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"God dam Dwarf Gekko"


Same i couldnt care less how it looks :/ #17.1
C**k tease. #15
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I enjoyed it =] #6.1
Everyone knows Snake would out-stealth Batman! :p #10.1
That sure showed him. #1.1.1
I heard a rumour that the next Xbox isnt a console at all,its just a box you step into and whatever your heart desires most just appears in front of you :O

But then again thats just a rumour, which makes it lack substance, like every "new Xbox specs rumour" article. #9
I also spotted an easter egg in pipeline, theres a snow man with an army helmet in the cockpit of one of the cranes.

OT- Didnt a rep at EA accidentally leak BF2143 over the phone to a journalist a while back? #5
Christ. #29
Im gonna put my money on it revealing Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are the names of chapters in the new Metal Gear. #10
Iv never played any Mass Effect, so im gitty as a school girl for this! :D #20
I have the same opinion. #2
Awful. #1
Getting beaten at Street Fighter by someone who has never played it before is harrowing. Button basher or not. #4
No Old Snake?! ={O Blasphemy! #1
I prefer Battlefield 3`s. MW3`s reminds me too much of Arkham Citys. #3
Support is one of the best classes, Any LMG with the bipod and you can easily hold a position by yourself. #1.3.1
BF3 campaign was awesome. That article is awful #97
Vice city had the funniest radio by far. The judge in GTAIV was funny too, cant remember his name though #7.1.1
Tommy Vercetti or Lazlo #7
The voice acting is hilarious. The only plus I have for this game is that the weapons actually feel like they have some weight to them. #4
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