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I wanted to put there's but i typed it in Microsoft word and Bill Gates threatened to sue. I called him on it but I ran out of money first.

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That was an editorial decision :)

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Thanks for commenting :)

He seemed really enthused by the project. It's something i'm looking forward to getting involved in. Hope you enjoyed the read :)

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The most challenging puzzles are all over this game like some kind of vicious sneeze. It's really hard to give details of when and where without spoiling it. It's more about the hidden themes in-game, really. Also, you'll need to play twice :) Thanks all for kind words.

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Not arrogant at all :) Honest, impartial feedback, good stuff.

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Thanks for your comments. Kind words indeed, and some useful feedback :)

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Some really damn kind words there. Thank you :)

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Hey wow. I'm late to the party here! Congratulations winners and many thanks y'all *flattered*

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Thanks :)

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