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Yeah I have no idea where he got the idea that children would be predated upon through cross play. There's the same chance of that happening on their own network.

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They certainly do.

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@septic: finally some proof. whatever trepidations they have they need to get over.

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We knew it meant timed... yet they kept calling them exclusives...

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"Do you really expect them to say "We won't do cross play"? You realize that's bad PR, right?"

They have actually gone on record a few times stating that they are interested in having that conversation with devs, and publishers (MS is a publisher in this context).

So, again... for the umpteenth time: show me where Sony has ever said "no/not interested/not at this time" to cross play with Xbox.


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"Shame Sony won't play ball. Gamers need to apply pressure on them to drop the policy..."

can you cite this policy?

I'm still waiting for people to show me where Sony has ever said they are not interested in cross-play with Xbox.

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Okay, so then let's see some support for new 1st party IPs...

"Phil Spencer talked about the absence of Halo and Gears of War at the Microsoft Conference of E3 2017, declaring that the brand of Xbox does not need to rely solely on these two IP to offer something interesting."

... except now they seem to just be relying on Forza?

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marketing deals have nothing to do with the devs' development of the game or the game's engine.

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Not surprising. Bungie had already said it'll run at the same frame rate on consoles:

people really mistook their "we're not talking about the Scorpio version until E3" as meaning there was going to be some special announcement for the game on Xbox One X.

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Not sure where you're getting that I don't own a PS4 from. In case you haven't noticed, I've been called a "PS fanboy" countless times here... you can search ch my PSN if you want, it's the same name as here

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... or Knack 2 or the new Suckerpunch IP or any real new IP announcement...

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hugely disappointing - about as bad as Bethesda's non-presentation last night. 2 minutes of talking on stage, 58 minutes of video.

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The Division is a MMO, though...

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great, that should be enough time for me to get home from work to catch the actual presentation live this year! last few years I've had to watch it after the fact.

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So... there's a pre-show from 5 - 6, then the actual presentation is 6 - Whenever?

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oh my!

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I don't know why people put Obsidian on a high pedestal - new vegas was good, but they had no hand in any of the story writing... it was also the buggiest fallout game, which made it unbearable at times when you had to reboot your console every 15 minutes.

And they could have shown all of the games in their presentation as an on-stage demo like they have in the past.

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about the only things that were interesting were evil within 2, and the new wolfenstein (which looked fantastic).

but this wasn't really a presentation, it was talk on stage for 2 minutes, then show a 40 minute video...

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holy crap this is bad...

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Would have been nice to include the elite controller with the X.

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