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Fun game, but not worth the $40+. I suggest wait for the F2P version.

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"From feels"
Why not say. 'I FEEL this is getting mixed reviews'???

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How are you gauging these "mixed" reviews?

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MGS4 had/has multi. It didn't need it either.

*Your comment didn't state pros/cons. Just general.

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I would be sad because they're human beings. But no emotional attachments because i don't know them. Especially if i just only seen them interact with each other for 20 minutes. Thus MY issue with TLoU opening.
1. They're not human. 2. I don't know these people. I totally get what ND was going for though.

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I'm a father too, BUT. We only knew his daughter for about 20 minutes. Where was the emotional connection/character development? His daughter could've been a 'problem child' for all we knew.

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Still on my radar. This and Wild.

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"They were both lacking exclusives at the start of the Gen in 2013"

You forgot to factor in the PS3 ALSO existed in 2013. Along with, The Last of Us, Ni No Kuni, Dragon's Crown, Beyond Two Souls, etc.

'Sony just hit us with all these PS3 games, and they're releasing a next gen console in the same year, AND it's a $100 cheaper' SOLD!

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Ofcourse it got more attention. We live in the social media age. That didn't exists in the PS2 era. BUT, more attention doesn't automatically equate to more sales.

How many PS2's were out in the wild when SotC released? How many PS4's were out in the wild when TLG released? Think about it.

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Same here. I was gifted a free copy too. I personally wouldn't have payed for this either.

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I didn't read the article. So i don't know if it's stated.
Was going to play til i found this out. I still game on my PS3.

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Needs more Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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100% agree.

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Just don't take time off for the multiplayer. Remember GTA5 online first week?

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Cartoonish CG never impressed. I'm more impressed with CG like KingsGlaive. I prefer hand-drawn animation overall.

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I clearly said "I just hope"

It has happened to me before. Assassins Creed 1 for example. Before the game released. We found out Ubi was making a parkour/free-running game. As time went on, details about said game trickled out. One detail was NO JUMP BUTTON. I'm like "No jump button in a parkour/free-running game, lolwhut?" We later find out, it's a modifier button (1 button does multiple tasks)

I hate Ass Creed games for this...

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That's a personal decision/issue, not Sony's. Sony doesn't owe ME BC.
What happens if i sell my PS4, buy a PS5, then my PS5 breaks? = Can't play PS5 OR PS4 games.

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I just hope i don't have to worry about where i shoot my web to swing in the city.
Meaning, i don't want to have to pan the camera up, pinpoint a specific target just to swing around the city. I shouldn't even have to think about. *It's never portrayed this way in comics or movies or our Spider-Man fantasy's.

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I agree. It doesn't need it, but would be nice to have.


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