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"I'm not saying we should make a mountain out of a molehill..."

except you are...

"... but the Pro shouldn't excuse the PS4 version 'suffering' like it does."

it doesn't. what we have here are people blaming the Pro for a game that would run exactly the same as it currently does on the regular PS4 regardless of the Pro's existence.

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Not to me.

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for real?

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they can't even give me one of the $10 vouchers for Pro owners, so I doubt I'd get this.

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uh... good luck with that?

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uh... "colored"? is this the 1960's?

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sorry, there's nothing unfair about giving away free content post-launch.

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"... bad AI if you throw a barrel at trico you expect him to catch it not hit him in the face."

actually, if you throw anything at an animal, it'd almost always just hit them in the face... they won't try to catch it because it's an animal, it doesn't know you're expecting it to catch the thing in its mouth.

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if it is, i'm buying one for sure.

but i have a feeling it's probably about half as powerful as PS4/Xbox One.

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it really is quite good.

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"You dont know that. Nobody knows that."

TLG was in development long before the Pro was even conceived as a concept - hell it was in development long before the PS4 was even a rumour. FFXV was probably also well into its development stage before the Pro was even a thing. That's how it's known that these two games would be no different without the Pro in the picture.

"The only thing that is guaranteed are...

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"Another main complaint is not only the technical issues or the frame drops but the design of the game ... The design should have been updated and improved upon instead of just ported over from the ps3."

i'm sorry that you don't understand art direction.

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"If your going to try and argue what I said then at least quote the entire statement instead of part of it and then taking it out of context to suit your own thin points."

there's nothing about what I've responded to that was taken out of context.

"And the fact that your saying the games mentioned would still be a technical mess regardless of the pro not only has nothing to do with my original post..."

it ha...

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"You, i guess (who knows) are discussing the *BASE* only which i have no idea why you would reply to me with that in the first place..."

you said there was no excuse for there being technical issues in the base games you cited, and not in the Pro versions.

the base game would still run in the exact same way it currently does on the base PS4, even if the PS4 Pro didn't exist, so there's no "shafting" of base console owners goi...

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I dont even know why i bother. It's been all over n4g."

you're not understanding. I said the *BASE* version would run exactly the same as it currently runs on the *BASE* PS4 regardless of whether the P...

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I have a 2TB HDD in my Pro as well. I also usually don't keep games once I'm completely done with them, so space is almost never an issue, but it would be nice to have that option. It'd also make transferring your games/saved data/etc... from one console to another (from your vanilla PS4 to your new Pro or Slim, for example) as simple as unplugging the external HDD, and plugging it into your new console.

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"There is the potential for developers to prioritize the Pro over the base model moving forward..."

except they've never said that.

"That is what sony is hoping people will do as well. As more games come out that look better, play better on the Pro... it is going to make base model consumers realize that they need to upgrade to stay current."

by that time, the PS5 will probably be on th...

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"Exactly the same? Wow, how much effort does it take to be this blind?"

so where's your evidence to support that those games would run any differently on the vanilla PS4 if the Pro didn't exist?

"fragmentation does not *require* that one console needs exclusives"

yes, it does.

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"If Sony thinks games running at 20-25 FPS as acceptable then base owners are getting the short end of the stick."

and where's your proof that shows these games would run any differently if the Pro model didn't exist?

because to me, it seems your "concern" is just a little affected, and designed to spread FUD.

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"So, how is it misleading?"

because the dock itself doesn't increase the performance...

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