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correct me where im wrong then ass hat. oh wait you cannot. choooooooo choooooooo here comes the fan boy hype train.

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The always online thing is irrelevant no "true gamer" doesn't have broad band. My net has never been down for more than a couple of hours in years.

Used sales, ALL microsoft did was give dev's a choice, they said they wouldn't block there own games. All the hate was on microsoft yet they forget the devs who might of blocked them would still make games for the playstation and there was no mass boycott of evil dev's


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why the did @nukeitall get so many disagrees?
Truth hurts narrow minded fanboys.

What he said is a damb good description of the social storm that has hit MS in recent years.

Company starts =====> reach's the top then their own customers have to hate on them..cod was the the sh** untill it got top, now its cool to hate it same with microsoft and every other High profile consumer "item" even apples bubble is starting to burst.

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Sony may have a slight hardware advantage but microsoft will smash it software side. can sony even afford 300,000 server these days with laying off their entire Mobile and tv division's lol

edit : im not claiming servers are software.

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People live in the past, most people's tv's were forced to go digital (uk) we digitaly purchase are food, clothes , luxury's but god forbid are consoles embrace that future.

I forgot sony OWN the digital concept.....

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Exactly....if only sony cared as much about their credit card details as they do the customers.

Fact is all any global company care about is your money.

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sony fanboys really that desp now? please justify this "Much more powerful claim" because i heard that crap for years with the ps3 and yeah....that made a difference NOT.

And if sony loves you so much why they not giving you it for free with golden tinsels bells and whistles.........or maybe just maybe.........its cheaper because errrr they're charging you to go online now as well and wanted to soften the blow.

roll on the obligatory greatness awai...

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maybe because they wasnt wrong? having a gaming community crying over features or changes isnt wrong its just a sign of the spoilt western generation who think every thing should cater for them.

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lay off the ganger do its sent you paranoid...ever heard of an off button?

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Sony doing something without asking you? blasphemy!

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@hd you sound like a bitter hipster

greatness awaits.....those who strive for the future

1 3=====o-- 4

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Anyone who thinks better games is fact and not personal opinion needs to give their head a wobble

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exactly how much did the power help the ps3? consider most multi plats where better on the 360. Its not even about the raw power its about what the devs can do with it.

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Turn kinnect off and work harder...hey look i solved your problem for for you :p see you on live!

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@ dwalls your a fool, so if a company gives its customers what they want they are weak but if they ignore them they are corrupt. damned if they do damned if they don't.

The biggest problem with gaming is not the company's or the dev's its the gamers themselves.

Hell these people crying about microsoft are probably the same people who cryed when 8bit died

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The ignorance of fanboys knows no limit. greatness awaits....those who strive for the future

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like this gen? puhaha

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this how desperate the hate train has got? pfft.

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Why does every fan boy have the precursor of "i own both consoles" to make them sound less fan boyish

Fact is stop being hobo's and get a job so you can buy your own games, get a good internet connection so you have no connectivity problems.

i don't want a console that's main focus is hobo's who don't have any money i want a console that aims high.

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if it was called ps4 not xbox one half of you would be hyperventilating.

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