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So disappointed that there is no deal on PS4 Pro. I have been waiting for months and now when BF is finally almost here, there are no deals. Was expect a $50 discount on PS4 Pro but to no avail :(

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I still haven't played Horizon Zero Dawn. Does the upcoming game extension include the original game?

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Best bowler ever!

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Those faces though! Ugly as f***

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Ben: you can't comprehend that not everyone knows technical stuff?

Obelisk: yes, you'll need to keep it connected to use those apps.

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It's always good to see the console makers do well. I love my PS4 but competition is a must. Last gen, I had both 360 and PS3 and got my son Nintendo Wii. I just hope that MS learned a lesson that they shouldn't mess with the gaming community like they did when they announced Xbox 1.

I'd love to see Sega back in action as well. I am a huge Sega fan!

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Gamingblot? A big site? LOL

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Outcastmosquito , you are the dumbest person here. Really, you have no idea how stupid your comment was.

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What rumors?

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Meanwhile, Polygon's been working hard trying to make it look expensive!

PSVR is the cheapest option even if you include the cost of a brand new camera and a new PS4.

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RIP grammar!

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Ready to pre order. Like right now. I mean it.

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Website is speeading virus on android.

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Best console of the 16bit era.

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Would love to play bf4 on this!

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Yeeeesssssssss. God damn it's been long time waiting for this to drop!

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I want to know his fate at Konami as much as I want to the fate of Jon Snow.

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I hate this website. So many ads and is not totally mobile friendly because of all those ads. What good is a responsive website when your users can't access the content because of all those crazy ads!

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## Spoiler Alert ##

Please don't read further below if you don't want spoilers on Quite's future.

---------------- *** ----------------

I read that Quite leaves you for good? Is that for real? I love Quite more than DD.

Anyone tried that Emblem thing? If you did, were you able to get the 100% game finish part?(assuming that you finished the game already).

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This paid insurance thing is pure bu***it!!!!

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