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Not if it's a handheld like rumours have suggested.

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"The Xbox One S has 4K Blu-ray support and the console retails for $0 more than the standard Xbox One."

well, that just means that they're eating a lot of the cost of the console or the actual cost to produce the Xbox One was far less than what the original retail price suggested.

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"was this decision made in the name of the sweet $399 mark?"

that was a big part of it, i think.

but really, though, no one needs a UHD player to be able to play games on the console. And if you have a game on disc that is getting the Pro treatment, you don't need a UHD player, either, since it's a downloadable patch.

it is admittedly a very strange omission on their part (i'm baffled by it just like any other pe...

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the ending to this game is probably one of the most uncomfortable experiences I've had in a video game in a very long time.

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what a fantastic deal!

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Jack is always a class act.

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well, obviously... why they allowed it to begin with is beyond me. i bet nintendo threatened a lawsuit or sent a cease, and desist notice.

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uh... there's no fee for games that get the Pro treatment...

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Well, if this is true, I'm not interested. I wanted a console that competes with MS/Sony's offerings, not some weird is-it-a-handheld-is-it-a-conso le thing that sounds like it's barely better than the WiiU in specs.

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Sony's not the developer.

edit: it's not that simple.

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seeing as how the studio is defunct, i don't see how/why they would be able to work on something new for this game...

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uh... it doesn't have a UHD player? i thought it was fairly obvious by now.

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well, they marketed it as this thing where all of the games were free, but then very coyly stated later on that just the demos were going to be free. also, making it open source just invited people to pirate the crap out of everything on that thing. i said from the very beginning that it would end up just being a glorified emulator (I would try to find the comments i made years ago, but i'm not going to go through my comment history)... and, well... it ended up just being a glorified em...

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"Why Did the OUYA Fail?"

is that a rhetorical question?

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Yet another undeserving score to yet another game...

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I just added two years. I had been paid up until 2018 before bumping it to 2020.

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I just renewed my subscription to 2020, so i won't have to pay the $20 extra for 4 years - hopefully by then the dollar stabilizes, and they actually reduce the price in Canada to make it more on par with the US price.

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the game is not going to be out for at least another 3 years - why is this even a question right now?

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consoles will never "stack up" to PC. ever. doesn't matter whether it's PS4 Pro or Scorpio.

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"Absolutely no reason to purchase if you have a PS4 already."

well, i think if you don't care/aren't interested in investing in 4K or the extra power right now, but want a secondary PS4, the slim would be the console to get.

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