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relatively small in size compared to some games out there. I really need to change my launch 500gb HDD :(

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looks nice. If they can get the controls just right and a good balanced roster, could be a great game to play when friends are at your place!

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I love games with a LOT of story telling and character progression. Graphics isn't the only aspect of a game.
Great voice actors aren't usually cheap.
People loves big games and if they're not completely generated by an algorithm, it takes a very large team to do it.
Sound effects in games like Gran Turismo and Forza actually needs a lot of different recordings to ensure accuracy and even then, people critics the final product!
Motion caps needs...

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I've enjoyed Ark a LOT on PS4 with some friends and I paid 50$ for it, which for me was money well spent! The games get deals all the time on the PS store, so just wait for the right timing and you'll get a great price.

At least, Ark is getting better very fast compared to DayZ

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I'll just add him in the do not use list now.

Let's hope Doomfist is well balanced.

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PS now works fine for me, but our connection at home is 300 mbs down/ 125 mbs up with no data cap. Wired, it works great.

PS now won't replace the PS4 for sure, but it can help Sony get a portion of revenue from PC gamers. Not the best way to play, but still decent. Gotta start somewhere to get it right in the long term.

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After Fable and Scalebound, I say this is the right move from Microsoft.

You can delay a game as much as you want if it's needed for it to be a great game, but don't promise something and not deliver afterwards. Better just not talk about it at all when unsure.

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Crossplatform with PC was available with shadowrun on the 360 if I'm right (correct me if I'm wrong!)

crossplay between consoles, THATS a brand new thing! I totally understand why minecraft is a no go because of the xbox live login requirement, but for all the third party out there which are handling the matchmaking themselves, why not?

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Rocket league is exactly this! third party servers are handling the matchmakings. This article ain't just for Minecraft, but for all cross platform games out there.

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Rocket league doesn't need an Xbox live account to play cross platform.
Minecraft is a different story since it's owned by Microsoft, so I'm not surprised on that one.
Tekken dev also tried to make it happen without success. I can't tell why he couldn't, but judging from the recent interview with Psyonix on the matter, everyone is on board except Sony.

Let's hope that us PS4 owners can make them change their mind on this one and mak...

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Rocketleague is running on Psynet servers. not all games run exclusively on first party servers.

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I care and I'm a proud PS4 owner since the official launch date!

I got a great gaming PC also and will probably buy a switch before the end of the year.

FIRST, there's no cross chat available between networks (aka rocket league), so "safety" isn't a concern. it just makes the available pool of players larger. brings the competitive crowd to a new level also, since you capture every platform there is.

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they mean cross play with other consoles not in the same family of hardware.

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you can create a private match and invite a friend on PC with PS4. it's just nice to be able to play with a friend without the need to pay for an additional hardware when you already bought the game elsewhere.

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Tekken devs said that policies and security reasons were the culprit.

Psyonix said that they were one switch away from enabling cross play between X1 and PS4, but again protocols and security reasons.

Minecraft is playable even with freaking mobile and Nintendo switch, but not PS4?

Maybe there's a very good reason why, but could we get a definitive answer directly from Sony has to why it doesn't wor...

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100% agreeing with you right now!

I'm a big PC/Sony fan and yes, we should all asked Sony to consider it via Twitter/facebook/youtube.

There's absolutely no reasons why we shouldn't be able to play with each other. I was excited for this when Psyonix first announced it when the X1 version got released.

So now it's more than official, it's Sony who's stopping cross-play from happening be...

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There's enough X1 to justify a port for sure. But again, it's that deal they had with Sony back then which could be responsible for such an announcement as Bully 2 being exclusive. I say bring it on! Bully is an instant classic

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PS Plus gave new life to this game community on ps4!
Great title to play with friends :)

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I usually buy a console for their exclusives, since anything else I can play it fine on my PC. I'm hoping Microsoft got lots of new games to announce to go alongside the mid-gen upgrade.

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Oh yes MS will do it for sure. Why wouldn't they? As Phil said in previous interviews lately, Power, service and multiplayer online games is what they're focusing this time around. That's what their fan base is asking for, so they deliver.

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