forgot this thing even existed


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-Lacks campaign
-was $48 on Amazon for non-prime accounts

Given Blizzard track record I know they will do a good job with this title. However past experience with always-online titles makes me avoid it sadly.

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They gave away a free nuketown map/put it in the general rotation for Black OPS 3.
Battlefield maybe the series that take chances but CoD sadly will end up selling more copies. Both games will be ruin with micro-transaction. So at the end of the day EA and Activision will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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The first one wasn't even that good. They could've just scrap the project and put the money towards something else.

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Well maybe that just goes to show that CoD is a great game and very innovated to the industry /sarcasm .

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Gave up my copy and haven't look back since. Hell the person I gave it to don't even play it anymore and that was three weeks ago.

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I forgot this game was evening coming out. Hell they better do some marketing or this game will end up flopping hard.

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Minus the cod part, he has a point. WiiU proven Nintendo first party games alone can't carry a system. The biggest problem with the WiiU was third party support. Nintendo is to blame for that sadly. You can't just make a console and then hope developers will make or port their game to your system. Hopefully Nintendo reach out to developers this time around and asked them what is needed to make games for their system. That or history repeat itself and NX will become WiiU2.

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Too bad I gave my copy away and now my cousin is even bored of this game.

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Nintendo biggest issue with the WiiU is that they didn't reach out to developers. You can't just make an console like the old days and demand developers make games on it. Sony approach developers before making the PS4 and asked them what they want/need. Nintendo put out an console(WiiU) that was good for them and their games but not necessarily for everyone else or their games. I hope for Nintendo sake they took a page out of Sony's book and approach developers before finalizin...

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Incoming down-votes from Nioh fans for speaking your mind.

The need to fix the stamina system. Its one thing to not be able to attack but to hoof for air while leaving yourself vulnerable to attack just unnecessary. Now I'm just going to attack two times block and jump back and rinse and repeat.

The camera system is one of the biggest pain in the ass with the game.

I guess being one hit killed makes it hardcore and not cheap.

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Nioh was stuck in development hell for 10 years far before even Demon Souls and Dark Souls came out.

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The division was a fun game but sadly it becomes too repetitive and boring. I got stuck at 22 and just gave the game away to my cousin.

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It would be cool if they could do an remake of the Crash Bandicoot like what's happening with Ratchet and Clank.

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I'm guessing the story will involve Loki persuading Kratos to the kill the Norse gods in order to restore his wife. Sadly his actions will commence Ragnarok and here we go again.

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I'm tempted to pick up fallout 4 and Batman Arkham Knight but I'll wait for the GOTY edition.

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Where's Phantom Dust?

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No you need to calm down. That pose was gamebreaking and leads men down the sinful path that oversexualize us women. /sarcasm

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Backpack of doom the one boss that can't be beat with bullets.

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Well it look like always online is being forced down our throats whether we like it or not. It's one thing we fought hard against when MS first introduce Xbox One and now we slowly accepting it.

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I believe vr won't bring HTC profit sadly.

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