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quite possibly, yes. if sony wants to compete, they're going to have to adjust their specs.

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... does the author mean, "despite its long development"?

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why is the title saying that they're dropping out, but the text seems to indicate that the article is about how they're not leaving anytime soon??

gamingbolt, plz.

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it would be nice to see sony, perhaps, releasing a controller similar to the xbox elite controller.

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yeah, if it's as powerful as the rumoured neo specs, then it's going to be a pretty decent machine... I can't imagine the amazing things they'll be able to do with so much more power at their disposal - i don't think they'd need to go uber realistic, but the lighting, particle effects, and just the overall look of their games would be phenomenal (and probably a guaranteed 1080/60 for all of their games).

i skipped wii U because it was just too lat...

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... not if sony adapts their specs for the Neo before they're officially announced.

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yeah, i felt as though the remasters were just a lead-in to a brand new game in this series.

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"Pre order?

Why would you preorder a game that does not have a release date?"

because it's his money, not yours?

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the specs for Neo haven't been confirmed or finalized, so what is the point of making a comparison? hell, we don't even know Scorpio's full specs...

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I wouldn't be surprised if Sony adjusted the specs on Neo in order to compete with Scorpio.

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gamescom, maybe? or paris games week?

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I don't think MS really needed to give everyone all of the details of this console at E3 - there's still gamescom, and any other kind of media event they decide to put on between now, and holiday 2017.

I'm fine with the amount of info they've given so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing what this thing can do.

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The Neo specs have neither been confirmed or finalized, Rookie. And we know absolutely nothing about NX.

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"Don't ask how I know, but it will be clarify soon ;)"

rookie, you do not have inside information, so stop lying.

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for the 2TB model, yes. for the other 2 (500GB, and 1TB), the stand is not included - but that isn't a very high expense if you really want it to stand vertically.

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no, they haven't doomed anything.

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"At the End of God of War 3, Kratos is dead..."

you never actually saw Kratos die, though... Kratos in this game is the same Kratos from the earlier games.

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you won't see a MS logo on the PS version. It's being published on xbox by MS, yes, but likely Capcom will publish the game on PS in the same way that RooTR was published by MS on xbox, and will be published by SE on PS4.

and do you have evidence that MS is funding the development of this game?

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