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same bro same. going to be the same issue with ff7 remake, not holding my breath for it.

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didn't think there was much wrong with re5 tbh, really fun game. was always going to struggle with expectation after re4.

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its been too long since the first one, they should have made another one at least 2 years after the first in 2011.

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get a ps4. its been almost 2 years dude.

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how about they put all their resources into the ff7 remake rather than waste our time with this drivel. even tho ff7 remake was announced this year why do i feel like we'll have to wait another 20 years before i can play it?

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i really don't understand game release dates sometimes. was it really a great idea to release this game the same week as metal gear solid 5?

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most generic pile of garbage I've seen in a while. why the hell doesn't he make serious games? instead of all this over the top crap.

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As I've got older I'm starting to prefer more linear games because you don't have the time to explore every nook and cranny of a game like when you were kid & sit there all day playing.

That's why I love naughty dog. Great stories you play like a movie.

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skyrim is one of the best games ever. ive put a ton of hours into it & i bet if i jump back into it i'd still have loads more to do, its the game that keeps on giving.

and if they're not going to be doing an elder scrolls game anytime soon then maybe they could remaster oblivion?

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1st time I wont be getting cod day 1. there's too many good games out in November, I'll prob be too busy playing fallout 4 tbh.

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too many good games coming out in November. i know its an Xmas thing but they spread it out a little?

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don't care if it was free, still wouldn't get it. absolutely useless piece of hardware just like kinect. prefer to use the controller than wave my hands around like a moron.

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gonna say it again. ff8 was so under-rated. if people only got over the draw system, they would have enjoyed a beautiful game. but it was always going to be difficult after ff7's success.

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if it had the same soundtrack that would be great

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haven't been this excited for a final fantasy game in a long time

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i was really skeptical at first but after seeing a lot multiplayer gameplay on twitch earlier it actually looks good. the jumping/boost mechanic looked really gimmicky at e3 but it just look like something to get you to your destination a bit quicker.

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yeah i loved ff8, its right up there with ff7 for me. quite underrated imo. people didn't give it a chance i think as you say. the music, story, characters, gf's, and not to mention cards. but the best part of the game was the relationship between rinoa and squall, played that last boss a shed load of times to see the main and extra ending after the credits.

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hope so, prefered gow3 to ascension.

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brilliant game. crazy year for games this is. bioshock, last of us and now gta 5!

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