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The most likely scenario is that it has been canceled for the PS3, and is instead going to PS4. The development cycle (like that of FF XV) has been too long, this would make seven years.

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Regardless of how you feel, facts are facts...the PS4 target demographic are players of FPS, as stated by the source itself. Mark Cerny: "The DualShock 4 was made to please FPS fans"


The reality is, no one wants to ask questions about Lightning Returns or X HD. SquareEnix knows that all (the majority, if they're still interested in it) FF fans want to know about is Versus XIII, (or FF XV, if the title change is official) this Q&A only alienates those fans.

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The answer is yes, but it depends on the MMORPG, and what it offers to the player. MMORPG developers should take note of what DCUO has done, in that it allows console gamers to play with/against pc gamers. Thus proving that the two can coincide, when it comes to (perhaps the PC's biggest game genre) MMOs.

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What's to downplay? PlayStation in general, has always been about games, and it's target audience has always been gamers. Why would the PS4 be any different?

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I doubt SONY would adopt any such practice, as far as leaving the "blocking of used games" up to publishers goes, I'd say they are reassessing that because it affects the PS4 more than the publisher. The fact is, the increasingly overbearing publishers, who want to control and monitor consumers, will ultimately lead tothe video game industry's demise. Thus, I believe that this upcoming gen (8th) will be the last gen, (no pun intended on the author of this article) as the gam...

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This comparison is asinine, as someone pointed out in a previous post, these two consoles are from two different console eras. A better (or rather more logical) comparison would've been N64 vs PS, (same console era) in which both consoles lived. N64 had some great games, especially on the Zelda front, but compared to the PS2's gaming library, it's sparse. There were numerous games (new IP's) born on the PS2 that went on to become legendary, such as Devil May Cry, Onimusha, Oka...

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The Tales of series definitely deserves this, it's one of the best JRPGs ever created!

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Although this is the author's opinion, I have to disagree. If anything, it's multiplayer (in the traditional sense, i.e. local/split-screen) that is under threat. There were/are numerous games this gen, that should have had a traditional multiplayer layout, but didn't.(i.e. Anarchy Reigns, a throwback to old school beat em up's, which almost always included 2 player local co-op, such as Double Dragon)Instead, the focus was "single" player and online multiplayer. Besi...

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The author of this article has a skewed point of view, and as such is trying to apply Nintendo's attributes to SONY's Playstation console. If you're a true gamer, you know Nintendo has always been a family friendly console, with a squeaky clean image. I could just say Mario, but instead, I'll refer to perhaps, Nintendo's most infamous family friendly gesture, which is their censorship of Mortal Kombat on SNES. A censorship which reduced blood to sweat, and watered-down fat...

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This goes back to the old adage, "united we stand, divided we fall". SONY as a whole is like a human body, every branch functions like the ligaments of the human body, If SONY lost those ligaments, it wouldn't function the same, and as a result it's death would be assured. What this shareholder is suggesting isn't logical, it's only to turn a profit. The dividing of said branches would result in unorganized branches, as they attempt to function on their own. The resu...

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It depends on whether or not the movie is live action or animated. In the case of a live action movie, (i.e. Resident Evil) those in control of said movie don't respect the game's foundation, and instead try to make it their own. As far as animated movies go, (mainly CG) it mainly comes down to the story, and how it played out (i.e. Tekken: Blood Vengeance, too few characters) as well as how the characters were incorporated, if at all.

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The answer more or less, is one's own opinion. Not every single player game should transition to multiplayer. However, if a single player game's foundation has a multiplayer dynamic, then going multiplayer has little effect on it's single player aspect. The ability to play with family and friends via couch co-op (local/splitscreen) is always a plus, when/if done right.

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It's quite simple really, as to why western reviewers hate JRPGs. The genre ruled that last two generations, as far as the PlayStation brand goes. It would be more accurate to say PS or PS2, as PS3 JRPGs are few and far between (localized). However, seeing as the PS3 represents the current gen, it's understandable why it's used. Yet, I dare say, that hate or dislike of JRPGs for the PS3 this gen, is less than it was for it's predecessors.

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There isn't an increase in speed of the new PSN store at all, and I have high speed internet. The fact is, this new PSN store iteration isn't better than the previous. This version has to load before you get to the actual store, as opposed to instantaneous access like the previous version. The previous PSN store was more structurally organized, now it's a cluttered mess. You have to go through a series of menus and more menus, just to find what you're looking for. The fact tha...

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How long does one expect to play the story of Jodie Holmes? 40 plus hours, Beyond 2 Souls isn't an RPG. There is no character leveling, character customization, etc... It's simplistic in terms of how you play, Beyond 2 Souls is more about what you do. A players actions as determined by on screen choices, which will fade if no choice is made. Thus, the length of the game won't be anything excessive, besides if Beyond 2 Souls is anything like Heavy Rain, there's more than one en...

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Beyond 2 Souls is a narrative driven game, just as Heavy Rain was. The game was being shown at the tribeca film festival, for that very reason. Even more so due to the actors, which is really what this comes down to. The lead character jodie, is played by Ellen Page, an academy award, and Oscar nominee. We're talking serious acting here, Beyond 2 Souls is apart of her body of work. She's an actor first and foremost, so it's only right, her work on Beyond 2 Souls be screened by her...

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It's good to see a male in a JRPG again, instead of just an all female cast. I think this might turn out to be a great game, based on what I've seen on it so far.

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The answer to your question, is no, JRPGs are not dying. If anything, they are more alive than ever, due to the platform they currently reside on, which is handheld. As far as consoles go, yes, JRPGs are "dead" (at least this gen anyways) which is essentially, I think what you're asking. In regards to calling Japanese RPGs JRPGs, it's not a new term that was recently introduced. By it's very make up a Japanese developed RPG is a JRPG, which is what I (and many others)hav...

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While a new Ultimate Alliance would be nice, (as the first post states, Raven Software has been forced onto said project) without Raven Software developing the game, it won't be any good. That's the difference between Ultimate Alliance, and Ultimate Alliance 2. In Ultimate Alliance 2, Raven Software is absent, and it shows.

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