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Well, I really would have liked to have Omoi in the game. Always loved his design.

Still though, it obviously has a HUGE roster of characters, so no complaints... :) #1.1
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I really liked this game on my Megadrive. One of the best platformers for that system. #1
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If they do want to get into VR, which is fine by me cause I see a lot of potential for the tech, I do hope it will be optional, and not mandatory for the NX.

I really don't want yet another expensive gimmick-based Nintendo system. I'm perfectly fine with them adding it as an add-on, but I really hope the NX will simply be a 'normal' console without any gimmicks, and just completely focussed on bringing the best out of Nintendo when it comes to their 1st Party... #1.1
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I would really love to see a new Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. #1
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Had Naruto pre-ordered (since October or something) and received it on Thursday, but never received any Pre-Order DLC-codes. Will contact the shop somewhere next week, I think. Supposedly there's a problem in Holland/Europe with Bandai Namco not having provided enough codes or something. #1
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We already had Forza Horizon set in the USA, and Horizon 2 set in Europe, so I'm hoping for Asia or South America. #2.1
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1; I don't believe anybody called Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 'an eyesore'. They're fantastic looking games with a gorgeous visual style. That said, obviously they would look even better in sharp 1080p with perhaps some enhanced textures. Just look at the game running in Dolphin, for example.

2: when I play a game, I just prefer a normal controller. I feel the motion-controls didn't add to the overall experience, and in fact even detracted from it a bit. It is... #2.2.2
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Agreed. I would like a HD remaster of Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, if they can be made playable with just the normal controller. #2.2
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@MSBAux, here in Holland, it's still priced pretty steeply, often around the 300€, and that usually comes with 32GB HDD and 1-2 games, but often those are not both games I'm actually interested in.

Also, you will also have to take into account that you probably need an extra HDD to really use the system to it's full potential, when it comes to owning and regularly playing multiple games.

The WiiU has some amazing games who absolutely interest me,... #1.1.8
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@ILoveThePS4: I absolutely know the WiiU has some fantastic games, and I fully intended to buy a WiiU in 2015 for Xenoblade X and Zelda WiiU, but obviously Zelda WiiU got postponed and Xenoblade X didn't have the original Japanese voices (which to me is a deal-breaker, regardless of how others will think about that).

In the end, I have to make a decision on how I want to spend my money, and if that is on a 300€ WiiU which has 5-10 games I'm interested in, but of which... #1.1.4
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Seems kinda 'hard' to tuck away, though... ;) #1.1.6
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I believe there are a lot of people, like me, who have been on the fence for a long time about getting a WiiU (as a 2nd current-gen console) or not, and never did pick it up in the end, while waiting for games like Zelda WiiU.

If Zelda releases as a launch-title for the NX, that basically guarantees a lot of those doubters now getting that system at launch. I know I would, unless Nintendo somehow royally messes that up again.

I believe it might be a cross-gen... #1.1.1
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Tank-missions are a bit 'meh', but you can change the settings for Battle-mode to make it a bit easier. #1.1.2
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Just received the physical edition from Hong Kong an hour orso ago from my GF. Looking forward to playing it. :) #1
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Picked it up 2 weeks orso ago in the EU sale, for 45 euro including Season Pass, and really enjoying it so far (about 35% in the Story Mode).

I do have a few 'problems' with it, but it's a great game for sure. #1.1
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I'll never understand why Sega doesn't just hire 1-2 English speaking/writing guys to immediately implement the English subs DURING production, instead of adding them afterwards. Shouldn't be that hard or expensive. They could be thrown in at the same time as when they do the Japanese subs...

Looking forward to this game. :) #1.2
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I'm sure it will look fine on whichever platform you play it. Even the 360 release was received very positively. The devs have done a good job with this. #1.1.3
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'Fantastic handling'?

Perhaps they need to release a new demo, preferably with more sandy/gravel tracks, cause the demo I played, which was mostly tarmac, had terrible handling.

Sadly, cause I've been waiting for a great rally game these past few years. Hopefully Dirt Rally for consoles will deliver. #1
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Looking forward to the game, but never really liked these big kinda monster boss-fights tbh. I prefer the more grounded 1 vs 1 fights. #1
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I've been looking for a great new rally game, cause it's been way too long since we had one, but the (PS4) demo for Loeb didn't impress me at all, and I strongly disliked the gameplay.

Also played the WRC5 demo a few nights ago, and also not too positive about that, although I did really like the tracks (Monte Carlo snowy, England forest). Gameplay again not very good.

By most accounts, Dirt Rally DOES feel great, so interested in the console rele... #1
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