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"... These kind of people far outnumber the more sensible bunch on this site like Septic, gangsta_red, Christocolus, Rookie_Monster, moldybread, maniacmayhem, FlexLuger, PistolsAtDawn, Death, Crimzon, 313_Guilty_Spark, and a few others. These people all have one thing in common, but you know what that is"

Yes, we all know exactly the thing those people (including yourself) have in common...

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not hacked, this is through the dev kit mode (which is an official, authorized thing people are able to do with the console).

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good article!

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yeah, no... no one cares about marketing deals. nice try, though.

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Yeah, I think 3rd party support is one of the biggest keys to NX's success.

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"The use of successor, while still correct given that Uncharted 4 did succeed The Last of Us in Naughty Dog's library of games..."

no. to call it a successor, the game has to be a part of the *same* series...

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@magician RE: "crushed blacks"

that's your TV settings/console RGB mode setting, not the game. Set your RGB mode to limited, and turn off any of the black enhancement filters on your TV (those should never be utilized to begin with - no one who knows anything about colour calibration has them enabled).

nice try, though.

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Next to the author's name, it says "Comic Riffs". In other words, it's not a serious review, it's a comedy/satire piece. So, this one, uno, review isn't even a legitimate review. That's the problem.

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What this article is is further proof that alleged "journalists" don't perform their due diligence, and research the cause of the reaction to this metacritic score. Instead they'd rather post nonsense in order to generate clicks, fan the flames of some idiotic flame war, and paint the people who have legitimate complaints as "fanboys."

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No. Fake reviews shouldn't be considered towards a game's metacritic rating.

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and that review was satire... so not even a legitimate review to begin with.

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i think this is going to be another exciting year!

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makes sense only if they're planning an early 2017 release - by all accounts, this thing is rumoured to be released this year, so announcing it so late in the year doesn't seem to fit in terms of the normal time span between an announcement, and its release date.

my guess is that they would like to have it available on the market for the holidays...

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i sometimes play games for that long, too, but i would not consider any of that "training."

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Literally...playing video games is not a sport.

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it wasn't actually a legit review, so it should not have been counted towards the metacritic rating to begin with.

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Those *are* screenshots from the game... You obviously have no goddamned idea what you're talking about. So, stop embarrassing yourself, it's not doing you any favours by making stuff up about something you will never experience.

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oh, I am. some things should just never be remembered.

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oh dear god...

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yeah, it was 100% selfish, but there's also the aspect that humanity had gotten so screwed up to the point where you had to really question whether it was worth saving.

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