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You do realise they have done this before right and in a worst way, aka the Catwoman DLC?!?

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This makes me sad. Its great that iOS and Android maybe getting these but what about HD remakes on the next gen version of the consoles the series was on? :(

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I don't know why people keep putting this game down except EA's microtransactions.

I think this is the only direction the series could go with Issac without bring in another character. We know how to take them down, we have the weapons and the know how, there wasn't much way to go in the series except turn it into a shooter and lose some of the survival horror.

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While I am really happy to see City Stories (which were excellent games) I hop the GTA 3 HD Collection is following it shortly :D

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Someone posts on NeoGaf its news worthy. Someone posts an official competition on Sucker Punch's own forums, not even a mention.

At least we now know how the world works.

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I kind of agree when Red came out it was unique and fun, when Silver/Gold came out, I rarely watched it until it was mentioned that they hacked Red + Pokemon as the final boss. I haven't watched it since.

I think though, that people who watch them all love Pokemon, the ones who gave up/stopped watching after a certain point reflects which era/generation they appreciated the most.

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Has Democracy ruined it? No because that was never the point. See the person put it up as an experiment, more then likely to see what state of minds player would be in when 10,000+ would be wanting to do the same task. How many would press the correct buttons? How many would band together? How many would just watch?

The democracy/anarchy system was added simply as an addition, so that if people wanted to have democracy would and could they? The answer was yes, multiple times ...

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Not disrespect Phil in anyway but I've seen loads of articles about him "wanting" a title on their system. Seeing him like this is very disconcerting.

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I was just asking a question, about why they were commenting about December when the vast majority of complaints are about Jan/Feb.

No need to get defensive.

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“This partnership between Machinima and Microsoft was a typical marketing partnership to promote Xbox One in December."

Didn't the leaked campaign say it was between January 14th and February 9th not December? >_>

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Anyone else find it funny they now see the potential of this series? I mean Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 came out in the Original Xbox days and then you could have had it in the 360 days as well. So there was plenty of time to get it on your system

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The thing is, exploitation never got as severe as having admin powers in the early days. In the beginning there were exploits to get to the highest rank but 70% of people were trophy/achievement hunters and did no harm, I rarely saw people bitch about it. Then rockstar messed the server and started patching exploits, that's when their view of transactional perfection slowly crept in.

Rockstar should understand exploits happen, but when they started to pro-actively try and...

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The difference is the rating and the setting the world is in. Can you guys not see that! God of War, Mass Effect, Dragon Age all got M or 17+ ratings, aimed at an older audience ones that accept the maturity of games and also in worlds that could allow those thing to occur. Granted that I should also accept Ninja Gaiden's boob psyhics but I don't, why, because it is an unneeded addition to a game that has not real benefit to how the game plays. In God of War its their society, in ME a...

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The thing is I didn't mean to link everyone together like you insinuated. When I used that reference, all I was doing was using it as an example. Sorry for missing some fucking word you intolerant a**.

All I will say is that the way I precieve the differences is that unlike a game like God of War which is meant to be set using what the greek wore in those times which actually happened to be unics, and yes women actually wore revealing garnets because that were the times t...

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You could have easily hit reply.

Anyway, while I do agree that media coverage can change a perspective, the thing is, the ones you've listed are mostly 18+ games that were either filled with violence and blood and guts. They knew from the gecko that they were going to have these characters in a specific light. They're overlooked because I don't think that was the most offensive part of the game.

Japan on the other hand promoted boob physics withi...

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The thing is, not trying to stereotype, but Japanese developers are known for make touch ups in that area a lot more then any other region developers.

Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy X13-2 etc etc

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That's great would love to help but you guys made it a America only affair.

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I want to throw this out here as well the Comic Book series has done a fantastic job expanding the whole series so if they include those elements it could be a amazing series.

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