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Day 9 and I'm about to have 100% everything in the single play done. Been a truly awesome game play experience. I'll be getting the Season pass for sure. Gotta start the online to get the Plat trophy also.

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To tired to write it all out again the SO many changes from the Next Gen to the last gen. Game play is the same, but the additions, visuals, effects are not even close. There are things on Next Gen not even in last gen.... smoke from the canons, sails blowing in the wind, water splashing on the ships deck, rolling fog in the cities and on the ocean. Just on and on. A lot more detailed everything. Better wind and water simulator. The DS4 touch pad is SO awesome to use to pull up the map. Set a...

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Then you missed the best game by a LONG shot at launch.

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This guys videos are funny and entertaining, lol. Btw, he is doing Sony now only to get more followers and ratings. Nothing more....

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Was meaning fact and opinion.


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And to think, the NA consoles were held back as stated by Jack T. They made them limited at launch. They wanted to make sure families could get one come Christmas. This is why we are seeing these secret Black Friday deals now. About some stores are going to sell them at certain hours. The whole thing is just crazy. Glad I got mine and don't have to deal with that nightmare.

Either way the console is just going to sell out everywhere is launches. People over here are listi...

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Such a bias written story that could be picked apart to death. Also, who the hell watches the X Factor? The Voice is were all the real talent is and has been since the show came out.

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The Twins? Those were the hardest for me. The other 3 were not so bad once you figured out their attack.

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Yep, I'm down to just finishing the story. Halef way done with that. Everything else is done, everything. :D

The 4 big ships was the hardest part, lol.

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So much this! This game in fact saved the AC series. I just hope and know they will continue to think outside of the box like this going forward. This game is very addicting.

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This is why we can't have nice things.....srsly. People like this are going to ruin it for us all. Might seem funny and all. But it is taken very srs. I bet right now they are looking at ways to change this service.

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You don't rate this attention hacker. You know all about the ways to hack them, even talk about it and point the finger at the other people on the fake trophy leader board.

When asked:

How do you feel about trophy sharing?

"Speaking of myself I have actually achieved 95% of the trophies myself.
So what about the 5%...?

As you know my friends come over sometimes and I cant just sit and ignore them... so someti...

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He's a trophy glitcher/hacker/file sharer. Then he sells the service to other fake trophy accounts.


Grizzli, easy to say on the net kid. Obviously you are the real idiot here. It didn't take me 3+ decades to figure out video gaming. Game long before you were born much? Besides really, envious over little jeg's even though hacking, glitching, custom firmware...

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Told you guys..... again some play the games long before they come out. Rent before you buy it.

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I'm about 70% done with everything in this game ( avg 8 hours a day for just over a week ( PS4 ) ). Game is very very good and very fun to play. Easily one of the best AC games they've put out. There is a TON of assassinating going on in this game. Turned all my friend on this this game. Now all of them stopped playing what they were and are hooked on this one as well.

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When drama and speculation overshadow we've got Next Gen consoles after 7,8 years. Sony setting a world record in console sells in a 24hr period. I can't speak about the X1 because I only own the PS4. It's a far better experaince coming from the PS3. Faster everything! A 100% total remodel controller so much better. So I see the normal small fail rate just as that, small. I'm already looking forward to the games to come and what Dev's can do with them.

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Good-bye start. :(

Hello PS4!


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So in other words what you are trying to say is 900 is just as good as 1080. That they are just meaningless numbers. What happens when you start to stretch the images out to a 50" and bigger screen?

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Those that have been around a few launches in our day already knew issues would happen. Only on the Internet world everything is blown way out of proportion. Not many take into account the millions of products being manufactured and shipped around the world. They just see this one guy over here. A person over there. Sure people are going to have issues. But again, 376 people vs a 1,000,000+ sold in 24 hours is not even a problem at all. Seems like people want to start more drama then just enj...

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