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they've might have taken some inspiration from last of us, but that's about it.

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see no evil should be there too.

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Or let Sam be the next protagonist. If you have finihsed 4 you know what i mean, the conversation they had in the end.

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Iblike the 2016 version alot.

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When it comes to story, mgs kills it, but in therms of gameplay, mgs5 has been one of the best stealth games ever.

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If they make the next ps console so that you cane change out some components cheaply every year, but the oldest model wil still be able to play the games, i would be happy with that.

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I hope whoever takes over, if anyone takes over, that they start fresh with new characters and background, ND = drake.

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Did they say that the franchise was ending or just drakes story?

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Wait? They have 1 month first dlc on this game?

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Give sana monica studio the rights to make either wolverine or deadpool, i swear it will be amazing!

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wtf, no fighting at all....

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it's to please the fat gamers :P!

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And thats not all, all the countless multiplat games are also coming and looks better on ps4 ( most of the time), i think that will help alot too.

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Evreyone has their own taste. I think mgs5 is winning here, but thats how it is. Some people will say witcher 3 or bloodborne, others will say mgs5. Me personally, i loved bloodborne and mgs5, both great games and very fun experiences. The soundtrack in mgs5 is the best i have listened too in a while!

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RE5 wasn't bad if you played with a friend. But in my opinion: RE3 and 4 is the way to go if you want the horror feeling. The last game was also good ( revelations 2).

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Tekken x streetfighter please!

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Everything i have seen from the game looks grea, only thing i fear is the combat system, weapons and stuff, because if we only use the bow, it might get too repetitive in the long run, they need to have more options on that front, everything beside that looks great, feels great, graphics are crazy.

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I hope every character we have seen in the previous games are back since this is the last one: Chloe, Cutter, Elena, Sully and new ones.

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This is so disrepectfull towards Kojima! What has he done to deserve this kind of treatement? Maybe they still want to keep him, but there are still issues, and they don't want him to leave?

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try shooting the arms, much cooler.

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