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This is easy to say in January.

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Who thought a puzzle game (a Japanese puzzle game) was going to sell millions?
For example:
Catherine - 2011 - PS3 - first week 140,000 XBox 360 - 21,000

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What about us BlackBerry users.

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It's January and we're already talking about E3. smh
I guess "Wait til E3" is back.
Why is this never a topic with Ninty or Sony? Hmmm
Microsoft are the masters of carrot/stick.

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I want to know what happened to that 1 Billion dollar game investment Phil Harrison (not Spencer) talked about the beginning of this generation.

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Off the top of my head.

Alan Wake
Splinter Cell Conviction (Hobo Sam)

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"Sony had a sparse holiday season"

PS4 EXCLUSIVES starting Sep 27 til Dec 21

Darkest Dungeon
Dragon Quest Builders
Batman Arkham VR
Eve: Val
Job Simulator
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Rez Infinite
Until Dawn: RoB
Wayward Sky
Yesterday Origins
World of Final Fantasy
SAO: ...

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Is there a Halo Wars 2 countdown timer?

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Really? It's January.
Where's the countdown for games releasing before June? Show more love for your games, not for an expo.

*If this comment 'offends' you. Tell me. What's offensive about saying. "Show more love for your games"?

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You asked the question and your response is "And?"
lol, ok

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Serious question. Not trolling.

Why do Forza fans say they "never" use the rewind feature, but PG keeps putting in a rewind feature? Surely, they can track this metric and know people aren't using this feature.

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Why is "86" such an important number?

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As you were typing YOUR FIRST WORD "Features" I know you giggled a little, lol.
The first word you typed was features, NOT software.

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"doesn't even know they need it"

What does this mean? Can you elaborate?

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To let fans (& general public) of their games know what they're working on. Simple concept really.
*you asked

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OR keep your old consoles.

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How do YOU measure quality? Awards? Metacritic?

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The article does not even mention 1 game. Sad, but very telling.

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That's racist dude.

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more game options > less game options

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