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never though about that! Plus with the new Game mode coming to windows to bring console performance to every PC, The next ports will probably be way better in quality :)

I'm actually curious as to how well the new game mode will run.

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I want to see the games since I don't care about the Scorpio!!! I'm probably getting both Sea of Thieves and cuphead on PC. I wanted to get Scalebound too, but maybe I'll get the PC version of crackdown 3 instead.

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A lot of gamers wanted a Home console. THAT's why Nintendo is promoting it as a Home console. That's what we wanted, that's not what were getting. plain and simple, it's a handheld and nothing more. If you don't like the product like me as it is on launch, don't buy it.

I'm waiting to see if the online is decent and what's the game lineup coming up for it. If the switch becomes anything like the 3DS, maybe we'll see some amazing titles in...

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Glad to see the game getting some awesome reviews!!! Haters can go play something else while I'll be enjoying this game :D

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Well said!

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"Nintendo: Switch is a home gaming system ‘first and foremost"

It's a home system, coming directly from them, there's no questioning the creators themselves. I'll take what they say over anyone else in here. So now, for a home console, is it under powered?

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Most third party games running on other consoles will either not make it to the Switch or get "modified" ports or a totally new version, since Nintendo made it so with the choice of hardware performance they went with. The Wii U had some 3rd party games that were on the other consoles too, but many of those ports were heavily reworked to run on the Wii U.

The same will probably happen to the Switch.

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we just took for granted that since every other home console has it, including the original Wii and Wii U, we would get it on the Switch also. 3DS got it too if I'm not wrong.

Anyway, we need a freaking smartphone for anythings online on the switch (lobby, voice chat, matchmaking). We don't need netflix on the switch, Nintendo knows we all have a smartphones, right? Plus you know, the nintendo app probably needs android 5.0 or later, it's not like there was a bu...

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LOL there's a lot of shitty games on PC too just so you know.

Plus what kind of graphical experience were you expecting out of a PS4 at $400 launch price? what can you play with a PC valued at the same price?

I absolutely LOVE my gaming PC. I've been building my own for the last 15 years+ and I don't ditch console because of it!
Consoles are budget gaming hardware which is also super user friendly!

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You can clear resident evil 2 in less than 10 hours, same for 3 (was shorter actually) on first play through. Considering there's a hard mode in resident evil 7 and the amount of work needed for such graphics is quite high, I would say 10 hours is similar to the other titles in the series.

most play through I looked at for Resident evil 7 are between 8 to 10 hours and that's not considering every collectables. Plus this is in normal mode.

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The Nes and Snes are only temporary rentals. I read some articles saying that you lose the access of those "Free" Games at the end of the month. PS plus you get access back if you subscribe again/stay subscribed. Xbox Live you keep your games forever, subscription or not.

It better not be 60$ per year for so little. Plus you need a smartphone for voice chat? what am I paying for? might as well just use skype or messenger call instead!

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I did buy BF1 and sometimes I do buy a sport franchise on PS4, but those games are available everywhere. It won't make me choose one system over the other. What did are the likes of Infamous, Persona 5, bloodborne, R&C and other games from various genres.

It's not just because some play COD on X1 or PS4, it's the actual mentality behind each fanbase. For some reasons, Every PS fans I came across with are always more open minded about various genres, whether ...

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title should indicate "title only playable via microsoft's"

still, with the game mode coming out for Win10, Even more reasons to switch to PC instead of buying an X1, Could still bu ya switch/PS4 for their exclusives alongside a great PC, but no need for the X1 if your a PC owner.

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Nice! Big fan of Brooklyn Nine Nine :)

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Sony is managing the marketing, publishing and funding for their own studios. I still buy a console mainly for their great exclusives.
iPhones/Android, Console/PC, economic car/sports car. depends how much your ready to spend.

Most PC gamers are complaining that console users are "peasants", "noob" and not up par with their "greatness and superiority complex". Why do they want them to switch to PC if console...

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Network being down isn't the only thing, download speed is also one aspect of it. Even more so with all the large files we need to download. I get 40 mb/s on my PC via steam and I can get up to 10 mb/s with my PS4 when downloading a game/update. With my friend's Xbox one, the download speed was plain horrible, not even 3 mb/s. My connection is 350 mb/s download with 175 mb/s upload speed and the only network that gets slow speed is Xbox live. all wired btw, no way I'm gaming on wi...

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Buying this day one! I wanted to play the third game so bad, but it never went overseas.

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well there's a lot of Xbox 360 owners who switched to the PS4, BUT still prefers the layout of the Xbox family controllers.

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Probably they'll team up with another manufacturer. Save some cost and the biggest advantage would be dual compatibility with one of those devices. Example is if they go with the rift, your rift would work for the Xbox One/Scorpio and your PC!

Being a PC Gamer (high end PCs build myself) for about 15 years now and a playstation fan since the PS1, I would love for the PSVR to work on both PC and PS4, but it probably won't happen anytime soon.

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Maybe Disney funded some of the game with Capcom (MvsC Infinite), who knows? not you and me that's for sure!

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