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"what sport on ESPN ever has something so revealing?"

have you never seen women's beach volleyball?

also - playing video games is not a sport.

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... why would a new card be less expensive than the previous generation, exactly?

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"its offensive to this man because its named after their goddess and it portrays her in a sexual manner"

1. it's not offensive to name a video game character after a deity. it's been done countless times in the past.

2. yeah.... no. that's a stretch, and you know it. there is nothing overtly sexual about this character skin.

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i think the fact that it wasn't even mentioned at E3 means it's not coming out this year - there's absolutely no way that they'd announce Neo at any of the upcoming events, and have it released 30-60 days later. i am sure we're looking at about a mid-2017 release (if not, then the same release window as Scorpio).

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i see no reason why nintendo should stop making console hardware.

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does it come with all of the DLC?

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PS4 doesn't have BC. Sony has said this multiple times.

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and i'm asking you how this skin is offensive, since that's the argument you're defending.

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care to explain how this character skin is disrespecting "entire groups"? is it excessively/inappropriately sexualized? is it excessively violent? does it portray hinduism in a negative light in any way, shape or form?

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yes, for $60 - I can only assume that all (or most) of the DLC will be included, so it's worth it IMO.

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it's a really good game. played it earlier this year, and enjoyed every second of it. if you liked the first reboot, you'll love this one for sure.

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i don't think they needed to explain themselves at all, but to cite "new IP" seems to me like they're sending the wrong message - they would have been better off not saying anything at all.

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if, for whatever reason, you haven't played TLoU - it's going for an absolute steal in this sale.

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I think they said you can download the NES VC games, too. It's a good deal to start with.

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"This is the future of "This how you share games"."

except, despite play anywhere being a valuable feature, sharing things with yourself isn't exactly sharing games...

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MTs are clearly designed for the type of person who simply won't put the time into acquiring everything through natural progression.

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I don't think that that counts as beating the game.

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Good Guy Sony giving Kojima all the freedom he needs.

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It's really the quality of the experience that's important, not the length, in my opinion.

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Inside is a phenomenal game, and everyone should support these devs.

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