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Better than a diagonal Laser disc.

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What makes me upset about Battlefront is that it touts no micro-transactions, yet it segments a ton of content off via DLC/Season Pass. What is bad about EA's pricing model is that they already charge you $60 for the base game/privilege to buy DLC.

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Atleast I didnt say it was the greatest game of all time...

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I completely forgot there is a new Ghost Recon...

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I got the gold edition of AC Syndicate, at Best Buy, so 20% off with GCU. I like Assassin's Creed more than I would like to admit.

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Two of those characters don't "exist" anymore. Still would be cool to see them though.

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For me Far Cry 3 never grabbed me like 4. Don't get me wrong, 3 is great, but I feel like the discussion when 4 came out was, "well this is too much like 3" and automatically people stopped caring. I think it was unfairly ignored to an extent for this reason, when most sequels tend to be popular because they are similar to their predecessors.

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Just updated the article on Gamer Thoughts. I can not update the N4G post though.

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Mainly because there is no indication beyond the speculation that Nintendo's hardware could do this. PS4's remote play and NVIDIA'S graphics cards that support gamestream have that built in to support. So basically its far fetched because its not as simple as it sounds to do something like this with existing hardware. Hopefully that makes a bit more sense,maybe something will come of this speculation, too early to say what we might hear at e3!

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Hence the Aladdin picture? Jokes aside Disney Infinity 3 is going to be Star Wars, if it isn't i don't know what else it would be.

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Kirby is cuter than puppies

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I played this game on the PlayStation (original) I never enjoyed it, but the GBA version was fun.

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Nothing for me this week. I do still need to download SteamWorld Dig.

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So it is $20 less and will have everything plus some bonus stuff for Vita, I'm sold! Though it still would have been cool to use the GamePad for it on the Wii U. But there are plenty of other games coming out for Wii U that I want to get.

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Alright it is back up, it is on a subdomain right now due to some issues with hosting, I will change it back to its regular domain asap.

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Sorry the link to this story is down right now, i'm working on getting it back up asap,

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Not where I live in North America sadly.

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3.5/5 Blasphemy! Kirby is my best friend, my soul mate, my lover, my brother in arms, my... you get the picture.

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I don't think this delay will ruin the Wii U, but I do think it was an a-hole move by Ubisoft.

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Though I own Punch Out!! on Wii I can never pass up a good vc game.

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