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It's not your place to decide whether someone has been ripped off.

And since when are you the authority in how people spend their money?

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It's the actual video, not the game.

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They should rename it in Canada because there are a handful of games over $5.

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Being able to play this at a locked 60fps @ 1080p is worth every penny I spent on my Pro, thanks.

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random draw.

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no, it wasn't. don't be silly.

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I don't think we'll see Kinect for Scorpio, but I imagine you will probably be able to plug in the existing one that came with Xbox One.

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and like the other 3, I won't get a notification...

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such zzzzz
many sleep
very nap

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I really wish these games would come out with single player DLC instead of MP-only DLC.

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LotF is an okay game - fun enough, and satisfied my need for a souls-esque kind of game prior to Bloodborne.

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It's a steal at that price. It's not without its problems, but it's a way better game than people would lead you to believe.

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Knack, and The Order for $4.99? That's crazy, and people really should pick those two games up at that price.

Edit: I've never heard of Sleepy Dogs, though... hahaha

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The Pro is a more powerful PS4, its launch line-up is every single game that had been released for PS4 prior to the Pro's release.

It's not a new, separate generation, it will not have exclusive titles that won't be available on the regular PS4.

There is no porting involved, either, so no game needed to be "brought over" to the Pro.

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No no don't get me wrong - I wasn't arguing against what you said :)

And really, there's nothing about this that suggests that they wouldn't go through the necessary steps anyway.

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They did get a warrant in this case, it's what lead to the arrest. Looks like people are just reading the headline.

(Edit: I don't mean you, just FYI)

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There was a subpoena, and a warrant in this case, though.

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Did you read the article? Because it says this at the end:

"Sony shared information about the Susan_14 account and the images with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The NCMEC then coordinated with the FBI to get additional information about Susan_14's e-mail address and IP address from Google and CenturyLink via subpoena. This action led to a warrant on Stratton's Kansas home, the discovery of child pornography s...

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"Shipments would have been greater if it were not for one key problem: PlayStation VR was delayed until October and is still seriously supply constrained due to problems making its OLED displays."

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uh... how?

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