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stupid article, i m a ps3 hardcore fan, but guys u need to respect exclusives, and i thing gears of war is way more better then halo, i bought xbox 360 bcoz of gears of war. the sales are going to be massive,
guess i am one of those lucky gamers who has xbox and ps3, hehehehehahahah, in your face

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hi ppl first time posting on this website, (site i have been following for the past 3 years), game looks awesome and guess wat i live here in Dubai, the buildings wat they have shown in the trailer (one of them is my office tower where work hehehe), i dont get one thing, how the government of Dubai can allow there buildings to get messed up like this, have they given them rights becoz this country is very particular about these things, do 2K games got any approval for this or they are doin a...

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