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Seems like the Nioh demo can't be downloaded anymore in the EU Store. Will try and see if I can still find it in the US store or the HK store...

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Not yet. Just came back from Hong Kong late last week, so haven't come around to it yet. Planning to check it out these coming days. :) Heard mixed reactions, but I'll certainly give it a try :)

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I would add Driveclub and Super Meat Boy to the list.

Driveclub received a bunch of new tracks, as well as a completely new location (Japan), plus lots of free cars, and had a Season pass that offered tons of value for money, and to top it all of, they even released bike-DLC which immediately made it the best stand-alone bike-racing game on current-gen as well!

Super Meat Boy, one of the best platformers ever, was already packed with content, but Team Mea...

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To be honest, I'd be happy with just a FullHD port of Ninja Gaiden Black, uncensored. It's still the very best game in the series, and everything that came after it has just been disappointing compared to the original.

That said, I have extremely little faith left in Team Ninja. They're all about expensive DLC these days, and haven't delivered a GREAT game in years.

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Well, considering hardly anyone was impressed with the trailer that came out, calling it a lazy port and actually looking inferior to the last-gen versions in some examples, you would hope the delay is because they're going back in and trying to do a better job at this release.

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I saw the game running on a demo-pod in Hong Kong (Tai Po to be precise), and I didn't know what it was, but it just looked gorgeous. The text was all in Japanese, so I couldn't figure out the title (store-owner was on the phone so didn't bother him to ask), but when I got home I just did a little search, and found it was Setsuna. Since then, I've been really looking forward to it. :)

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Love for another human being is an abomination!?

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You're telling me there's no artistic design by the creators?

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Good news. Censorship has no place in art and entertainment, and hopefully this way people will be able to enjoy the game in the way it was originally designed, instead of the butchered Western release.

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Not on this list, but 'I am Setsuna' looks very good to me as well.

As far as this list is concerned, I hope they'll include the Japanese voices as an option.

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As far as indies go, I'm really excited about the upcoming Tokyo 42.

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Driveclub for me as well. Haven't played the other 2 (yet). Absolutely LOVE Driveclub. Such a shame it has come to an end.

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The sad thing is that 'sexy' has absolutely nothing to do with 'sexism'. If a person decides he or she wants to express themselves to the world in a certain way, be it sexy, nerdy, smart, casual, whatever, that's their own free choice. Nothing wrong with that.

Sexism is about women getting paid less for the same job, or men being denied certain jobs because they feel it's not a place for a guy to be.

This 'cover yourself up...

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@Bruce: I think seeing people with different avatars all in the game pulls you INTO the experience. It's not just the same bland-faced square-jawed soldier who just stabbed me in the back, but when I see their face on the kill-cam it might be some grizzled old dude with a beard, or a wide-eyed 16 year old pimpleface from Indonesia, or ginger Lisa, or whatever.

I feel the emotional impact is much bigger when you actually have millions of different looking people playing...

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I was looking for a 360 just the other day, simply because the XBO doesn't have the full BC yet and there are still some games I love to play on my 360 (Mark of the Ninja and Dirt 2 for example), and it seems they're becoming very hard to find. My old Phat still works, but I would like to have a back-up, just in case.

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If the game was 'realistic' most of those men would be dying of illnesses, instead of 15-year old Timmy in his bi-plane who's on a killing-streak...

I feel in games, when possible, you should be able to create your own avatar. And that includes gender. And I would have liked to have seen that option make it in.

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... or perhaps the XBO doesn't have any/enough exclusives that interest him enough to justify a purchase...!?

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While I like unlocking achievements/trophies, it's not really a special selling-point to me if they're easy (or hard).

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Boasting about all the DLC a game will be getting before it's even released only manages to lessen my excitement for the game, because they're deliberately keeping out content to sell separately. I know that's how many developers decide to do business these days, but it also means that I as a customer am much more inclined to just wait 6-12 months for a big discount and/or complete release instead of buying it immediately.

Game itself looks great though.

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Been wanting to pick this game up since release, but was overseas for a few months so didn't have a PS4. I think I'll wait and see if they'll release a nice Game + Movie combi later in the year.

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