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What kind of question is this? I'd say Shemue is something like a cult classic, so why wouldn't it get the "respect" it deserves. As far as fans of the series "deserving" another Shemue game, I'd say owed is a better term. The Shemue saga is incomplete, and fans want to see how it ends. Does Ryo kill Lan Di, and avenge his father? or does Ryo fall to Lan Di, just as his father did. Besides that (the former being the most important though), theres a lot of loose...

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The answer is Yes, JRPGS (in regards to the PS brand) are (or rather were) a fundamental part of previous iteration's of PlayStation. They are what the PS3 severely lacked this gen, and a genre which many prefer on consoles. It's too late for JRPGS to set precedence for the PS3, hopefully JRPG developers return to developing for consoles. (i.e. PS4.)

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In short, this is a grave oversight by Kojima, David Hayter is literally...Big Boss (young/slightly aged)/Solid Snake. A voice actor who voices a character for a long period of time, essentially becomes that character, everytime they voice them. Hideo Kojima breaking the ties between Hayter and Big Boss/Snake is like SONY Santa Monica breaking ties with TC Carson as Kratos, or Naughty Dog breaking ties with Nolan North as Nathan Drake. It is indeed a serious issue for long standing fans of MG...

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A good demo should do what it's meant to, which is "demonstrate" how a game will play in it's final form. The most important aspect being the gameplay mechanics. I also agree with the post above, about a game's multiplayer aspect. If a game has a multiplayer component, then the demo should demonstrate that as well. The end goal is to allow the gamer to gauge what the complete game would be like. Thus, the developer should present a demo as close as possible to the finish...

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The answer is simple, David Cage prefers the SONY console platform, and it shows through and through.

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The author of this article believes SONY should care less about quality in regards to PS consoles. If SONY just put together a few components here and there, and then put that out as a console, there wouldn't be a PS brand. The quality (i.e. what goes into making a console) of PS consoles is the most important thing, and SONY does well remembering that. In contrast, the reason PS3 didn't sell as well as it's predecessors is because it lacks the gaming diversity they had. This gen ...

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As someone stated above, the answer to this question should be known. The majority of gamers know that gameplay is the most important thing, as it's the gameplay that provides the experience. Graphics on the other hand are trivial in nature, as long as a game is visually presentable (i.e. current gen standard, depending on genre, such as 2D fighter vs a 3D fighter) that's all that matters.

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The answer is no, games (it seems like) are constantly receiving updates, which can only be accessed via an online connection. Even if a gamer didn't need to (or wasn't prompted to) update a game, imagine if said gamer had a game (Skyrim) that was filled with glitches. The only way to "correct" (I use the term losely) them would be via a game patch, which can only be accessed online. These two scenarios are at the forefront of not being online with a PS3, the second of which...

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It's irrelevant what the ram is for the PS4, as this article doesn't focus on that. Instead, it has an underlying message (as seen in the title) which is "PS4's graphics". However, the truth is (for real gamers) graphics are unimportant, as they do not make a game. As long as a game is visually presentable, and (depending on it's gaming grade) meets current level standards for visuals.(i.e. a sprite based AAA game, in a gen where 3D is standard for triple A titles, w...

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The realization is that Hayter is Snake, and fans have come to accept as such. Therefore, any variation is going to cause a fall out among supporters of the series. It doesn't matter how good a a replacement VA is, they can't replace Hayter.

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The game may be good, but based on it's concept, it's seems like it's No More Heroes in a different skin.

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The realization of DD becoming standard is true, as a majority of "game consumers" (I won't call them gamers because gamers want tangible copies of their games) download games (excluding those titles that are only downloadable i.e. indie or foreign) without realizing that they're overpaying for the game. Publishers see this, and are capitalizing on it, as they see DD as a way (which it is) around used game sales and the middle man. (i.e. game retailers, namely Gamestop) The ...

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"We can offer PS3 games at the $49.99 price point, but they won't get any better. In order to provide better games the price has to be raised..."
Jack Tretton on the $60.00 price point of PS3 games.

Ok..so...going by the statement quoted above, wouldn't the same be true for PS4 games. The thing to note here, is that the article says he "implied" that PS4 games won't retail for more than $60.00, so it's not definitive. This is ...

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What utter nonsense, it's apparent the author is a Xbox360 and or Wii player, and just wants SONY first party games on his favorite console. Why is your site even called "dualshockers"? (you do know that's Playstation related right?) your website should change it's name.

The author believes SCE should drop the PlayStation, and just exist as a software company (i.e. SEGA) What the author fails to realize, is that without PlayStation there is no SCE. T...

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"There are existing fans out there, and you have to think about the people who have supported the series for so long, and you want to make sure that the game that you make appeals to them first, and satisfies those fans first.”

It's only right, as said series, wouldn't have been around as long, and or kept said developers employed. A perfect example of a developer turning it's back on loyal fans (i.e. PlayStation) is Capcom and Resident Evil. There wouldn&#...

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The truth is, if a game is centered around a multiplayer concept (i.e. Max Anarchy/Anarchy Reigns, Dragon's Dogma) then local MP/split-screen co-op should be featured in it. It's not a case of it's completely absent in games this gen, it's that, it's not put in games that it should be. The excuse that consoles can't handle split-screen is absurd, if it was an issue, then why was included in RE:5, LP 2, Army Of Two, Kane & Lynch, etc...It falls on the developer, as ...

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It's funny how Criterion thinks, that original Most Wanted fans, no longer "want" a story for the game. When, it's the story that actually made the original Most Wanted what it was. The blacklist racers, Cross, and Mia, kept players entertained, from start to finish. The way Criterion talk about Most Wanted, you would think they created it. The truth is, this "NFS: Most Wanted", is not Most Wanted, it should've been named something else. It's Criterion'...

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No, (this question is ridiculous, to say the least). Ports are not a good thing, nor will they ever be. A game specifically designed for a specific console, caters to it's strengths, and shows what that said console can do, power wise. The fact is, the majority of ports are derived from the Xbox360, and sent to PS3, thus leaving the PS3 version, looking and playing awkwardly. Regardless of what critics and supporters of Xbox360 say, DVD-9 is not on par with Blu-ray disc. You can argue fra...

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The idea, that the PS3 slim needs to drop in price, to below $249 is foolish. It's as Jack Tretton stated, "people are buying the slim, at it's current set price", so why would SONY drop the price, when it seems people think, the PS3 slim, is worth the set price. If people stopped buying it at $299, and $249, and no one was buying them, then you would see a price drop. It's supply and demand, no demand, equals price drop. You can argue, it's not in high demand, (i.e....

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No matter how you look at it, the bad outweighs the good.

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