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"Requiescat in Patches."

brilliant. +bub for funny. #1.1.5
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"I don't understand the point of defending it. If you actually don't support it then at least let others criticize it."

it's not so much defending them as much as it is pointing out people's flawed arguments against the practice. and i'm not seeing anyone actually being critical, i'm seeing people jump to the erroneous conclusion that just because microtransactions are in the game that they're somehow forced... #6.1.5
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it's moot because it's not forced, it's optional.

the *only* time these things would be a problem is if it is required of you to purchase, say, a story-related item in order to progress through the campaign.

i personally don't agree with microtransactions, but i'm level-headed enough to understand/realize that they don't actually have any effect on the user's ability to achieve 100% completion in the game. #6.1.2
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"the cutscenes between the PSX and E3 versions themselves are lower in quality."

oh for the love of.... the image on the left is from the reveal *cutscene*, and the image on the right (that is rather poorly super-imposed onto a screenshot of the cutscene) is from the PSX *gameplay*, which was *not* a cutscene.

there's absolutely no downgrade, so stop trolling. #1.2.4
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well it's a good thing you can ignore all of that nonsense, and just play through the game naturally to get the same things for $0...

the microtransaction argument is moot *because you can just ignore it all*. #6.1
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Story Quality? WTF?

Like this website? No. #16
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are we seriously going to have to endure 6 more months of you downplaying a game that you never had any intention of playing because it's coming to a system you don't own? #11.3
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so... when there was absolutely no gameplay footage, why did people hate the game? edit - because it certainly couldn't hve been because of the reasons you've listed /edit. the argument was conveniently shifted to gameplay as soon as any footage surfaced, which is your classic example of goalpost moving.

what originally drew all of the ire about the reboot was dante's new look, so yes... the hatred was actually over a character mod... #1.1.21
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greenberg really needs to keep his mouth shut. #42
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if homosexuality offends you (or anyone, really), then you have some serious issues to deal with.

and i'm not sure how accurate this is, but a few people have made reference to this studio being filled with neo-nazi white supremacists, which is a huge problem if true. #7.1
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you can't compare GTA with this game at all. just because you can potentially go on a rampage in GTA's free roam doesn't mean that it's the same thing as hatred. #3.3.1
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"... given how the Dark Souls 2 we got was absolutely nothing like the Dark Souls 2 that was advertised and shown in gameplay presentations. Because of that, I have absolutely no trust in From Software at all."

Actually that was Namco Bandai's doing, not From's.

But nice try in taking an opportunity at downplaying a Sony exclusive. *slow clap* #1.1.2
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"I actually liked the latest DMC? It was fun. Don't get the hate for it."

because people couldn't handle a different character model. #1.1.11
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please... enough with the definitive editions of last gen games. #18
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this game looks so good. can't wait to try it out. #11
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no, they are most certainly not pre-rendered.

I've seen bugs (that aren't 100% consistent) during some their cutscenes, which means that they are not pre-rendered at all. #8.4.2
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here's the thing:

you're comparing a *cutscene* with *gameplay* and calling it a downgrade.

if you are familiar at all with naughty dog, you'd have known that in the uncharted series, and TLoU, they used higher resolution character models during their cutscenes. those cutscenes, though, were all in-game/engine, and using assets from the game. none of them are pre-rendered CGI. the same thing applies to the initia... #8.4
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"When Uncharted 4 was revealed, people were convinced that the footage was in-game, in-engine."

because it was. in was an in-game, in-engine cutscene captured directly from a PS4. no one ever said it was gameplay.

"Now that the actual gameplay has been shown, the narrative has changed."

what narrative? you mean the one where people were completely amazed by the *pre-alpha* gameplay footage of a game that is more than a ye... #17.1
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frankly, i'm shocked that you're in another PS4-related article downplaying a title that you're not going to play because you don't own a playstation... wait, no i'm not.

no man's sky, while not exactly my cup of tea, is going to be a pretty amazing experience for those who are super excited for this game. #3.5
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since when was the retail price of the PS4 $379.99?

go back under your bridge. #2.1
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