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Agreed PhoenixUp

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Guy Savage

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The Sorrow

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Why should an alternate dimension/reality be in a different location?
Why should they be transported to Antarctica for example? Just because?

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XBox - The only place where less games are a good thing to some.

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Looks like MGSV. From a gameplay perspective, that's a good thing. The issue will be price. This should've been an expansion for MGSV.

*Watch all the negative comments (minus price) be about anything other than gameplay.

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How well did Portable Ops & Ac!d sell?

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Scalebound is going to flop commercially.

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"The Last Gaurdian: it has not aged well"

The author has played it for multiple hours?

What other console game today in 2016 is similar to SotC? Surely THIS article should have a few examples. Right?

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My sentiments exactly. Thank you.

*Also, Portable Ops - Directed by Masahiro Yamamoto - Written by Gakuto Mikumo

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Weird question to ask on a core gamer website.
We are the ones who buy games consistently.
Ofcourse WE'RE going to say yes. We're not the casual consumer.

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Agreed. I like Razors Edge more than 1 & 2.

* Razors Edge is multiplat, btw.

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People seem to forget. PS+ started with giving minis.

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Ac!d also.

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So explain Ac!d.

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You mean the same slogan people were saying BEFORE the game came out.
The same slogan used for That Game Company games.
David Cage games.
Telltale games.

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Another generation of Gears, Forza, & Halo EVERY OTHER YEAR.

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Obviously if you exclude the sequels you are right. But when someone mentions the 13 "serieS" they don't just think of 1 game. You literally said "serieS" = plural.

... and who cares if the first game in a trilogy doesn't have dlc but the 2 sequels do. They're all connected anyway, lol.

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Isn't the Witcher 3 devs indie?

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