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And what was MS's conference? Promises of something immediate? What new games that were shown at E3 are out right now?

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Of course not. He will always go out of his way to not purchase any games for his PS4. I'm fairly certain that if there was ever a game that looked/performed better on Xbox that also had a PC version, he'd buy the Xbox version without question.

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No, that's your first comment under your current account, not your first comment ever.

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well, it's pretty obvious why he sold his alleged PS3 instead of his X360 - so he can come here to complain about how there's no BC on PS4 to be able to play all of the PS3 games he has (which, oddly enough, he didn't sell (edit)along with his PS3(/edit) if he knew PS4 wouldn't have PS3 BC), and also to complain about sony charging us again for games we already own (which he has done here, already).

and yeah, it makes absolutely no...

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No, I haven't. It's not a criticism at all, I'm just not interested.

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they are not made up terms. try harder.

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you're still wrong in saying they're 3rd party, though.

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Insomniac are technically a 2nd party studio... they are not owned by sony or MS, but they make exclusives for both platforms.

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The only thing I need to convince me to upgrade are the specs. I'm not buying into VR on any platform.

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Very good. That's all I asked.

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If the rumours are true, Xbox will be more powerful.

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I think you need to read that conversation again.

I almost always cite examples to support my claims, so yes... I follow my own advice. Nowhere in this comment section have I made any claim of Xbox fans flip flopping, so why would I have to provide examples?

Magiciandude made the claim, so the onus is on him to support what he's said. And there's plenty of people here (yourself included) who can very easily hold lord,...

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I'm pretty sure MS will do everything they can to prevent that from happening again.

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No, sorry, that's lord's responsibility. Ask him. You make a claim, you should have no problem backing it up with evidence, no? So put your money where your mouth is, for once, instead of posting blind, mouth-foaming fanboy nonsense.


Nope. Nice try, though.

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Well, this is:

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"100% agreed. Sony fanboys bashed Phil Spencer's idea..."

can you cite specific examples?

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"I don't need to know why a video game that has no footage, gameplay or any actual screen shots looks sweet?"

Why do you, personally, need to know why someone thinks the game looks "sweet"? Why is it that you have such a problem with someone saying that they think the game looks good, apart from it being a PS4 exclusive (which, at this point, appears to be the only reason why you're having such difficulty)? There are lots of concept design image...

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why not show a new image rather than the same one over, and over again? hell, you can even write my name on that piece of paper.

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That still doesn't answer why you need to know, though. Does it affect your life in any way, shape or form if someone thinks the game looks good, regardless of whether it's a potential turd? There are plenty of concept designs to go by in the article in order to determine whether that person thought it looked like a good game (i think there are 21 photos, if I am not mistaken).

And the reason for citing that comment specifically, gang...

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