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No one saw the mini nes happening either.

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Don't get me wrong I love Nintendo buy how many freaking times are they gonna sell the same games over and over.

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Just like this article.

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That's like saying Uncharted 4 should be on Xbox One.

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Honestly not kept up with this. Does this mean I can buy these titles without not actually owning an XB1 and play on PC?

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It's true.

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They'll never get my money again after MKX PC. Sorry.

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This is getting interesting but makes sense to support 4K since it will be a few years before there is a new console cycle. Assuming that it isn't much more than that. As far as these new systems replacing the current ones completely I don't see that happening.

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It needs to have power otherwise they will not spend time trying to port dumbed down versions of 3rd party titles. Which is one reason why you don't see a lot of multiplat games.
It seems pretty obvious to me.

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Don't think it would be a good idea. My stance on VR remains the same as in I think it will be similar to the 3D fad we saw. Hopefully they realize they need to get it right this time. On a side note Virtual Boy was kind of ahead of its time in some strange ways.

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It was pretty good but not what I was expecting. For me the announcer was annoying and some weapons were overpowered. As far as the PC is concerned it definitely needs optimizing. Which, I am sure they will do. In the end I know this was mostly a stress test in ways. One other thing I hated that there did not appear to be any type of server browser. Time will tell I guess. Either way I know the SP will be great and my purchase is already preordered on Steam.

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Sitting here playing the PC MP beta as we speak. I must say it has potential but at the moment it is a little stale.

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I'd personally like to see a new samurai showdown :)

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Not buying yet due to basically no SP at launch. Why have we allowed this to become acceptable?

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I use it all the time but I feel even the very high resolution could be better. I know there is ultra high but heard it wasn't stable. Maybe one day they'll patch it up.

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They really screwed this game up. It's missing a Lot of characters, stages, modes and the lack of each character not having a special . The list goes on. Guess we'll have to wait another 10+ years before we see another one. Oh, and the fact they remained so silent about it even up to the release date should tell you something too.

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If gamers would stop supporting this mess they would stop.

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After playing the beta I had some doubts about it but after playing it for the past couple of days off of EA Acess I must say its quite fun. Looking forward to it.

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Comparing PC backward to consoles has to be the dumbest thing ever to bring up. Duh.

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