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With many games like contrast coming out on the X1 (Which came out console-exclusive to PS first), I think microsoft are changing this policy over time.

When your in lead, it's easy to apply such restrictions, but when trailing behind, might as well take it even if it's a bit later.

I think X1 owners shouldn't be limited in their indie titles because of some stupid parity clause. Let's hope all those exceptions makes Microsoft completely remov... #2.1
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similar products are already on android and it never really made a dent to the 3DS/Vita sales. touchscreen-based games are what's popular on Smartphones for short gaming sessions. #3
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2D platformer? YES!!!
plus rogue legacy this month?!?!?!
it'll keep us occupied until the release of The Order 1886 :D #3
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I think the sales numbers of the Wii U is one reason they pushed the release a bit earlier.

For most of my friends, including myself, Smash is one of the major reason why a Wii U is worth the money. I know there's other super awesome games like Mario 3D world, but nothing beats having 7 friends at your house brawling against each other in one of the best smash title I played since the N64.

An adventure mode would have been nice, but I think they did a gre... #1.1.1
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Galaxy S5 can do it too! running remote play is possible without root (with touchscreen), but syncing the DS4 on it needs root access.

In-home streaming works great since I'm using my DS4 which is linked directly to my PS4, but using my S5 for the screen.

If sony ever releases an official app for syncing the DS4 with android/iPhone, I would seriously consider subscribing to PS Now! #4.1.2
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Rogue legacy is freaking awesome! one of the best indie I played in the last five years. I love pretty much every 2D platformer, but the difficulty in this one is exactly what I was searching for.

Happy to see more gamers will be able to play this great game via PS plus.

Now, about that driveclub PS+ edition, was there any update since it was delayed? bought the full game, but some of my friends were waiting to try it on PS plus first. #1.7.2
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well so many gamers picked up the PS4 already, the X1 was bound to get some good week sales afterwards. Not saying it`ll stay like this, but it`s not really a surprise for me. #1.6
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I enjoy games for what they are, not because my PC can run it better than my PS4.

Some enjoy having a cheaper hardware and still get some great gaming session, even if it means not running all games with graphic settings to Ultra. #3.1.1
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Wi-fi access is free and when you play a playlist, the order is random. If you pay for the service, you get offline listening and you can control your playlist however you want.

Last time I used the service it was like this. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :) #1.1.4
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looks actually quite nice. 10$ would be a great price! #2
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in the PS4/X1 and PC version of DS2: Scholar of the First Sin you can now be 6! :)

just...awesome! #1.1
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did anyone read the article? they mentioned Oculus Rift AND Project morpheus support :D #3
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Plus in the list, there's the amiibos, the new 3ds, hyrule warriors DLC, etc.

there's a couple of new games, just not 30 #1.1
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I can confirm that I got ZERO input lag and I'm usually VERY picky about this.

I got a more than decent connection (85 MB/s of download and 30 MB/s of upload) so your experience may be different than mine depending on your connection.

One thing though, no torrents while playing on PS now, even with a good connection you'll see some hiccups :) #5.1
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Happy to see the sales are quite good!
maybe Nihon Falcom will import more of their titles if sales continue to be this great.
The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II would be a great start !!! :D #3
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Fun fact,
The guy that did it at the AGDQ was the same person who helped MegaTgarrett to complete it back then :) #1.1.2
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I also have a PS4 (bought on launch) and a great gaming PC. played infamous second son, knack, killzone, driveclub, destiny and LBP3 (also all the PS plus games offered).

I usually buy a playstation for their exclusives. I'm defenitly getting a Wii U before star fox Wii U comes out! :) #1.1.2
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I've been working on my hyperspin for a couple of months and as of today I can say thats it's near completion.

Finding the required roms is easy, it's the artworks that are hard to find. #1
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Love the art style they chose! Can't wait to see more of it :D #2
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it's been quite a while since the last release of road rash and with no twisted metal news, this game would be great for local splitscreen sessions! #3.1.2
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