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As with most things like this, you can tell who the true fans are. Hayter's voicing of Snake (Solid and Naked) is what made Snake, his voice was just as important as the gameplay. Anyone who says other wise is completely delusional. Of course Hayter couldn't play all versions of Big Boss, as was demonstrated in MGS4. The fact being that it was a very very very very old Big Boss. However, that is not the case for Phantom Pain, this takes place right after Peace Walker, in which Hayter ...

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This is not a bad review, seeing as the game could've been a standout title for One Piece games. However, the execution of this game is not what it should have been, and I applaud the writer of this review for noted that the combat of Unlimited World Red is horrendous (i.e. very very slow), when it should be more fast paced.

That's really the game's biggest problem, I'm not obsessed with fps, but Unlimted Red has to be between 20-25, and that's definitely ...

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The context in which this author goes about this article is incorrect, even though it is his opinion. The brunt of his ridicule is focused on GTA V. Everything described therein the article is (as the poster above me stated) reflective of the individuals who play said games. That's what ESRB ratings are for, M stands for mature...and comprehension is key to understand said games.

GTA V (or the series in general) is centered on urban environments, and the inhabitants of sa...

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This was well said, Capcom trying to become more "Western" is definitely a factor that brought them to this point on the gaming side of things.

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I'm not surprised by this at all, it was only a matter of time. Resident Evil 6 was a failure (despite reports that say otherwise), too many rehash versions of Street Fighter IV, the unfulfilled request for a new Megaman game. The list goes on, but the point is pretty clear, Capcom is it's own worst enemy.

The financial state of the entire company rest in the hands of a sole individual, who based on a report I read about a month (or two) ago, squanders the revenue Ca...

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While this is an opinion piece, it brings to light a factual statement, which is that older video games (5th and 6th generation) are better than newer games...simply for being a complete product (i.e. gamers got the entire game, including unlockables). Not only that (although the former is the most important), but the quality of the games was much better gameplay wise then it currently is now.

The focus in the 5th and 6th gen was on game genre variety, whereas now it is not. ...

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Frame rate only matters in terms of playability, the minimal amount needed is 30. Some may argue 60 for certain genre's, but overall...60 is not needed for all game genres.

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This is good news for those looking to play it, they won't have to wait a year or two.

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The answer is yes...it's what publishers want, and PS is giving them the ability to do so. It's more than just about downloading a game, it encompasses every digital facet of gaming. It also includes "streaming" (PS Now), which is set to become the norm (in order to fill the void of backwards compatibility), or rather commonplace.

There are multiple factors in how the digital sale of a game should be, but the most important thing is the price of said game. A...

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I would like to see Tekken X Street Fighter, but it's obvious that there are development problems on Namco's side of things. The main problem this crossover presents the is controls, which is what the biggest problem with Street Fighter X Tekken was. Tekken characters (or rather Tekken players had to use) used Street Fighter control schemes, which meant Tekken players were at a disadvantage playing against Street Fighter players.

If it was possible for both games cont...

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The answer to the opening question is yes, in SONY's case (console manufacturers), are looking to bolster their weak offerings (indies) for the PS4, with games from the first three generations of the brand. The way they're going about it is wrong though (that's another topic).

Backwards compatibility is used out of context these days. The term is defined by previous gen games (physical copies) being able to be played on the successor console to the preceding one. ...

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PS TV is without a doubt a great device, but SONY failed with it's original launch. Instead of launching in Japan first, they should have launched in the West (or at least simultaneously with the West) first, since PS TV is making the handheld experience possible on TV. Regardless of what other platforms it gives players the chance to play, it's primary source of games are that of handhelds (i.e. PSP, and PS Vita).

Given that information, SONY should have known that J...

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These "features" defeat the purpose of the entire game. In layman's terms these are cheats, everything after high speed mode is a disgrace, to the actual skill it takes to play this game.

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Stealing would be making copies of said game, and selling them for profit. A youtuber doing let's plays or walkthroughs, is essentially advertising a developers game. The mindset of some of these developers is that of a child, who is unable to yet comprehend things logically.

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@dmitijs88 Once PS4 has a moderate install base (it will never reach the install base of PS3, for various reasons), third-party studios will not make exclusives on their own. SONY has to provide some type of incentive (most likely money) for them to do so. Comparing the PS and PS2 era with that of the PS4, is asinine. PS4 will never have the amount, and or quality of third-party exclusives it's predecessors did.

That time has long since passed for SONY, besides... it'...

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It would seem that way, however this is a more serious issue for the 7th gen version of the game. As an earlier post pointed out, (if Rockstar makes heist for the 8th gen versions of the game playable, and can't do the same for the 7th gen versions) what Rockstar has done is false advertising. Seeing as how they have not delivered said mode, it would seem it's not possible on 7th gen consoles.

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I would say it's the opposite, if Hollywood has small teams still active during post production, and or the start of a new movie altogether, then that means those people who comprise those teams have jobs, and are still getting paid. Whereas with game industry publishers, they would never allow such a thing. It's as this author pointed out, these publishers don't want "money leakage".

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So they took a page out of SMT's playbook, with the ability to pass part (or maybe all) of a character's turn, to another party member. The permanent death of a character is interesting, which raises some interesting questions. How many characters are alloted to a player? and is it possible to replace ones that are killed?

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Suda51 is an ambitious developer, however I believe he compromised his ambition when he transitioned Lily Bergamo into Let it Die. If a developer has that type of ambition, they should follow through with what they originally started, not abandon it.

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The majority of that list of 40 is indie games...which is the problem with PS4 currently. I believe it is 27 of the 40, that are indie games...that's not good by any measure, considering Playstation's history. Another thing to note, would be the rehashes of 7th gen games...such as The Last of Us, and GTA V. As with any new Playstation console, new IP's should be it's top priority.

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