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It was pretty good actually. If you like the classic style RE games then I'd be willing to bet you'd enjoy RE Zero too.

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I highly doubt it, Capcom usually announce their major titles a year in advance.

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The issue is with the current mobile gaming market.

Most app developers know that the vast majority of people download free mobile aps, as apposed to those that require you to pay before you play.

So, in an attempt to reach the biggest potential consumer base, these ap devs make their games free to play and turn to mobile ad providers in order to actually earn revenue.

Nobody wants to see ads while playing a game, but few people are actual...

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Sterling would be the last guy to jump on board with any media "driven frenzy" The guy has never gven a damn about appealing to the masses. Besides, you can't simply lump everyone who feels the game is too short into that category.

Jim said he likes the concept and the gameplay is solid, even mentioned he'd like to see a sequel since there's plenty more that can be done with the setting.

The problem isn't so much that the game is sho...

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Making good use of a double post here.

I doubt The Order 1886 is a bad game, but it certainly doesn't look like it's living up to all the hype many have been building for it since its announcement. It's a shame really since the game has great potential.

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Thanks! I completely forgot about that part.


Oh, wow! Yeah I remember that now. Can't believe I forget about it actually.

Thanks for the explanation :)

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Switching discs? Which MGS game was that? Do you not mean switching controller ports? Sorry just curious, never heard about the disc thing.

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Nice blog cl, it certainly brought up all my fond memories of gaming over the years. Ahh nostalgia :)

Merry belated Christmas everyone! And here's hoping for less gaming related hacks in 2015.

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I don't play games based on the ethnicity or sexuality of the protagonist or side characters, I only care about how fun a game is or if it has an interesting story or gameplay mechanic.

The people that do seem to care are typically those with a personal agenda. For example, social activists that make it their business to try and shoehorn in their perceived lack of, or misrepresentation of any given race or non heterosexual persons in gaming, as a grave injustice to those ...

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True, personally I would have put Squalls Gunblade in the Buster Swords place, but I'm biased since I like the design more.

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It's certainly a more iconic weapon, but then FF7 has always been the more populer game.

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Another Capcom franchise that's been thrown to the wayside. They should either reboot Onimusha or make a 5th game.


Dragon's Dogma is not already on PC?! Well, that's Capcom for you, and some people are actually surprised they're having trouble financially.

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If memory serves, Skyrim was exceptionally buggy when it was nominated for GOTY.

But you make a good point, there is a big difference between a game with bugs and glitches, and a fundamentally flawed game.

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I suppose if Skyrim when in its appallingly buggy state was worthy of GOTY, then yeah why not Destiny too?... Keep on lowering that bar.

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No game is "perfect" But Alien Isolation has far fewer flaws than Destiny, it's also not as big a disappointment in terms of what gamers were led to expect.

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Couldn't agree more. I had never played a visual novel game or anything like the Ace Attorney games before hand, but I found Danganronpa to be so enjoyable I jumped straight into playing Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.

Absolutely, I encourage anyone to play any of those games you listed. I'll even throw in Black Rock Shooter the game, which I believe is available as a digital download on the Vita. It's a fantastic action RPG with a great story and tons of co...

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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is a must play.

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It is true that the term gets thrown arround far too much these days, but I'd say Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- is one of the few deserving of it.

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Exactly. Bungie should not yet be charging for DLC, the game was bare bones on release and free content may have made up for that.

But nope, they're gonna squeeze as much money out of Destiny before the inevitable sequel lands.

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Yes, it's what we've seen already, but perfected. This is what to expect when any game franchise reaches its 4th iteration.

OG Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Mario Kart, Halo and so on and so forth with pretty much every major franchise released since the NES. Each new sequel took the basic gameplay mechanics and built upon them while also perfecting the core gameplay mechanics.

I've been gaming for a long time now so that no longer seems impressi...

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