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Games seems nice and I love the artwork! :)

can't wait to get it either on PS4 or vita #6
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yeah, I see so much users leaving comments and based on what they've written, you know they didn't read the article at all.

@Hands Up For Games

Yeah dualshockers doesn't have the best reputation out there, especially with Xbox fans. It's still technically a teaser ,but not really gaming related. #2.1.3
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it says so in the article.... if you opened the link that is #2.1
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link's deku nut, kirby's star. samus's bombs, starfox laser shot, Donkey Kong barrel (nice if you launch in the "right direction")

there's so much possibilities!
:D #2.3.3
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well, I'm finally buying a Vita to go with my PS4!!!! :) #1.3
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windows Release:

windows 98 SE!! ME/2000.....

Windows XP!!

...Windows vista....

Windows 7!!!!

....Windows 8....

so, windows 9 is probably going to be better than 8. They got me once with vista, I didn't make the same mistake with 8. #1.1.4
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got to keep potential buyers informed. getting the better performing hardware for your money is really important to some users who can't afford a PC and want the most out of their console of choice.

Not a problem for me, both PC/PS4 and the Wii U is a possible buy after mario kart releases and E3 2014 :) #5.3
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as per moddb this is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox 1 too. should have been in the tags #6
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Cross Platform would be a blast!!! I would love to be able to play it with my fellow PC gamers :)

I got a PC too, but it's always nice being able to transport your console to your friends house and play side by side. #13
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for some it's an agree & disagree, for others like & dislike.

With all the goodies they showed us today, I'm especially hyped for the 3DS version now!

Smash on the go! #4.1.1
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If you really think this is gimping, buy a PC not a console!

I have both PC and PS4. My PS4 is there to complete my collection of games, because many great games are exclusive to the playstation platform. I'm also getting a Wii U when super smash is released :) #1.1.7
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How can a game not be better on a $1000 and over machine VS a $400 hardware? (I mean graphically).

I know the PS4 is a wonderful console with lots of performance under it's hood, but not being better on PC is strange. Focus was probably more on consoles, hence why the difference. #7
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this "cloud" thing is only showing that we'll be able to stream an entire game via the cloud, without the need of an Xbox 1 or PS4. If I wanted this, I would have taken onlive back then, but I'm not a firm believer of the cloud.

Plus microsoft doesn't need the Xbox to do this, PC could benefit WAY more from this without the initial limitations of the hardware.

I'm just wondering, what happens if your connection is down or slower for... #6
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Plus you could easily get out of the ring and pick a random weapon from the crowd.

Stop Signs, Garbage cans and a steel ladder!!!

Also the classic chair which is always nice to have. #1.2
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that's where the always online comes in. this is exactly why MS tried to force the always online, to be sure everyone had access to the cloud at anytime.

me, I prefer having the choice of being offline or online with my console. #60
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Actually, I like seeing the map at all times, so I can easily spot where my friend is without the need to pop out a menu.

Having the option would be nice though. #1.1.3
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Didn't know there was an estimated price for this device already.

I would have thought this VR was aiming at a similar price like the rift and Project Morpheus. #3.1
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Mercenary kings, nice!
I wanted to buy it, well thanks Sony for making mesave some cash again! I'll just spend more on pre-orders hehe #5
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Nice story!

Another great example of Sony helping indie games getting released on their platforms.

All those great indie titles are nice to fill the gaps between the releases of bigger titles like Infamous SE and MLB 14. #2
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not saying it is 100% sure to happen, but be prepared for it. Even if he said they won't, he's not the one to decide anymore, the big corporation is. something he didn't had to worry about before the buyout. #2.1.3
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