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The scorpio is going to cost more than the PS4 pro no matter what. You get more performance, which goes directly in line with the price. The X1 launch price was high because of the bundled kinect.

In a year from now, if the Scorpio is $399, the PS4 pro will be $299 by then.

and yes, 6TF is nothing when the 1080GTX is already doing 9TF by itself in 2016.

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No man's Sky was the last game I pre-ordered and it's going to stay that way for quite a while. Actually, this release has been a great lesson to me to never buy a new IP when unsure of the final product.

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There's no sure way to safeguard a game on PC that's for sure, but the Ban Hammer usually comes quick.

There's still some bots on SFV PC online up to this day though...

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This is the best news I've heard in a long time. No drawbacks for me, just more friends to play with. :D

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There's no logic to what they're doing, don't try to make sense out of it.

One group not so long ago basically said they were doing it to piss people off.

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Even as a hardcore PS fans and PC owner for years, I know both of those franchises proved themselves more than once. Can't wait to be finally able to play it on my PC, along with some friends who always bought an Xbox! for me it's like having a whole new friends list :)

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Can't wait to try this out on PC! I've been missing this series for years since I mostly played PC/PS platform. Very nice from MS to give some love to their PC Fans. Plus kudos for the cross-network play with X1, I'll be able to play some games with friends on the other console :)

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With Forza Horizon 3 and Gears 4, I think MS got a fantastic lineup right before the holidays.

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always consider the price your paying for the experience you get out of it. the PS4 pro for $400 delivers great performances from what we saw.

My take on it is try to build a better/equally performing PC for gaming with a budget of $400 plus tax.
Some out there aren't going to spend more than this on a gaming system, because that's how much of a priority gaming is for them. PC is better when you can AND want to invest in it.

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Nope, the controller doesn't work with anything else than PS now and remote play. There's no Xinput driver for it and the driver doesn't cooperate with steam/PC Games at all. So right now it's basically a BT dongle only for PS products.

Asus BT-400 bluetooth dongle
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Many Xbox Fans accuses us from being overly protective of Sony, but this one they could've handled things better.

At least, he acknowledges the missing features, but couldn't they update the game and add those features in the long run?

What pisses me off the most is that Sean dodged the questions gamers were asking him right after the game came out and it felt like Hello Games didn't care. And now, it's Sony answering for them? get it toge...

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Sony was preparing the PS4 Pro without any knowledge of the scorpio beforehand. MS was probably doing the same.


Just like Sony lost the specs and power war in PS2 gen, PS3 with one year late and 3rd party running better on 360, we all saw how both those gen ended too :)

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VS what it cost on a PC platform to get the experience, yes price is a massive factor. also simplicity of setup. We all know VR is much more demanding performance wise, which explains the graphics of those early titles.

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Price didn't stop some to buy the PS3 with it's ridiculous launch price.

When your product is good, it won't make a difference if it's a bit more powerful or not than the competition. PS1 VS N64, PS2 VS Xbox VS Gamecube, 3rd party games on PS3 VS 360. Each of those generation, Sony proved they could deliver a great product.

The PS3 since release has 1 whole year behind the 360, PLUS had an insane launch price and it still managed to overpa...

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Hardware performance is the price to pay to get the PS4 Pro earlier than the Scorpio. Sony could have delayed it up to next year and give it a performance boost, but they chose differently.

Seeing the loading time of Recore on PC vs X1, it's about time consoles gets an upgrade. Never had a loading longer than 30 sec on my PC. Those upgrades are more than welcome!

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Well instead of making red ash, mighty No 9 and recore at the same time, maybe his effort should've been on one title at a time.

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Mighty No 9 then this?

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can't wait to see the loading time with my SSD! shouldn't be bad at all, don't know why people are complaining. There's no mention at all of which system they tested in the link. Sure on X1 the loading time is longer, but lol what did people expect of the X1?

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Never played a bluray in my PS4 since I got it and I bought it at launch date. I watched many movies through streaming services and the quality is more than enough for me.

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PS1, PS2 and PS3 did more than fine while being less powerful than their competitors for third party titles. I'm not worried for PS4 at all.

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