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I don't play games based on the ethnicity or sexuality of the protagonist or side characters, I only care about how fun a game is or if it has an interesting story or gameplay mechanic.

The people that do seem to care are typically those with a personal agenda. For example, social activists that make it their business to try and shoehorn in their perceived lack of, or misrepresentation of any given race or non heterosexual persons in gaming, as a grave injustice to those... #4

True, personally I would have put Squalls Gunblade in the Buster Swords place, but I'm biased since I like the design more. #4.1.2
It's certainly a more iconic weapon, but then FF7 has always been the more populer game. #4.1
Another Capcom franchise that's been thrown to the wayside. They should either reboot Onimusha or make a 5th game.


Dragon's Dogma is not already on PC?! Well, that's Capcom for you, and some people are actually surprised they're having trouble financially. #7.1
If memory serves, Skyrim was exceptionally buggy when it was nominated for GOTY.

But you make a good point, there is a big difference between a game with bugs and glitches, and a fundamentally flawed game. #14.1.1
I suppose if Skyrim when in its appallingly buggy state was worthy of GOTY, then yeah why not Destiny too?... Keep on lowering that bar. #14
No game is "perfect" But Alien Isolation has far fewer flaws than Destiny, it's also not as big a disappointment in terms of what gamers were led to expect. #5.1
Couldn't agree more. I had never played a visual novel game or anything like the Ace Attorney games before hand, but I found Danganronpa to be so enjoyable I jumped straight into playing Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.

Absolutely, I encourage anyone to play any of those games you listed. I'll even throw in Black Rock Shooter the game, which I believe is available as a digital download on the Vita. It's a fantastic action RPG with a great story and tons of co... #2.1.1
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is a must play. #2
It is true that the term gets thrown arround far too much these days, but I'd say Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- is one of the few deserving of it. #2.2
Exactly. Bungie should not yet be charging for DLC, the game was bare bones on release and free content may have made up for that.

But nope, they're gonna squeeze as much money out of Destiny before the inevitable sequel lands. #1.2
Yes, it's what we've seen already, but perfected. This is what to expect when any game franchise reaches its 4th iteration.

OG Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Mario Kart, Halo and so on and so forth with pretty much every major franchise released since the NES. Each new sequel took the basic gameplay mechanics and built upon them while also perfecting the core gameplay mechanics.

I've been gaming for a long time now so that no longer seems impressi... #6.3.1
I'm not suggesting a massive change to the formula, let alone changing the genre all together.

And yes, of course a sequel to a game should play similarly to the previous title/titles. But take the Metal Gear Solid franchise for example, there have been huge innovations made to the gameplay with each new game, however the core action/stealth gameplay has always remained in tact.

The OG Tomb Raider series did the same by adding vehicles and new gameplay me... #6.2.4
No no, that's fine. You make a valid good point.

I'm certainly not saying that ND should add jetpacks to Uncharted, and they definitely shouldn't remove any of those mechanics I listed. I guess I was just expecting to see some interesting/new gameplay mechanics, something that was not previously possible due to last gens hardware limitations.

When put on the spot though, it's hard to think of what could be added to the gameplay that would make... #6.1.1
The game looks great, I mean really great! I was genuinely impressed with just how good it looks.

The gameplay does feel very similar to what we've seen in the past though... Climbing up cliffs, jumping off ledges, swinging on ropes, shooting the bad guys, scripted events. It all just feels so formulaic, like we've seen it all before but now it just looks prettier.

I'm not bad mouthing Uncharted 4 by any means, and for what it's worth it looks... #6
Yeah, it kinda is actually.

I know it might seem like small thing to complain about, but this is just the latest in a long list of issues plaguing Halo Master Chief Collection. A game should bloody well work properly when you've spent good money on it.

Sticking up for devs when they put out buggy games just helps in reinforcing a bad habit, and will only lead to more games getting pushed out the door before they're ready. #3.1
The thing is though. If FF-VII doesn't do well on the PS4, Square Enix are just going to use the poor sales as another excuse for why they can't remake it.

I'm not saying they would remake it even it sold incredibly well, if they had any intention it would have happened long ago. The way I see it, this is a no-win situation... #4.1

Street Fighter on all platforms has combined sales of over 6 million units global

Street fighter VI on PS3 sold 4.00 million units global
Street fighter VI on Xbox 360 has 2.81 million global

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition sold 1.6 million units global

And Ultra Street Fighter IV sold over 500,000 units global

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True, but we're not talking about 1st party exclusives, nor are we talking about a relatively new IP that needed rescuing in order for us to even get a sequel.

Street Fighter is part of a very popular 3rd party franchise, that has been multiplat for many, many years. There's no reason to assume we wouldn't have gotten Street Fighter V without Sony.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but could you explain to me how taking a long running 3rd par... #9.1
It really depends on what deal is being made. I imagine a timed exclusivity deal is not quite as pricey as purchasing total exclusivity of the IP, or the first game of a franchise for that matter.

I honestly have a hard time believing that's the case. As I stated above, Capcom sold over 6 million copies/downloads of Street Fighter IV on the PS3 and Xbox 360 alone, this isn't even taking into consideration the funds earned from the Windows PC and 3DS versions, nor does... #7.1
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