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I agree it's a bit steep, however, the specs are phenomenal, including 240hz which you don't see on many smaller displays. That LG you are talking about is solid, but still not technically better than the PS display. But, at the end of the day, it should be $299.99 in my opinion or bundled with a PS3 for $449.00. that's just my opinion. But if you have the cash, have at it -- best gaming 24" around.

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That cool, and it's not over exaggerating big.

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Good review. The graphics are top notch, still can't believe it took 'em this long..

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Spotify is incredible! Good shit!

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excuse you? PS3 has plenty of games to be proud of, I'm just not going to rule out the fact that a few months ago there was a rumor that Sony and Microsoft were teaming up for something. This would be huge for both sides.

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Maybe that's why the "PS3 Exclusive" is so Shocking. Maybe it's a game titled "Hano"

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OMG OMG OMG...!!! Alan Wake best game ever!

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What??? I'm all over this, I agree greatest Nintendo console. How do I feel about carrying around a SNES? Proud!

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The comparisons are valid, since its only comparing it by how it would help the franchise/Konami. It's actually something that could work on Konami's favor, allowing them to release exclusive titles for each system if everything goes well with Rising.

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Sony has 3D on lock and now i get it. 700" screen on your grape!

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For what it is, the price is fair. The display is a beast. the specs are incredible. But again, it's only 24"

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whoa! 2012! Was not expecting that!

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ahead of its time indeed.

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Holy smokes! That's a massive collection!

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It's an LCD, it's mentioned on the article about 3 times.

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The Vizio is 32" 3DTV, The PS 3DTV is only 24" That alone makes it a better buy for me. Plus, this one comes with 2 pairs of 3D Glasses, Sony's only comes with one pair.

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I knew it! I knew they would use software or a Sony app.

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