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Same here they should have put it in with the slim model. I would have bought it just for that. #8
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It could be possible it would only be 2 years of development, but other companies have done it. They have the engine, they could easily reuse some assets for the next gen version, and they have plenty of studios that could work on it. It could be possible, but the only time they've done it was vice city on ps2. #1.5
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They arent working on Xbox one so asking them about the Xbox 1 would be pointless. #6.3
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This was never going to be a sales darling and anybody who wanted it probably had a 360 or a computer and purchased on there if they didn't have an Xbox 1. #26
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ram was improved as well 128 mb more main ram and more v ram. The cpu should help quite a bit though as cpu has been a limitation for handhelds, even the vita. #13.1.1
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Heck it doesn't even have to be called time splitters. Just get the old team back together and call it something else and just promote it with "from the makers of goldeneye, perfect dark and time splitters." I'm sure it would sell quite well. #15.3
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They've already done this to an extent with prime hunters. So it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility. #14.1.1
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Games are expensive and the ports are easy money in most cases. Square enix has already said they've been putting the money from hd remasters into new games in their respective series. I just hope if they do want to put them on new consoles it becomes strictly downloadable and cheapers ports of pc versions which can't be too hard. #16
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To be honest there is little to no reason to buy them on wii u. I buy them for the off screen play. That's about the only plus with 3rd party on wii u. You can always get similar experience on 360/ps3 with bigger online communities with your friends and a hugely better one on the newer consoles. The only multiplat i can think being hugely better on wii u is most wanted and that had no advertising what so ever. #3.3
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If Sony meant for this to save the vita brand they would have announced multiple games for it. As for now it seems like an extender for the ps4. #11
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Is Zumba Fitness made by nintendo themselves? I'd hope a vice president would know about a port that was co-produced and published by them. #3.1
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There is plenty of good talent in the uk and i'm sure there is some good talent still there. After all they are one of the few developers to actually make a decent kinect game. I'm sure with some direction they could make some good, if not great, games. #2.1
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I watched that indie movie and honestly the part were he was in it made me feel like i was watching a borderline psychopath about to break. #9.1
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He is talking about hard drive storage. Most recent xbox 360 games have required a hard drive and i don't even know if nintendo allows caching on the 32gb memory or even a external drive. #11.1.3
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@xisthatkid vgchartz has it at 140,000, probably more since they under track everything and the digital release. Not to bad for a port that got bad reviews and no Advertising. Honestly advertising and the memory card are the reasons why i think the vita is failing as it had plenty of games. But you can't sell a system not very many people know about. #1.1.2
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I almost feel bad for this guy. he's tried his hardest to get games on vita yet sony has very little interest. I applaud his hard work in getting the games he has to the amazing device. #11
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@Theshonen8899 All those games suffered from problems. LBP, Tearaway, killzone, uncharted, gravity rush and others had no advertising. Heck the vita itself has had little to no advertising even at launch. Resistance was a barebone shooter and unit 13 was a decent 3rd person shooter. That not even counting the crappy ports they let happened. How the heck is the market supposed to have a say when most of them are unaware of a product? #1.1.4
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1 indie game called volume or something. It's so disappointing and if this doesn't confirm the vita is dead for most people this is the nail in the coffin. Never have i seen a console with such potential get this shafted by it's own company other than the saturn. #9.2
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If it can run on older ios hardware the vita should be able to. The vita runs on a custom chipset that is also in the ipad 3 with the vita running a much lower resolution. With the lower resolution, custom hardware, and better use of the hardware due to greater optimization it should run it just fine. #6.2
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If anything it's the perfect device. Play a bit while your on the go or bored, close the app and come back later. That kind of play will add up very quickly. #2.2
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