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MS simply owning the IP =\= 1st party
MS owning the studio = 1st party

But you're right, it shouldn't matter where they get their exclusives from. #9.2.3
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pretty impressive! #4
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You've misunderstood the point... Which was: you can't just add X360 games to the Xbox One library or consider them as Xbox One games just because they are available via BC. And it really doesn't matter what kind of service PSNow is... You're still playing last gen titles on current gen HW (and just to be clear, I'm not arguing that PSNow is BC because it's not). #1.3.7
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um... insomniac has been predominantly developing for sony, so the biggest fanbase for insomniac is still with sony.


since insomniac owns the IP, they are actually free to release the game wherever they feel like... exactly like despite MS publishing RoTR on xbox, the game is still being released on other platforms... because SE *owns* the IP. I doubt SSoD will make its way to PS4, but there's always the distinct possibi... #2.2.3
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QB is quite easily one of my most anticipated games for xbox. remedy is a really solid studio (alan wake was one of my favourites last gen), so I cannot wait to see what they have to show for us at gamescom! #6
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i really... and i mean, *really* cannot wait to play this game. it looks ******* phenomenal. #4
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As I've said countless times before - there was simply no way that SE was going to pass up on the PS4's userbase, and it was just plain silly to assume that this game wasn't going to be on as many platforms as possible. Great news for PC (although the PC version was pretty much a given from the beginning), and PS-only owners, for sure.

However, I'm not going to wait a whole year when I can play this on my xbox in about 4 months. #92
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the game isn't flooded with QTEs - there weren't that many *actual* QTEs in the game (mistaking a button prompt to open a door or inspect an object doesn't count as a QTE, sorry)

heaven forbid that you actually have to pay attention to the story instead of skipping everything...

half the screen is *not* cut off. the game isn't 16:9 with black bars slapped across the tom/bottom of the screen to make it look cinematic,... #1.2.2
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It needs to go back to its roots, and be less worried about being "accessible." I think that the series is established enough to not need to draw people in just to get more sales. DS2 was good, but you can clearly tell that they strayed a bit from what the series is about: punishing difficulty that gives you a great sense of accomplishment when you are victorious. #3
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Any reason they offer that isn't "money" is utter BS. #33
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no because the ESRB ratings are based on the content, not the graphics. #5
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so... rasta blanka? #18
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i really can't wait to play this game, it looks like a lot of fun. #7
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i'm always weary of these "super awesome megaton coming soon" announcements because they almost always end up just being a character skin or some other disappointing thing that's not even close to being a big deal. #22
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yeah, i really never got what people's problem was with the graphics in fallout 4. the game looks freaking gorgeous as far as i'm concerned. #5.1
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Well, it depends on where you live. Where I live, game prices are rising, and are currently sitting at around $75-$80. That's really too much money, so it's not necessarily worth it from my perspective. I can see it being worth it if games were still $60, though. #9.3.1
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pong. #4
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you don't even need to own a playstation in order to use PSNow:


so your point is completely moot.

edit: you're also looking at remasters the completely wrong way. while i do agree that there are ones out there that clearly didn't need to be made, they are an excellent opportun... #1.1.5
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a PS+ subscription also comes with discounts, and countless free games. some people just don't care about MP, and see the value in the subscription fee on just those incentives alone. #2.2.6
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and you wouldn't have even noticed it if there was nothing indicating the fps, too. very impressive considering all of the action that goes on in that video. #3.1
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