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Had me thinking Black Desert was XB1 console exclusive.
*Which was probably the plan.

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Those 'qte's' were optional. Kinda funny confirms this.

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All i heard was "Wait til E3. Then you'll see"


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I was told for A FULL YEAR to "Wait til E3" to see the destruction provided by the cloud.
Letdown is a understatement.

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But ..." Uncompromised"

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I don't want Sony to get a taste of doing 180's.
This one might be good. The next, not so much. So on and so on.
Because of what they said at the reveal. I kept my PS3. Silly me.

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Didn't the PS4 reveal say no BC.

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Ofcourse there's a point. It lets people know what a dev/studio is doing. Duh
Play the games already released in the meantime.
Can't they do both? Announce games years in advance, while also releasing games?

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Agreed. It's been 5 years. *Looking at the year MS released Gears: Judgement. Sparse?

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C) Keep your Xbox One

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Remember "Uncompromised"?

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What sactownlawyer916 said.

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"everything was 2018 with barely any release dates"
So, you've already completed, Yakuza Zero, Nioh, Horizon, & Persona 5???

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PSX not E3

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180 degrees, again.

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Why does Sony not spend more than 5 minutes talking about MLB The Show every year or every other year?

Baseball is a sport too after-all.

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I guess the author has already completed Dragon Quest Heroes, World of Final Fantasy, The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2, Nioh, Horizon & Persona 5 /

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Is ' Technically' an indie game Microsoft showed?

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Xbox gamers have been telling me that Microsoft listens to them.

Haven't those same people been asking for exclusives & new ip's & 1st party studios since the late 360 days? Where's that 1 billion Phil Harrison talked about the beginning of this gen?

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That 1 billion software investment Phil Harrison talked about the beginning of this gen.

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