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Activision gave up that ip a while back, i'm not sure who owns it or even if someone does have exclusive rights to the game license.

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Yeah you and pandemic made a really great game. It's a shame about the latest though

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The dice la team is the name for the team that used to do all the medal of Honor games back in the day. After the last moh ea restructured the team and they started making battlefield dlc.

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They don't exactly have a great track record and the studios they have kept open aren't as good as they were before the purchase. Bioware, criterion, and Dice LA (the old medal of honor studio) say hello

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Plus if you fiddle enough with the accessibility options mixed with some of the game's option, you can get real analog aim on the right stick and movement on the left stick (albeit digital movement).

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While the psp was successful as a handheld, I don't think the process of playing on the TV was. The psp go had the controller support it was a pain and playing the earlier models it had no support for a wireless controller. The nomad did it better hook up the cords and the controllers it was easy. I loved the pstv though, when the games were supported, pop the memory card in and play the game on the big screen.

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I've been looking forward to this since it's announcement. I loved the flat out games on the ps2 and this looks great.

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It's always good to at least have one game people wanna play. Good job Konami

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@The_Infected It's not really crazy, in fact the ps4 receives the same patches as the ps4 pro. If you look at the patch notes of ps4 pro enabled games on base hardware it will show they downloaded the patch even if all it did was just enable pro support. One recent example in my case was darksiders 2.

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It's still using the same assets, but with added lighting. I'm guessing it would take more reworking to make it work in 3d

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These guys made so many good games. They even made my favorite killzone game. I was really hoping they'd get a chance at a console killzone game since guerilla was working on horizon.

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Its probably going to be horrible look up beenox last call of duty port, black ops 3 on ps3 and xbox 360

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As always the Xbox system didn't get Japanese support. It will get some games here and there as they sell a decent amount, but never to the degree that they do on playStation and Nintendo's hardware.

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Do they even have anything they could put on a service like that? All their licenses are apparently expiring and other than call of duty they really only have skylanders. They really haven't put out much this gen it seems

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Virtuos is doing the remaster they also did the remasters for ffx/x-2. That one turned out to be a good remaster effort.

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I thinks it's just down to them wanting to have as much ventilation as possible. That's why they had the original design as well

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The sad part is they'll be fine... They make a lot of money outside of video games to be worried about their game division.

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It's still coming to the consoles. The title could be so much better.

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They were probably worried that people would not be buy the game given the weird premise. Doing it digitally allowed them to give away a free trial to get people hooked and possible buy the full version.

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They let the devs start using more memory, but it takes away some multitasking for apps.

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