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"you cannot activate your account on 2 PS4s.
Can't use your content if you have 2 PS4s in 2 different rooms."

uh... yeah, you can.

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"Claims you can play PS2 games on PS Now which is not true."

Also, PSNow is a streaming service, it's not natively playing the games on the system...

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seems as though they fixed all of the things that speed runners were using to beat the game so fast.

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"Greene: PUBG to "Run at 30FPS Across All Xbox One Devices", INCLUDING XBOX ONE X"

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the game being physical or digital doesn't determine whether the game is always online - you can buy a physical disc of an always online game. that's the only real advantage of physical over digital, but there are means of reselling digital titles - I believe Steam does this, and I saw a while back that MS was going to allow it as well. why would you be kept from playing a game when you are online?

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they're worried about canon.... in an online multiplayer TDM type of game.... ? yeah, no... that's just BS.

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that's exactly why I converted. I have also been gaming basically since Pong.

I still see the need to have physical media though - I think it should always be an option for people.

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no, you own a license, just like you do with a digital copy. ownership rights remain with the creator of the IP. all you own with the physical copy is the physical packaging, and the physical disc. you do not own the content on the disc. so you can't say you "truly own" your games even if they are not digital.

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I started going all digital for a few reasons:

1. laziness - I can't be bothered to go to the game store anymore since it's a bit of a hassle, and my work schedule often doesn't accommodate being able to do that.

2. for buying new releases, it's cheaper. I do not get charged sales tax in the PSN store where I live, and sometimes the games are being sold at the US prices in the Xbox store (I live in Canada).

3. I get to ...

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Resistance 3 was an amazing game. the author is on some pretty strong stuff.

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you don't "truly own" physical copies, either. physical just allows you to trade in, lend out, or re-sell the disc. the ownership rights/licensing of the game remains the same as the digital copy.

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classic ouya... hahaha oh dear...

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I've been 100% digital since April 2014.

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so did I, then I found out they extended it due to public demand.

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You are very naive to think that these companies wouldn’t charge people more at the drop of a hat.

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You just demonstrated that you have no idea what net neutrality means.

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beppi is nothing compared to grim matchstick or dr. kahl.

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great game, it deserves all of the success it receives.

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Never said it was.

Nintendo, in 2017, should have at least put out a system that was on par with their competitors in terms of tech. I don't think Nintendo has to produce games with eye-bleeding graphics in order for those games to be fun/engaging, but with that extra power they could be producing games that are 1080p with a locked 60fps, and still have enough room for some bells/whistles (and I'm talking about lighting, AA, particle effects, etc... not photoreal...

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by releasing a device that's not even half the power of the base PS4? no... not quite.

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