Getting back in the game.
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While I won't argue with your points, they are valid. Our show is mostly a group of friends chatting about games. That is why people enjoy the show. It isn't the same as everything else on the web and that is what we strive for. We appreciate the criticism and we will take it into consideration.

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Yeah I put a lot into making the sound levels much smoother this week, glad someone noticed it.

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No I don't believe it should hinder the score because most Xbox 360 gamers who play online own the hard drive. Think about it systems without the HD are not marketed to play online. In fact I have yet to see any other site that disagrees with that statement because I haven't seen any other sites score both versions differently. There will always be differences in opinion and there will always be people wanting to find reasons to find a reason to say one version is superior. It would have ...

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No we didn't dock Uncharted, in fact it received a 9.5 from us. I didn't dock it for requiring the hard drive to play online for the same reason I didn't dock the PS3 score for not having custom soundtracks and rumble.

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Hey man thanks for the input, if you want to interact with us hop over to the forums. We have an entire section dedicated to the show where users ask questions on a weekly basis and just chat with us.

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Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate all positive and thought-provoking responses!

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Wow this guy needs to do research, this is how fanboy arguments start. The achievement isn't earned with real money, seriously it's hard to trust reliability of a writer when they can't even do research.

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I am glad someone understood where we were coming from. For the others information three of the five people on the show own a PS3 so apparently we can afford them. Of course we are used to this, one week we were accused of bashing 360 and being PS3 fanboys. Have to love the internet and its amazing simple minded fanboys :)

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I figured we would get some flak for the description, but I thought what the heck. If you listen this has been an ongoing theme as we rip a different system each week just for fun. It is more to poke fun at the ridiculous attitudes developed by each console's fans. We love all three consoles and mention that often, try not to take it too seriously.

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Man we cannot win, first we are XB360 fanboys and now PS3 ones. Does anyone realize that perhaps we just play games and criticize and praise each system equally? No system is flawless and they all have good and bad things about them. If you can't handle some criticism of your favorite system then indeed you are a fanboy. We are gamers; nothing more, nothing less.

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...who cares LOL play the games!!

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Well I guess people only hear what they want because as I stated time and time again on the podcast I own all three consoles and I don't know about you, but I don't spend $600 just to complain about it. I want my PS3 to be great, I want it to have those must-own titles that I loved on the PS2. But like we stated on the podcast while the 360 launch was slow it had some amazing games six months in. Now that my PS3 is reaching that age I was expecting some must own games and so far I have bee...

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I understand that you guys have a million sources for reviews the same day or even before a game releases, but our site doesn't have thirty people working around the clock to deliver these. I am going to continue posting these as some people do value our opinion. If you don't want to read them, simply don't click, but from our tracking they are getting good hits so someone obviously wants to see them :)

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I never said you didn't like it, I said that posting a review for a three week old game isn't ancient. Personally I loved the game, but once again if you read I didn't review it. I just hate the fact that people consider games old less than a month after their release.

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Thanks for your contribution, it was truly appreciated. Also I wasn't aware that three weeks was ancient, that is the problem with this industry, people complaining all day long that they have nothing to play when there are games right in front of them. Oh and next time we will let you review it with that amazing synopsis you gave of the title in your comment.

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I was pretty sure when I spelled it correctly myself the first time. Oh and way to capitalize!!

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