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Considering the install base size when it released, I don't think it did bad at all

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Depends on how they did it. A cel phone like "upgrade" option where you turn it in for a attractive price on a new one may work.

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I am waiting for them too

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From the article....
Microsoft and Sony estimates represent all Xbox and Playstation non-hardware platform revenues (including Xbox Live and PSN revenues respectively).

Is this more relavent then? Not bad for "half the install base"...... They beat Sony!

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How is Michaels software statement wrong?

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Star wars battlefront was already on sale for half off.Guess that means its selling worse? Its just business. The things people try to make cannon fodder out of...jeesh.

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Taking into account the larger ps4 install base and the exclusive advertising deal, MS has to pleased they got as much share of the pie as they did.

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I'm not upset at all. Just want to point out you are laughably wrong.A MS print ad like this is far cheaper. Its also less effective than all the advertising Sony has done with the game, but thats another topic.
The Tomb Raider discussion is apples and oranges to this. Know why? Because at the moment, you CAN NOT play it anywhere else. Does this news.....upset you?

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Uhh..Are you implying that this print ad cost as much or more than what Sony paid for the "illusion" that this game is a exclusive?.

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I wonder if that's why my console prompted me for a wireless controller update yesterday.

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I am hoping 4 future proofed me enough. Went from 99% full to 8% on the external and still have the 500 gb with no games on it inside.

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I don't know about any race. I do know I used it on x1 for the first time yesterday and it worked great. Even had my saves and progress right where I left off. Did a 4 tb external drive update too. Man, both consoles need to offer more than 1tb. It's just not enough.

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Didn't halo come out Oct 27.?..So we're talking the last 4 days of the month and it made that much impact.

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I loved the handsome jack edition. Great value. I will pass on the same game with a collectable toy and card game though.

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Best one they did was the rookie and the noob with Jona Hill. This one? Ehh.

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I think they are both "holiday season" games, and alot of little Tommys and Jimmys will have both under the tree.

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My daughter wants a Wii U for Mario maker, but I am not comfortable paying for a console they all but announced will be obsolete in a year or so.

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MS really dropped the ball with it. I like my Kinect, but they just haven't offered many good games that use it.

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Is a Bioshock movie still in talks? I want that.

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