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Tell me what, tell me what, tell me what you want

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i bet i am setsuna will be better jrpg than this just like ninokuni last gen

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Remove region lock nintendo

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Just life tales and ff series no more world map and airship fcking jrpgs nowadays except ninokuni

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Lol go check kickstarter page for mighty no 9 ots not just the two of us sadly. Like you its alsy my 1st since i love megaman so much

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They gave me a JPN PSN code even though i clearly stated on the survey that my account was NA ffs

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best kof fo rme is 94,98 and 2002 the very 1st thing i did when i got here in japan was to collect all the games with terry and kyo on it and tbh i don't really like them going 3d last gen kof was 2d and its looks gorgeous why cant they just use the same sprite

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since SW is Disney now Darth Vader will not be wierd on it

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Im tired of this kind of art style that they used since battle of z why is everything shiny and glowing? let the naruto storm team make a dragonball game already

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you what is a shame? nintendo keep fcking up fans i bought wii u for this and zelda wii u not zelda nx sure they will release it on wii u but with the nx just right out of the corner it means no more new excluisve game from nintendo on wiiu right

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Division and far cry are too generic to be considered goty if you are pit it against dark souls that is

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I just wanna buy megaman legends 2 for not 9.99 why cantthey put it up on sale :(

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hell ill take ps1 and ps2 classic on psn anyday

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the Tenchu Vibe is strong on this one

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@Unlimax hey thanks but its not working got my hopes up i want to play it so bad becuase it reminds me so much of Ragnarok Online

An error was encountered while processing your request:

This item is currently unavailable in your region

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@Unlimax Tree Of savior Will remain Region Lock no matter what server or how many of them they open im from Japan and i cannot play with my friends from NA It Is Not available for me which is sucks i cant even Download it trough steam because of the Region Restriction

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Too bad its region lock just like tree of savior also region lock sigh

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If not good better i waited a deacsr for this to comeout on ps

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How long is the demo?

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