forgot this thing even existed


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Regardless of opinion CoD will outsell TF2

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Nope they can't because emulators are legal.

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This whole brouhaha needs to be put to rest.

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I would just change the name and initial premise/make an entirely new franchise.

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I feel this game will be a let down despite the delays sadly

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Even Stevie Wonder can see this is a rip-off

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CDPR done gave a ton of free dlc and deliver some of the best paid dlc a company can offer.

I hate to sound ignorant but if you want "pro"/better version/update get a pc. We shouldn't expect some developers jump the "pro update" bandwagon. My PS4 will work just fine without it.

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Dem jiggle physics

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My aimbots still not detected. Time to go rekt some gaems

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But but but the boobies need to be respected. If they jiggly in the original than my pc better get some jiggle.

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PS4 Pro & Slim is great for those who don't own the console already and or high-end tv.

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I'll wait until a decent trade program comes about

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If they had more PS4 games I would've taken advantage of this.

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They need to fix that corrupt save bull$h!t

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Their job is just as real as yours or anyone else. Some people over 40 hours a week creating videos.

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The first digital rape game..... In America

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I hate the qte fist fighting in tw2. The fist fighting in one was better.

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Feature Creep
Too Many platforms
None essential stretch goals

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Save your money and wait for the creators to deliver on most/ all their promises then buy the game.

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They should delay it until Q1 2017. Releasing it alongside BF1 and CoD is suicide.

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