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i have to say that i'm really enjoying this one. i was weary about the series after unity, but they really reeled in all of the stuff that i found problematic - integrating MP into the SP campaign, trying to get people to use peripheral apps, micro-managing, far too many side missions/collectibles, and collectibles (i.e. chests) that required you to be at a certain level in order to actually obtain.

they seem to have brought it back to the basics, and I really hope it s... #1
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I'm pretty sure that that only shows up for people on your friend's list... so that's only half correct. #12.1
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i'm sure there's going to be some that are free, and some that aren't. #10.1
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i always found it odd that they didn't have this from the very beginning on PS4 since it had already been on PS3 for a while... it's kind of annoying having to turn on my PS3 just to change my avatar to one of the premium freebies. #7
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"Welp, I've seen some leaked images, so I'm not going to be buying this game anymore..."

- no one ever #16
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"xbox one controller can use batteries and play it wireless. You can use a usb cable and plug it into the controller and xbox one and play without batteries and lasts forever no charging. You have two choices."

... interesting because it's the *exact* same options people have with the PS4 controller... wired or wireless.

"PS4 controller one choice the controller has to be charged constantly."

PS4 controller is not a w... #1.16.1
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alan wake was one of my favourite games last gen, so I'm really hoping they make a sequel after QB releases. #2.1
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uh... almost? #2
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"... The free running still feels off to me. That is something they have never managed to rectify. Every so often you will just jump randomly in a direction you don't want to or will become frustratingly trapped as your character repeatedly grabs a ledge you want nothing to do with. And this has been present for what... 8 main games now..."

a thousand times this!

it's precisely what i'm referring to when i mentioned smoother controls.... #13.1
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reviews of games that are blatantly giving a ridiculously low score should be banned from this site. it does nothing but fuel an unnecessary flame war, really. #39
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i just started this last night, and i'm liking it a lot so far. things i really love about this one:

- no MP or any online integration into the story campaign! - i did enjoy their MP, but they needed to keep that separate from the story.
- no unnecessary peripheral apps!
- not nearly as many collectible.side missions! as much as i like doing that stuff, it was getting to be way too much.

things i don't like about it so far:
... #12
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She does understand that Lucas ran that franchise into the ground, right? I certainly wouldn't want to be emulating him considering what he did to Star Wars. I think the last thing the Halo series needs is a Jar Jar Binks... #15
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i think it's 1080p on both, but i'm not entirely sure.

edit: the biggest problem with this comparison is that they're not using the same/correct RGB mode. xbox is clearly set to limited (which makes it look "washed out" even though that's not truly the case), and PS4 is clearly set to full (which makes it look like the blacks are crushed in some instances, which is clearly not the case). #1.1
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Well that sounds like very good news, indeed. What really upset me about unity was the fact that they forced an app on you in order to acquire a couple of collectibles. Thankfully, it had no bearing on trophies, but I don't have 100% completion status because I refused to spend an extra 20+ hours in some unnecessary app, and they included those collectibles in with the ones that counted towards your progression status. For the most part I enjoyed their MP, but it was bad news to me the... #2.2.1
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all i want is a reduced amount of collectibles/side missions, a more involved story campaign, and absolutely no peripheral apps. #2
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actually, I think it's their gaming accounts because I've had Boyes on my friends list (not just "following") for months now. I even watched him stream ESO one evening... and it's the same account that's listed in the article. #1.1.2
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we knew fallout 4 was in development for a long time before they made the announcement. we've not heard an iota of information on TLoU 2 being in development. I honestly expect an announcement next year (or maybe they'll surprise is at the PSX in Paris), but it likely won't hit the market until 2017 because I'm sure most of their efforts are dedicated towards Uncharted 4 right now.. #1.1.3
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exactly. nothing has been announced yet, so a 2016 release is impossible at this point. #1.1
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wait... was there a metroid reference @ 4:00?? #36
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"The font's been downgraded! Damn you Naughty Dog!"

yeah, to comic sans.... :( #2.1.5
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