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I don't see how Tommy Refenes can lose any more hair....hahahaha Seriously though, what everyone is to butt-hurt to admit about Nintendo is simply this-they don't and they don't have to, compete with Sony or MS-they are in a league all their own-PERIOD. So go ahead and say blah blah blah about Sony or MS but the truth is and this would be all you Sony and MS fanboys hate to admit or face-is simply this, Nintendo has made enough dough to make as many moves as they want and take the...

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Oh yeah and Princess peach alt character could be Princess CrabApple, Toad could be Fungus/Fungai, Yoshi could be Lowshi and so on and so on =^) and yes, I am a humongous NERD and fan of both the Mario and Wario Bros. Vauigi!!! Lets get Waluigi a proper name already!!!!

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I really like Waluigi and I would love to see him in his own game or maybe even a Wario Bros game-that would be awesome, like a twist on the classic Super Mario Bros, only call it Mega Wario Bros and instead of the mushroom kingdom they could be in the Fungus Kingdom. Anyways, speaking of Waluigi-one thing has always bothered me about his name, you know how they named Wario after Mario by turning the M in Mario upside down? Well what the heck, where did they get the W for Waluigi, why didn...

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Karnov, Chibi-Robo, Simon Belmont and of course Pac-Man

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zealOus-As far as the gaps in between major releases "hurting" or ultimately pushing Nintendo into 3rd place I have to disagree. Though you do raise some very interesting and valid points I believe you have not only omitted or "forgotten" some of the very important "variables" involved in this "equation"- For instance, consider this-Nintendo made a major effort getting development kits into the hands of just about any and everyone who would take one-thi...

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Caseh-again, matter of opinion- I still happen to enjoy and like many of Nintendo's games that have been released after 1994- In my opinion it's laughable that anyone could say that nothing Nintendo has produced since 1994 is not any good...but again, it's just an opinion-

NoMercyOnlyRage-I fully agree with what you had to say-Absolutely the Wii U has an effect on the price of the PS4&Xbox1-to what degree though? I am not sure-to say it falls on Nintendo's...

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Okay, I've waited to see the responses my article would garner and if I said that I was surprised by the responses then I would be lying-LOL So, starting from the top and working my way down to the bottom, please allow me to address the comments that are begging for a "rebuttal" LOL Here we go(in the plumber voice that clearly almost everyone who responded clearly hates, haahahahaha)

Mr Afrika- 1.Ever hear the old expression, "If it isn't broke, then do...

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I find it comical at best when a bunch of people that literally have absolutely zero experience in running a video game corporation suddenly become "experts" and know exactly what the problem as well as the solution is...hahahahaha Here's a little info for you all concerning Nintendo and it's "fate" Nintendo=61.91 million, Gameboy=118.69 million, SNES= 49.1 million, N64= 32.93 million, Gameboy Advance= 81.51 million, Gamecube= 21.74 million, DS = 153.98 million, Wi...

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First off-just because someone writes an article and it's published on the internet does not make what they are saying true. Secondly, this article is filled to the brim with "I believes and I thinks"- who gives a flip what some anonymous person on the internet thinks or believes about a video game console and its future??? Unless of course their opinion is backed by cold hard facts and data-and in this case that's a big fat no, just a whole lot of conjecture and supposing.....

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This is to address the naysayers claiming that Bayonetta 2 will not sell on the Wii U due to their only being roughly 6 million units making up the Wii U user base currently-

They say it won't do well because the first Bayonetta only sold about 2 million copies between the 360 and PS3 which had about 70 million consoles between the two- Perhaps they are looking at this in the wrong light- what if Bayonetta 2 being released on a system that only has 6 million units in custom...

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