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True, both titles are really different. Horizon series for me is WAY better!
just wanted to point out that there's no element of surprise when those games are announced, we're already expecting them at this point.

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December wasn't a winning month for Xbox, the switch won.
Maybe we aren't used to it yet. but I'm pretty sure PS4 and switch will be the best selling consoles between the big 3.

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Yeah no need for date confirmation from MS.
Fh4 2018
Fm8 2019
Fh5 2020
Fm 9 2021
Fh6 2022
Fm 10 2023
Fh 7 2024
And you know whats next. Same as madden and fifa series, its a yearly release.

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Good for you! If Xbox Owners starts buying more Japanese-made games, they'll eventually get more support in the long run.

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"Competitive gaming scene will be bigger than traditional sports."
I don't mind the word E-Sport, since it clarifies perfectly that it's not the same definition as the word "Sport".

BUT, I really doubt that the E-Sport scene could ever beat the sport industry in the near future. We're talking about centuries of physical sport competitions VS the e-sport scene which is actually just beginning.

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Well you could always wait for the full version right? it is advertised as being an early access. It was either this or wait until the full version is ready, but using the hype train was the best way to ensure lots of sales right now. Hence more fundings to complete the game faster. Probably this is going to speed up the eventual PS4 version too!

Minecraft did the same back in 2009 up to the full version and I think that went pretty well.

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Bought it for 280$ CAD last week and I gotta say, Skyrim VR is freaking awesome :D
Bought GT Sport and playing it with the G25/cronusmax combination is phenomenal! I can definitely say that I strongly support VR.
VR isn't always the best way to play every games, but some of them are just amazing experiences when played with VR.

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Right on time, my PSVR Bundle is shipping today! that combined with my G25/Cronusmax, can't wait to play it :D

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Nex Machina would be epic!!!!

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Not surprised Native 4K is hard to do even for the X. This game is one of the most demanding game on PC and looks amazing! Sure hope this upgrade brings more sales to the devs :)

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some uses modded controllers for better accessibility to buttons which gives you some kind of an edge in certain situations. I say play with the gear you want.

Arcade stick are allowed on consoles, which some don't have. Is it an advantage VS a gamepad? Hell yes! but it's still allowed, so why not KB/M?!?!?!

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The PC Crowd is used to having early access, where for console owners it's less common. I think that's why Sony prefer waiting for a more stable version, they don't want to deal with complaints of purchasers who "thinks" they're buying a full product. Even if it says so on the store page, most will complaint anyway.

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I enjoyed Ark when it got released on the PS4. Performance wasn't great and is still from being perfect, but I still had lots of fun with it.

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I bought Ark when it came out for PS4 and the price was actually way cheaper back then. Yes the game ran like crap sometimes, but after a couple of patches, it became way better!
I expect the same for PUBG on Xbox. I expect some of the performance problems to be sorted out by the time it get released on PS4.

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If I remember correctly Ark came out almost a year in advance on Xbox VS PS. it was a huge mess at first, but it got better over time by a lot!
I expect the same with PUBG. Sony weren't big fans of early access this generation, instead waiting for the product to be closer to the final version for most cases (not all of them).

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More money yes. The Winner = Sony, just to be clear

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If the game is really that great, it'll be a nominee for next year.

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Completely agreeing with you. Crossplay or not, some of my Switch/Xbox/PC Friends won't change platform because they want to play rocket league/Fortnite with me. If crossplay was available, we could all play together, Wow that would be awesome!!!!

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