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I like how people are arguing over which console looks better because of teraflops, etc.

I hate to drop the bomb on you guys, but you're literally arguing over the shiniest of two turds.

You want to argue about superior gaming graphics? Argue about which PC configuration performs better graphically. Kthnxbai. #42
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Agreed. DR3 was actually a really good game, especially once they fixed the companion app. I'd replace Ryse in this instance. #1.2.1
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As an early-adopter of the Xbox One, I'm honestly pretty pissed about this decision from Microsoft. They touted the Kinect as an integral part of the Xbox One experience, only to drop it from the packaging a mere six months after release.

So, basically, all of those promised "Kinect features of the future" to come in our games have a slim chance of ever making it, considering developers no longer have to justify implementing any Kinect features. It's going t... #56
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As an early adopter of the Xbox One, I'm certainly not happy about it. #31.4.1
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Wow...Amazon is fucking awesome. #7
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I agreed with most of what you said up until the last part.

Yes, MS botched their PR work in regards to many things about the One, especially the DRM, but every company is in it to make money. Even Sony. However, many fail to recognize that Microsoft DID go back on their errors and correct them, for their own gain/damage control or not. I'm not defending their actions, merely stating the fact.

Yet, if you think Microsoft is bad, you probably mentioned som... #1.4
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I can attest to this. AMD FX-8350 octa-core CPU, EVGA GTX 770 Superclocked...still looks and runs like absolute shit. Battlefield 4 runs more smoothly and looks better. #30.3
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Imbeciles. This has everything to do with the NSA, etc., and nothing to do with Microsoft. This same circumstance applies to online gaming on ANY gaming console, including PC.

Turn off the rampant fanboyism for just a moment and use some common sense. You think your privacy is being invaded because the government can hear you trash talking on Xbox Live? Do any of you realize that your e-mails, phone/Skype calls, and web-browsing history are monitored?

Quit ma... #52
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The head tracking will definitely be useful if it functions the same as ArmA II. Not sure on the voice commands, but definitely looking forward to seeing how this will work in the Battlefield realm! #6
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Both of these consoles are ALREADY dated by PC hardware that came out at least a year ago. >_< #25.1
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If the PS4 is a supercomputer, then what is my $2,000 gaming PC? A time machine? O_o #31
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This comes as a surprise?

I thought this became a well-known fact when girls started labeling themselves as "gamers" because they play CoD. Nothing against the REAL gamer chicks, of course. #17
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Now THAT'S more like it! :-D #11
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Amen, LostPotato. Like I said above, anyone who buys this statement from Ubisoft is clueless as to their track record. Do I think Ubi cares about the quality of their titles? Of course. Do I think that's necessarily what it has to do with this time around? No, I'm not convinced.

I suspect they don't want to compete with their own release of Assassin's Creed and lose money in sales because most people aren't going to buy all three of the games that would... #6.2
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Oh, no, I thought Watch_Dogs looked amazing. But, like I said, I'm not going to continue to support a publisher who constantly delays games in this fashion. There has been no publisher in the recent years that has delayed as many games so many times.

While there are circumstances to delay a game that I completely understand, Ubisoft utilizes this excuse far too often. It's an automatic response for them. "We're delaying the game so it's of better quality.... #5.1.1
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While I'm sure this statement applies to games like Bioshock and GTA V, we should probably take a look at Ubisoft's track record with delayed games.

While I'm a pretty big fan of what Ubisoft typically puts out, they are arguably one of the biggest offenders when it comes to delaying games. Rainbow Six: Patriots, delayed indefinitely. Splinter Cell: Conviction and Blacklist were delayed numerous times, as was Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. And these are just as of l... #5
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Oh, totally! I'm still down for Rock Band jam sessions any day. I've been playing guitar for 10 years, so that aspect gets a little old for me because it's too easy, even though it is fun.

However, Rock Band literally taught me some of the fundamentals of drumming. I started on easy, and now I play most tracks on expert. Even better, I can sit in front of an actual drum set and play pretty well. Who said video games don't teach you anything? :-D #1.2.2
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1. Absolute biased garbage.
2. Knows nothing about gaming. Period.
3. One of the most poorly written articles next to reading a Chinese to English Google translation.

How does this crap get approved? "Let's forget that I'm a fangirl, but I'll proceed to write a biased article anyway." 16v16 in BF4 is too much? LOLWUT? Warframe compared to CoD? /Facepalm. Hates shooters, but is "willing to give them a chance" before slamming them... #16
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The Last of Us looked good for the age of the console it was running on. However, as great of a game as it was, there were times I looked at graphics and thought, "Damn, that looks like crap."

I don't fault the game for it, but merely the age of the hardware it was running on.

Regardless, TLoU, let alone any other console game, graphically pales in comparison to anything on a decent PC GPU. Not trying to run the PC master race card or anything,... #1.2.11
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If this guy thinks playing with an Xbox One controller hurts your fingers, he should try playing a guitar.

Damn wuss. >_< #70
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