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"Gaming at it's boiling point"


I suppose you are still stuck with wow? or not?
And why the hell do you think that? #1.1
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correct. If you ask me, This is the HOPE:
( http://gameboilers.com/xbox...
If Xbox 720 gets ported with windows 8 core/kernel -> Same Apps working on both PC and Xbox -> F2P on Xbox 720 (through licensing,etc) -> all wishes come true.
(given that, Windows 8 gets modifications/fixes and satisfies its users)
Well, thats my thinking and the thinking of thes... #1.1.1
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a straight answer is NO. But i really wish they would. Just like we saw LOL released on MAC. Probably, in some distant future we will get see this. Because, its not just about consoles ready to play f2p games its about the devs too. Its really hard to integrate gamers of Consoles and PC as one in F2Ps. Plus no shares from 'Game Selling' = No Profit, in words of console manufacturers. #1
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Well basically this means that xbox 720 will have a similar programming and resource management (in the back-end). This allows Microsoft to get such applications developed that will work both on PC as well as Xbox, resulting in a better integration between consoles and PCs.
(there can be a possibility that in future PC gamers will be able to play online-multiplayer games with Xbox gamers. Thats my personal thinking. can't quote any resource for that). #1.1
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Yes, it is true. AMD claimed this at the launch of this card. You can find more details here, http://gameboilers.com/news... #1.1
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But there is this 1 undeniable fact that GeForce Titan is the most powerful single GPU currently available in the market.(I am sure that you will agree on that).
Another fact is that Titan produces less heat than Radeon 7990 and same goes for power consumption. Whereas, the raw power capacity of this beast (7990) is surely amazing. #7.1.1
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*Two HD 7970 on a single board. not 1 (it was a typo). . my bad.

@Too Tall. you are right, mate. #4
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yes..HD 7970 GPUs on a single board. I wouldn't directly compare it with Titan though. But this is an era of GPU wars, so everything is compared to everything. According to the benchmarks I checked and linked in article, they basically showed that it is faster than Titan. #2
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Okay, my one reply to some of the comments above.
1. @Mottsy I totally agree with you on 'Aya from Parasite Eve'. She really deserved a number. (sorry, i have never played that game)

2.@Kma2k I spent much time on deciding whether to pick any one of these 3 ladies (Ashley, Diana or Miranda) from Mass effect. But unfortunately I wasn't much convinced the in-game appearances

3. @Jcnba Sorry, I had to remove Samus Aran from list because it bec... #6
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you are right j-blaze.
I could have done that (I also mentioned that I sacrificed many of my own preferences - most of them were Japanese) to be able to make list more generic. or else an even greater conflict would have been raised by others. :D #1.1.1
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And what about Tekken? They have really improved story-lines since Tekken 5. #1.1.2
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I surely agree with what you have said. Even Amazon mentioned that "Pre-order Price Guarantee: order now and if the Amazon.co.uk price decreases between the time you place your order and the release date, you’ll be charged the lowest price"..Which means that the price drop is expected anyways. But if BF4 is revealed for nextgen consoles, the price drop is ineitable. #2.2.1
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There are rumors that BF4 and PS4 release date will be announced together and some say that it will soon be listed for PS4 & Xbox 720. But if you ask me, i don't think if its true because all the authentic news so far on BF4 says that it will be released before PS4 and Xbox 720.
But I would really like to see this awesome game on the next generation consoles because they deserve it or vice versa. #1.2
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Have you ever played it? Do you have any idea about its fan base?
Moreover, what counts is personal satisfaction. you may prefer DOTA 2, but that doesn't proves if League Of Legends is some sort of a Joke. Do you have any proper evidence to prove it?
seems like you are nothing more than another DOTA 2 elite who doesn't know shit about LOL. #1.1
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There are news about some Pre-order offers for Battlefield 4. They may give some DLC named 'Drone Strike DLC' to those who pre-order it.(from Cinema Blend’s report). But can't say if its 100% true or not. #2.1
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please, check it and tell me if its working or not.thx #2.2
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i don't understand why this is happening and i am getting reports on it..because i have saved the news and haven't edited it. Let me re-check. :S #2.1
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haha..i see what you did there.

In my opinion this thing started from the MMOs where people can skip the game-play to get stuff by buying DLC promotions,etc. Same thing happened in the Guild Wars 2 release.
And now we may see its effects in FPS too?
In-case this is some game mode or some multiplayer map pack, like we saw in previous releases; it'd be cool. #1.1
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