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If one really understood the gaming landscape, then one would know any multi platform game for the PS3 is not what it should be. (i.e. MS policy that states if a game looks better/has more quality on the PS3 they won't allow it on their console, so if the developer/publisher want their game on the 360, they downgrade the PS3 version) It's really not hard to understand why either, Blu-ray beats HD DVD's, period.

Thus, it's not just the hardware/specs of the ...

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If true, this just wouldn't be for SONY 1st party games, but 3rd party ones as well.(any PS3 game) This concept is for both SONY and 3rd party publishers, it's what lies beneath. It's a radical approach (and one that is not needed) that many seem to like, but actually don't understand. I've only seen a few post that state an understanding of what this actually means for the PS3. It is the end of the console as you know it. It already presents a drastic change, in that you...

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Continued from previous post (posting via PS3, gaming at the moment)

All PS3 users do not have internet or they have a slow connection. The second factor is the failure of the server, which will 99% of the time result in data loss. (a perfect example of this is an MMORPG, which will remain nameless, which was transfered to another hosting site. The result, a majority of it's existing players loss their characters which took years to level, so they either had to start over...

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Yet another "rumor" about cloud gaming and the supposed digital only future of games. I find the repetitive nature of these "rumors" to be quite funny. This idea is similar to DRM, in which you are required to play online. There are few gamers who are actually willing to play an entire game online, especially single player games. Cloud gaming is more for multiplayer games. (i.e. MMO's as someone pointed out above)

That being said, it's foolish of ...

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The idea of used games being eradicated is a flawed one, by both developers and or publishers, as well as gamers who believe it. It's a radical idea, that if made a reality, will be the end of gaming, period. There are a number of factors as to why games are not selling this gen, like they were last gen. The most obvious is the economy, (at least here in NA) gaming wise it's the $59.99 msrp, which 99% of games this gen are not worth. (i.e. incomplete games)

Gamers are...

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@ATi_ Elite I was thinking the same thing, he should pay the employees what they're owed, but for some reason he isn't or doesn't want to.

It's ashame, that a studio (or rather the employees of 38 Studios) with so much potential, is falling apart like this. I don't see why a state would invest money into something (especially a video game) they were unsure of in the first place.

Both him and other head figures at 38 Studios should be disg...

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This is a very sad case, based on what's written it appears to be true. I mean there are too many factors that reinforce the female developer's claim. The question is, why was this behavior allowed. It seems the female developer put forth an intuitive effort to help with Dragon's Dogma. Then again, there is the never changing stigma, that is males are superior to females, which resonates the world over.

It's ashame Capcom has fallen from the position it held ...

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At this point, there are those who were interested, but no longer are due to this long delay. Then there are those who continue to have an interest in the game. The result of which (if this game ever comes out) sales won't be what they could've been.

In regards to the FF Versus XIII's delay, (whether PS3 players what to believe it or not) it's mostly the result of dual console development. (i.e. PS3, Xbox360) In which the goal is to get similar gameplay resu...

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After reading this article, it seems both the author and a professor at the University of kelloggs, have no understanding of corporate branding. Sony uses it's name on it's products like any business minded company would. The reason being that this enables consumers to recognize Sony's products. (it's really common sense)

That being said, the "real" issue with Sony is that they tried to venture into everything, they made too many acquisitions. The...

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The majority of the latter post pointed out the real issue, which is the price of games. (many are not worth $60.00 + tax)The issue of DLC (which is now in ruin) in regard to it's uses and the greed of publishers. The games themselves are another problem, as there is little to no innovation here in the west.

It's the same repeat cycle, FPS, FPS, FPS, all in effort to compete with COD. Another factor is the absence of Japanese developers from consoles (not talking abo...

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Home was always an interesting facet of the PS3, just because a majority of "hardcore gamers" didn't use it, doesn't mean all disregarded it. The author of this article is addressing PS Home NA, and not PS Home as a whole. (i.e. PS Home around the world) PS Home Japan has always been bustling with activity. In fact it was irem's integration into PS Home NA, that attracted numerous users. There are many things PS Home Japan offers that no other PS Home has. (i.e. location...

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This "license" issue was brought to the forefront this gen, there were a lot (myself included) of gamers who were unaware of this "fact. I personally noticed it (the phrase quoted in the article) on the game Blur. Thus it essentially comes down to us paying $59.99 a game, only to rent it? Wait...rent? it's clearly stated in the policy of software, "it is not to be rented". Yet, in the same policy, it's telling gamers they are renting the software, talk about ...

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The realization is, both game developers and publishers aren't admitting to their faults. The majority (90%) of games aren't worth the set price point of $59.99. The biggest reason is they are selling an incomplete game. Then selling the pieces they took out as DLC, which are unlockables, such as costumes, weapons, etc... All of which should've been on the game disc.

It's rare we get a 100% complete game this gen. Thus their is a 10% chance we get a complete...

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Slant being impressed or "satisfied" by the first week sales of this game, is laughable. Capcom's goal for this game is 2 million copies, aparently Slant Six has forgotten that. This game is not selling 2 million copies. I don't consider ORC a spinoff at all, Outbreak beats ORC any given day. The game had a great concept (playing from umbrella's perspective) but it was horribly executed.

Both Slant and Capcom realized this and instead of releasing the...

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The answer is yes, the problem is that most gamers never questioned it. There are many developers and or publishers, who know their games aren't worth the $59.99 price point, yet still charge it. They "feel" their game is worth (or want the same amount of money) the same amount of money as game developers and publishers who put out a game worth $59.99. This is something, I firmly believe this gen, there are some games worth $59.99.

A few at best, therefore th...

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I think so, it's just the genres need to vary. It seems as if FPS MMO, are what's being focused on. There needs to be some RPG MMO, and other type of MMO genres.

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They actually need more, hopefully Kingdoms of Amalur's MMO counterpart will make it's debut soon.

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Looks promising.

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Both are equally important, the journey is the overall experience of the player throughout the game. The ending, is the culmination of the journey and as such, should reflect that.

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That's the realization here, JRPG's or just Japanese games in general, have shifted focus to portable gaming devices (i.e. cheaper and easier to develop for), as opposed to last gen, where they were developing almost exclusively for consoles.

This is the sole reason why Japanese games are not where they were last gen. I don't understand why Kojima and Inafune are undermining Japanese game developers creativity. It's the basis for which Japanese games are known...

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