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Totally forgot about this game! was supposed to be out in november 2015 but got delayed.

There's going to be VR support :D #1
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what do you mean Pure PC game?

I had a gravis gamepad back when you needed the midi port for it and it worked very well for lots of games. that's one of the awesome advantage with PC gaming, you're not limited to a unique controller. Ever tried devil may cry with kb/mouse?

I think many steam link customers would love to get controller support for most of their games. Since when NOT having something is considered best???? #1.2
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a spell which is used to revive a fallen teammate... right? #6.1.1
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which one supports online multiplayer and/or local? for me this is what's going to make the difference. #1.4
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Both games seems to have some aspects similar to the other.

Even if Remedy Entertainment's technically the competition, we're all gamers at the end.

Any gamer should recognize the value of a great game, even if it's not on their console of choice. I love the Halo series, but I still bought a PS4 over an X1. Doesn't change that Halo is a great franchise as far as my opinion goes. #3.2
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73 hehe #1.1.9
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You know what? I bought both Helldivers AND Nom Nom Galaxy already, but I'm glad they're February free PS plus game since I'll have more friends to play with online. :)

I freaking love helldivers, it's a great top down shooter! #2.5
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ok what the hell did I just watched?!?!?!

Goat Simulator, I am Bread and now this?

will probably buy it if splitscreen is available :) #2
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Well since black ops 2, it's the best call of duty in years. As of this year, I think I'll buy treyarch Cod's game and I'll wait until the next one from the same team.

The cycle is 3 years per team, so I'll have plenty of time in the next 3 years to enjoy this title. #1.4
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Well they did say "up to industry standards", which would be equal to most X1 games out there (900p). Maybe add-in dynamic resolution to 1080p.

Not saying I'm happy with this, but it still follows the rumors from a couple of months ago. #1.7
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why did you left the 3ds out of the total? #3.2.1
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buying this day one! #4
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For the $400 I spent on the hardware 2 years ago already (wow times goes by so fast!), I'm still more than pleased with how it's performing.

I'll be playing DS3 on my PC since I can play it on high settings, but the 30fps didn't stop me from playing Bloodborne on my PS4! #4.2
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There's a mario 64 screenshot too.... #2.3
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there's a picture of mario 64, zelda windwaker and halo at the bottom......

I highly doubt those games are coming to PC. #1.5
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Got the same CPU as well, bought it back in apr14 along with a 670GTX. I can still play any game pretty darn good with a bit of OC, nothing overkill. I would've considered the rift if my PC was powerful enough already.

I'll certainly reconsider in a couple of years when I upgrade for a new PC. #1.4
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With the way Nintendo handled the previous generation and this one, I'm far from convinced that the NX will be much more than what the Wii U was.

I WANT Nintendo to prove me that I'm totally wrong, but I won't buy it on launch. I would consider getting one if they show a strong line-up early in the console's lifecycle. #1.5
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well each their own opinions, because I'm having a great time playing it so far!

been playing RPG since the first dragon warriors on the NES and the game isn't bringing lots of new aspects/features to the genre, but for old school turn-base RPG fans, I think it's a great game. Plus I bought it on my vita, which I'm mainly using for JRPGs lately (or Super meat boy, damn I love that game!) #1
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Just bought The legend of Heroes: trails of cold steel and the game is amazingly good!

If you're looking for an old-school turn base RPG, this is the game for you! #1.2
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death warrant? not really since the price will lower as time goes on, but I think lots of gamers who wanted to buy it day 1 are going to wait quite a few months before buying it.

Most of us needs to change PC hardware too, so that makes it even harder to justify buying it day one.

I'm sure the experience will be phenomenal, but unfortunately I can't afford to be one of those lucky guys right now. #1
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