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Xenoblade Chronicles X? #1.4
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Kinect 2.0 wasn't made for games. How many Kinect only games were released for this 'mandatory' device? #8.1
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"People expected"

Is that a personal issue or the games? #1.3.2
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No closure to what exactly? It's in the middle of a timeline.

Or, are you one of those people that THOUGHT the game should've had something YOU wanted in it that wasn't meant to be in it? #1.3
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I hadn't thought of that and literally took your advice for mission 49.

Sorry, it doesn't work.

I moved a combat soldier to the waiting room as a tank was approaching. Got the save icon at the top right. Died. Was put back at the checkpoint. It saved my action, just not my location. #10.1.2
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I play multiple games though. #10.3.1
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Please explain how to use the delivery system effectively for missions 28 and 48 'Code Talker' (Face the skull snipers then get code talker from the mansion)

..I'll wait. #9.1
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No manual saves is my biggest issue. Lost a lot of time because of this. #10
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"Kojima finally realized making half a game cutscenes was a stupid idea and corrected that"

Peace Walker says Hi! #1.2.2
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"You can't say a feature is SOOOOOO important to you, then not have the actual system. If you don't have a 360 and sold it....clearly its not that important to you"

Agreed. They love those games so much, they got rid of the ONLY console that can play them ALL.


*Ask these same guys how often they want to play these old games.

Like really. You'... #1.6.1
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GTAV single player. Why? Because i bought GTAV STRICTLY for the online portion. Lost 4 characters that 1st week it launched. Sorely dissapointed. #11
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I paid $60 for Heavenly Sword & $30 for MGS:Ground Zeroes. I've put more time into those games than a lot of bigger/longer games.

Worth every penny. Value is subjective. #8
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You and i both know that wasn't even a topic when talking about 3D glasses.

"I don't like wearing 3D glasses because it doesn't do cool stuff"

Said no one. Ever. #8.1.1
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I just find it 'funny' that people didn't want to wear 3D glasses, but they're willing to wear half a helmet. #8
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... Or they'll just do what they did with Drakengard.

Drakengard ending A = Drakengard 2

Drakengard ending E = NieR #1.2
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I wish you had touched upon the people saying things like...

"Horizon and Last Guardian are not coming any time soon. Sony lost E3 because 90% of the games were either multiplatform or not coming until late 2016 or 2017. If this E3 was in 2016 then Sony would have won"

A real person wrote that. #8
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If you get an X1 for it's 'exclusives' They usually only come out around the fall/holidays. So the other 8, 9 months out the year you could be playing other exclusives AND multiplatform games without MS's usual waiting game.

My point: As mainly a PS gamer since the begining. I've never had to wait til fall or wait til E3 for exclusives.

PS = year round. MS = fall/holiday

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[minus the 45 mins part] 10 min rule for me. #1.2
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What if i don't have $60 that day? #1.1.2
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Odin Sphere


Omega Boost
Vagrant Story
Ghost in the Shell [think tank > 3rdPS]
Valkyrie Profile #19
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