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but PS3 has 256 MB of XDR ram at 3.2ghz (4.5x the speed of xbox 360's RAM) and 256MB of GDDR3 ram at 700 Mhz( same ram as xenon).

However RSX can fully access the 256 MB OF VERY FAST XDR ram when DESIRED ( 32 MB of this 256 MB XDR is reserved for OS . the RSX can fully access the rest)

RSX has 2 BUSES too ---one 128 BIT for the GDDR3 and one VERY FAST ,ULTRA EFFICIENT 64 BIT bus for XDR ( XDR works by a pointer to pointer technology and needs very small bandwidth...

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NONE Absolutely NONE of you actually own a ps3. It is very evident from the way you speak.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There were AROUND 9 MILLION x360 ownners when GEARS WAS LAUNCHED.
GEARS disappeared from EU charts ages ago. It doesnt also APPEAR in US charts anymore. GEARS sold 4.5 MILLI...

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Resistance 2 will sell more than Gears 2 and Alan Wake combined **based solely on europe's sales***

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The smoke has undergone a major Improvement.

why argue when the videos are right up there for you

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just look at the second video

almost 0 distinction from real life

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whats even worse is the fact that their weekly UK sales data for the ps3 is wrong too.

I think Vg is also wrong on German sales of x360. Media control said that around 150 000 x360s were sold between nov 2005 to dec 2006. around 56000 x360s were sold in Germany in 2007 vs 309000 ps3s (total).

I request Vgchartz to update their numbers

However it is proved again that Vg cannot be trusted

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HD DVD players work as good DVD upscalers so yes some people might consider purchasing them for upscaling DVD movies

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People always go for something which is more attractive/better

Had Betamax allowed Porn on it then it would have easily won the war then.

Blu Ray already took 20% of DVD sales in Japan last year

Toshiba is trying to delay the verdict i believe but losing brand repuation in the process

The war is over and there is no other way round. People are more cautious and on very rare occasions would purchase an HD DVD drive

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if the installation produces faster and more stable FR, better texture quality and less load times then why should we complain.

since every ps3 comes with an HDD

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Blu Ray has a constant DISC READ speed and the reading speed is faster than what the x360 dvd drive takes to read a DUAL LAYERED DVD disc.

The installation is made optional/mandatory when the Game is usually rushed . In a sense the installation causes data to stream MUCH FASTER which produces better texture and a MORE STABLE FRAMERATE.

even if MGS requires an install it is not bad. Atleast we would be installing for an ultra realistic game not a cartoon game <...

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i dont understand what is Toshiba doing?

why would they keep losing money on this?

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eg in RR7 there was installation too but that was OPTIONAL TOO

same goes to MG ---It is rumoured to have an installation WHICH IS OPTIONAL

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Future is BLu

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that prolonging their stay in DVD biz which is lost could be detrimental for their future .

They should rather make BD drives and earn money

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so DS owners might prefer to buy PSP as well.

PSP sold quite well for 28/30m units in 2 years.

expect PSP sales surge this year

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when DMC3 was launched ps2 had a userbase of 20million

DMC3 sold 180k on its launch week

DMC4 did much better than we anticipated.

It moved 8k extra ps3s which isnt bad but not phenomenal

SSMB moved just 20k extra HW too

However FF13,MGS4,WKS would move a lot of consoles in JAPAN . Those are games/genre that the Japanese like very much

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a 200$ BD writer/rom is on the way

U could get one too for 300$

the cheapest BD player costs 298$.

why would i spend moeny on a DEAD FORMAT+BD PLAYER especially when the manufacturer of the player is RELATIVELY UNKNOWN

90% of the optical disk manufacturers dont even produce HD DVD discs and it includes Hitachi and TDK the best in business

a new VDO card for PCD would cost 400+$. why would i purchase that when i can g...

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WHy would i buy a UNIFIED format player when i know that one format is dead. I think Toshiba could infact pay them to make drives like these.

However i have never heard of this brand and i buy SONY,SHARP,PANASONIC,SAMSUNG,H ITACHI products and they all are BD exclusive supporters excepting SAMSUNG

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