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there was no change in the difficulty of the game, though? so it just means that it's a challenging game, and people have just gotten soft.

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what current games, though...

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I loved this game, and it's a crying shame that the studio closed eliminating the possibility of a PS4/PS4 Pro Modnation game :(

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all aenea did was ask that you provide evidence to support the things you've said. she doesn't have to do her own research - you're the one staking the claim, so the onus on on you to prove your statements. otherwise, everything you have said is unsubstantiated conjecture, FUD, and blatant lies.

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"More like for the shareholders"

that's not what he said. he said stakeholders. stakeholders, and shareholders are two very different things.

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Who was saying it was being delayed? That's ridiculous.

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don't see how wikipedia somehow discredits the fact that homosexuality exists in the animal kingdom. you know you can scroll all the way to the bottom, and look at the cited texts, and scientific journals that have been referenced, right?

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there you go.

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an interesting read!

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That is my guess as well.

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not going to happen in 2019.

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"Would A Hypothetical PS5 With A Ryzen CPU And 10 TFLOPs GPU Deliver True Photorealism?"

no, I don't think it would.

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I have the platinum on the original version as well when the game was first released, and I remember it being a bit trickier the first time I went through the game. There were even spots that I remember there being enemies, and they were removed in NG on the SotFS edition.

I mean, I can see how going through BB, and DS3 improved my abilities before going back to DS2, but I know that DS2 is considered the easiest of the series (it's the only one where the devs said they...

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at least they compared the same car under similar track conditions!

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I just got the platinum for the SotFS edition, and it was way easier than what I remember. I co-op'd just about every boss when I played it on PS3, but had absolutely zero trouble doing the whole game solo this time around (could be because I played through Bloodborne, and DS 3 before replaying this game). I am also fairly certain that they even dumbed the game down a bit in the first run through the game compared to the original version.

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That won't happen. There's already exponentially more content available (and will be available in the future) on the X compared to the Switch. It won't get any real 3rd party support, either.

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just a hunch, but I think a console that's about 6 times more powerful than the Switch will have no trouble handing the Switch its own rear end on a silver platter.

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"For starters you actually get to own your game as opposed to digital where you only get a license to play."

you are only paying for a license to play even with a physical copy. it's ill-informed to think that you actually own the game just because you bought it in a physical format. physical != outright ownership of the game. it will afford you the ability to resell it or trade the game to whoever you want, but it certainly doesn't afford you any more ...

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"Because some people actually like to own their games as opposed to get a lincense to play them..."

you're paying for the same license when you buy the physical copy - the only thing you really "own" is the physical box, and the plastic disc.

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I have played those sequels, and they weren't as good. Take Dark Souls 2 as an example: The only one in the series (including Demon's Souls, and Bloodborne) where Miyazaki was not involved, and it's the worst one. I think even God of War: Ascension is another example of one of the original devs leaving, and the game ended up not being as good as the rest of the series.

Believe it or not, the developer does matter.

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