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What a plebeian device, but hey the poor got to game to.

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Its not an addiction if you enjoy it and it has been settled that there is no such thing as video game addiction.

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E3 is a joke of a show now anyway, I can't remember the last time I seen an actual game shown there.

Why would the master race show its face among the plebeians.

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assuming I use any Intel products LOL

And of course the plebeian drags corporations into it because they are backed against the wall with an inferior machine

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So predicting something will be bad is now trolling?

Nice logic as always internet.

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Im awaiting announcement of their gun store were you can buy weapons for money.

Really is the next step in EAs greedy plan and I would not be surprised if they mention it.

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It is going to be bad, not sure why people even bother unless they really are enthralled by kinect and rehashed gears of war/Halo games.

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lol at these plebian console gamers thinking they are equal to the master race and eating up Sonys marketing.


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David Cage, the man who has made a career out of publicly demonstrating how much he wants a different career.

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u wot m8

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All they need to do is confirm Pokemon X & Y has all the generations of pokemon and I will rush out to buy one.

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Ever since natural selection went out of order with the establishment of civilisation dumb people have been having and raising dumb children.

And today we are overly saturated with dumb people who continue to re produce useless vessels who serve no purpose other than to drain resources and complain about something that is their own fault.

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lol....are developers even trying anymore?

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The problem with this platform is that it is a market for indie games exclusively when PC already does this and more without the fees of Playstation Arcade or XBLA.

It is basically a niche that is already covered but I suppose it has a cheap cost but then again so do phones and they are portable.

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It is truly amazing how you get people who can defend this company because they published a few good games several years ago, the developers should get the credit for creating those products not the middle man who has money to throw around for a hopeful bigger return.

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Because pointing out the fault of another company erases the fact EA does it?

Potato logic

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you do realise naughty dog are specalised, they are not the greatest developer ever than can develop anything.

If anything their multiplayer efforts so far have been bland and poor.

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oh you mean like you could in BF2? which also had the commander mode among various other features.

Sorry but this series has been going backwards.

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revive the promising looking battlefront III

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Looks bad,

inb4 one button contextual actions and QTEs

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