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I have been adamant about devs getting rid of MP trophies altogether. I'm generally fine with try X game mode/complete a match of X game mode, but I really can't stand luck-based online trophies that are based on very specific situations that almost never happen unless you get together with a bunch of people to boost the trophy (and I do not do trophy boosting as a rule to myself).

That, and servers get shut down, so there are games out there that have trophies you...

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@patriot - no he can't. the worst thing that would happen is he would be banned from neogaf.

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@darth: I never said TR had a long-standing exclusive history on PS consoles. Like I said, part of the outrage probably came from the coy language MS was using that made it seem like RotTR was never coming to PS4 (hence the keeping games away from people argument that was being made against the MS/SE deal).

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Well, no... you're comparing apples, and oranges. It's one thing to announce a new IP as an exclusive, and another to announce an existing, long-running franchise as "exclusive Holiday 2015", pretend it's a full exclusive, and use confusing language that lead peopel to believe that it was only coming to Xbox/PC (i.e. "same deal as Ryse, and DR3").

A proper comparison would be to cite an entirely new IP announce...

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uh... there'd be no reputation ruined, and if the person was spreading false information in some sort of smear campaign, then that individual would have already done the damage to himself by, you know... spreading false information.

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"I have to even wonder why Rime not being a sony exclusive even matters. Not long ago when MS made TR a timed exclusive people were up in arms and mad about MS keeping games out of the hands of all gamers."

It doesn't, and RotTR was an entirely different thing - RiME is a brand new IP, TR is an IP with a long-standing history on PS consoles. RiME was also very clearly announced as an exclusive when they revealed the game for the f...

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... and does José Herráez have concrete proof that someone on neogaf was purposefully spreading false, malicious information?

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All of the information about RiME's 2014 reveal being faked gameplay footage, etc... all seems to stem from this:

While not exactly an official source, it's allegedly coming from someone who has/had close ties with the studio, so the accusations weren't being pulled out of thin air. I'm...

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*like he...

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@monster: things like that can get appraised by someone/an organization who's properly qualified to do such a thing. places like ebay, and amazon have people/scalpers that just go out of their way to gouge unsuspecting individuals (like, again, charging $2,000 for an early copy of No Man's Sky or $300+ for a $60 mini NES) just to make a quick buck.

@81BX: I'm talking specifically about monetary value, not sentimental value. with how things are made these day...

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@monster: that still doesn't mean it holds value - people sell all kinds of crap for exorbitant amounts of money on ebay (that's where the guy who bought NMS for 2K, is it not?). ebay is definitely not the place to go by as far as market value is concerned.

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"I think the best console is the Switch because it has portability and higher rated games on it."

Game, not games. It has one higher-rated game.

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@junmei: yes, and these "collector's items" are too mass produced to really be considered collector's items.

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Marcus looks likely just farted, and no one can figure out who's the culprit.

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You all are not realizing that just because one person is willing/silly enough to buy something from you for X dollars more than what you paid for it doesn't mean it actually holds value. the rarity just isn't there for that to happen.

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Not even. They're too ubiquitous nowadays.

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the people buying two copies to keep one sealed don't really realize that these things hold no value... it's not going to be worth any more money than what they spent on it now.

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Yes. It probably should be $100 cheaper.

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Not for long, I imagine.

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