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It's quite easy. Play the games you have on the system you bought them for. These corporations don't owe us.

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Complaints about backwards compatibility... Where?

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If you have a system you "might play once in awhile". Keep it in a closet or something.

I have a Dreamcast for example. I'm not keeping my DC out for the occasional game of Power Stone. I'm also not going to get rid of my DC.

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No one ITT YET has said otherwise.

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This is N4G. The same topic will be brought up next week.

Again. PS Now is NOT backwards compatibility.

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Rockstar, Naughty Dog, Nintendo, Blizzard, & Bioware.

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He doesn't deserve any Pokemon.

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Solid games were never on NES.

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The Wii wasn't even an original idea.

Wii - 2006

Xavix - 2004 "Look it up"

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'so wtf do you watch it'

To see what developers are working on. What's so hard to understand?

Like i said. 'I'VE NEVER watched an E3 for release dates' Ever.

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We could've went to Gamestop for release dates. I've NEVER watched an E3 for release dates or to see games that are releasing 'soon'. Core gamers usually know what coming soon anyway.

Thanks. I guess.

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Sony killed it.

They made feel i invested in a great product that will get awesome support for years to come. I don't have to think "Will it be dry this year? Next year"? Etc. While still getting support presently, year round. Love it!

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Multiplatform definition

'In the consumer gaming market, mutliplatform games run on more than one gaming machine. For example, a sports game developed for Xbox, Playstation, GameCube, and PC would be a multiplatform game. If a game is developed exclusively for one system, i.e. "The Legend of Zelda," for Nintendo, it is not multip...

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Give a date just so people can say "That's too far away." OR. Give a date. Game gets delayed. Then people will say "Why'd they give us a release so early if it wasn't going to be ready?"

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This. This. This.

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