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all of that got canned.

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so far ahead that it never got off the ground?

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you didn't buy the game because you have to kill nazis?

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Yes, it does exclude new development in the future because they are quite literally saying that it is only in development for those platforms.

Have fun waiting for a game that will never come to Xbox.

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"Are you intentionally being obtuse?"

no. are you?

"Only in development for PS4/PC does not mean it cannot beported later to Xbox"

only in development for PS4/Steam does, in fact, mean it won't be ported to Xbox. it means that the game is ONLY going to be developed for those two platforms.

"Obviously they didn't say that and are intentionally being vague"


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if they truly hated it, they wouldn't have included it in their game.

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the quote gematsu received directly from Bandai Namco is: "Ni no Kuni II is only in development for PS4 and Steam." ONLY IN DEVELOPMENT FOR. meaning: the game is not going to be developed for Xbox... not now, not at a later date, not ever.

it seems the only person confused here is you.

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why in the world would they put a cooldown on credits earned from playing the game?

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The article, and the tweet is derived from information that is coming directly from Bandai Namco.... what other source do you want?

Give it up, the game isn't going to be on Xbox One no matter how hard you pray, or no matter how many quarters you toss into a wishing well.

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that vote was cast the moment they shut down visceral.

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Yes, it's debunked:

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It does not look better to my eye. It’s a shame people think a properly colour-caibrated image looks worse than some oversaturated/high contrast mess.

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It’s proportionally the same, so it will take the exact same amount of time before they reduced the numbers.

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More vibrant does not necessarily mean better. The footage of the X version looks more natural. My guess is that there’s a colour gamma setting on the Pro that is set different than the X.

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The fan noise from any Xbox this gen has been next to nothing, which is impressive, especially with the X considering how much more power is crammed into virtually the same footprint as the S.

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You’re assuming that devs won’t improve their skills for the Pro as well...

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The problem wasn't the Xbox One, though... it was setting the wrong RGB mode, which should always match type of display you're using with the console (Limited for TVs which have a 16-235 range, and Full for computer monitors which have a 0-255 range). When you have the incorrect setting, the image will either look way too dark resulting in crushed blacks or way too washed out resulting in a milky-looking image.

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The colour gamma used in the X version looks far more natural.

I don't have two TVs side by side to compare, but the PS4 Pro is either set to 2160p - YUV420 or 2160p - RGB. I don't know which one makes things look slightly more "vibrant" (if there's a difference at all), though. I know on the 4K TV I have, there's two different colour gamma settings - BT.1886 and ST2064 - and the latter punches up the colours more than the former (BT.1886 looks c...

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