forgot this thing even existed


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Had me at GitS lost me at Nexon.

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Both requires root

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If you came here looking for legendary pokemons this isn't for you.
If you came here looking to waste your time then this is perfect for me.

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Adblock plus or ublock origin helps.

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Where's my Vanquish, Binary Domain or Lost Odyssey?

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None since majority of them have move to better games already.

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This game had huge potential but as usual Ubisoft drops the ball.

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Think Ill wait till this game drops $20 or less and play it when my backlog is empty.

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When it's officially announce by Valve then I'll get excited until then its business as usual.

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Nintendo back at again with that censorship bs

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This game is getting average reviews at best and I had high hopes for it.

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Sadly this hard to picture.

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I can't imagine how a single player campaign would work for this game. Would each character have their own story or would it be split into 2 stories. One with the Overwatch/former overwatch squad and another with the mercenaries.

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-Lacks campaign
-was $48 on Amazon for non-prime accounts

Given Blizzard track record I know they will do a good job with this title. However past experience with always-online titles makes me avoid it sadly.

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They gave away a free nuketown map/put it in the general rotation for Black OPS 3.
Battlefield maybe the series that take chances but CoD sadly will end up selling more copies. Both games will be ruin with micro-transaction. So at the end of the day EA and Activision will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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The first one wasn't even that good. They could've just scrap the project and put the money towards something else.

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Well maybe that just goes to show that CoD is a great game and very innovated to the industry /sarcasm .

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Gave up my copy and haven't look back since. Hell the person I gave it to don't even play it anymore and that was three weeks ago.

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I forgot this game was evening coming out. Hell they better do some marketing or this game will end up flopping hard.

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Minus the cod part, he has a point. WiiU proven Nintendo first party games alone can't carry a system. The biggest problem with the WiiU was third party support. Nintendo is to blame for that sadly. You can't just make a console and then hope developers will make or port their game to your system. Hopefully Nintendo reach out to developers this time around and asked them what is needed to make games for their system. That or history repeat itself and NX will become WiiU2.

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