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what licensing issues would they have, exactly? does someone own the rights to naming something Scorpio??

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"When the Pro isn't doing much for 'exlusives' titles on PS4Pro..."

there are no exclusive titles for the Pro...

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it's like he's gone full Aaron Greenberg or something these days...

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there is an option to turn off the trophy notification pop-up if you don't want to be distracted by that.

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"I used to play games purely for enjoyment, now there is a bit of a monotonous checklist type of playing involved."

you can still play games purely for enjoyment even with trophies - it only becomes a "monotonous checklist type of playing" when you actively choose to play that way.

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make that three people here...

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no they haven't.

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They define "true 4K" as including dynamic, and checkerboard, and I don't recall this article being about PS4 Pro.

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"True 4K is equal to Native 4K."

Not according to MS...

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I mean, I get that consoles do things way more efficiently than PC, but come on... that's a bit of a stretch.

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They should maybe start thinking about powerful specs...

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I have never seen anyone use XB360 - it has always been X360...

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You don't need a 4K tv to enjoy the console. There are still enhancements for those who play on 1080p TVs.

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Resistance is Insomniac.

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After the blowback from the last one, I doubt SE would make the same mistake of taking money to keep it exclusive to one platform for a year.

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The Xbox One X version does have a bit of an edge, here.

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That entire diatribe is opinion, not fact.

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Define "best MP games" because most of those games are also on PS4/Pro...

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"Who mentioned shareholders?"

um... you have "4 the shareholders" right in the thumbnail picture for your article... just sayin'...

edit: you also have this quote in your article: "you can’t claim to be “for the players” and then shaft them because of concerns for your investors."

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I don't mind collectibles, but they really got out of hand with them - Unity was the epitome of collect-a-thons. It's Ubisoft, though, so there'll no doubt be collectibles in this game.

They at least lessened them in Syndicate.

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