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There are some classics on that list.

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no. if they haven't officially announced it on stage yet, there's no chance that it'll be out this year.

@below: no, it hasn't actually been announced. House acknowledged its existence, but there has been no official announcement about the console yet. And there's just simply no way Sony would just give a presentation on the console, and then launch it mere weeks later. I think we're looking at more of a mid-late 2017 release date

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i am intrigued by this game, and am looking forward to playing it when it's released.

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no it's not. it's just that the last one was so long compared to what it was previously.

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OG Xbox One has HDMI 1.4.

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Uh... Why is he apologizing for getting married?

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Oh no! my fat finger hit disagree when I was aiming for agree D:

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people are going to have a real bad time if they accidentally walk into that place...

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... and what game outside of Halo 5 has put up gigantic numbers for MS?

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it's not coming to PC or Xbox - this is a PS exclusive.

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that was such a surprisingly good game.

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Syndicate is a really good AC. they went back to basics - kept it single player, and got rid of all of that peripheral app/social media nonsense.

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I'm deeply curious about what the hell this thing is going to be.

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Godspeed or Mogwai would be fantastic.

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they should probably show us what it is, then?

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it hasn't been confirmed as being in development or anything, but I think it's pretty much a given that a second TLoU is going to be made eventually.

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i can't see SE going full exclusive next time if PS4 owners send them a message by voting with their wallets - there's too much at stake, financially, for them to shut out the larger install base completely. the most likely situation is that if sales for this game happen to be low on PS4, SE should be smart enough to understand that the reason is because they screwed up the handling of this game's announcement, which would prompt them go back to releasing the next installment on ...

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i partially agree with you. i do actually want it to get a sequel, but i really want it to be a completely different story line - no ellie, no joel... a different perspective.

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I have never played System Shock, but love the Bioshock series, so this is something I'll be interested in playing when it's released.

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so... we *shouldn't* get excited about the prospect of a second installment of TLoU because... a completely different game is coming out? that makes perfect sense. /s

how many times do people need to be told that TLoU *isn't* a zombie game?

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