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uncharted 4 is really an amazing game!!
and big congratz to blizzard for Overwatch! Nice to see a new IP do so well

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Very nice of Nintendo to actually take the time and answer to her fans. Make sense from them to not go through with this, but still nice gesture to politely refuse.

On the side, kind of tragic what happened to her. getting shot while signing autograph. Makes you think that it could happen to any bigger pop star out there. Glad I live in Canada where gun laws are quite strict.

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Almost every conversation I see about the Xbox brand is about the scorpio, which isn't coming out for at least 18 months. Looks like people are more focused on what's releasing further down the line than in the next few months.

We'll see in the next few months if MS really did make a difference with what they announced or if Sony had the best showing. based on what Xbox fans are saying, the Xbox brand should be selling like freaking h...

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Well as a long time PS fan, I wanted to know what Kojima was going to release with Sony and I'm quite happy with the small glimpse we got!

maybe you didn't want to know, but some of us wanted to.

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even if the PS4 Neo was of lower specs than the Xbox Scorpio, wasn't the PS2 the less powerful console by quite a large amount VS the original Xbox? If I'm correct, then the Neo won't have any problem at all. Hell the original Wii proved that power isn't everything.

The X1, even being less powerful than the PS4, was in the same position that the PS1 and the PS2 was back then. Sony always came with good content over the years and I always pick a PS platform a...

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well whatever specs both are, price is the key here. With the PS4, it was all about being cheaper, but you'd get more performance for a lower price. If scorpio is $700 and Neo is $500-550, well we still got the price problem. I'd say you'll pretty much get what you pay for, so I suppose if the Neo is less powerful, then it'll be cheaper.

Not everyone is ready to spend more than 400-500 for a gaming machine. PC gamers are used to paying some extra for their r...

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You can actually feel the horror theme a lot in this new teaser/demo compared to the old titles. Having limited vision like in real life VS playing on a flat screen, the immersion is so intense I think some won't be able to play it!

I'm really impressed with what I saw and after playing RE5 & 6, I prefer this one over those titles with just the short demo I saw.

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well MS made it so easy for me now! High end PC for all MS exclusives and my PS4 for Sony exclusives. Got pretty much every game covered with those 2 platforms.

I need a PC anyway for various common things, so instead of paying $500-650 for a laptop/desktop and $400 on an Xbox, might as well just put an extra $400 on a good desktop tower and I should be fine playing most games on PC.

Can't wait to try Sea of Thieves on PC :D

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I love how the news article says "DDOS group" because that's just what they're doing, not "Hacking". Not saying they can't, but DDoS is what they usually do, Which is just annoying and doesn't provide anything positive to the gaming community.

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same here, I never knew it was schedule for 2016. better to delay the game and get it right than rush an unfinished product.

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they're not misleading at all, they made it very clear. They got a powerful console coming up and almost all of it's games is coming out on PC platform.

they made it very clear for me. I'm just not buying the so called "Scorpio" and I'll be upgrading my GPU on my windows 10 PC to play all the great games they showed at E3! :D

This is the single best conference ever from MS period! almost every games of the X1 coming out on PC????...

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I can see some random kids swimming in rivers trying to catch a magikarp :)

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well, I'm sure you'll get what you pay for.

the Xbox Scorpio will probably have a very high price from the start, I'm sure it's going to be over $600 since you supposedly get the equivalent of an high end PC 4K native gaming machine. At this price, seeing how many X1 games are coming out on PC, I'll just upgrade my PC gaming rig and get all the PC advantages with it instead.

There's a market for any product, but how big is the dema...

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experiencing an horror game without being stuck on a flat screen is going to be super immersive and much more scarier than playing a game on a screen. Not saying we should ditch classic on screen horror games, but I think we'll actually feel the fear this time around.

Maybe some prefer a less scary game and more survival features, but I prefer a scary one :)

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ease of setup and couch gaming. Some gamers just doesn't want to mess with a PC, even if between you and me it's super easy nowadays.

The day when you can start your PC by pressing power on,it goes directly in the main menu, automatic updates for everything in one single click without any user interaction but clicking "I accept" and you know that every game that shows in the store runs perfectly on your PC build without ever needing to check the "requ...

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great move from MS, gamers love having more options!

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MS showed many games which most of them were already announced in prior shows, but we saw lots of gameplay from each of them. As a long time PC gamer, I think upgrading the hardware mid-gen will partly eliminate what PC gamers have called "PC master race" for years.

Sony's coming up with their own hardware upgrade, so that pretty much evens out the scorpio reveal. Nintendo on the other hand is still a complete mystery.

But still, the PS2 was...

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Why comment about the game not being on PC???

I'm happy it's on my console of choice, but no need to brag about it.

Every persona game seems to outdo the previous entry, so I'm hoping for the same from P5 compared to P4.

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With VR you still got the option to buy it or just ignore it. There's so many games coming out without any VR features or VR focused, it's not like you were forced to buy it. As long as any accessories/limitations isn't forced on customers, everything should be just fine.

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Releasing infinite warfare is what's going to hurt sales.
A remaster of modern warfare 1 along with maybe 5 of the best maps of MW2 and MW3 would have been an instant pre-order for me, like I would've pre-order it the day the trailer would be out!

Me and lots of my friends have been buying every single cod to date (Except Ghost) and infinite warfare is the second entry in the series which we won't be buying. Still enjoying black ops...

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