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I don't like reviews coming out even before the online component did launch, although, it's a good game, played it myself this weekend also.

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Half-Life (+ Counter-Strike), Quake III, Battlefield 1942 for me. Great LAN-games.

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Because of this game I saw the movie. I think this was a good game, allthough there were not much people who knew of the existence of it. Unfortunately cause the concept was huge. Graphics were nice, ambiance was nice, sound effects, good, gameplay was also not bad though. Loved it.

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Epic game, but didn't play the first one that much. Running part 2 on a Voodoo-card, heaven. Those were the times.

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This is comparing minigames to complete retail games. The Vita is a complete game machine, the iPad is a webbrowser which can run games.

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This game was epic. Good years with Bullfrog. Bummer EA never did something with the franchise. Bleed to death.

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Wow, he's a good analyst, I thought about 2030.

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It is tragic. I loved S.T.A.L.K.E.R., allthough it had many bugs and problems. It had the ambiance of Tjernobyl and gave players the freedom like in Fallout, which was unique on the PC.

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This is artwork, not screenshots.

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Activision is no developer, it's a publisher. That's a big difference.

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WTF, comparing a totally lineair game with a open world game.

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Got that one on my GameBoy, classic one. Now Wario Land please, that one I want to download for real.

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@Christherehead: Ever thought how much the development of a game costs? Programmers are working years on a game, so every game is allmost worth 60 bucks, else you never make a profit out of it.

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I have the game, I'm like 3/4 through, and played like 8 hours already. Fantastic game.

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Maybe those stupid people who say PC-gaming is dead should visit some LAN-parties, or start up games like World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike. You still don't see such big communities out there on consoles, so I don't know what everyone is talking about.

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I must admit I love Creative. Every product I had from them just works without any problem, and for tens of years. I have a 4.1 Cambridge set from them with a sound card and they also work just perfect. The sound quality is also perfect, still at this day. I don't know but I prefer this brand above Logitech, which caused me some problems with bad drivers, bad mouses (G5 problems, bad cables etc.). Just love it.

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Ehm, I've been there myself last summer.

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He is an idiot. Making fun of Auschwitz makes even me sick.

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Half-Life 1, no doubt about it. Best singleplayer, best ambiance, best mods, best multiplayer maps.

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Making a game of the Holocaust is just sick. Maybe the developer of the game should visit Auschwitz once in a while to see this is totally not a joke, or should be a game.

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