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why does that even matter which gender they revealed?

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it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the confirmed scorpio specs caused sony to go back, and make some adjustments to the neo. i would expect, once sony officially announces neo on stage with confirmed specs, that it'll be closer to scorpio (if not equal) than we are being led to believe.

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I am really looking forward to this game.

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Considering we don't know anything about Neo specs, what is the point of this article other than to fan idiotic console war flames?

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The fact that they haven't is a clear indication that they're not selling it this year. They're just not going to announce a brand new console a month or two before its release date. And the people who keep flailing their fingers on the disagree button don't have a clue how this business works.

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They would have talked about it at E3 if it's a September release date...

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No, it won't. I don't game on PC.

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the smear campaign has already begun, I see.

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"The fact that you are ignoring even the facts..."

what "facts" am I ignoring, exactly? you've claimed that the feature was advertised on the box, and that they've talked about it at various conference/presentations - so, again... where's your evidence to support those claims?

the legality of the removal of that feature was on the level, it states in their EULA/TOS that features can be removed or changed at any given point....

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this game looks phenomenal!

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can you provide any evidence (that isn't a rumour) to support your claim that Neo is launching this year? has House, Yoshida or Layden mentioned anything about the Neo, apart from the fact that it exists? sony would have definitely shown it at E3 if it was a 2016 release date.

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if sony aren't planning on announcing anything about the neo until PGW, gamescom or even TGS, a mid-2017 launch makes way more sense than holiday 2016. and this would then give them plenty of time to make adjustments to the specs.

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I have this game pre-ordered, and cannot wait to play! Playdead are, imo, one of the best indie dev studios around right now. Limbo is an absolute masterpiece, and I have really high hopes for this game.

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there are only a few games where I'll buy the season pass anymore - I used to think they were a decent thing, but they've all pretty much just turned into MP skins, and useless weapons, and because I avoid MP like the plague most times, the value is no longer there for me.

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if there was ever a time to buy an Xbox One, this is a really amazing deal!

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jake gyllenhaal would be rafe...

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I am definitely going to get scorpio, and neo. and knowing me, i'll likely get the S as well...

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1. can you cite specific examples of these alleged conferences, and publicity events where they advertised otherOS as a feature? I just linked a photo of the listed features from their E3 presentation, and otherOS isn't there. and please, post a photo of the feature being listed on the box because I'm almost certain it wasn't listed on the box, either.

2. again, no... the EULA/TOS quite clearly states that the software, and its features can be added/removed...

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except the new GOW, and kojima's games were *just* announced at E3... the thing that seems to be lost on those who keep bringing this up is that all (if not most) of MS's games had been shown/presented up to 3 years ago! they've annualized forza (i can bet you money right now that at E3 2017 they'll show forza MS 7, and forza horizon 4 in 2018), and halo wars 2 is a remaster, so there's no real surprise that they're releasing those games this...

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well, the military wouldn't need to update the FW beyond the one that still allowed them to use otherOS, so that's a moot point. and even then, I'm sure the military would be allowed to continue using that feature, regardless of the FW number...


again, I am pretty sure that the military would/could have made special arrangements with Sony in the event any of the PS3s they had no longer functioned.

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