in every single one of them. #4.1
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uh... no. if they were trying to avoid "all the debates and stuff" then it's clearly the system that has been consistently lower on all multiplatform games... which is not the PS4.


more off-topic trolling embarrassment.

"XB1 has 8 memory controllers vs. PS4's 4? Hard to find this fact!"

yes, it's certainly hard to find that fact because you're makin... #1.3.8
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you're embarrassing yourself yet again... they made no mention of which system was the culprit - but you can pretty much guess that it was the one that wasn't 1080p last time (hint: it was the xbone). clearly you've never played any of the so-called "exhibits" you present as evidence

1. the order is not sub-1080p/800p. here's why:

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yup PS4 is weak link... that's why the last one was 1080p on PS4, and 900p on xbone... try harder next time. #1.1.60
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seems you and ballseye like posting the same, fake image.

nice try, though. #1.6.2
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nice fake image there, buddy... how long did it take you to find that one?

if you're going to troll, at least show something that's actually from the game.

but i guess you gotta do whatever you can to try and downplay a game that's graphically superior to forza/forza horizon 2... #1.8.1
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you're embarrassing yourself again by holding on to the false hope that there's super secret sauce hidden in the xbone...

"Did you see how he put that"No 2D skybox, no 2D vegetation, no 2D crowds""

that's because the crowds in forza 5 are 2D:


and it even looks li... #4.1.8
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@ foe/axios:


No argument, fact PS 100 Countries, X1 13, now 42, dealwithit"


yes, argument. you're making the argument that sony's only selling more because they are in more regions. you bring it up every single time as an excuse as to why xbone isn't selling as well, globally, versus the PS4.

again... remove all of the regions on sony's list that xbone is *not... #1.3.8
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@foehammer (a.k.a. axios2):

the 100 vs. 13 argument is moot, as it's been explained to you several times already.

the 13 countries are MS's strongest markets, and we know that based on sales in Japan that it wouldn't really matter whether MS was also selling in 100 regions. take away all of the regions on sony's list that MS isn't selling the xbone, and PS4 would still be beating xbone by a significant margin.

so it's... #1.4
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again, no. it wasn't patched to up the resolution to 1080p, there was actually a bug in the game causing it to not display in full 1080p.

"An Activision representative told Eurogamer that a "configuration issue" is to blame.

"There was a configuration issue in the retail version on single-player mode only," the representative said. "This has been addressed with a day one software update. People w... #1.1.6
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