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I was invaded twice, once i got stuck between two rocks and couldn't move, the other time I didn't have any vials while the other guy just kept restoring. Amazing.

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They clearly said it's going to be more open than last of us. Time wasted.

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60/70 euros. Seems normal to me.

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Portal 2
Katamary Damacy
Gta IV
The simpson game
Mario & Luigi Bowser Inside Story
Parappa the rapper
Saints row 3
Borderlands 2

I'd add the Phoenix Wright trilogy.

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Extreme conditions require extreme measures

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no, nothing really like the last of us for immersion, writing, graphics, context of gameplay. If you want this experience, look no further and buy a ps3. Or a ps4 hoping for a Noughty Dog hd collection

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Only double? We need more solders in the playstation nation!

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"Pachter picks microsoft to win next console generation"

Pachter, go home.

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About the crowd excitement: 100 dollars it was fake. Ether that or they were a bunch of hipsters. That makes them hipsters or homless people, which are hard to distinguish anyways.

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USA market only, of course.
Microsoft can't handle the gaming industry and it shows. They are trying to compete with apple, sony, nintendo, samsung, and my god it looks like they are punching themselves in the face.

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the conference was the worst. Can't wait for E3 with all those sweet kinect games!

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Putting a female protagonist in a mob/gang contest is a very hard thing to pull off.
Sexism and misogeny would be found around every corner, facilitating the job of haters and Foxnews.
Still, i'd like to see Rockstar develop a character like Mia from Pulp Fiction in their world. DLC, maybe.

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7) Digital games only.
My ass is digital only.

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I think her personality shines not much in combact,but rather when she argues with the secondary characters and during the breafings she sometime does when you find a camp site.
In my opinion she's a great lead, even if we saw little of her weaknesses: still, I didn't expect her to be as extrovert as nathan drake, but i'd love to hear more of her thoughts and see more character growth.

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Then here comes Last of Us which is going to blow them away

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That will show 'em.

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3)Sora, Goofy and Donald
4)Snake (Solid and Naked/BB and Liquid)
8)Jhon Marston
12)Shepard (maybe?)
13)Journey guy
14)GTA characters

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No Uncharted? Yeah, right.

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"bring games directly to consumers without requiring them to buy new devices."
1) it's called pc gaming.
2) why the hell would sony cut off playstation when it is its most profitable division?

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I'm not even going to read this shit.

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