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"I like pie"



Nobody was disagreeing with you because of what consoles you owned, you got disagrees because the list you provided was idiotic and thought up by an ill informed 8 year old trying to think up reasons as to why his console is better, even if he doesn't know anything about how it works. Also, your spelling and grammar is from kindergarten so that probably was a lot of it too. #1.1.19
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I seriously hope your trolling because you sound like a naive 8 year old. Let's ignore the fact that MS has brought more harm to the industry then anyone else and it took sony's competition to get them sweating. #1.1.17
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The reason SE released 3 games in the XIII is because they lost a boatload of money from vanilla 14. So rather then invest in a whole new game, the best way to get back their profits the best course was to reuse 13's assets over 2 more games. #1.1.4
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-Only observed MMOs' and exclude all other games on market
-only survey people who voluteer to do it
-expecting the loners to do the survey
-expecting loners to go out to a public area with many other people
And theres a few other biased attempts at trying to make gaming more socially acceptable to the norms in the full article, like how they went out of their way to deliberately recruit female attendees because all the studies only had less then 15% femal... #10
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Last year Microsoft didn't even make it past the first votes. This year I'd expect them to either win or be runner-up. #13
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WOAH #3.1
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-- Reported by the community --
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I was referring to this statement right here in this piece. #7.1.1
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Lol "Only 4 people guessed it right"

What an understatement #7
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In my opinion a subscription on an MMO is a much more feasible business model for both parties then a F2P one, however the game itself has to deliver in order to feel like it's worth it's weight. I feel like Zenimax just took the most American state of mind when developing this and just flooded a massive amount of their funds and resources just to produce something to continuously generate profit from. They did this as soon as the Elder scrolls became mainstream enough that they knew... #15
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"There is absolutely nothing wrong with the X1s worksmanship."

At least attempt to google or read more before you sit down and decide to write "intelligent" comments like this. #2.2.3
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Nobody is seeing the big picture as to why they're voted every year. People NEED banks, Oil companies, and necessities based around our economy. EA knows that people don't NEED video games which is why them getting voted as "Worst in America" affects them the way it does. If Bank of America, BP, Mcdonalds, Wal-mart, Com-cast, Nestle, etc. were to get voted the title, it wouldn't accomplish anything. EA knows that people can drop their products in an instant if bad reputa... #12
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I have no issues paying for a subscription to an MMO. But if the MMO does not feel like a 15$ a month game I stay away from it.

A game like FF14:ARR is very good example of a game where the sub is well worth the price. The base game was about 30$-40$ if you got it digitally or retail, 15$ sub, and no cash-shop except one service that lets you switch servers. The devs are very forthcoming about things and tell you everything that they are planning unless they are keeping it a... #17
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The game has every possible way an MMO can charge you. Starting with the 60$ payment, the 15$ sub, plus a cash shop. It's even worse if you were buying this on Xbone because you have to pay for gold on top of this. Pure cash-in on the franchise.

I played it and it was so generic and the combat was floaty and it was just a miserable waste of so much money Zenimax blew on it. The team that made Skyrim/Oblivion/Fallout 3 has nothing to do with this game, and Todd Howard hims... #1.1.4
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At least he didn't say Gone Home #2
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I would get it on PC if I didn't have to install and have Origin running on my computer. Personally though, I'm not foaming at the mouth over the game, I'm sure it will be good for what it is, but I don't know why everyone is jizzing their pants over it. #5
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The cherry on the cake was that god awful wubstep reveal trailer, placed on top of the huge amount of bandages they wear. They finally made Shadow the Edgehog a reality too. #2
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The idea is basically telling people what they've heard a thousand times won't change their minds about it, you have to tell them new things about said thing for it to have any effect on the way they think about it.

And some people are so enamored with said thing they disregard anyone who tries to reason. #1.2.5
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Halo 4 was easily the weakest entry in the Halo universe. The story never had a moment where you weren't just constantly shooting enemies and you got to just take in large masses of scenery with nice ambient music like previous ones had. Also having QTE's to fill in the important parts was BS and it's no longer in your control, especially when all the final boss was PRESS A REPEATEDLY: The ending. They forced killing off yet another character to try to convey emotion, but I felt t... #2.1.4
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