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Getting both even though I have Dark Souls II collectors edition on both PS3 and 360 with the DLC and also beat both several times. Can't come soon enough! #3
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Imho, Sony should be a game company first and foremost, everything else should fall in line accordingly... Why not? It's most profitable there and everything else is just an anchor atm. Idk, I just hope they continue to bring exclusive titles like Bloodborne and so forth to the PS4, that'll keep gamers "such as myself", happily supporting them. #5
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I still prefer physical copies but I do love FREE PS Plus games and a significant discount on PS Plus digital titles. That's why I downloaded as many games as I did this past year. #27
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I love this game! This DLC will keep me busy for a while... #1
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I really like this game! It's fun and the 3 person tag is evolutionary. I picked this up for Vita and PS4, shame I had to download the Vita version though but not too bad since I got a 64 gig card now... #2
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Na, as much as I like Tomb Raider we PS4 owners will be getting two lifetime exclusives, Bloodborne and Uncharted which will be both as good if not better than Tomb Raider IMO. There are several other exclusives coming to the PS4 as well but these two are the exclusives I'm really looking forward to. I am however disappointed that it won't be coming to the PS4 but it was a smart move on MS part. #1.33
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Picked up Shovel Knight and it's freakin fantastic, enjoy! #1.1
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There are several good games on Vita however I love two specific games, Soul Sacrifice Delta and KillZone. Those two games look and play amazingly greater than standard Vita titles. When I play those two games it definitely feel like a console experience on the go. The Vita needs more ambitious titles like those two but no developer wants to take the chance on doing it. I say that if you make a great title, there should be no worries what so ever of it selling because a great game sells even... #2
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I really think this game might have a shot. It reminds me of Dark Souls/Demon's Souls with its combat but a little more faster more arcade like. That isn't a bad thing there isn't enough good clones of that genre. #1
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Good, a lot of people didn't like that Zelda but I did! I will admit that I really wasn't to interested at the time of release but after a couple of years I played it, beat it and it was really good. I think it was one of the darker Zelda titles despite the protagonist, "Link" being a kid. #1
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I have a 3DS XL with a CPP XL and play MH3U on both my Wii U and 3DS XL. I am disappointed that it isn't coming to the Wii U but with the CPP XL it really isn't that big of a deal. You can order one on for $20 that's where I got mine, happy hunting! #2.1
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I totally agree with you! I would rather have this on my 3DS XL but they're only releasing GBA games on the Wii U for some odd reason. I have the original ambassador certificate on the 3DS which gave me 20 games, 10 NES and 10 GBA title, one of them being Metroid Fusion, and wondered why they haven't started putting GBA titles on the 3DS. I own a Wii U and will get this if it comes stateside but would much rather Nintendo release it on the 3DS or both. #3.1
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I want this so bad, I really hope Nintendo brings this over stateside as soon as possible. This was a great remake of the original NES version that I beat once. Epic game! #1
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Those are some reasonable points. I don't know if it's enough to save the Wii U but I will say that MK7 in combination with a pricedrop and SM3DL helped the 3DS get on the right track. I really think that MK8 should've been the priority over SM3DW and launched back then, even though it is a great 3D Mario more people seem to gravitate to MK series. I mean it really helped the 3DS out so why not the Wii U but then again that's a handheld and this is a console so who knows... <... #1.1
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I have a few gripes with the game, the resolution and framerates are not as good as I'd like them to be especially when comparing the awesome saga on the PS3. I know some people have said that it's a Vita game what do you expect, well I expect an effort! After purchasing both FFX on Vita and PS3, which were amazing on both, I have to say that this could've been a lot better, but that doesn't mean that it isn't still fun to kick ass on the go. After an hour or so it isn'... #9
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I remember Nintendo advertised this as a part of last summer updates I may be wrong but either way it's a fantastic option that I'm sure I'll use when Mario Kart comes out. #9
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Give this guy a JOB already FromSoftware! The contrast and color correction is worth it alone, great job! #5
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I agree it does look good and highly doubt it's a 4/10 in most respects however, we do have to respect his opinion, doesn't mean I have to like it but he has played and beat it, something I can't say I did, yet. I think I'm going to pick it up because I have yet to be disappointed with any Metal Gear title yet, plus it give us a chance to see what's coming with The Phantoms Pain something I'm really looking forward to. To be honest Metal Gear games can typically be bea... #47.1.1
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I use my Pulse Elites with My PS3, PS4, Wii U and Xbox 360 without having to do anything but turn the headset on. It's simple, if you have a USB and headphone jack input built in your TV. All I had to do was plug in the Bluetooth dongle into my TV, plug in the headphone jack into the dongle and the TV and I was good to go. The downside is that I'm not able to see the battery life or information onscreen and can't use the chat feature, other than that it works flawlessly. #11
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SMDH, I'm a huge fan of peace walker and think that it is some of Kojima's finest work. I doubt that this is anything but great, short, but great nonetheless... It really seems like price and length are the biggest complaints. #47
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