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"Why Aren’t Developers Making Games For The Nintendo Switch?"

because the competition will have systems out that are 4-6 times more powerful, and who is going to buy a 3rd party game on a significantly weaker system if they own a Switch/Scorpio, Switch/PS4 Pro or all three?

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I think you need to take a step back, and look at how you're reacting to this before you start calling other people "snowflakes."

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"... is it simply because its a white-led group trying to oppress people that everyone is getting all bothered?"

pretty much. I doubt you'd see people complaining if it was depicting an Islamic terrorist group or any other minority-led cult.

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"That's good and all, but it's important not to forget that people would be a lot more willing to hand over their money if developers actually released competent products on PC."

that's not a justification for stealing.

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or... you know... people can just buy the game instead of stealing it...

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It's the same as PS4/PS4 Pro. It's the same version of the game, Scorpio will just have the enhancements.

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Yeah they are. Firing anti-aircraft artillery cannons, having confirmed sniper kills, etc... isn't combat, now?

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"There were female service members at the time, but they were strictly for things like medical and admin."

That is completely false.

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The British also had women operating the anti-aircraft artillery.

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Not sure what's funny about historical fact:

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$549, I think. Chances of it being $499 are high, it would be amazing at $399.

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You're right... Sony doesn't have a history of giving devs the freedom to develop what they want AT ALL. /S

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Have not played Rime, obviously (because I don't think it's out yet?), but when was Edith Finch an exclusive? I also would not call it one of the best games of the year. It's good, but I don't think it's a GOTY contender.

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@gangsta: very well said.

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"So what? "Christian extremists" or "cultists" aren't the same as "white extremists" and you know this."

not all Christian extremists or cultists are white extremists, no, but in the case of this game, these specific characters are.

""no it doesn't, you brought that into the conversation."
Sure it does. I didn't bring up the conversation, I just pointed out the ignorance of that ...

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"Christians aren't only white..."

The game takes place in Montana, which has a 90.6% white population ( ). So, the Christians in this game happen to be white.

"It has everything to do with the intersectionality movement.."

no it doesn't, you brought that into...

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1. I'm not a minority
2. religious extremism isn't something limited to Muslims
3. what does this have to do with the intersectionality movement?

you said "white extremists lmao", implying a belief that there is no such thing - there are many instances of white extremism in modern-day History, but continue to keep your head in the sand while you hold your ears, going "LALALALALALALA"...

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actually, religious cultists are typically right-wing extremists.

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I don't think there's any risk of the OG Xbox One holding back anything on the Scorpio. And MS has made it very clear that there will be no games exclusive to Scorpio.

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