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"For the gameplay to be reharsed the AI would have to react the same way every single time."

No it wouldn't.

"Are you telling me that the AI will react the same exact way every single time in this game?"

When you play a section/game so much, and memorize the AI paths, you can get the AI to react the same way if you know the exact timing.

"Are you telling me that the enemy npcs will only ...

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If you played a section of a game so often that you were able to memorize the AI paths, you could get the AI to react the same every time. Even more so when the game is also obviously demoed on the easiest difficulty setting.

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"It was scripted..."

yes, it was rehearsed.

"... and it wasn't using the AI that we will get with the game..."

yes it was.

"... its not real gameplay."

yes it is.

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No. What he said was, "So at an E3 demo you take complicated systems that are random and we’re making them deterministic...", which means they took a section of the game that has a multitude of different outcomes, and playing that section of the game so much where they were able to time everything in order to plan the path, and highlight the gameplay elements they wanted.

"That is in essence fake gameplay"

It doesn't mean the ga...

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mosh, they showed gameplay. most of the thing they showed was gameplay.

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no it is not.

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they said not to expect Bladerunner 5 years ago:

"According to game director Mateusz Kanik, 'There are lots of cyber games around, but there's not a lot of punk in those games. We want to put more punk into ours. We do not want to make a dark and hopeless world. We are not doing Blade Runner. It will be full of rock and roll.' Closing out this thought, Stepien commented that 'It's more like a Tarantino approach.'"

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There are no zombies in TLoU to begin with, so why would they show zombies?

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Does the same thing occur if you go from PS4 to Xbox with your Epic account?

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It's not a zombie game, though. According to the devs, during their gameplay demo after the E3 showcase, they said that the freakers are "alive" and "not zombies."

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no it doesn't.

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oh god, more complaining about character models...

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That was who I thought it was at the end of the gameplay footage on Monday.

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There's crossplay between PS4 and PC/Mac/iOS.

"PS4: Cross-Play With PC, Mac, iOS and Android
The PS4 version of Fortnite supports cross-play with PC, Mac and the game's iOS and eventual Android versions. It also supports cross-progression across all of these platforms, meaning that you can link your Epic Games account to your PlayStation account and keep your progress and rewards no matter where you play."

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I was talking about the arm itself being accurate to the period. He said it was robotic. It's not.

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it's Miyazaki, so it'll probably have elements of that, but it's probably not a "Souls" game.

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it's not robotic...

it's this: https://c.slashgear.com/wp-... which is historically accurate to the period.

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It's probably expanding on QB, but it's not a sequel as far as I can tell.

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