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While Unlimited World Red is ambitious, and appears to be an okay game. It is essentially trying to do what Pirate Warriors already does, combat wise. In which case, the gameplay is simply to slow to match Pirate Warriors. NamcoBandai should have just brought a sequel of Romance Dawn to the PS3. The greatest thing about Unlimted World Red, is this mode since it allows fans to play with a variety of characters, including a new fan favorite Fujitora.

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Not true in the slightest...Vita TV/Playstation TV is for gamers who wish to play Vita/PSP games, without actually playing on the handheld devices themselves. The age range could be kids, but it's more than likely teens, young adults, and or adults who will be playing this device.

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@Baka-akaB Well said, the greatest thing the PS4 currently lacks is Japanese support.

In regards to the topic itself, for PS gamers...previous iterations of the consoles never get old. Each iterations library of games make them timeless.

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The articles dealing with this topic need to stop being promoted...the answer is no, graphics do not matter when it comes to console games. The most important attribute to any console game is the gameplay mechanics, without solid/fluid gameplay mechanics, games might as well not exist. As long as the visuals are acceptable is all that matters, beyond that they're irrelevant.

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No one wins E3, the show itself is for the gamers of said consoles.

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While Project Morpheus is innovative, virtual reality is not feasible currently. Virtual Reality will only be plausible, when physical media (consoles, and retail console games) is no longer relevant. As far as Playstation Now goes, I wouldn't call that innovation...it's a game streaming service, which is the equivalent of a movie streaming service. Playstation TV (Vita TV), is just a upgraded version of PS Vita, with some extra features, that can be hooked up to a TV.

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While most of the things Sterling says (in regards to the video game industry as a whole) have merit, this does not. E3, unlike Hollywood...allows consumers to interact with the creators (and or at least those affiliated with said creators) via hands on demos, and the like. It is the ground upon which new IP's grow, and flourish...when introduced. No one can force you to go to E3, the showcase itself is more for the gamers, than the gaming industry.

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The question is out of these 40, how many are indie titles? If all 40 are indie games, then the Playstation brand is in a worse space than I originally thought. Indie games are fine, but they should not be PS4's sole focus.

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I applaud the writer for being able to step back from his bond to SONY, and call there E3 for what it really was. In the grand scheme of things, SONY should have had a better showing than they did. As the post above mentioned, Guerrilla games new IP (just new IP's in general) would've benefited them more.

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It depends on the context, gamers who continuously buy DLC...knowing full well that it's already on the disc, are ones who fit this criteria. Publishers make three times as much money off DLC, then the games themselves. There are other issues that plague gamers, mainly those of a weak mind, but the buying of DLC is at the forefront.

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Highly disappointed...Lily Bergamo could've set a precedent, if Suda51 was able to introduce some type of innovative gameplay.

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This is something they should have left out of their conference altogether, these numbers are meaningless. All it means is that the user base just wants to be seen playing their games, and or have an audience to do so.

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To put it simply, they were lacking where it counts. SONY needs new IP's (and more than just 2, Let it Die, and Bloodborne aren't enough), PS4 is an 8th gen console, so it needs games made specifically for the 8th gen. GTA V, and all the other "upgrade" titles are nothing more than rehashes. SCEA needs the games that are being developed for PS4 in Japan. These are games like Lily Bergamo, and whatever else Japanese developers have up their sleeves.

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Nothing ever beats where a series starts. Of course, Tekken is originally known for it's feat of defying the laws of gravity. Yet, it is definitely a classic fighting game!

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While it's admirable that SONY is highlighting indie games, it is not what they should be focusing on. It's apparent they believe that an indie game is equal to a full fledged game, when it's not. They need to reset their primary focus back on full fledged games.

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The truth is, SONY should have released this in the West first. Japan really has no need for the device, since the majority of gamers there have shifted to handhelds. Whereas in the West, the majority of gamers here are console (TV) gamers. SONY really needs to research their user base's gaming habits.

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Most of what was shown was already expected, there really wasn't any element of surprise, which is what any console's E3 should be all about. Project Beast aka Bloodborne footage was leaked, confirming it actually existed. Uncharted 4, TLOU remastered, everything except for Let it Die, and some indie games was predicted to be shown.

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So tri-ace is finally coming back to consoles, last I read they had shifted to mobile games. Maybe they needed to spend sometime away from consoles to come up with some new concepts. In any event, it should be interesting to see what this Judas Code actually consist of.

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I play the demo of this, before it actually released, and I must say the two games work well together. It's definitely the most innovative Tetris game I've played since "The Next Tetris".

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There's nothing to declare, it's a fact...Nintendo's first party franchises (namely Mario) have an established precedent, that no other first party (SONY, or Microsoft) studio will ever have. The longevity of Mario alone is testament to Nintendo's first party prowess. Any additions they made thereafter, just solidified that precedent, such as games like Metroid, Star Fox, and Zelda.

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