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Ah that's nonsense. I thought the game is looking great. I'm not understanding the logic behind the statement that Sony's E3 was "underwhelming" or disappointed. They had ALOT of freakin crap to show and not enough time to dedicate to everything. I'm sure they would've loved to show 10 mins previews of games like Twisted Metal, Last Guardian, Starhawk, The Final Fantasy titles, Metal Gear, and the boatload of other software they have coming soon. However, they we... #34
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Wow I never thought I'd say this but I honestly can't think of many games that I am dying to get announcements on. I literally have had every single game that I have been dying for announced in the last several months. Twisted Metal PS3, Starhawk, Elder Scrolls V, Resistance 3, etc. I'm completely satisfied with those.

Okay okay. If I really must go out on a limb here I will say a few that I would cry profusely to get announcements on. Doubt any will happen thoug... #50
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After watching the debut trailer for this I was immediately ecstatic about the game. I have to admit when I first saw the futuristic, spacy look I was not very happy, but after watching it in action I am simply mind-blown. Build and Battle looks crazy awesome. In all honesty, I am every bit as excited for this as I am for Twisted Metal and, for me, that is saying ALOT for this game.

I agree with many of the others commenting. Warhawk was originally a multiplayer-only title s... #9
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Anonymous. Heh. Just a nerd with no life and has yet to figure out his purpose in life. seriously dude. Get a job. Make some friends (real ones. not NPC's). Travel. Do something with your life other than annoy people and waste your time. Thanks...... #74
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I gotta agree with you Snipes. This game didn't have the "magic" that many other Final Fantasy titles had. However, to be completely honest each title since 8 lost a little something with each installment. I can't explain it totally. Just that from FF9 to the present I feel there has been a very subtle downgrade that has led to the FF13 disappointment (and the FF14 debacle). This is totally my opinion and I don't say that I didn't like any of them ( I loved FF10), bu... #3.1.4
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I gotta say I was very much on the fence with this one simply because of my lukewarm reception of the first Dragon Age. Then I played the demo and was sold on the basis that I felt most of the things I hated about the first game have been much improved. I loved the story, morality system, and level up system on the original Dragon Age. Dialogue was good. Graphics were pretty poor but I could overlook that. However, in my opinion combat completely sucked doo doo. It just felt unbelievably clun... #6
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I have to confess: When I first bought Killzone 3 I knew that I would love the multiplayer because I adored the last one. However, recently I have become so SICK of FPS's that I just ignored the campaign mode as I did on Black Ops and Bad Company 2. Bad company 2 has a pretty good campaign but Black Ops campaign just bored me to TEARS so I just played multiplayer on both of those titles.

So I have been playing the multiplayer on KZ3 and have fallen in love with the FPS g... #4
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Wow. These crazy low scores for Killzone 3 are starting to just look really comical. This is my personal favorite shooter I have ever played. That is not an exaggeration. I think it is the most balanced shooter I have ever played. Everything just feels so tight and smooth. Is it perfect? Not quite. But very close. : )

Really I just don't know what people are looking for in a shooter that this doesn't offer. I can only guess that maybe the reviewers hate the fact that... #10
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I like Jaffe too. I know he does have quite a mouth on him at times, but I like to talk to honest people and he seems about as honest as they come. If I had the option to spend an hour talking to a straight-lace, self-righteous person with an overly inflated view of themselves or an honest joe like dave jaffe I'd choose jaffe every time. Oh and by the way, Twisted Metal, flop or not, is at the VERY top of my list of games I am excited for. There is no way this game is gonna be a flop in m... #5
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They're game (no matter what it is) is at the top of my most wanted list right now. Granted, I think there is a better-than-average chance that it is indeed a new warhawk, but I'm excited for whatever they have. Gonna be completely awesome. I just hope that with the monstrous onslaught of games coming out this year it doesn't come out at a time when a bunch of other heavy hitters land and get passed over. I don't see that happening though realistically as most Sony exclusives... #5
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This has turned into my favorite shooter of all time right up there with Timesplitters. I have been playing the open beta all week and I just love the feel of this game. I especially love that I can play the game any freaking way I want and it caters to that. Every class has VERY different abilities and weapons that make it possible to make almost any type of player happy. Me? I'm a Marksman class all the way occasionally switching to infiltrator and engineer whenever it calls for it.
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This is the EXACT reason I support sony consoles: They take care of their customers in every way they possibly can. Granted, I know they are doing this mainly to protect themselves and their developers from incurring big losses as a result of pirating. However this still greatly affects us gamers who want our online gaming to remain fun, fair, and hacker-free. Sony thank you so much for not sitting back on your duff and letting it all happen. I gladly support companies like this. #16
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So for me I have to say that the most iconic and awesome swords in my book will have to be Clouds Buster and Sephiroth's Masamune (think that was the name). I can't help it. I mean look at them. Both totally impossible to wield, but that's like exactly why I love them. Cloud's sword weighs probably 500 pounds and the Sephiroth's sword is like 14 feet long. I know it's probably just nostalgia that makes them special to me but what can I say? I'm a nostalgic guy whe... #30
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my most anticipated exclusive this year followed VERY closely by Multi-plats Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and exclusives Killzone 3, Resistance 3. I grew up on the Twisted Metal series and you better believe I'm gonna have all my friends playing this game as I just don't see it being a possibility that someone won't like it after they try it. Some of the absolute best multiplayer moments in gaming for me and my friends have come from Coop or challenge match Twisted Metal tournaments (e... #13
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I made a resolution that this year I would buy no more than 5 games total........uh...yeah. So this has turned out to be a terrible year for me to make that kind of a decision saying there are at LEAST 20 to 25 games that I would really like to get, crysis 2 of course being one of them. Dangit. Well if I have to choose between the shooters: Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Crysis 2, Rage, Bulletstorm, and whatever else I'm leaving out I'm thinkin it might come down between Killzone 3 and Cry... #3
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Absoltely can't wait! So far this generation there have been about 5 games that have given me that sense of awe and wonder and have placed them in that realm I save only for the games i will remember for all time. This game is of course one of those and it will go down in my book right along side of those games I always hold dearest in my memory: Final Fantasy 7 and 10, Metal Gear Solid for the original Playstation, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Twisted Metal 2, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, X-men: C... #12
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I totally agree with you darkride66 even though it's obvious you and I might be alone in sharing this sentiment. I think it's humorous how our modern day society has touted the phrase "be more open-minded" as a means to gloss over the more than apparent facts that nearly everything that is done in our culture today is done to appeal to a certain people group and not just for the sake of "art" or "cultural values." Do you really think that magazines like P... #2.1.7
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*in a vendor voice* "Crap here come get your crap here!! We got just the thing for the gullible person!! Straight from the qualiity production factories of Microsoft Inc. comes this new wave of old technology that will have you flailing about to the likes of blockbuster hits like kinectimals and various dance titles! We guarantee that you will enjoy playing with this device for a whole week at which point you will kick yourself repeatedly in the junk for ever spending nearly as much on t... #10
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Elder Scrolls 5. easy decision for me since I've never played Mass Effect. #15
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Wow. Watching Square Enix these last five years has kind of been like watching the titanic sink right before my very eyes. That company is a total disaster now and I just don't see them ever rebounding back. They have one chance at at a proverbial Final Attack/Revive combination: Release what the fans want. Aka FF7 remake, and FF13 versus PS3 exclusivity. #21
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