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This, that was exactly my thoughts. Army of Four, will play just like Army of Two, with the addition of two extra players. Thus making an Army of Four, which will most like be played online, as I don't see EA being bold enough to do a 4 player offline split-screen.

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Looking forward to the demo, I just hope this time around, the game requires a little more from the player, then just a series of button presses. If the rumor about the game's main character being Asian is true, then I'm expecting some martial arts action (with commands) something along the lines of Shenmue.

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I was wondering the same thing.

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I predicted the game would do something incredible, and this is only the start. However, it should be noted, that some of those numbers are from gamers outside of Japan. (i.e. imports)

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I'm hoping "Scenario" DLC is epsiode (i.e. Skypiea and or thiller bark)related. I also hope the "rumor" about DLC characters is true as well. I really want to play with Mihawk as well as a few other characters.

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As long as Kojima himself oversees it, I don't see a problem. However if that isn't the case, I think he really needs to reconsider. Metal Gear Solid is a flagship game and is held in high regards by many.

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The answer to this article's question is yes, even though Japanese developers are dominating handhelds ( both in Japan and the west (i.e. U.S. UK, anything West of Japan), consoles are the gaming device choice of those in the West. (i.e. previous generation saw PS2 become Legend, due to Japanese developers) That being said Japanese developers have to return to consoles, in order to claim what was once their's.

At this very moment, one Japanese developed game, in pa...

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"DmC Devil May Cry: 'Don't Worry' Says DmC 3 Director"

^ThIs doesn't mean anything, Hideaki Itsuno is not the series creator. If the quote came from Hideki Kamiya, then it would be a different story, but it's not. No such quote will ever come from Kamiya either. He envisioned Dante a certain way and that way can never be changed. Kamiya's vision made Dante what he is, which is an icon.

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I wasn't going to respond to your reply, but the fact that you created an account yesterday, and responded to this very topic seemed odd. In fact, I was the very 1st user you responded to, leading me to believe you are knight_cid. It's not hard to see, why you would want to reply in a different manner either. (i.e. being more cautious with what you state, but not really) Either way, I'll address everything, you've pointed out.


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"Again are you for real?"

I am as real as they come.

"Seriously? I cant believe n4g could allow people to post without knowledge"

lol you replying to my response is equivalent to what you stated above.

"And the psp, wii, ds ps3 have sold the most worldwide. Whats your point? Japan has CRUSHED this gen."

lol you just brought up gaming devices, this topic is about a GAMING GENRE, w...

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This shouldn't even be called, "What killed the JRPG", as it doesn't soley focus on that. There are a number of factors that are to blame for lack of console JRPG's. The number 1 reason being the western game market. Japan dominated the last two generations of gaming and at the forefront were JRPG's. Fastfoward and now the western market has shut the Japanese market out. (i.e. very few Japanese games get released here, if any)

The 2nd (and equally...

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It's will be even bigger this year, due to One Piece: Kaizoku Musou.

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I don't know what this David Perry guy's talking about, but TV's being more next gen than consoles, is absurd. He along with other cloud gaming companies want to infiltrate and take the video gamers from established video game companies. He makes this claim because he has signed a deal with LG, to embed his gaming service into their TV's.

The fact is though, consoles are already established and streaming games, via TV is more than likely to be flawed. Thus th...

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As a fan of RE since the beginning, I know the series inside out. The misconception between 4 and 5 is asinine, they are both the same thing. RE:5 was just an improved version of 4 (i.e. better controls, better inventory setup) This is FACT and can be proven, based on a simulation. As for "finding the fear", the fear didn't go anywhere, it just was limited. In RE:4, the fear is the regenerators, in 5 it's the reaper.

There's a way to balance action and ...

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It appears the author doesn't realize the PS3 has limitations, mainly the web browser, which is rapidly becoming outdated. (more so than it already is) Therefore the next PlayStation, can offer something better than the PS3. As I've previously stated on another article, the user interface, may be something like PS Vita. (including some type of touch functionality) Thus something's the next PlayStation can offer over PS3:

Web Browser: that stays current with intern...

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I agree with the title, anyone who hasn't played Eternal Sonata, should play it. (if they are into JRPG) However, I disagree with the author's statement that Eternal Sonata, is mediocre. The game's story is complex and the majority of those who played it, didn't pay attention to that. Chopin NEVER plays second string to any character in Eternal Sonata. The story is constantly revolving around him. Eternal Sonata, is a MASTERPIECE, it's the epitome of what a JRPG, could be....

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Basically this means, that any PS3 player, that buys Dragons Dogma, will NOT have access to the RE:6 demo. Of course we all know what this came down to, it wasn't about getting the COD fan base, it was about the money. MS put out the money (large amount) to safeguard, what they feel is threatening, basically losing their consumers, as they have virtually no 3rd party support. They took note, that RE:6 is becoming a highly anticipated game and are trying to advantage of that.

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While this is great, it's also sad, seeing as the majority of JRPG's are now on handhelds. The lack of JRPG's this generation really shows, as opposed to last gen, especially in the case of Playstation.

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Why is PS4 an issue? the PS3 is coming into it's prime now! This year is going to be record breaking for the system! There are Japan PS3 exclusives on the horizon, namely "One Piece: Kaizoku Musou" that are go to do something never seen before! (i.e. global sales) The now localized Tales Of Graces F, which is the first Tales the PS3 has seen this gen (here in NA)

As far as the PS4 goes, don't expect it anytime soon. The specs (i.e HDD Size [TB?], supported ...

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This list is far from being Capcoms TOP 5 games ever made! I think Capcom has at least 10-20 titles that meet that classification. Here are some real candidates:

Rival Schools
Breath Of Fire
Resident Evil (excluding the bad VA)
Devil May Cry (Original)
Street Fighter II
Sengoku Basara

That aside, why is an xbox site, doing articles, blogs, whatever? on PlayStation titles because that'...

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