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This and the fact that savagestarlight.com exist, and is simply a picture of the comic. Is exciting. #43
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Because you are qualified to "objectively" make that claim... #52.1
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The point is pictures can be deceptive. Killzone looked better in those and Ryse looked better in the ones from the article. THAT IS THE POINT, did you hit your head? I am not trying to say Killzone is better looking. You could at least read my comment next time. #51.1.1
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Screenshots vs pictures taken from gameplay videos and such are not equal. Look, Ryse looks great, but these pics aren't really fair, I mean look,

KIllzone: http://media1.gameinformer....

http://videogame-art.com/wp...... #51
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What if I play on a monitor without speakers? is there a way around this?

Currently my ps3 is connected by hdmi to a monitor, and then it uses the sd port or whatever for sound through a stereo. #41
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I'm upset at the guy with the post about arrested development, he is making an amazing show look bad #35
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The only thing I liked about the xbox one was the sleekness of the interface and the pretty internet explorer browser. Sony obviously has the better console, I just hope their interface looks as cool, I'm a bit of a sucker for that #12
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Personally yeah I'm all about the games, and on sites like this the xbox one will be trashed since its a site for actual gamers.

But just look at the original wii, it was a joke and yet it made a killing. Better doesn't always translate to success. #1.1
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Don't get me wrong, Uncharted has been a great series. But this game with everything we have seen, along with it's seriousness...It is going to be something special...Maybe story wise it will live up to the few games which I consider to have great storylines like mass effect and red dead to name a few. #7
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I love fallout, but I do prefer Elder Scrolls. However they should make fallout 4 first, and then once they are optimized for next gen, make a new elder scrolls.
I mean, once you work with a system for years, developers really get good at making sound games. Just look at Skyrim... #23
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To be honest, I cared until I realized what this guys name was, Van Der Leeuw. I always wondered if there was a reason for why a bunch of the ai on killzone's botzone had "vand der" in their name. #43
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Person with a brain detected #5.2
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Yes but what kind of huge and extremely successful business goes trolling? #4.2.1
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Of all the ps4 rumors and news, this one has me the most excited. #18
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I really like the art of the environments. But the character models just look cheesy and like they are for 8 year olds... The new characters are definitely not as cool as Spartans. #15
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Although many people prefer skyrim, I think they must have brain damage. Oblivion was my favorite.

Also Mass effect 2
Uncharted 2
Red dead
mgs4 #106
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I agree that it is quite a sweeping statement on their part, but people are making it into things that it isnt. The article says a lot of women are playing games now, and then it says that developers need to start including female characters and implementing them. The guy never says about making games dumb and childish for women, that is simply people connecting dots and making speculation about the whole Kinect focus and everything.

At least if you are going to trash Microso... #13.1
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Games should implement women more into them, however sometimes it's understandable why they aren't. Games are just like movies, and more sepecifically they are mostly like action movies, In action movies, 90% of the big stars are men while in slower or more intimate movies, women are more commonly used than they are in action movies.

And they had articles on women in battlefield yesterday. I'm sorry but you cant play as a woman in the game, well because it is ver... #12
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yes, I see how there could be confusion in my comment. Very, very pleasant hours. #7.1.1
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I am a playstation fanboy, yes.. but the Halo universe always intrigued me. The sci-fi world of Halo always had this kind of unique fantasy feel that was different from any other sci-fi game. Destiny looks to also be on its way. Just the concept art looks amazing. And I will actually get to play their game this time around. #3
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