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Oh, I never said you were attacking him. Nothing about what you posted was wrong.

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"... now you want to blame Microsoft, the same company who has been very open to crossplay and is on the record *publicly asking Sony to allow it."

you have no idea whether MS are the ones who are asking for with regards to cross play. MS is certainly trying to make themselves look like the hero, but it could easily be something MS is asking for that's causing Sony to continually say no. Did it ever occur to you that there might be...

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maybe he's a WWII history buff. I will probably buy this game because I enjoy history-based shooters, and I have never purchased a CoD game. the only CoD game (which I rented) I have actually played all the way through has been WaW.

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"Holocaust; ok to show.
Swastika; not ok to show."

the swastika thing is just for MP...

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yeah.... no.

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you put two too many zeros in the number. you wrote one hundred million...

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"... I'm saying that you asking how does the author know that Sony has anything to do with the correction is not necessarily related to the on-going stance that PlayStation has with cross platform play..."

the "will Sony cave in the future" question posed by the author implies that Sony, again, said no to cross play for this specific game... so asking how the author knew Sony said no in this particular case is related.

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"moldy didn't say he knew why, he said and proved with links of the devs saying Sony won't allow it. Sure we could guess it's because there is no financial incentive for Sony in it but regardless of the reason WHY, fact is it's Sony holding it back."

you can't say they're holding anything back without knowing why they're saying no to begin with... it could turn out that MS are the unscrupulous ones in all of t...

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it's an archived change log of the 1.04 patch for the game that shows MS had the devs to remove cross play with PC... so how does that have nothing to do with fortnite, specifically? how is asking if Sony would cave on the matter a legitimate question when there's no evidence to support that Sony had anything to do with the removal of cross play for this game? can you point out anything in the article that shows that Sony told the devs to remove it?

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"You want me to give a better reason than Sony's executive Head of Sales and Marketing for Sony Interactive Entertainment because you feel he isn't qualified to make one?"

seeing as how they allow cross play with PC/Steam, "protecting the children" is clearly not actually a reason why they've said no to cross play with Xbox. I think it was a very poor choice of words on Ryan's part that doesn't quite repres...

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proof of what, exactly? are you privy to any of the negotiations that likely would have occurred between MS/Sony or do you really believe it's as simple as saying, "yeah, sure, why not"? what proof do you possess that gives the specific reasons why Sony has said no to the games they have so far? is it stubbornness on Sony's part? Sony having security concerns? MS wanting this to occur on their servers, thus requiring PS owners to create XBL account...

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Jim Ryan doesn't represent the whole company. If Spencer made an equally idiotic statement about children, I'd be singling out Spencer, not citing MS as a whole.


"Jim Ryans statement ... He is the PlayStation global sales and marketing head..."

I'll stop you right there. sales, and marketing head, not president of the company. he is also not the sole representative of the com...

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Unfortunately, he left out, "but our policies won't allow it" in order to try to make MS look like the good guy.

I guess he wasn't counting on someone archiving the original change log for the game before th devs were forced to edit that bit out about the functionality being removed as per MS policy.

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that's awfully quick to point the finger at Sony without knowing exactly why they said no. Before you accuse Sony of being the villain, the issue could easily be with MS if Sony has zero problem implementing cross play with Steam/PC.

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Jim Ryan isn't Sony. I'm sure global sales, and marketing has little to do with what has to be done in order for all parties to agree to allow cross play to happen. you're taking an idiotic statement from an individual who has little to do with anything related to implementing cross play, and using it as an official stance from the entire company.

if children was really a reason, there wouldn't be cross play with PC/Steam, eithe...

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1. Jim Ryan said those things, not Sony. Jim Ryan is not Sony. I'm sure if Yoshida or Layden were asked about cross play, they'd have very different answers. Also, what is a stackholder?
2. They never said they wouldn't allow cross play. They allow it between PC, and PS4, so... they clearly aren't against cross play.
3. There's more to it than just saying "no." What, specifically, lead Sony to saying no to cross play in any of the games they...

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none of what you said provides any evidence to support gangsta's claim. the only mention of security in the quote you pulled was in relation to MS, not Sony...


"Moldy once again proves all you need is google and to open your eyes."

no, he didn't... the article he cited isn't about people here, as you've claimed, citing security as an "excuse." and "google i...

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"Sony is blocking access for third party publishers to host the games online, that's the difference. They are not allowing those third party publishers to host the games if those games connect to other consoles."

citation, please. what proof do you have to support this ridiculous claim?

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that'll happen with or without cross play.

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"It's funny how these developers have access to these networks and can actually do these things on the downlow and yet I read the excuse from some here of Sony not wanting to let MS access their network for security reasons."

do you have evidence to support this statement?

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