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L4D 1&2
Bioshock and Infinite
Orange Box #9
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I really enjoyed the Destruction Derby games too. #3.1
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I loved it so much, the disc was in my PS1 and PS2 forever. #4.1
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It seems both the current gen systems are reliable. When I got a x1, it had a defective controller, but they had me return the whole system to the store and just got another. #12
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I bought my first 360 in 07'. Never red ringed. About a month before the slim came out ( and was announced at E3)...it didn't want to load discs all the time (tapping the top rapidly usually worked). Anyway GameStop had that killer trade in deal so I bought a 250gb slim. Still have it.No problems. So happy it loaded a disc when they tested it! #37
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Maybe some did.But I bet they didn't preorder a X1 for this fall back in 2013. #10.1.2
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Let's be honest here.ff7 was a good reveal, but this is coming in 2017 at the earliest. Likely to coincide with the 20 yr aniversary. Who would preorder a console that's been out and can be found in stores...two years in advance? #10.1
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That was my first thought. My sisters birthday is on 9/11. We still celebrate it then as we did before 2001. #4.1
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MS also said at the announcement after "over 100 titles at launch", that hundreds more will be coming by the next year. Did the author mention this? #11.1
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They took the NPD crown last holiday season...with a weaker exclusive lineup and no BC. BC can matter too. Theres 360 owners that will jump if offered a lot of their existing content migrated over. Even if once they get there and never use it,it accomplished the goal.
MS looks to be doing a power play for their existing fanbase on 360 thisfall. BC and the exclusive heavy hitters some have been holding out for. #22.1.1
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How could they have a good E3 if they have already admitted a successor is in the works for the wiiU? Its only two and half years old.
At least it wasn't Virtual Boy bad. #5
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I find the different paths to victory both companies are taking interesting. Is one pitching hard on games too far in the future? Is the other going to rely on too much from the past? Yes its more elaborate than that, but the landscape this gen has already changed since 13' #15
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Left 4 Dead 1&2 and The Orange Box
all Bioshocks #9
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Props for Sony for pulling heartstrings.
Props to MS for making E3 2013 more of a distant memory.
And Nintendo?? Uhhh...I got nothing lol. #19
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With the PS4s larger install base and lack of another popular fps that's coming this year (saying what it is would be obvious), COD is going to sell more on PS4.
Now implying that leagues of 360 owners will be swayed into buying a PS4 due to a 30 day window of dlc? (on a "Halo" year to boot?)....just seems kinda naive.

I don't understand the way out of left field Greenberg rant you through in.Did I miss something? #19.1.1
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"Sony's Adam Boyes also told Kotaku that the exclusive Call of Duty content on the PlayStation 4 will last 30 days until it becomes available on other platforms"

I've never been a COD fan, but all this hoopla over....a month? It comes out in early November. By the time little Jimmy opens it under the tree, he can get his dlc no matter which console he's got. #19
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The sales are not linear throughout the year.these companies make almost half their total video game sales for the year during the holiday season alone.MS managed some NPD wins last season with a weaker 1st party lineup,no bc,and still carrying some x1 identity crisis issues.I don't have a crystal ball, but I think this holiday they are tracking to do more. #30.2
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Agreed. Reboots seem all the rage in Hollywood too...And overall I can't say I've been impressed (but there are exceptions like Star Trek) #1.1
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So your wish is a 20 year old car with bluetooth and a backup camera? And whoever delivers this gets best of show? Why stop there? Just imagine how much better than ff7 a Zork remake would be.
Oh but its not just about being the same car or game with upgrades isn't it? It cant be that as other games have added on to ff7s formula since 1997.So...what exactly was your last point? #6.2.2
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I played ff7 in 97'. I played Super Mario Brothers in 85-86? I threw a lot of quarters at Pac Man in 80' and Space Invaders before that. I've played a long time and respect and enjoy past glory.
So...Icons and nostalgia have their place. But it doesn't mean Ford should win a new car show by default because of a planned model T remake. #6.2
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