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That's not really a win to the consumer when you have to pay to access a game to eliminate bugs.

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It's a sad state of affairs when you have to pre-order a game to test it for bugs. Generally you'd think a Beta would be to benefit all consumers of the game therefore all should get access regardless of throwing money around, ceases to amaze me what Activision do and how people buy into it.

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It's just unfortunately the toxicity of this generation of gamers, when it comes down to it, as long as you're enjoying it and having fun that's all that matters and that's exactly the aim of developers.

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GTA V biggest problem? People creating controversy over small issues within the GTA V universe that can be easily fixed.

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Opinion pieces are great, but this is just getting ridiculous now. People are just adding GTA V onto titles of anything and slapping a bit of opinionated controversy on an article for hits. STOP.

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As much as I respect opinions this seems honestly bias to me.

GTA V actually has roamed away from the seriousness that IV had in it, it's made itself graphically enjoyable as well as having a pretty damn funny dialogue and gameplay mechanics that IV was missing, I do enjoy Saints Row but without online multiplayer the experience gets a bit bland afted a while, even with two player co-op it's just not as fun and missing a true sense of enjoyment once you've done ev...

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That's it? 3 Days earlier of beta acess? That is so pointless it's not even funny, da fua EA!

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'I'm gonna go against the grain of the general consensus and hate on a game for what it's been like since the first one, derp' Is what the writer is basically saying for hits (:

Sweet article, if this shit was sattire.

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Finally realising what they couldn't achieve. Polyphony has been around for four generations of consoles, they know how to create authenticity and enjoyment, personally I love the GT Franchise, it just amazes me that Turn 10 use to brag about how good their "simulator" is and now all of a sudden it's less of a Sim and goes for Emotion? I think NFS already is achieving that, correct me if I'm wrong?

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Precisely, it just shows that MS are simply greedy and love to shaft the consumer, that's the reality of which people still don't seem to realize.

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Well actually, they basically do. The Multi-Player component for the most part at least, virtually all your doing is "Renting" MP, much like people argue that PS+ you're just renting games for a yearly subscription. And most people these days find MP one of the core components that they purchase games for.

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Thats so accurate it's kinda scary!

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Good solid commentary, the gameplay still seems like BF3 to me but with a few added tweaks, I don't see much teamwork coming into play mainly because what squad leaders previously use to be in Battelfield 2 seems to have barely any effect im BF3.

Squad Leaders were central to teamplay and members following objectives, on BF3 it just felt like they were there as leaders but had no say as everyone was off doing their thing, why? Because everyome could spawn on eachother, el...

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Unfortunately thats the reality of the situation, constant damage control and just trying to convince their fanbase like a crazed drug addict that was in re-hab for a short period.

"We're better now! We've changed! Give us your money and we promise we'll use it to improve your experiences.."

That's what it sounds like to me.

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Well they can tell that there isn't much to praise, we haven't seen much innovation from MS, just complete failues and 180's all around, all that they seem capable of is damage control at this rate.

Guess some of their fanbase is too blind too see that they're simply gonna get shafted in the end, unfortunately.

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MS doing a 180 on their policies show's not that they're listening to their consumer base, but to their current pre-orders in comparison to thd PS4, and who's to blame them? Sony saw and knew that the DRM policy was a slap in the face for anyone who bought a XBOne and took that oppurtunity to completely trump MS at E3.

And I'm sorry have you not seen the potential of the cell processor yet with games like TLOU or even the general Uncharted series? Ceases to am...

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Well they're reminding them that they've basically re-vamped what was a bad move in the first place, microsoft should have honestly known better then to even begin trying to step in and virtually kill used games for good. Granted the console isn't all that bad, that policy and the way Microsoft have previously been ignorant and milked the hell out of anything still leaves people with distaste and a somewhat dislike of Microsoft.

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Microsoft.. Think you guys need to re-staff your advertising branch, creativity is kinda running low eh?

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So you're trying to say that mass murders, robberies and even the casual street killing or two is what a woman can also do? Forgive me if I'm wrong here but our society is almost based around females being the more sensible ones and if something nasty is done, it's generally psychological or even a small backhanded insult. I'm sure many a female are capable of murder, but you tell me, if you were a woman in the world of Grand Theft Auto would it not simply feel out of place to...

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Well the issue is.. The story would revolve around the Kitchen too much.


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