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"This game plays like a game! It is entertaining like a game! It is made for 15-25 year old males!"

It doesn't work like that. Gaming, in fact, is an ageless, genderless hobby. Old and young men and women alike can play games that cater to their tastes and have a good time. Growing up doesn't mean that you forget how to appreciate fun things in life.

And I think the man could do way better in his execution of ideas. Heavy Rain's story, f... #3.2.3
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Actually, it does. Google "iControlPad", a pretty damn useful tool for anyone in hopes of getting into emulation goodness with their smartphones. #3.1.3
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The game doesn't play nor feels like a Metal Gear game, just as Paper Mario didn't feel like an actual Mario game; Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles wasn't a typical Final Fantasy game; Starcraft: Ghost wasn't going to be an RTS, Crash Team Racing wasn't a platformer; hell, even Metal Gear's own universe has seen spinoffs before Rising, such as AC!D, that sure as hell didn't share any similarities to a Metal Gear Solid game outside ch... #1.2.2
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This trailer looks worse because it runs at 60FPS, whereas the original build ran at 30. #1.1.4
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...Are you thirteen, or what?

Dwarf Fortress came out in 2006. It's been discussed to death ever since. #3.1
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It's rumored to come out in late September. #5.1
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How is he a troll?

I love both inFAMOUS games, and I kind of agree with him. Second one ain't a "9".

It's still a great game, though. #1.1.1
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This is actually without counting Western sales, we'd all presume. Which means that, couting the 100k sales Meruru's gotten so far, Rorona and Totori both averaged at ~150k sales. Pretty damn great, if you ask me. #5.1
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Honestly? To hell with scores. You're talking about the same numbers that believe Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best games ever. To the same numbers that usually slammed Gears of War yet gave it a 9/10 or a 10/10 because "lolGOTYAY". Hell if it's got no super-hype or incredibly heavy marketing, chances are the game will get an 8 at best.

The reviews themselves were fairly possitive, and the game's a whole lot of fun.

I do believe E... #2.1
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I'm latino, as well, and I just find Garcia's character to be rather stereotypical...yet amusing.

Seriously, he's just made to make you giggle over whatever he spouts. And boy, you'll laugh, especially if you like the kind of childish, playful humor the game has. #1.2
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Meh, I disagree with your last few statements:

First, Cole was indeed shown to be cheating on his wife since a while ago. He went to the bar with the intention of meeting Elsa, and you can draw the dots together from that. The game is subtle, yes, but there's always a few hints here and there that point you such.

Second, the last few cases were actually my favorites. Until then, L.A. Noire was a quite flawed, perhaps boring game, especially in its low poi... #2
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Kinda silly that the article mentions JRPGs blending with dating sims and somehow this being bad, nonetheless failing to mention WRPGs have taken such steps, as well. Began with BioWare, and now a whole lot of WRPGs feature relationship systems.

And I'm not as closed-minded as this author, I do like a few, and believe that the inclusion of some kind of relationship-building in RPGs can help positively the character development as a whole.

Hell, dating sim... #3
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But Nier was an incredibly engaging game that returned what little glory Square had as a publisher of great stories, being up there with the creme de la creme such as Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre.

Also, to the author of this article: "WRPG" and "JRPG" aren't genres. They're terms used to dictate from where the game came from.

Not to mention, the concept of at least giving you a chance of how relationships and the storylin... #2.1
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But silly guy, the game is already fun. And part of that fun is the difficulty, you see. #11.1
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Takin' things too seriously perhaps, bro? #3.1
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"And what's Totori? Is it another "timed" game like Rorona where you're forced to do stuff within a time limit? I hate that."

Supposedly, the time limit is less punishing this time around- but yes, that's basically it. #6.2
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Brotip: A constant flow of liters and liters of blood splattering everywhere isn't "realistic".

Surely cutting someone's head isn't pretty, but the neck being a fountain of blood after that is far from down to earth. #7.1
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You're acting as if e-books didn't exist, and as if there wasn't value in physical copies, not to mention the satisfying feel of having a big collection of games you like.

Then again, said value is lowering more and more with publishers cutting corners regarding booklets and overall packaging, so... #2.4.1
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Wouldn't be "pedophilia" per se, but rather ephebophilia, instead.

Moreover, hell, the game doesn't exactly fall in such levels. Seriously, if you play the game, you'll realize such scenes are there for the pure silliness of them, instead of actually attempting to be sexually arousing. It's just part of the sexually suggestive humor Ar tonelico's had since the first game. #1.1.1
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There's not much wrong with that mentality, actually.

Blood and gore can be traumatic when given thought. Mass murder and insanity driven homicides are a pretty ugly thing, you see. Sex, however, is part of the human nature, and shouldn't be really taboo. Hell, it's something that's in our minds once we hit puberty, and won't leave for a good while, if ever. #4.1
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