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Ahhh... okay, that's sort of what I thought it was - it's kind of like the old days with split screen MP where you just looked at your opponent's side of the screen...

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what is stream sniping? I didn't quite understand what the author was saying in trying to explain what it was.

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Resistance 3 was so good. Would love a new game from this series.

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this is why always online should never be a thing in any game.

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"In its current form, it was shaping up to be a story-based, linear adventure game. Throughout the development process, we have been testing the game concept with players, listening to the feedback about what and how they want to play..."

There's the problem right there... listening to players... especially if you get a group of people who mainly play MP, and complain about games not having some kind of online MP. It's this kind of crap that ruined Dead S...

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"To this day, we still don´t know the reasons why Microsoft canceled Scalebound...."

yeah, we do:

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*would no longer be purchasing...

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I sent a tweet to EA telling them good job on the closing of this studio, and that shutting that studio down ensured that I would longer purchasing anything from EA ever again.

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doing things like enhancing the vibrancy of a photograph does not make it a better photograph. If someone does that, that's a sign that that person hasn't any idea how to properly colour calibrate anything. Take it from someone with over 20 years of fine arts education, and experience. A natural, properly colour-calibrated screen will always look better than a screen with its contrast/colour/tint settings boosted way too high.

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“I find all HDR does is make colors look more natural, which is the opposite of what I want. I'd rather have over saturated bright eye popping colors, not something looks mundane. ”

Why would you want the image on your screen to look like garbage over something that looks natural?

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Yeah, it’s usually a couple of days before release.

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"I hate all sexual things i almost puke when i think about sex..."

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shouldn't this have been available day one?

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when? can you please cite an article that confirms there's MTs in this game?

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that's a gross assumption - MTs, and loot boxes seem to be derided, regardless of the platform they're on...

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"The souls series has ended..."

for now. not for good - they never really said that it was the end of the souls games forever. plus, there's still bloodborne, which I don't believe was a one-off.

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I would liken Cuphead to Contra more than I would ever compare it with the souls series.

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I've been gaming since the late 70's... the Souls series of games are hard.

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no, they're in talks with Sony about bringing it to PS4. there was another article about MS trying to extend the length of timed it's a timed exclusive. there was nothing about it never coming to PS4.

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PUBG is NOT en exclusive... it will be coming to PS4, unless MS pulls another Titanfall.

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