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I wish they would just include the original Japanese voices as an option. #1.1.1
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I loved the first Defense Grid on XBLA, so if DG2 isn't too expensive, I'll certainly pick it up.

FIFA15 will probably be a must-buy again for me.

NHL15 looks very interesting, but will never be a game I would buy for full price, simply because I love the gameplay, but apart from that I'm not into ice hockey, as in I don't follow the sport and don't care much about up-to-date stats and teams and such, so I can easily wait till it's mu... #1.2
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Just some stuff in the multiplayer, like gore, decaps, executions, etc etc. They more graphic stuff got toned down quite a bit.

I know not everyone cares, but some do, so for those who do care, they can 'import' the USA version. #1.1.3
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... but if you're so insecure about your own abilities as a parent to educate your children, in that you fear they would take their life-lessons from a video game (or MTV, or a movie, or a magazine, or a Youtube video), then to me that indicates the problem is more about you.

There is a world outside your house. Plus your 13 year old WILL have sexual emotions, and fantasies. And yes, most likely they will also have sexual fantasies which will be unrealistic, over-the-top,... #1.1.2
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"Well sexual scenes in game are kind of funny but as you know they are not good for children"

I -DO NOT- know that's not good for children. Is there ANY scientific evidence to back that up? And lets put that against the results of research about sexual suppression, and making people ashamed and feeling guilty about nudity and sexual emotions.

I'm not saying every 5 year old should be a daily visitor to porn sites, but naked breasts, sexy out... #1.1
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It depends on the children, and the parents should make that decision. And it should be an educated decision.

MANY of us have played 'mature' games, watched 'mature' movies, and probably even seen some boobies on the internet or in magazines, when we were 12-13 or something. Many of us could handle all that perfectly fine.

Some children might not, so as a parent you need to take that responsibility and make a judgement call to see what's a... #1
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I'll probably be getting the US digital download, because the EU release has been censored.

I'm sure many other European gamers have done the same, which could be a part of the reason why the game is selling so well digitally. #1.1
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All the DLC-milking is actually what's been driving me away from the serie. Putting the focus on that would make 100% sure I wouldn't go near it again.

You mention 463 items for sale right now. That just means I'm out. Done. Bye. Absolutely no LBP3 for me. #1.1
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Looks interesting. Option for original Japanese voices? Any PS4 version planned? #1
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It's about the maturity behind the game. Journey is not violent, but it's about a mature subject, which is life itself.

You also have a lot of games that are rated 'mature', but they're mostly aimed at an 'immature' audience, with low-brow story and action, and shock-value violence. Nothing wrong with that, and I understand the violence that's depicted is intended for 'mature' eyes, but obviously it's over the top violent fantasies... #1.1.1
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Oh, I know it sells, and I know other people even enjoy it, and don't mind.

I wasn't speaking for anyone but myself. It turns ME off from a game. I just don't like it. It affects MY enjoyment of a game when I see it trying to nickel-and-dime me like that, even after spending 50-60 euro on it (or in the case of LBP2, 70-80 euro or something, cause I imported the Plushy version).

I understand it's something that probably won't go away any t... #1.1.3
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The whole DLC-milking kinda turned me off from the whole LBP thing, sadly. I loved the first game, liked the 2nd (but didn't finish it), but I always thought they should use LBP as some kind of central Playstation family HUB, which REWARDS you for buying Playtation games, by unlocking game-related extras in LBP.

So when I buy Uncharted, it should come with an unlock for a Nathan Drake costume. When I buy Infamous or Journey, we get some content for LBP. Preferably done by... #1.1
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Hopefully this time they will leave out all the 'Xtreme' crap, and just focus on a pure rally-experience through a large number of LONG gorgeous tracks in many varied environments.

I liked the rally parts in Dirt 2 and 3 (3 a bit too sensitive in it's handling), but not much else. Dirt 2 had the more interesting environments, but the tracks were sadly also wayyyy too short. #1
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.... pretty sure my imaginary God could have imagined an imaginary pool and imaginary todlers... :P

However, the EA Gods are probably imagining all the extra money they will be making when they imagine some imaginary DLC-packs selling for extortionate amounts, containing pools, toddlers, and probably imaginary heavenly figures.

"Buy your Buddha pack NOW! Comes with daily visits and wishdom from the fat man himself! Why hang on to your earthly belongings... #1.1
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Finishing Ninja Gaiden Black and Super Meat Boy should simply be enough to warrant you every job you would want. #1.1
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Wow, I've seen Rock Band Beatles quite a few times selling for cheap here in Dutch stores. Kinda makes me sad for not picking it up. I believe it even sold for 50 euro at some places.

I've got some sealed Bioshock-statue (Big Daddy) SE's lying around, as well as a bunch of sealed Halo-ODST + controller bundles, plus I picked up a Japanese first pressing SE of Forza 4 last year, also sealed.

I've also got a bunch of other stuff, like the Biosh... #1
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Well, they can price it as high (or as low) as they want, but as a consumer, I'll make my own judgement on how much each release is worth, how much I'm willing to pay for it, and so I simply vote with my wallet.

If Diablo 3 seems too expensive for me right now, I'll just wait till it's cheaper sometime down the line, if I'm still interested in the game by then.

I'm not someone who's 'into' Diablo, simply cause I've neve... #1.1.1
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Nintendo might have their reasons, but their region-locked hardware certainly kept me from purchasing a WiiU last year when I was in Hong Kong, because I knew it would cause problems once I got back to Holland.

Also, I seriously doubt the 'problem' of people importing from the other side of the world, including all the extra costs and fees (import-tax, handling fees, shipping fees), is big enough to warrant region-locking in the first place.

Just kee... #1
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Agreed. The ridiculous pricing of those memorycards was one of the main reasons that kept me from buying a Vita for a long long time, and now that I finally bought a Vita, my 8GB memorycard is full with games, so I can't be bothered even considering buying a new game, cause then I'll have to remove games and saves from my memorycard, or buy a new one, which I don't want, because of those high prices. #2.1
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Super Meat Boy is one of my favourite games of all time. Perfect platformer. I'm really hoping it will one day come to PS4, so I can enjoy it all over again.

Binding of Isaac is coming pretty soon I believe, which has also been received very well (I haven't played it yet), and Mewgenics looks to be completely crazy, so not quite sure what to expect.

Just a very talented bunch of guys with great humour and customer-friendliness, so whatever they announ... #1.1
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