forgot this thing even existed


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Constantine and Spawn are the best two choices on the list. We had Raven in the previous game. Suicide squad made me not interested in Enchantress. Even before the movie she wasn't that big of an character. Beastboy/Vixen could turn out good.

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ultra sampling in the ui /sarcasm
I wish they add a feature where you can choose which games you don't want to update or update at specific time rather than auto-download/auto-install. Nothing is worst than losing your items due to an patch.

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You regret Valkyria Revolution. Its nothing like Chronicles.

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Yes I've been dying for some Vanquish. Please be real.

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If only EA outsource their animation to NetherRealm Studios for ME:A

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Use Mei and freeze his butt or
Use Sombra and continuously hack his butt.

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Please don't be more VR titles.

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Does everything have to be contest?

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Still doesn't tops Kate Upton commercial.

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The problem is that retailers aren't limiting one per person. Scalpers can go in buy 10+ and go on ebay sell them $100-300+.

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Fox don't own the rights to the characters when it comes to video games. Marvel(Disney) don't want to promote characters they don't have movie rights too. That or Crapcom have them plan as dlc.

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We will more likely see Dying Light 2 before we would see Dead Island 2.

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They offer still offer prime discount for pre-orders down the line but they no longer offer for games that's already been release. In the past so long the game hasn't been physically more than two weeks you could get a prime discount. That however is no longer is the case.

I call Amazon Support and asked them directly and that basically what I was told.

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Lawbreaker seem like a great game but suffers from poor timing and little marketing.

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Sounds cool but what happen when someone transfer my save to a harddrive, flash drive or upload it?

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Great game but EA ship this game alongside of BF1 hoping they would put a dent CoD sales. Had they waited and given TiF2 its own room to shine I believe the game would've sold more and more players.

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How much actually going to vets?

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So no MGS collection, Vanquish or Binary Domain.

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This should've been a standalone much sooner and with cheaper if not free dlc.

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Your butts should've done this sh*t from the start.

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