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i have been wanting them to go back to the world war era for a long time. WaW was the only CoD that i actually played all the way through, and i would actually buy this one if it becomes a reality. #51
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i can see it dropping to $349 by the summer, but $299?? that's just wishful thinking... #8
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inside, broforce, cuphead, and rime are all games i'm looking forward to playing this year. #1
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there's nothing wrong with having multiple endings. in fact, i like being able to play through a game as the good guy, and then playing through it again as a total jerk just to see how differently the story progresses.

the problem is with people who think that their choices somehow cause some kind of butterfly effect on the code to produce a completely unique ending for that one individual. #10
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this must be the super huge megaton announcement they were talking about the other day... #2
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because sometimes the big box stores are out of stock, and you might be able to find the thing you're looking for directly from sony... ? #10.1
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i think you just got lucky with the bugs.

i got the platinum on PS4 (and just finished the DLC last night), and i didn't really encounter any real issues either. there was maybe one time where i jumped down from a ledge and somehow lost controller functionality, but that's it.

and the frame rate was pretty solid after the latest patch. i noticed a small dip occasionally, and some lag during co-op, but nothing to the extent that you're claiming (... #1.1
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because it's not... #1.3.1
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historically speaking, the demos for the souls games have always been less "difficult" because they often supercharge the player character to at least give the user some kind of opportunity to enjoy their experience with the demo. all you need to do is look up any dark souls gameplay footage from E3/gamescom/etc, and you'll notice that the health bar/stamina/magic bar are halfway across the screen.

there's no sense in making... #1.1.6
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please explain how a game you won't play on a system you don't even own is a "letdown"? #1.6.1
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i said more *core* content. not more DLC content.

exclusive/timed exclusive DLC doesn't count since the core game would the same. that's why those games wouldn't have been subjected to the parity clause.

nice try, though. #2.1.2
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you've never played a souls game, have you.... #1.2.4
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oh no... there's a hand holding tutorial :( #12
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the details of the policy have been known for a long time. it was around last generation, too.

the policy, in a nutshell, states that games that are released on other systems first or have more core content on other systems than the xbox version will not be released on xbox. this policy isn't even specific to indie devs either - it just affects indies more because they may not necessarily have the budget to develop their game on two systems simultaneously.
<... #2.1
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"And no one bought up PS4 into the conversation. What does having DX12 benefit XB1 and its gamers has anything do with PS4?"

because there are people out there clinging onto the belief that DX12 is going to vastly improve the power of the hardware, allowing it to surpass the competition.

"... trolls keep posting the same quote from Phil Spencer from many months ago when that tweet is not what he actually meant...&qu... #6.1.3
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yes, that would have been really upsetting, and it's the only thing that kept me from actually getting angry rather than just irked. #6.1.1
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uh... if it's a bug, how is it an easter egg?? #1
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wardell also said this, though:

"It’s not magic

DirectX 12 won’t make your PC or XBox One magically faster.

First off, the developer has to write their game so that they’re interacting with the GPU through multiple cores simultaneously. Most games, even today, are still written so that only 1 core is dedicated to interacting with the GPU.

Second, this only benefits you if your game is CPU bound. Most games are. In fact,... #1.1.2
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having gotten the platinum trophy for this game on PS4, i can kind of see where the author is coming from.

although, the only thing that really irked me was that there are artefacts that you allegedly collect during the helix sequences that are only available to collect once you have spent an obscene amount of time in the unnecessary companion app. these artefacts are, for whatever hair-brained reason, included in the overall progress of the core game when you look at the pr... #6
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the bottom gifs in each example in the article is the latest build... which is an obvious *upgrade* from the older builds shown in the top gifs.

if you seriously think that this (which is the old build):


is better than this (which is the new build):

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