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Agreed. IF (for example) Detroit Become Human had no rumble no one would notice because they've never played it before.
- This goes for any new game someone has never played before.

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MINUS fun factor (which is subjective). How does MT's affect the fluidity of pick & rolls, give n go's, etc? How does MT's affect graphics, sound?

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This review BARELY mentions gameplay, graphics, presentation, sound & fun factor. Things i personally look for when buying a game.
Great review/

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But the crossdressing scene still exist today.
Meaning. If SJW's say something, gamers can just say. This has existed since 1997. Where were you all those years?

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Vagrant Story
Omega Boost
Xenogears (official sequel)

Honorable mention:
Elemental Gearbolt (in VR)

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Ironically, i named my character Rex in XCX ;-)

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Why didn't you just keep your original copy [like me] if you loved it so much? Just curious.
*I keep ALL the games i love.

I'll say it again.
KEEP YOUR CURRENT GEN CONSOLES, because you never know.

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I believe Rising & Survive are NOT Metal Gear games. BUT Rising is tied closer to the Metal Gear universe than Survive. [In Rising you actually play as a canonical MG character. It takes place in the same universe. It includes a pivotal MG character - Sunny.] But most people agreed that Rising is NOT a MG game in the classic sense. Even though it's tied closer to the universe. While some seem to treat/assume that Konami said Survive IS a Metal Gear game when they haven't.

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Article -
"I for one am extremely disapointed that Konami chose to sell out one of the most intriguing and innovative franchises to something so SIMPLE AND MINDLESS" <- ? Can't this statement be applied to Rising?

"What made Metal Gear famous was the choice to adapt to opponents using stealth rather than big guns and explosions" <- ? Can't this also be applied to Rising?

Raiden literally talks about Solid Snake i...

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This article makes it seem like Rising doesn't exist. Rising LITERALLY has Metal Gears in it and it's title.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X
*glad i'm not the only one

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Why didn't you use PSPGo & 2dsXL sales?/

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Gene, meme, scene or sense vision?
*i seen what they did to the live-action GitS

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"They could have 20 exclusives this year and you would still have the majority of this site not interested in those games"

Sounds just like Xbox fans on this site when a PS fan list 20 Japanese exclusives.

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On ng+ right now. Micolash(sp) is giving me the bizness.

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Me for example. I didn't want a o.g. Xbox UNTIL i seen Ninja Gaiden Black. Yep, one game is all it takes sometimes. MS hasn't had that 'it' game this gen.

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Fun game, but not worth the $40+. I suggest wait for the F2P version.

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"From feels"
Why not say. 'I FEEL this is getting mixed reviews'???

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How are you gauging these "mixed" reviews?

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