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Isn't one of those Kat models from the 'Twist Of Fate' short Riot did? Or is this just them using it in example? #18
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Why? Your not just paying for the PS4 IGC. Heck your not even paying for just the IGC alone.

Your getting games for the PS3 and Vita, online play (PS4), cloud storage and exclusive discounts.

So for the price it is, your paying for a fantastic service. #1.2.7
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Fan requests? When myself and the people I know found out about the Mii's, there was not one positive comment about it. #4
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As much as I hate to agree with Phil, I kinda see his point. Some games I watch people play and yes 'I want to play this, I'm gonna get this'.

But I remember watching someone play through 'L.A. Noire' and thought the same thing, went to go buy it and started thinking 'Hold on, I know the story, I know who done it, there's nothing new I'm getting from this.' I chose not to get it.

Now thats n... #1.1.9
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Man i'm so upset by this, all I saw from that was 'You wanted it, you make it'.

Lazy f*cks. #11
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@steve_ps - Technically there are 2 Uncharted games on the Vita. So you have uncharted 1-3 on the ps3, Then the Golden Abyss and Fight For Fortune on the Vita. So Uncharted has 5 games Vs The 4 Gears games. #1.1.8
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It looked fun, and at first was funny, but once people found the pool of champs to abuse, Nidalee, Ziggs, Hecarim, Poppy, Zilean, Swain etc, it stopped being fun and just became a constant 'oh, its these champions again, massive poke and rival fest'.

So yes, at first, fun, after literally 1 game, dull and just frustrating. #3
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I must disagree with the comment on 2/3 hours isn't long enough.

Like with movies it needs to draw you in within a certain time for it to keep the player happy. You don't watch an entire movie for the last 10 minutes or so. I played both these games, for roughly 3/4 hours each, and they bored the hell outta me. Challenging sure but there wasn't all that much to draw me into it.

Now i'm not saying its a bad game, of course its not, clearly its... #7.4.1
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Honestly that's exactly what I did last week, already 60hrs logged into it so certainly a good buy. #4.2
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I fail to see the issue. Your buying a game in alpha and your testing it, sure, but your also getting the full game when it releases and quite often at a cheaper price. Take minecraft for an example, in Alpha we only had to pay $13 and now its about $27. Thats half the price, you get to play it much longer than the people who waited, and you supported the developer. So your still in reality getting 'rewarded'not that you should need to for buying something your interested in. #1.1.2
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Bah, I just bought Borderlands 2 during the steam autumn sale, that's irritating. Looking forward to trying DmC at last. Really happy we get Blazblue, been meaning to try that for a long time. Never heard of SS honestly so should be interesting.
Super happy for Don't Starve though. Always begrudged buying the game on steam since wasn't sure if I would enjoy it, always waited for that 50% off or more sale. But now its free, even better. #10
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I'm confused about those people saying 'If you love Bayonetta just buy a WiiU'. Really? You don't buy a console just for 1 game. I adored the original Bayonetta, and yeah while i'm upset its WiiU exclusive it still isn't enough reason to buy a new console. #114
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Depends what you call easy. Ones like 'Start the game for the first time' then yes, thats just stupid. But ones you earn for actually playing the game? Even for just progressing? Eh, I don't see the problem in them otherwise. #11
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I don't really see how this is news worthy? Are people still so dense that the mention of anything gay it suddenly deserves our attention? I don't think we'd be seeing much problem if this were F/F instead. Let's grow up here people. #15
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The hell is this drivel? How does this stuff get accepted?

Someone got a little too bored and went haywire with memes. #3
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Yes and no. Granted I wouldn't mind seeing DLC for the 'Third' version installment (Crystal, Emerald, Platinum etc) so that that way I wouldn't have to wait for that instead of buying one of the first 2 and playing that only to replay the third. I'm waiting out on X and Y for that reason and waiting for the inevitable Pokemon Z to come out.

So no we don't need DLC for Pokemon exclusive to versions or what not (defeats the use of trading) but for the d... #14
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I'm baffled by this. Its a great idea, one I've been waiting for, but no simultaneous use? I would understand not being able to play the same game at the same time but not being able to use the library at the same time? If its intended for family then why not just let the family member use your pc? Rather odd. #26
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To be fair, after watching the game play footage there are a couple of costumes where she strikes a pose in a way which would normally be alien to lightning. #2.1.4
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Each game that is supported has a number of cards in its set, and as you play the game you have a chance of a card getting added to your inventory. However you can only get a certain number of drops which I believe is half of the total needed.

For example Borderlands 2 has 6 cards in its set, you can collect up to 3 cards. Then you have your options to complete the set. Trade other cards from other games for them or buy them in the marketplace. When you complete a set you ge... #2.1.1
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