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Anyone who wants top performance could've bought a PC. Console gamer wants a budget alternative to gaming, so that's why I think the PS4 Pro and the Scorpio won't do as much sales as the original hardwares.

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it doesn't need to topple the PS4, from a gamers point anyway.

I'm pretty sure Xbox owners loves their console, since they probably chose it over the PS4 because of the exclusives available on Xbox.

Still glad I picked a PS4 this gen. Combined with my PC, I pretty much cover everything (except Nintendo, waiting for the switch to lower its price)

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PC does 4K and more graphics wise than any console and always will, so it was done before. The title doesn't specify it's console only 4K experience. unless it specifies it in the article, but you know most people on this site reads the headline and leave a comment right away.


Actually the article says at the end "will that alone be enough to make PlayStation owners want to make the switch?"


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As long as japanese gamers ain't their focus, Xbox platform should be fine to release on.

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I've been playing some pc games with my PS3 navigation controller in one hand and my mouse with the other. Works great and is relatively a cheap option if you can find one for 10$ used in superb condition like I did!

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The idea was great, but like every new idea/tech, it doesn't always go the way you want to. Internally, I'm assuming the results were good, but with an world in which not everyone gets stable and fast enough internet to sustain it, it was bound to fail.

Maybe in the near future, just not right now.

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Looking at the Scorpio specs, I'm pretty sure it can handle 4K in many games easily. Now I won't choose one console over the other because of a 900p/1080p difference of a 1440p checkerboard vs a 4K native. If third party games like Mass effect andromeda, COD, Madden and Destiny is all you play and you don't want to pay premium price for the PC experience, then Scorpio would be the cheaper and lower alternative to high end PC gaming for now.

The Original Xbox and...

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why do you guys think there's such an option nowadays? because some devs released unfinished products which a LOTS of gamers would've got a refund if they could've back then. So again, the mass is getting punished for a few.
If a demo is available, no refund should be able to be made. There should be a direct link to the demo before making a purchase.

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well maybe some of them are waiting for the Scorpio right?

I mean, it's the only thing I see on ANY Xbox one news! why buy an X1 when Scorpio's coming?

Maybe that would explain the lower sales? judging by the comments, it's surely not because of the games.

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Sony came out on top in previous generations and not necessarily by having the most powerful hardware on the market, but by the sheer amount of phenomenal games only available on their systems PLUS great third party support.

PC has been my main gaming platform for years, but I always bought some consoles alongside it for their great exclusives. And yes, I bought the original Xbox and the 360 for some exclusives too (Halo 2, Tales of Vesperia). I just didn't bother with ...

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as long as they keep movements fluid and the horror is really scary. the old titles were scary when I was 9, not right now lol. Unless it's not an horror game.

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RE7 brought back the horror in the genre. Maybe it's because I'm older now than when I played the first one (9 years old back then), but the horror in previous titles weren't much scary compared to RE7.

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true or not, every online stores selling digital games should have such a system. Too many times, after no more than 30 minutes to an hour, I was disappointed from a game and I wished I could've refunded it. Great move from MS if true, others should follow. Steam's doing it, why not MS/Sony/Nintendo?

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The Xbox division is far from being positive VS other departments. Lots of shareholders wanted MS to abandonned the Xbox division since the net profit coming from it at each fiscal year end ain't worth much. Money could've been invested in better projects.
There's a reason why Microsoft is worth more on the market than Sony and it's not because of their gaming division, trust me on that one!

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True, response time ain't exactly the input lag, but one usually follows the other.
From all the 4K TV I tried at the store personally so far (by bringing my own laptop to the store and trying a game), nothing beats a great PC monitor for gaming. I just can't stand any input lag at all. If only they were as fast as those old CRTs....

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Um, PC have been graphically running driving games way better than any consoles out there (including Forza Horizon 3 as of not so long ago).
The thing is, I always bought a Playstation console for their exclusives since the PS1 and the gran turismo series is one of the major reasons why I still buy a Playstation even up to this day alongside my PC.

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My roommate got one and let me tell you right now, there's some graphical processing done in the emulation which results in a LOT of input lag. Tried it on my BenQ GTG 1ms response time monitor and I get less input lag via an emulator on my PC than the NES classic. completing punch out on it will be one hell of an achievement.

Putting retroarch on the nes classic reduces the input lag BTW lol

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Xbox do have exclusives with Halo, forza, gears, QB, crackdown and sea of thieves. Sure, they clearly didn't bring the sales Microsoft wanted it to, but it's not like they're not trying.

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Generation doesn't exist in gaming as a whole, only console generations. Generations are like saying "here's what most people can afford right now so we'll make this the standard for now until we can reduce cost for future hardware up to a price point that those same gamers can afford a new hardware.

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as long as all the games runs on both the original X1 and the Scorpio everything should be fine. I don't think either MS or Sony is stupid enough to make a game exclusives to their midgen console upgrade.

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