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easily the Playstation 2! largest library there is and since I'm a big JRPG fan, this is the ultimate platform for JRPGs.

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new generations should come out, trading comes next and PVP should be there too. If done right, this game could last for a while just like ingress did. add in maybe territory dominance between teams like ingress and now we're in business!

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feature that I hope other devs will also bring to their games! bigger community, there's no downside to it.

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well like I said in my comment, I always had a great gaming PC since high school, which I worked for and paid myself each time. I also bought the original Xbox and the 360, alongside the PS2/PS3.

The Xbox had some exclusives that I couldn't play on PC or Playstation, but now the ones I wanted the most are announced for PC. Maybe for some of you guys this ain't changing anything, but for me and lots of my friends, this means saving s...

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power ain't everything. Sure, PS4 owners liked it when their console of choice is more powerful at launch and cheaper than the competition, but what people seems to forget is how Sony managed to have great sales in the past, even with a lower-spec hardware. N64 was more powerful than the PS1, Gamecube and original Xbox was more powerful than the PS2. and we all remember how those turned out!

Sony ain't where they are today because their hardware was always on top, g...

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well profit wise, I guess apple is doing better at making more profits from their consumers pocket. If you look on the consumers side, Android brings a lot of powerful hardware for much cheaper.

Seriously, I don't care how much iOS is making money, I'm not apple. I'm getting more performance for my money with my android phone right now, so I guess apple is all for the profit when google is all about market share.

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when you weight 400 pounds and still live at your mother's place, I guess DDOSing Pokemon Go servers is "entertaining".

Instead, they should take a good walk and catch some pokemon! :)

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"Florida", why am I not surprised it happened in the US?

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I miss the old bubble system in N4G. stopped people from saying the same thing over and over again. please bring the bubble system back!

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You just have to make sure the hash value matches the original one.
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well for me the major points were that it'll run games in 4K native, hence the Scorpio being the equivalent of an high end PC, and that games could be exclusive to the Scorpio.

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console owners pay for simplicity and ease of setup. The reason why PC gaming isn't attractive to them is ESPECIALLY because extra work is needed. If you take the shortcut and buy a Gaming PC from a renowned manufacturer, you'll pay the price.

The day when you'll be able to buy a PC pre-build, under $600, that garantee running everygame released for it for the next 5-7 years and that you plug it press power and it works, then maybe you'll see some console ga...

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I highly doubt so in the near future. Let's wait if they make another big flop like the Wii U. If the NX can at least attain the same sales numbers as the Wii U, They should be fine. Smartphone games will bring them a Big ton of money in between!

I just hope that the battle system in Pokemon Go becomes deeper than what it is right now. PVP would be nice with the classic four move sets. They could keep it active though, it brings a new dy...

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yeah, I had this surprise too on steam 2 years ago. The game wasn't labelled as being in early access, but the Dev blog clearly indicated it was. I have a long history with PC gaming so early access/alphas are nothing new for me, but not every console gamers are used to those kind of practice and LOTS of them will blindly buy the game without even thinking that an unfinished product would be on sale on the store.

It's bad for the consumers and also the Dev since som...

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well just like minecraft, works well for the features it currently has, will get more features regularly until completion or change of project.

Honestly, I would love to get early access titles via PS store! They're not for everyone and multiple notice should be shown before finalising each purchases, but there's definitely a market for it on PS4!

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This is my setup, great gaming PC alongside a PS4. Now that Microsoft publishes their own games on Windows 10, it widens my gaming selection a lot!

One can hope that Halo 6 will be playable splitscreen on PC :)

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500gb PS4 & Xbox one....... I don't know for you guys, but 500gb ain't enough for me! 1Tb should be the standard.

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soundtrack was great!!!

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Wow! you know what? of all the first party studio that was at E3, I totally forgot that Sucker Punch didn't present anything at E3 2016. Can't wait to see what they're working on :)

but on topic, I loved how fluid and alive the animation are in Spiderman PS4! Insomniac almost always make awesome titles, so expect this one to be of the same quality.

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I tried 4K and the difference isn't much, depending on how big your screen is. I'm always gaming on a PC monitor (usually BenQ) since there's no input lag at all, which is the main reason why I'm never playing on a TV for competitive online gaming, be it console or PC gaming.

On a 24-27 inch monitor, 4K VS 1080p is comparable to each other to the point that someone without any deep knowledge in image quality wouldn't know if it's 4K or 1080p. On a 40...

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