forgot this thing even existed


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Lawbreaker seem like a great game but suffers from poor timing and little marketing.

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Sounds cool but what happen when someone transfer my save to a harddrive, flash drive or upload it?

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Great game but EA ship this game alongside of BF1 hoping they would put a dent CoD sales. Had they waited and given TiF2 its own room to shine I believe the game would've sold more and more players.

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How much actually going to vets?

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So no MGS collection, Vanquish or Binary Domain.

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This should've been a standalone much sooner and with cheaper if not free dlc.

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Your butts should've done this sh*t from the start.

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ESPN is the same network that airs female volleyball. Where the players are wearing outfits far more revealing.

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In this day and age ,where almost everything is riddle with dlc and microtransaction, what studio/developer could we count on to make the game and stay true to the series?

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Here is a pic of my PS4 Pro. My PSN Xune_Bei

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If only this studio had a better publisher then Titanfall would've bigger series. EA screw this up long before TitanFall2 release imho.

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You must be blind. There's room for improvement on GT Sport. Especially given its still in beta testing. This coming from a person who owns PS4(pro to exact).

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That and mod support which I doubt Bethesda would offer.

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I'm curious what are your thoughts about Reaper currently?

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Crash is like dark souls but with bandicoot and boxes.

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i just beat berseria. So i hope this will be good.

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Make it one per customer or household. It won't stop scrappers but it will help slow them down.

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I came from 360 to Ps4 and dualshock felt weird to me and not mention lighter. This layout/design is tailor people who prefer xbox style over dualshock. I do wish they made it wireless and add a feature that allows me to turn on my ps4 with the playstation button.

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I still use the first edition hopefully this second one will be bluetooth or wireless.

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Brunhilde =/= Selvaria
Valkyria Chronicles didn't have that much fanservice and was good tactical rpg.
Valkyria Revolution biggest pitfalls are the poor gameplay mechanics and dull characters.

When Brunhilde got shown in the trailers she became the main focus. Almost every Valkyria Revolution article I read/seen use Brunhilde so they can get more clicks. Despite there being other female characters in the game with normal physiques.

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