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Two games that aren't worth the money.

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Jared Leto said hi

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Meanwhile the overprice Bulletstorm remake sits at ~13,000

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Great game but I'm not paying $60 for a remake or remaster.

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If only Sega had the balls to release pso2 in the US and Europe territories.

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1.2 gig, 5 star rating from 16 people and $20. Something is off but I wouldn't waste my money on it. Plus the Italian commenters mention the game is currently experiencing problems that multiple users on Skonec forum complain about.

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Only if you spend $60 or more..... using paypal

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Why couldn't just use catwoman's face from the Arkham city or knight? Both of those look way better than this.

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I might upgrade from a hori fps pad to revolution pro.

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It feels better and the story is better than New Vegas but not 3,imho.

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TSW is relaunching F2P apparently

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Sorry Kojima not even for you. Ubisoft got with Division but not Wildlands. Poor reviews and bland gameplay, so I will pass. Persona 5 or Horizon Dawn might get my money instead.

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They should've boycotted for dedicated servers or better game balance.

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Tons of grinding if you don't want to spend money.

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I wish they made a part two to Dantes Inferno.

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Still waiting on Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Vanquish and Binary Domain.

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Should of been that way from the start. Sadly Nintendo still on that value of games bs. The only time a mobile game should be always online if involved moving around in the real world or is an mmo. A

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One of the few shooters that I still enjoy.

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Maximum Spidey

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I started scratching my face

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