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Actually Move I took that quote as its a understated design on purpose, because what it does matters more than what it looks like. Its designed to blend in rather than visually assault your living room with "thats sooo cool...Pass me another Red Bull Backwards hat guy".
80's electronics tended to go heavy on announcing to the world you stepped up (4 head,stereo,auto rewind,digital tuner,etc plastered all over it).
I just dont get the styling fanatics about consol... #1.2.2
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Well the public is used to 2 year contracts with their phones. I can see a similar business model with these consoles working. #8.1.2
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PS2 was definately more influencial in my opinion.Look at this gen and whats coming next..The whole "more than a game machine" consoles thing. The PS2 doubling as a DVD player put it in alot of living rooms. Nevermind the fact it had great games.If you liked video games, why buy a DVD player for $200 when another $100 got you a PS2?
Worked for me LOL. Its how I convinced the wife to get one. #22
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Seeing alot of people listing some good games.No one has put Left 4 Dead 1&2 up though, so im throwing it out there! #11
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I'm with you.I want both companies to wow me (or at least one of them LOL) Neither has so far,so I'm hoping E3 has somthing special. #12.2.4
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Could be a teaser montoge of several of them..Or maybe just naming a few with more details on others. Even last weeks event showed Crackdown as being one...No talk about it it.Just a symbol on a background screen, and articles were written about that.
The time spent announcing a game isnt the only factor.Look at Valve.All they would have to do is write "Half Life" on a screen and the internet would get so thick with articles, it would make your head spin LOL. #12.2.2
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doublepost..lol #5
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I see Doom made the list.I still mourn for the 12 people who wasted 10 bucks going to the theater to see that...Not that the others on the list were much better (or worse?) #4
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I expect them to. I mean E3 is a annual event and they said 15 over the next 12 months. No better time to name them than E3 right? Seeing as were half a year away from these new consoles,they are actually saying these games will be available the first 6 months that its out.I'd say further most may be launch titles as these consoles are timed for the holidays, and alot of games are too. #12.2
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Yeah.....Would make my next console choice easier I agree LOL #6.1.1
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E3 is all about the games. If MS can "bring it" in that department, it will go well for them.If the highlight of the day is Kinect Adventures 2, not so much. #6
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I think that was part of his point. He has to be the uncritical one. It was a awfully rosey article I agree.That and I always have to hold my nose when reading anything on...The Huffington Post. #12.1
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Thats what I got out of it. Keeps the game from working on two different systems at once. #9.1
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The problem is no one knows if these console makers are:
1) launching trial balloons and adjusting accordingly
2) Havent worked out all the details untill a later date
3) There are plans already set and people are just speculating untill its made official #8.1
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OK..That makes alot more sense then. Thanks. #4.3.1
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I think a billion is a hugely optomistic. That would be one console for every 7 people on Earth or almost half of everyone with internet on Earth owning a Xbox. #4.2
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Ive never looked into trying to sell or loan a digital copy game ive purchased before, whats the difference (legally) and how do the rules apply for that? #17
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Darth...I AM a used car dealer. When I sell a used Toyota or whatever? The manufactuer doesnt get jack from me LOL. In my state, I collect a "road use" tax and fees for registration/title,and tags. Its all State fees. The only thing a manufactuer does with a used one is periodically collect registration information. They only do that for the purpose of putting out recall notices if the vehicle has or may get them. Ehh..They may also collect it for advertising purposes,but i'm of... #1.1.2
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So now Amazon sales ranks are news? Playing devils advocate can be fun..


Amazons "most wished for" list (U.S. video games)

Xbox One is....number one, PS4 is...4th

Now...Is this not interesting news as well or should I take this as some sort of... #59
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Well,you are welcome to stare at walls all you like at that point.I myself would make taking care of my family a priority (IE putting food on the table and keeping a roof over our head), rather than engage in ANY form of entertainment. If I barely had money to buy food, the last thing on my mind would be the cel phone,game console,laptop,etc that relies on a additional paid service to function properly.
Playing a round of Gears of War or Uncharted isnt going to keep the fridge stocke... #2.1.3
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