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@LordMe The first Tales Of Xilla, is slated to come to NA. However, specifics have been detailed, (i.e. release date, language, format) next year is the target though. #2
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This is not entirely true, there has been a disconnect between SONY and the gamers who support them, this gen. This can be seen in the games themselves (i.e. the life force of the console) which are not what they were last gen. Yes, you have SCEA, SCEE, developed 1st party games, but the previous two gens leader is absent, SCEJ or rather Japanese developers in general. The SCE divisions are broken, when instead, they should be a unified whole. I agree with the fact that, SONY's making and... #8
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@CrimsonWing69 I applaud your reasoning in regards to what makes Resident Evil, Resident Evil. It is indeed the story, which has progressed accordingly since RE 1. However, there is a element present in RE's previous installments, that many believe makes Resident Evil, Resident Evil, and that element is zombies. Thus, many (the majority) fans say if it doesn't have zombies, it's not RE. The same can be said for the way the game is presented, which would be fixed camera angles, and... #15
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Silent Hill is the only good video game to movie adaptation I've seen, of course this is an up-to-date title. In regards to the 90's video game to movie adaptations, I'd say we've all felt like MK and SF were good in some way or another. #9
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This is not nor will ever be the greatest gaming generation. The greatest generation was last gen, (PS2 for me) the games and prices were varied. We as gamers got and played 100% complete games, local MP was present in almost any game that had an MP component. Developers and publishers actually gave us our moneys worth. (for the most part) #30
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The lack of JRPGS this gen, is more problematic if anything, to fans of the genre, (especially if it's the main genre they played) as it's sales helped shape last gen. As far as FF XIII being the definitive JRPG this gen, I highly disagree, just because it carries the name "Final Fantasy" doesn't mean it gives nostalgic feelings to FF fans. FF XIII, was anything but a FF game, it lacked what previous FF's had. The most definitive JRPG this gen would be an underrated... #4
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@Roper316 I agree, while the other games on this list used the Sixaxis, Folklore implemented it in a way that was pure genius. I'd say that Folklore would be number 1, (if this was an ordered list) followed by Flower. #5
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FF VIII redefined Final Fantasy, the gameplay mechanics of VIII, are the best ever seen in the series, as was the GF's (which I call any summon from FF's after VIII) Eden (greatest GF to ever exist in a FF game) Bahamut, Leviathan, Doomtrain, etc... The limit breaks were (and still are) amazing, especially Squall's and Zell's. FF VIII just offered hours and hours of fun, that kept players on their toes. It also contains one of the hardest bosses in the series, Ultimecia. The w... #2
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In truth, the original Dead Space concept was multiplayer, it just was never implemented. It's true that every game doesn't need a multiplayer aspect, but it's also true that some games should've had it, like Dragon's Dogma and Max Anarchy. (I'm mainly refering to offline multiplayer, which seems all but absent recently) Both games should've had split-screen co-op, as both games were structured in such a manner. #1
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This is one of the BIGGEST misconceptions in gaming PERIOD. There is a difference between fanaticism and familiarity. Yes, there is an abundant amount of fanaticism for said consoles, but there is also the underlying familiarity, for those who transitioned with each consoles iteration. (i.e. PS-PS3) This is true in my case, as I am a PS only gamer, as a result of familiarity. I know the PS brand, and what to expect from it. The same applies to all consoles, familiarity is rare, but it's t... #17
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This is a harsh reality and that Capcom cannot refute, the proof of this is in this very game, over 600 developers worked on this "one" game. This gen we see the cruelty of publishers and Capcom is definitely one of the worse. Their plan to split development teams into 100 man divisions is utterly stupid. They do this, in hopes of developing sequels at the same time (I think it's more accurate to say it's, more along the lines of developing a sequel to successful franchises,... #46
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This article shouldn't be here, (i.e. submitted and approved) "The Ten Year Decline Of SONY", refers to the company as a whole. It's irrelevant to SONY's game division, this article should be on a tech website. That being said, it's obvious why SONY (company as a whole) is in financial trouble, they've bought and spent money on useless things, and entered market's where they don't belong. (i.e. mobile phones) The problems they are facing are not due to ma... #13
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What kind of question is this? Wonderbook's target audience is kids. I wouldn't quality kids as "casual" video game players. They are usually playing games, to keep them busy (as most parents would say) and out of trouble. The same applies to LittleBigPlanet Karting, it's main target is kids, there will be others who play it, as a result of playing LBP 1 and 2, but they shouldn't be referred to as casuals. It's all a matter of understanding what a casual video ga... #5
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Max Anarchy (aka Anarchy Reigns should it ever be released in NA) is the definitive brawler this gen. However, Platinum Games failure to incorporate local multiplayer/split-screen co-op, will be the games undoing. The game would've been a 10, if local multiplayer/split-screen co-op, was implemented. This would've game an incredible amount of longevity. The belief (maybe even Platinum Games believed it) that Max Anarchy is or was viewed as an online only multiplayer brawler, is foolis... #5
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This article is preposterous, first it compares tablet based game downloads to that of consoles. Then goes on to name several computer based applications (i.e. Apple store, itunes, etc...) that are successful at existing as digital only outlets. The likes of which are irrelevant to video game consoles. The writer of this article would have you believe that "full" digital game (i.e. AAA titles) downloads dominate physical game disc sales. The realization is, this article like most ot... #12
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This opinion piece makes it seem like the opinions are facts, the next PS console (not 4, but an actual named one) only needs 1 of the 5 things (other 4 are fantasies) this opinion piece listed, which is great launch titles. The next PS console being $399 or lower is not happening, a console that surpasses it's predecessor being cheaper than it's predecessor, is unheard of. The tech of the next PS has to be greater than (i.e. surpass) the tech of the PS3, thus the cost will be greater... #27
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I find the lack of accurate titlng on this article to be quite irritating, the title should stop at Final Fantasy. There was no such discussion about versus XIII, only a statement at the END of the (actual) discussion about FF's future. Tetsuya Nomura wasn't even present, his "soon I'll show the future of Final Fantasy" message was relayed via Hajime Tabata. The thing that should be noted here, is that two of the panelist were "Lightning" affiliated, so that sh... #24
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I think this article is reaching a bit, there's a lot of excitement for PASBR here in NA. Pre-orders don't dictate the success of a game, thus they have no effect on the end result. If anything, there are those (like myself) who feel the game should've been something else other than following SSB's schematics. (i.e. an actual fighter, not in the Tekken or Street Fighter sense, but more likea hybrid between Power Stone, [minus the gems] and Gekido Urban Fighters arena battle m... #24
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The price of games this gen, should've been questioned at the beginning of it's cycle. $59.99 as the set price point this gen, has had an adverse effect on game sales. The likes of which, elude publishers, who are consumed by greed. In most cases this gen, NO , games are not worth MSRP, which an "individual" claimed (in PS3's case) is set by SONY. Which is something I can easily discredit, (in regards to physical games) because it doesn't even make sense. The truth... #9
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"I'm not adverse to the game because it rips off Nintendo's popular brawler. I am against the concept because Sony simply can't pull it off."

This opinion piece is laughable (good thing it's your opinion, otherwise you would be ostracized for such blatant ignorance) take note of what I quoted from what you wrote. SONY can't pull off a SSB type game?? have you seen the same game, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, is an exact duplicate of SSB,... #12
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