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it's hard to say. before the PS3/X360, the jumps in hardware performances were tremendous. PS1>PS2>PS3 or Nes>Snes>N64>gamecube were big jumps in hardware performance!, but PS3/X360 to PS4/X1 and then to PS4Pro/Xbox OX, the gap just wasn' that big lately.

That's why I wouldn't consider "generation leaps" anymore. Upgrades, sure.

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the time will come when a game will get released and you'll have to verify if you have the "specs" to run the game with a console!

It'll be simpler than PC on a sense that you won't have to look at the numbers. At retail, we're facing an upcoming problems with parents not aware that the hardware their kids got doesn't run the new triple AAA games but still runs the indie games/sports games.

For me it's not a problem at a...

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always felt the physics are more authentic in GT than forza. I'll have to buy a cronusmax to be able to play with my G25 for GTsport, but I'm pretty sure the feeling will be the same.

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they always said that because of how the system rams was shared for the X360 VS the PS3 was what made all those problems.

If I remember correctly, the PS3 dedicated 256mb to the GPU while retaining 256mb for the system
Xbox 360 who had 512mb of total ram (like the PS3), but the allocation of the rams was up to the devs, so you could allocate how much ram that goes to the GPU/system.

So I would go with LP-Eleven explanation, ease of de...

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To be realistic, I think Nintendo and Xbox got chances of doing very well this holiday season. With new hardware for Xbox and Mario Odyssey for the switch, those should bring lots of sales. As for Sony, well they've built up a fantastic lineup this year and those picking a PS4 for the first time this holiday will have a tremendous amount of games to choose upon.

I'd say everyone of the big 3 is looking to have a great holiday season! Best of luck to all 3 and let...

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Ghosts 'n Goblins on nes.....

Lots of nes games would be way too hard for lots of today's gamers out there. Even when looking at Snes/PS1 games, most of the time there wasn't any "indicator" as to where to go all the time. You had to figure it out and not just follow the way point to the next step.

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it's the negativity in your facts that's showing, nothing's positive in what you've written, but I guess there's always pessimist people everywhere. I hope you're not a playstation fan, don't want players like you in my online games on PSN.

"but game is great" << this, you probably never cared about the game, just another opportunity to bash the Xbox platform. I always preferred what Playstation ha...

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Microsoft didn't accepted it in the previous gen, now it's Sony. It's ironic for them to say that Sony isn't agreeing when they weren't the generation before.

I would love to be able to cross-play with other consoles/PCs though. Wouldn't force some of us to buy another hardware just to be able to play with friends of another family of hardware.

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completed the first 2 island on my first play through in 1 hour and 30 minutes (Approx). The game is awesome, just a bit short. I think I over hyped myself for the difficulty by reading the reviews beforehand. The game is far from being hard compared to lots of NES/SNES games I was playing back in the early 90's. I even got 2 A+ on my first try!

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"yeah I mean it's not like the Switch is outselling the PS4 in several regions or anything like that.. SMH"

Was the article about the switch? I can't play the titles I want on the switch, so my PC (or PS4/X1) is still essential for me. Nintendo is on a streak right now mainly because the Wii U flopped SO BAD that most people (like me!) waited for a proper console instead (Switch in this case). I already played the Wii U titles ...

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Always expect performance for the price you pay for. Console hardware, be it Xbox One X or PS4 pro, has tremendous performance for the price you pay.

Just don't do like many console owners and expect that your games will run the same as those demo gameplay trailer that are running on a PC (for third party multi platform titles, not applicable for first party).

I don't buy a console for their graphic performance (lol obviously), but for the games t...

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Sony is also in talks with Bluehole to bring it over to PS4.
Maybe MS will pay a sum to extend it as an exclusive, but this also means lost of sales on the PS4 during that time.

Business wise, multi-platform would be the best way to go for a small third party corp like Bluehole while the game popularity is at it's peak. But again, Microsoft is in desperate mode right now since they need titles for the X, so an extension of the original deal wouldn't surpris...

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The game is fantastic! it's at least a 9/10 for me. The only reason I wouldn't give it a 10 is mainly because the game is very short. I'm already done with the first and second island and I've played 90 min top. Got some A+ here and there, I'm going for the full A+ completion to get more out of it.

Can't wait for the weekend to play it coop with someone else :)

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only bad thing I can say about the game is that it's extremely short. I've already finished the first and second island and I've been playing for an hour and a half max.

I'm sure the devs will bring us more content.

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Now that Forza in finally on PC, it'll be hard to beat those graphics just by the sheer amount of raw power you can output on it. I don't expect any racing game on X1X or PS4pro to beat a PC version.

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you gotta thanks Microsoft for that!
When Microsoft bought them in 2002, I knew it wasn't going to end up well.

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was this article about the PS4 pro?

Price. You pay more for the Xbox One X, hence you should have a better experience than the PS4 Pro.

As long as you don't pay more for less performance. Mid range PC performance on a console is great for the price you pay!

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it's the gaming crowd which only buys Assassing creed, destiny, Battlefield, EA Sports games and other popular shooters. THOSE are the ones who doesn't care which hardware they play on. As long they can play with their friends and have great hardware for the price, be it Xbox or playstation doesn't change a thing.

BUT, when most of your friends AND the competitive crowd is being pushed as PS4 being the main platform to play on, surely lots of those gamers will c...

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