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rarity said: "you sounded like you where trying count forza as an exclusive to the Xbox one which it isn't so when you're talking about exclusive's you shouldn't mention stuff that's available elsewhere"


You named games ONLY on the X1(cept forza) Then(after the fact) say games "exclusive to Microsoft platforms"

You list X1 games, but people are supposed to know you MEAN... #1.1.12
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[First line of article]: "Every year there are plenty of new releases. Some are hyped, some are not.

[from the article regarding FFXIII LR]: "Even most of the series’ heaviest critics were fairly silent about the game"

No one hyped FFXIII LR.

Why is FFXIII LR on the list but NOT Drakengard 3? ... if we're talking forgotten games. Did he forget? #11
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"as far MGS4 was concerned he only revealed the middle east section"


We knew nothing of Act 3's city or Act 4's Alaska. #1.1.2
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... and so it begins, again.

Another gen of "Wait til E3" #8
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The title is completely wrong. All they do is talk about Sony gamers. Not gamers in general.

The title makes it seem neutral. It's not. #2
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Personally speaking. I've already spent around 14hrs into GZ with only 25% completed. Can't say I've done that with any other demo in my life.

Secondly. In 1989 I bought Strider for my Genesis. Strider cost around $70 in 1989. Guess how long it took to finish.

4 hours... w/less content #8
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Digital title DRM = Console DRM [a.k.a. 24hr chk-in]

Really? Really? #7.3
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"The reason Microsoft made so many changes to the Xbox One is because of you, Internet"

If you believe this. smh

"At E3 last year, in the months before launch, and E3 this year, they showed off game after game after game"

Ooooh! They showed games at a games conference. Amazing!

Anyone else notice when people say "MS showed nothing but games at this and last years E3" Kinect wasn't as prominen... #10
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@Inception (I never forget. I still own Ghost Babel lol)

1. All that really doesn't mean much when you're an old man.

Michael Jordan as a rookie would dominate an old/aging Magic Johnson one on one. Simply because of youth/conditioning/stamina. Experince doesn't really matter.

Realistically speaking. That final fight between Big Boss & Solid, (nes/msx)Big Boss would be tired as hell, lol.

2. Liquid was pretty... #11.1.2
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"As the 'imperfect clone' Solid beat Naked / Big Boss twice on Zanzibar and Outer Heaven. In MGS 1, Solid also beat Liquid who dub as the better clone compare to Solid"

In your assesment you forgot to mention 2 important things.

1. Big Boss was old
2. Foxdie

j/s #11.1
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"Obviously Naked. He's been through more then Solid, he's the original snake. Plus they've even said in game that Solid was an imperfect clone"

THIS. [plus, he eats snakes. no brainer]

/thread #7
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I think so.

But I've personally NEVER put 15+ hours into a game demo.

Heck, I've put more time into GZ than Journey or Flower. #7.1
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Are you saying, the people who bought an X1 w/Kinect in 2013 have to wait til E3 2015 for substantial kinect game news?

If so. Just the thought of that seems crazy. #13.1
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"Kinect Future Depends On E3 2014"

Yep. Been saying this since they announced the Kinect-less sku.

AT LEAST 4 million people own X1's w/Kinect. They paid an extra $100 for the device. Now would be the WORST time to abandon/ignore the device considering all the good PR they've been getting lately.

What do you think people are going to say AFTER E3 if they show 1, 2 or no Kinect games?
(Hint: the same thing(S) people s... #12
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You must've forgot. Alan Wake was shown at the same E3 as Killzone 2. Guess which game was released first.

Remember "Hobo" Sam. Splinter Cell Coviction?

Your statement is false.

j/s #3.1.1
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@ edonus ^

"I still say that if you get an X1 without kinect you are stupid"

So ... I NEED Kinect because all I want to play is Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, etc. Which in-turn makes me stupid.

One of the dumbest comments I've seen.

... and I've been around since TheMart, PoG, Zhuk, etc. #4.1.2
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"but given the lackluster sales of Xbox One Kinect titles like Kinect Sports Rivals, it might not be best to emphasize on them too much"


The one thing that seperates you from your competition and ups the price by $100 more. DON'T emphasize it? Really?

IF I bought an X1 w/Kinect you better believe I wanna see Kinect game(S) on stage. Not just 2 or 3, since it's an integral part of the console. You better show why I... #13
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Um ... can't we have both? New AND old games. #12
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DCUO's level cap is only 30.

*cr is not level #10
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