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Why wouldn't it be? The X360 has a AMD GPU, so why wouldn't MS stick with them for the next gen? Is it because all of a sudden Sony decided to use AMD, that it suddenly became the greatest idea of all ideas? The fanboyism on this site has gone way out of control.

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Apparently the rotor assembly belongs to an attack chopper from the Chinese armed forces. Still speculative but it's pretty close.

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The title should read, "Apple killing the Xbox 720 and PS4, is laughable."

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Brilliant 'Stealth' trolling!

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This statement said by one of the commenters is so true.
"People these days are getting ridiculous. For some reason, the new generation of gamer's have no emotional control, are entitled to everything, and never take responsibility for anything. It is extremely rare to hear someone over COD say, "Wow, I went 5-16...maybe I need to change what I'm doing?" Instead you get yelling matches about camping and how the other people don't play the game correctly.&quo...

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@zebramocha if the Vita can be found sold in an African country (legally through retailers), I would consider that a worldwide release.

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For the uninformed idiots critising/blaming Microsoft for not trying to revitalise the franchise.

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I really enjoyed this web-series, it really surprised me. They should definitely consider putting Halo on the big screen, there's a crapload of money just waiting to be made.

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Regardless if Kinect is added or not; it is OPTIONAL!! You are not forced to use it, so why ALL the complaining, whinging, bitching & moaning? My God the level of maturity on this site is sickening!

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Is it wireless?

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And Sony copied George Lucas.

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I think this reviewer couldn't get a cheque out of Microsoft, that would explain the low score.

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gt5 still have a lower metacritic rating than forza...SEE?! I can troll too!

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That list sucks donkey balls

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Cannot disagree with you there, just right it off as a typo.

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This game is not only getting better and better...but also bigger and bigger. Better and bigger I like that, and I wouldn't care if it came on multiple disc's, just install to harddrive, problem solved.

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I agree with you Luke, but there are just too many of them here at N4G to argue with words. I suggest to use the force to obliterate the lot of them.

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Isn't it probably 500 billion Zimbabwean dollars and not US dollars....I'm sure the article got the dollars confused.

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Is that question really relevant based on the article at hand? You need to go to the PS3 section for that to be answered. Don't waste your time here....move along.

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"spend money, get bored, move on to something new..."
To be honest, isn't that also your typical, so called core gamer? That would also explain why we as gamers have so many games to begin with. IMO not a good analogy, it actually describes all gamers.

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