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The 'something huge' is probably Tekken vs SoulCalibur crossover or something... #1.1
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∆ Arkham = Gotham. Apologies. #1.1.5
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@Choco: It's Todd. There's already a Red Hood DLC announced, which no doubt is just another skin for Arkham Knight, and everything ads up for Arkham Knight being Todd.

Of course they'll say what they say to keep it a surprise, but the guns, the posture, the personal connection to Batman and Arkham, the outfit, the army he brings (Ra's army no doubt, also considering the events in Arkham City), etc etc.... it's Todd. #1.1.4
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Wow... she's crazy...

First being a huge jerk to/about Notch about Minecraft and how he's now lazy to not do any more games anymore.

He very respectfully replies to he.

She goes on being extremely disrespectful and immature, bragging how she's made so many games last year alone, while being 100,000 in debt(!) (way to go, crazy lady...(!) )

He still answers quite politely (although obviously with a cynical underton... #1.1.6
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Dark Souls really hooked me, but 10-15 in orso my HDD crashed and so I had to start over (didn't have a cloud-save, sadly), and I haven't REALLY gotten around to getting back into it, also because I now have a PS4, not to mention the already huge backlog of games I still have to play...

A shame, because I did really enjoy Dark Souls that first time I was playing it...

I haven't picked up Bloodborne yet, but I certainly will. #1.1
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If they bring him back as alive, that would just cheapen his death in Arkham City to just another 'shock-value' event, and nothing more than that.

He should stay dead, and like I said before, he'll probably be in the game in some kind of flashback, concerning the events with Jason Todd. #3.2.1
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He's probably in a flashback, showing what happened to Jason Todd (who is the Arkham Knight in this game...) #1.1.1
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As much of an issue I usually have with DLC, this seems to be one of those rare occassions where they DO get it right, adding lots of new content, developed AFTER the game was release, offering great value for money.

Hats off to Nintendo for getting it right. #1
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DLC-milking = no buy from me. I was hoping for it to be a good competitor against Forza and GT, but not if they'll focus on these greedy practices. #1.1.1
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Don't be surprised to see this game show up in PS+ within a few months ... :) #1.1
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I did the same thing: Skipped buying Battlefield 4 when it came out, because of all the DLC, then picked it up last fall or something for 40 euro complete with the Premium Season Pass.

Great value for money. Very glad I waited to buy the complete package. Still play it regularly. #1.1.2
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Of course this won't end the console era, simply because millions of people enjoy just sitting back on the coach or on their bed, with a controller in their hand, and play their games on a good quality TV-screen.

This holo-deck is cool for what it is, but it's not an alternative to traditional gaming.

Just like Kinect or the Wii haven't pushed traditional gaming away. #2.1.1
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Game looks interesting, but wow, that voice-acting sounds terrible. Might as well have kept it mute. #1
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The problem for me isn't with the amount of cars. 50-100, or even 200 cars, are more than enough for me, as long as there's a nice variety between them, they're fun to drive, etc etc.

Much more important to me, are the tracks. The amount of locations and tracks, if they're original or have been around for ages, if they're fun to drive hundreds of times, etc etc.

Forza 5 got criticism for releasing with far less content than Forza 3 and 4.... #6.1.2
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I'm afraid you're right about them not releasing a new PS3.

Concerning the Vita-cards, I know they're cheaper overseas and although ordering/importing them could be costly due to ridiculous taxes and handling fees here in Holland, I do plan on buying 1-2 new big Vita cards next time I'll be in Hong Kong (as well as new controllers, which are around 300-350 HK$ there, so around 30-35 euro). #2.1.2
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I still have a 60GB Black Phat PS3, and when I lived in Hong Kong for a year I had to buy a new PS3 so I could play there, but I went out of my way to buy the Slim PS3, and not the much cheaper-looking plastic Super-Slim, which just looks terrible IMHO.

I really do wish they'd release a new PS3 which doesn't look as bad as the plastic Super-Slim.

As far as discounts go, their PS4 is still selling very well, so I don't believe that needs a discoun... #2.1
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The game is great, and I've been playing it regularly ever since I got it a few months ago (22,50€ in EU PS Store), but I really hope they'll add a bunch of Japanese cars, both classics and new, as well as (a) new location(s).

It would be great to see these developers create a big Rally-expansion or something for this game, with a few new gorgeous locations with multiple rally-tracks and a bunch of fun cars to ride.

Also, a bike-pack would be nice as... #1.1
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Don't like it, then don't buy it.
... the character is 13, but the players are allowed to customize her outfit. This means it's not the game deciding to 'sexualize' the character, but the gamers who choose to do so.

Also, this is a bathing suit outfit. That doesn't equal 'sexualized'.

Stop trying to make a big drama out of nothing, in order to get hits or stir up some commotion to get the game censored or altered or whatever.

You do realize it IS possi... #1
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In MY case, they won't make ANY profit of me. In fact, I now refuse to buy their game for full price, and I'll wait for a cheap GOTY-edition to come out at a later date.

And if they never release a GOTY-edition, I'll go out of my way to pick up the game cheap and 2nd hand, just to make absolutely sure these greedy devs/pubs don't get a single dime from me.

They COULD have gotten 60 bucks from me on day 1. Instead, they choose to be greedy and... #4.1.2
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The joke is on THEM, really. I was interested in Watch_Dogs, especially considering the lack of decent next-gen sandbox games at the time...

... but the whole DLC/Season Pass thing made me decide against buying the game at launch, and now the game is on sale in the EU PS Store for 20 euro, and I'm just not interested in the game at all any more, so even though I WAS interested and they could have made 50-60 euro from me on day 1, they decided to get greedy, which put me o... #3.1.2
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