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can't find one example? i mean, you seem pretty confident in your assertion that it should be no trouble for you to provide the evidence to support your claim without resorting to, "google it", no?

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No. You're making the argument, so provide the proof. Give me one example of someone stating that because Sony referred to SFV as a console exclusive, they changed their position on the term.

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Can you cite specific instances? Because the term has always been accepted, and used by both Xbox/PlayStation fans.

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you mean a term that has been used for a few years, now, and didn't originate with SFV?

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no. it's not him... I have 100Mbps, i can run a speed test on my laptop (which is connected wirelessly), and get over 100Mbps on the test. I test the connection on my PS4 - my router/modem is less than 3 feet away from the PS4 - and the numbers that show up is around 10 - 15Mbps (sometimes less than 10).

It's the PS4's wireless adapter (which only picks up a 2.4Ghz signal instead of the newer, faster 5Ghz signal), not his router.

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"And no one still can answer that, why do sales matter in regards to this article?`

because BC could be a selling feature for some people? and because MS might have been banking on people upgrading to xbox one knowing they could be playing X360 games they own on their xbox one as well?

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that's a great deal!

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I hope a new Red Dead game. I have also not played Bully, so either a remaster of that would be nice IMO, or a sequel to that game.

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what?? no...

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RDR is truly of the masterpieces from last generation. i love it a lot - it even had some of the best MP I've ever played (and I *hate* MP), but I don't think I would personally ever want to play it all over again. And besides, I didn't have this game on X360 (due to not owning an X360 at the time), so I'd have to buy the game to play it via BC.

@jack: i believe he's referring to the fact that RDR on PS3 is noticeably blurrier because it actually has a...

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I think Syndicate restored a lot of my faith in the series - the road they were going down with the unnecessary co-op (it really had no real point, and didn't even connect to the story in any way, shape or form), the peripheral apps, and social media crap. I was glad to see they brought it back to basics - made it SP only, no apps or social media anything, either. I hope the next AC continues along the path that Syndicate took.

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i think it all depends on how good you are at solving the puzzles. there are a handful that are incredibly complicated. the ones i hate the most are the tetris puzzles with the blue squares.

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not if there's a massive discrepancy in price...

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I have heard that that's a great game - I watched a bunch of people stream it on Twitch, and it looked like it was a blast.

I suppose I should just rephrase my statement as those two were the best 2015 games I played last year. there are a few more I played last year that I really enjoyed, but they were released way earlier.

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really enjoying this game! i think i'm determined to solve every single puzzle.

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I am unbelievably excited for this game. I am going to play the crap out of it when it's released.

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I would argue that Bloodborne, and Rise of the Tomb Raider were the best games of 2015.

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and what, exactly, would that trademark have prevented people from doing?

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I have no idea what this is all about...

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it basically went down today for maybe 20 minutes - at most, it was less than an hour. it also seemed to have been specific to the UK.

how a tiny little hiccup garnered so much attention, and ire is beyond me.

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