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Shouldn't we add the PS4 tag in the news since it's a timed exclusive? #3.1
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This proves again how far away nintendo is in hardware performance vs the competition.

Next console, let's hope they get similar performance as the other 2.

The Wii U games are still awesome to play, but some of my friends would've bought only a Wii U if other third party games were on it. Most of them bought either a PS4/X1/PC to go alongside the Wii U.

Slightly Mad Studios should have known from the start that the Wii U would have p... #3
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Nice! bought the first one on vita, can't wait to play them on my PS4 :D #1
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"We don't even make our own"

Where are you from? Just curious #1.1
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Sports game: "Go out and play the real game"
Exploration game: "Go outside instead of playing this"
GTA: "Go out and....." ok maybe not this one!

This could be said for lots of games currently on the market. Ex. Farming simulator, I personally hate it, but I can see what others like in the game. They probably won't start doing their own farm either. #3.1
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That's pretty much the same for me :)

Hoping to get a PS4 port for Zestiria and also maybe another tales of titles for PS4 at the tales of festival. #3.1
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I'm having the same problem with my launch controller (thumbsticks).

I know some of my friend are having problems with the triggers sticking midway.

I still love the PS4 controller, but I'm hoping Sony bumps up the components quality as the generation goes on. #1.1.2
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How about Project-Morpheus support? maybe that's one of the reason why it's taking extra dev time.
I can easily imagine playing it with a VR headset.

Oculus Rift on PC, morpheus on PS4. :)

Totally forgot about the flood they had! #1.1.4
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I'm already doing it with an HDMI from my desktop to my TV which are quite far away from each other and there's no input lag at all. perfect combination with my Hyperspin setup :) #1.1.2
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I have both myself and I totally agree with you!

I can't live without a PC, since gaming is not the only usefulness I'm getting out of it. best pros with a PC is mods, higher performance and the unmatched # of features you can get with it. Cons is the price and the knowledge to maintain it.

A console, well the pros are pretty much stable OS, extremely-low maintenance and High budget titles coming from Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft. The cons are limited cust... #1.1
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Having it on PS4 would be so nice! also if they could re-release vesperia as an HD remaster on PS4, it would be an instant buy for me :D #4
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I would say more focus on their most profitable market. happy to see the PC version is getting a fix, it's still crashing randomly for me. #1.2.1
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If you have both choices, I would buy it on PS4. I prefer the smooth and fast menu with the share/stream features of the PS4.

BUT again, a classic platformer would be awesome to play in your home via the Wii U gamepad....

If you got yourself a vita, get the PS4 version. If not, then the Wii U version would be great :) #1.1
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Square Enix listening to fans feedback?!?!?!?

who's the guy in charge of this? where was this guy when the XIII saga started?

if you tell me, it's about freaking time they listen to fans. #1.3
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That's actually why I clicked on the article :)
replace the bottle by a glass of rum... #2.1
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is the zune a victim of bad timing and unfair comparisons to the iPod? I don't think so #1.14
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I initially wanted to import the game, nice to see Bandai Namco bringing it to the west. #2
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so you're telling me he doesn't have any close friends to start a private party chat with and kick some ass? #5.1
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I don't mind not talking to "strangers" online, but what about my close friends?

I'm assuming there's some kind of party chat for this game right? #2.1
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after a quick look online, sales for Tomb Raider franchise was always higher on PS platform than any others. so yeah, those numbers will definitely take a hit. #1.1.2
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