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how is it the "middle finger"? the leaked info pretty much confirmed that it's not going to affect your ability to play future games if you don't own the new SKU - there's no neo-specific titles.

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No it's not.

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i feel as though people actually can/should miss out on FFVII, and pokemon...

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Too much water 4.7/10 - IGN

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it could play any PS4 title, so... it'll have exclusive games....

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I don't agree with this score at all (it's way enter than a 5/10 - it's an 8+ in my book), but come on... there's no "right" way to play this game.

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I'm fairly certain that it's just going to be 4K video support. I wouldn't expect a boost in any of the CPU/GPU/RAM specs

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the only one I want is external HDD support.

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is it really that easy or are you just used to the game mechanics? i have always thought all of the other souls games since demon's souls were easier just because i had a much clearer idea of how to approach them.

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i didn't think the live action portion of the game was bad - i actually enjoyed watching the episodes. the only thing is wished there was a bit more.

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not randomly generated - procedurally generated. there's a difference, somewhere, and even the devs have said it's not randomly generated.

just felt i needed to point out that tiny correction - i'm not attacking or arguing or anything :)

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so much for the 5 hours thing that was obviously not really true or accurate.

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less than 8 hours, and I can play this.

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"How does a difficulty setting affect the game!!?"

it compromises the vision of the game.

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you can summon help if you're having trouble. it makes it way easier when you have two other people helping you out, and it's precisely why there's no difficulty setting required.

or you can just "git gud", and learn the patterns.

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easy mode = summon help.

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"How about let us upgrade to a 3 to 4TB internal HD in the future."

when those drives get thin enough, you can... that's the only reason why you can't do it right now without buying a clunky peripheral from Nyko.

I would personally like to be able to have the option to add a larger external HDD, but I think in order for it to not be an eyesore/annoyance for me, they would need to ad a USB port on the back of the console.

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*against one of them. i think i was half drunk when I replied...

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