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The game is playable without VR and even then didn't made much

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pretty sure the retailer is a Canadian-based retailer, because both English and French descriptions are on the box.

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This is the 1st gen I'm not buying an Xbox product. Bought the original Xbox and the 360 no questions asked! There were so many good exclusives that I just couldn't play on neither my PC/PS3/Wii. that totally changed with the X1. It's not a bad thing per say since I'm now saving on hardware and still gets whatever awesome exclusives MS comes with.

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great decision! so many good exclusives on the switch also, which always been the reason why I bought consoles alongside my PCs.

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right! you don't buy a console because it's the most powerful, you get a PC if this is what your aiming for. Plus you still gets most games they mentioned in the article anyway (Quantum Break, Sea Of Thieves, Forza Horizon, Dead Rising 3, etc.) on a PC.

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The news headline on N4G should clearly indicate that it's the US only.
I mean, we all know it's only the US and far from being global sales, but clearance on this would have been nice.

MS should only talk about NPD and nothing else, since it's the only place they're still competing.

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No it wasnt just a "slap of textures" but it was surely cheaper than the first time the game was developped. No need to figure out anything story wise, gameplay wise, plus they already had assets to based their work on. Less hardware restriction than the first release too because on ps2 it was quite a technical feast. So it should turn a profit very fast with a lower unit sold count.
Plus they took the same studio who did the ps3 remaster, so already used to the base engin...

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Well it was released originally in 2005 ,then re-released as a HD collection in 2011, THEN re-re-released on PS4 as a remake.
I would say 430K of total sales in the first week is totally fine for a more than 12 years old title! Plus considering all of the game was already done and only needed new graphic assets, The total dev cost must've been low.

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Ok you convinced me, I'm buying it tonight!
will also take your bong suggestion ;)

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When I join a friend in fortnite PS4 via my PC, We can voice chat via crossplay already. Mute option is there to stop annoying people in the lobby.

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Forza motorsport 2 Auction House and gifting cars are offline. Online racing is still up because it uses peer to peer, compared to GT6 which don't use P2P.

That's why someone above mentioned that having a P2P patch would've been nice.
But totally agree on the fact that GT7 should've been out before bringing down the servers of GT6. GT Sport is a nice entry to the series, but can't really replace the main GT se...

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Don't care about AC Syndicate since it's probably one of the worst entry in the series.
Trackmania is pure epicness as an arcade racer (bought it on launch)
The Witness is a phenomenal puzzle game!
Never tried Mad Max, but didn't hear nice things about it when it came out.

pretty much a tie in this month

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Try Trackmania! it's a great arcade racer, Plus it's VR compatible for a certain selection of tracks :)
bought it at launch and had an absolute blast with it.

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The Witness and Dead Space 2 are awesome titles!
I Hope The Witness gets on PS Plus eventually :)

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Very happy to see this addition to PSVR. Will gladly buy it when the patch is out :)

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when you announce that a game will release in 2016, then delay it multiples times up to 2018, May is far from too soon lol. But I get your point.

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Well they're doing it right now, will you sue them if you're sure your right?

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As we saw with PUBG on Xbox, Xbox fans don't mind having unfinished products. Maybe that's just what they like.

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Its too bad considering the remaining games in ms lineup. They really needed this one to be a seller.

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