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It's January and they're already talking about E3.

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I'll judge the game on it's gameplay. F*** politics.

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People act like The Last of Us, Ni No Kuni, Dragons Crown, etc didn't release in 2013.

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Trump defense 101

"What he MEANT to say"
"He didn't mean it that way"

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Why congrat second place, but not third?
That's wierd/

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Kainé ftw!

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You are the controller
Better with Kinect

... yet, there were no Kinect games

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You said.
"Before the usual fanboys JUMP THEIR GUNS"
Followed by.
"That's what Microsoft is doing here!"

The irony. Where's your proof/source? Since YOU clearly didn't 'jump the gun' yourself with the latter statement/

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Watch the reveal trailer. There's a Metal Gear at the end.
*was Sahelanthropus a 'metal gear'?
I would understand, had you said 'this isn't a metal gear game', but if there's a metal gear in the game then it literally has something to do with metal gear. j/s

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Ofcourse it matters.
Wouldn't the average consumer ask why does this one cost $500 and that one cost much less? At that point, since said consumer is asking for info, you then have to tell them about the tech inside *since they asked*. (or are you implying the average consumer isn't going to ask about something they might drop $500 on when there's something much cheaper with a similar name sitting right next to it)

Again. Is that hypothetical average ...

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That was the issue for me. I'm a SF guy. I don't want to play as Ryu in the Tekken engine.

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Does the average consumer know or even care what a teraflop is?

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Damn, Sony got you shook.
YOU mention Sony in two responses when no one else did.
Assume much.

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A feature to turn friendly fire off. Team-killing sucks.
Along with custom modes. Custom squads. I got 6 other friends i'd like to team up with.
I'd also prefer a weapon wheel instead of cycling through items i don't need at that moment. Don't know how many times i've picked bandages instead of a gun then died.

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Nier (last gen)

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Now bring back weapon damage.

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Why? Get good doesn't apply?

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Bring weapon damage back!

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You don't seem to understand what 'even out' means.
Sony would have to stop so MS could 'catch up'. Then, it would be 'even'
MS would have to create double the studios. Meaning, for example, if Sony has 4 studios MS would have to create 8 for it to be even.

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Your list is lazy. Try harder.

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