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no, it doesn't matter whether it's genuine - you should not be threatening someone's life because of a video game. period.

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doesn't matter if they're genuine. there's simply no reason to threaten someone's life over a bloody video game.

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say what you want about these kinds of practices, but threatening someone's life is never okay, especially if it's just a video game.

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pretty much - and I realized I just reversed what I meant to say! it should read "sure, it's inaccurate.... if you buy into MTs."

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"40 Hours Estimate To Unlock Battlefront II Heroes Is Highly Inaccurate..."

sure, it's inaccurate.... if you don't buy into MTs.

"... Game Isn't P2W"

if there are loot boxes, and MTs, it most certainly can be.

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If you're planning on watching UHD blu-ray movies on disc, sure... but for games, it's not necessary because the discs are the same ones being used for the base Xbox One, and any X enhancements are downloaded in a patch.

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no. the blacks aren't crushed in the Pro version... the black levels in both versions are identical... again.


marketing deals don't have any impact on the development of a game on a competing system. This series has, for a while now, focused primarily on frame rate over resolution. They continue to do that with this game - it's dynamic resolution for both versions in order to maintain that smooth f...

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If you’ve looked, and you’ve seen them, then it should be very easy for you to point out the specific instances since the video is right there for you to be able to to that, gangsta.

The fact is that the black levels are identical on both versions, and they are not “crushed” in either version displayed above.

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I have looked, gangsta, and the black levels for both versions of the game shown in the video provided are identical. So, please... enlighten me on where these blacks on the PS4 Pro footage are allegedly "crushed."

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the reviews seem to suggest otherwise...

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"... this issue might not be related to the hardware but rather the power cable and could be potentially a user error."

most cases, it is user error.

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No, they aren’t, gangsta. Please cite specific time signatures from the video that demonstrates any crushed blacks.

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No, gangsta, the blacks aren’t crushed.

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Ahh, okay. I have actually sent a tweet or two to Shu saying that a sequel should be made. I hope I am not the only one doing that.

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That’s all they need to do.

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Everything you listed is exactly what is in an MMO, though...

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"add 4 player drop in drop out co op
add rpg elements
make it semi open world with hub area
enemies drop loot"

No. the game isn't an MMOPRG, nor should it ever be.

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“Of course there’s reason to complain”

Not when it’s a planned trilogy.

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They had always said the the first one was just the beginning of a planned series, so the complaints about the story weren't exactly warranted because there was more to unveil at a later date. I doubt anyone would start watching, say, Stranger Things, and complain because everything wasn't revealed, and wrapped up in a tiny little bow by the end of the very first episode. What would be the point of a series if the entire story was resolved before it even got off of the ground?

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they will gain ground, probably, but they are too far behind to take the lead.

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