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"You can't say a feature is SOOOOOO important to you, then not have the actual system. If you don't have a 360 and sold it....clearly its not that important to you"

Agreed. They love those games so much, they got rid of the ONLY console that can play them ALL.


*Ask these same guys how often they want to play these old games.

Like really. You'... #1.6.1
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GTAV single player. Why? Because i bought GTAV STRICTLY for the online portion. Lost 4 characters that 1st week it launched. Sorely dissapointed. #11
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I paid $60 for Heavenly Sword & $30 for MGS:Ground Zeroes. I've put more time into those games than a lot of bigger/longer games.

Worth every penny. Value is subjective. #8
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You and i both know that wasn't even a topic when talking about 3D glasses.

"I don't like wearing 3D glasses because it doesn't do cool stuff"

Said no one. Ever. #8.1.1
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I just find it 'funny' that people didn't want to wear 3D glasses, but they're willing to wear half a helmet. #8
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... Or they'll just do what they did with Drakengard.

Drakengard ending A = Drakengard 2

Drakengard ending E = NieR #1.2
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I wish you had touched upon the people saying things like...

"Horizon and Last Guardian are not coming any time soon. Sony lost E3 because 90% of the games were either multiplatform or not coming until late 2016 or 2017. If this E3 was in 2016 then Sony would have won"

A real person wrote that. #8
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If you get an X1 for it's 'exclusives' They usually only come out around the fall/holidays. So the other 8, 9 months out the year you could be playing other exclusives AND multiplatform games without MS's usual waiting game.

My point: As mainly a PS gamer since the begining. I've never had to wait til fall or wait til E3 for exclusives.

PS = year round. MS = fall/holiday

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[minus the 45 mins part] 10 min rule for me. #1.2
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What if i don't have $60 that day? #1.1.2
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Odin Sphere


Omega Boost
Vagrant Story
Ghost in the Shell [think tank > 3rdPS]
Valkyrie Profile #19
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Uh Oh! Someone call Gangsta Red/ #1.4
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Wonder what they're going to use Kinect 2.0 for like all those other devs/ #4
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Ahhh! I remember last gen like it was yesterday.

"No one cares about having a web browser on their video game console. I have a pc in the same room for that"

- Blu-ray

"I didn't buy a video game console to watch movies"

Good times. Good times. #18
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PS4 & X1 version just came out Nov 18th. A month is considered a while now? #4.1
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Thought this article was about video games. (PS4 vs Xbox One) It is not.

Also. Why do people 'convientlty' forget about exclusives the PS3 had versus exclusives the 360 had in 2013?

Ni No Kuni alone slapped everything MS had that year. Do I even have to mention The Last of Us/

Then Sony releases the PS4 along-side the X1. What's Microsoft's excuse? Shouldn't the X1 have launched with more games? 360's 2013 ... what wer... #13
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"I loved playing MGSV: Ground Zeroes...

...for about an hour. And then buyer's remorse kicked in. Paying $30 for about as much content as MGS2's Tanker demo (which I got for free) left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth"

That says more about you then it does Konami/Kojima.

"Paying $30 for about as much content as MGS2's Tanker demo"

You know this is a lie. I've put 15hrs into GZ with only 27% co... #1.1.1
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I said GZ would be included, but at a cost. Why would Kojima give people a free game? If I personally paid $30 for GZ, why should everyone else get it for free?

People can call GZ a demo all they want. But I have yet to put 15 hours of gameplay in ANY demo. Haven't played in awhile. Was only at 27% completed last time I played.

GZ = 15 hours in/27% completed. #2.1
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MGS4, Nier, Ni No Kuni & Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes to mind #15
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