forgot this thing even existed


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Sorry I thought the same thing when I read the sentence. My manager tend to used the phrase when describing his boyfriend/soon-to-be husband and playing Final Fantasy 14

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Maybe Ninty will do better next time or we can throw them under the bus and hopefully they will catch wind. It work with Microsoft.

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This game has been development hell. It was first announce I believe at E3 2014. Assuming they started working 2013/2014 and no progress/decent progress, its best to can it and save $$$.

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It has the same exact spec as the old shield which is quite sad. They should've just introduce an update and sold the controller and remote as new accessories.

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Given they haven't shown a lot of trailers I'm guessing a fall 2017 release. We might start seeing character of the week trailers like April/May window.

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Hello Emily

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Rule of thumb for me is just wait for treyarch and ignore iw and sh.

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OMG gen 2 finally thank God our prayers has been answered. Oh wait no gen 2 ninantic wtf

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No it doesn't you liar

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This horse has beaten, roll over and hung beyond dead.

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Too bad a lot of those are available on other console beside the xbox.

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Aeris>Nami all day erryday

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Well obviously since use a different chip and gpu

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Titanfall 2 still getting beat farm simulator

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I would rather see Netflix or CW pick up the show.

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doubt it

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in the u.s.a

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Well i'm used to the design since I use an Hori FPS pad on my PS4. However importing to the U.S is a pain.

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Get them before Nintendo start d*cking around.

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None come to mind sadly. Ubisoft offer great presentation but the final product tend drop the ball.

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