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I agree. Microsoft spent millions if not billions in marketing and all those super cheap bundles. Some even came with gift cards and 3-4 free games. MS really did push the boundaries of advertising this year and that says a lot because last gen, MS was also outdoing Sony in the marketing department. Which makes me wonder how much money did MS actually lose? Even though Sony didn't spend so much on ads, and didn't outsell MS, I think they played it quite safe! Ah well, MS got billions... #1.1.1
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I think 20 mil is a huge number. Conservative number though would be 18 to 19 miles sold through.

20 miles would be Amazing! #2.1.4
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Let it be kung lao! #1.1.1
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Just saw a video on IGN


Can't believe this game has been flying so low under my radar. I am so damn interested. I hope there are Humans in this game as well. I mean, like they have in WALKING DEAD or like they had in THE LAST OF US. Zombies can get boring quickly.

The graphics look good... #1.1.11
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Nerd fight starting in 3 2 1... #1.1.7
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Clearly there is a huge demand for this. I hope Sony will do another batch. #1.1.2
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^ This. I am a graphics designer so I completely agree with you! Clients want their logos to speak to their customers as easily as possible. #4.2.1
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I think the event was fantastic but where does that leave E3? I think, E3 will lose its charm in the next couple of years. It won't be the "IT" event for MS, Nintendo and Sony. Instead, they'll do it on their own terms, on their own events dedicated to respective brands.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think E3 is doing to die. I am sure Sony will show something cool/new come E3 2015. That new GG IP is still not announced. Perhaps more third party exclus... #1.1.4
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Hoping for a morpheus version too! #1.1.1
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What about Agent? #1.1.6
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I'd love to see a new Wipeout game which heavily uses project morpheus.

I also bet that we'll get to see more of project morph! Perhaps a releasedate followed by price at e3? #1.1.1
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lelo2play: I think even if Sony were to give FarCry 4 and Shadow of Mordor free with PS Plus, you and along with so many other unthankful b**** would be bitching about something.

Seriously, there is no pleasing some of these retards. What's next? Sony should give away free games that aren't even released to the public yet? They should send you a $400 refund with a thank you note for purchasing a PS4? GTFO man! #1.2.3
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@sinjonezp: I hope you are getting paid to troll like that cuz that was really really stupid aaaand dumb!!

Back to the topic: I think it's a great month! As luck would have it. I haven't played any of those games so yayy!! My PS plus sub is running out soon and I was sooo hoping to catch a deal on a 1-year PS Plus deal. I haven't seen any this year. Hopefully, there will be a surprise Black Friday PS Plus deal to make it even better! #1.1.6
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Heavenly sword 2? #1.2.1
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I miss my Saturn! #1.1.1
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Agree. Hardline should have just been a dlc. #1.1
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I hope we'll see psn plus heavily discounted. Need to stock up on that. #1.1.1
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I think MS are trying to salvage some name out of this. They are giving it their best shot just to see if they are able to reach #1 sales position during holidays and pat each other on the back and of course to brag after NPD.

It just goes to show that MS has no long-term vision. Even with the Spencer in the driving seat. It's one thing to do the most obvious (kill Kinect) but it's totally another to have a long term business strategy that will pay off in.... tada...... #1.1.1
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"Is there a difference between..." ok.. errrr... what!??

Let me ask MS something. Does a bear crap in the woods? #1.1.8
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Lets not kid ourselves. Price drops ALWAYS work. ALWAYS.

We all know that Xbox One is an inferior product to PS4. One camp believes that the difference is huge and one believes it's next to nothing. I find myself somewhere in the middle. The fact that it can't run many games in 1080p says a lot BUT, with the price drop and a free game, Xbox One is now in the right place. The place where you won't be paying a premium price for a console that's lagging in tech s... #1.1.10
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