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Bloodborne, even after I beat MGSV as great as it was, I recently got The Old Hunters expansion and realized just how phenomenal Bloodborne really is! MGSV was great action and fun but essentially Bloodborne a new IP, is the clear winner especially with the expansion MGSV and The Witcher without a doubt would be clos; not to mention Xenoblade which comes out Friday but, if I had to choose a runner up I'd have to give it to Kojimas final game MGSV for now. #39
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Meh, I'm a fan of the series and just finished off the n3ds version recently. I'm super pumped for this game and am well aware how some "mainstream" media still view jrpg games as difficult or repetitive when in fact it's mostly about the grind! I am however very disappointed in the fact that the protagonist is now some type of mute who has nothing to say. I'll miss Shulk and him screaming, "I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!!" Not to say that other characters won'... #12
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I enjoyed and plan to enjoy KH:DDD yet again thanks to this "remaster". I'd imagine that the only remastering being done here is a resolution bump and trophy support similar to the previous titles. I hope that it has stereoscopic 3D support like the original KH:DDD, which was a 3DS exclusive, because it was actually one of the most eye pleasing experiences done right! If not I'll just pop DDD in my n3DS XL and enjoy it with the new super stable 3D and extra buttons, but I... #1
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You're absolutely right, I should've been a little more clear. Demon's Souls II is the sequel everyone, including myself, is waiting for. Dark Souls III will be the sequel to the original Dark Souls I've been waiting for... #6.1.2
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Isamu Okano will also be supporting Miyazaki in the role of (CO-DIRECTOR) on Dark Souls 3, with Dark Souls 2's director Yui Tanimura also set be joining the team in a non-director role.

("Miyazaki-san" IS TAKING LEAD ON THE OVERALL PRODUCTION, the basic game features, direction, as well as the visual design direction,") Yoshimura explained. "Okano-san is basically handling the mass production part as well as the human resource control. The best way to... #6
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Great! Can't get enough of SSB on my new 3ds XL when I'm at work, and love SSB Wii U when I'm home! Haven't loved SSB like this since N64 also really enjoyed the GameCube version as well. I'm puzzled as to why Nintendo didn't release this from the beginning or when the new 3ds XL launched. Really disappointed Nintendo is charging (US) $.99 but I guess it's cheaper than buying an extra controller or buying a copy of SSB 3DS. #1
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Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Bloodborne, and now Dark Souls III... I hope Miyazaki isn't just a supervisor on this because DS II was amazing but didn't feel quite the same as the two previous titles before although amazing, felt more like Dark Souls 1.8 not quite a 2. Definitely excited though, it looks nice and gritty. Has me wondering if Miyazaki is working on the "first" expansion of Bloodborne or if he's letting his "B" team handle the expa... #18
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I like it! Splatoon is good-ol' fashioned fun with an online twist and some interesting game mechanics. My only complaint is its mediocre story/campaign. The game is online first single player second, geared towards the hardcore side of gamers encouraging, rewarding and unlocking item's mostly through online play, but is heavily marketed towards children. Wouldn't be too much of a problem but we all know Nintendo, when children are a factor they seem to always subtract to solve th... #3
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Lol sorry, I meant Earth Defence Force 2017 Portable. Really old and dated graphics and gameplay that should be terrible but from what I've played it's one of those guilty pleasure games lol. #6.1.1
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Cool! I downloaded it a while back and toyed with it a bit but haven't had time to really dig in. Looks like that's all about to change... Glad to see Vita gettin sum luv, gotta support it! #6
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Wow HORRIBLE! In theory "themes," are supposed to minimally change, not only the background picture(s), but also add music, sounds, sound effects from the corresponding set piece, etc... Additionally if the theme is dynamic it should definitely be much more that a copy and paste job. When charging a Premium, for something that isn't available for preview, there should definitely be some type of quality control involved, other than the rating system in place in order to further a... #16
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"Along with news of the patch, Yamagiwa revealed via his personal Twitter that Bloodbo rne's first expansion pack will be coming out before the year’s end."

Unless I'm missing something, the "FIRST" Expansion Pack will be "coming out" before the year's end. I think you're referring to Yoshida ' tweet. I don't mean to sound pessimistic but didn't he say expansion pack not DLC...? ;) #1.1.1
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First Koji Igarashi, or "Iga", now Hideo Kojima... Bye bye Konami, I'd like to say until the next time we meet, but with two of the greatest gone there's no point to stick around! First Castlevania, now MGG and SH too... Such a crappy time in gaming history for Konami to lose, not one but, two of the greatest people in gaming all in less than a decade!

Wow, such an achievement to accomplish... #10
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I never knew that if you invaded in the tower that you had a chance to play as the boss. From my experience with Demon's Souls, I was always summoned by the boss to fight whoever was near about to fight. Now in Dark Souls II I did have to drop a red invasion soapstone near the galss shield boss fight in order for him to summon me. That's pretty cool that you could do the same in Demon's Souls, still my favorite as it was my first Souls game and my first platinum trophy! Bloodborne... #1.2
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Frostbite 3 POWA! Totally unnecessary, they can't achieve a native resolution of 1080p "900p(PS4)/720p(XBO)" ;, can't lock the frames at 60fps on consoles (50-60fps sometimes lower)instead, let's take the time to design an ultra realistic looking hamburger, for the fans of course... GOTY! #1.3
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Getting both even though I have Dark Souls II collectors edition on both PS3 and 360 with the DLC and also beat both several times. Can't come soon enough! #3
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Imho, Sony should be a game company first and foremost, everything else should fall in line accordingly... Why not? It's most profitable there and everything else is just an anchor atm. Idk, I just hope they continue to bring exclusive titles like Bloodborne and so forth to the PS4, that'll keep gamers "such as myself", happily supporting them. #5
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I still prefer physical copies but I do love FREE PS Plus games and a significant discount on PS Plus digital titles. That's why I downloaded as many games as I did this past year. #27
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I love this game! This DLC will keep me busy for a while... #1
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I really like this game! It's fun and the 3 person tag is evolutionary. I picked this up for Vita and PS4, shame I had to download the Vita version though but not too bad since I got a 64 gig card now... #2
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