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I just want a Lego SimCity style game...

... So including the whole city-management we know from city-builders, but allowing for us to also use Lego to build our own buildings and vehicles, and sharing them with the world.

Oh, and obviously you should be able to roam around in your Lego city (or your friend's) GTA-style. Perhaps even including 3d mini-games like death-match and races etc...

So basically a combination of Lego, SimCity, and... #1.1.1
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I hope it doesn't get censored in ANY way...
... so blood, gore, executions, nudity, relgious signs, whatever.

It should all remain how the designers and developers have envisioned and created it!

That boss-fight at the 24th minute looks great btw. #1
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This game looks to be amazing. Hopefully they'll include the Japanese voices again, like they did with Xenoblade.

Will definitely buy a WiiU for this. #1.1.1
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I prefer a game like this to be running on 30fps if that means it will be highly detailed and filled with NPC's and gorgeous lighting and all that, instead of having a 60fps game to boast about (which isn't even all that important in an RPG), while having to sacrifice on all kinds of stuff, like falling leafs, animations, shadows, whatever. #1.3
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I wish they would have put some more effort into the remastered graphics, and making it widescreen and all.

Grim Fandango did NOT look great when it came put, and that was not because of the creative design behind it (which is gorgeous), but simply because of the hardware limitations at the time.

They could have taken this opportunity to really make the game how they originally envisioned it, of those limitations wouldn't have been there.

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Team Ninja has been absolutely terrible after he left, both in terms of the games they've released, as well as the decisions they've made for those releases (censorship, leaving the original Japanese language out of the portable games, toning down the difficulty, adding boring sections to perfect games, and of course the neverending greed when it comes to DLC). #9
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It's 2015; the race, gender, sexuality, religion and colour of the protaganist really shouldn't be any kind of issue anymore in this day and age.

I know it sadly still IS an issue for many... But it shouldn't. #4
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I thought Wei was pretty bland and boring tbh, like a non-offensive main character designed to be accepted and liked by everyone. Also, he looked a bit too 'westernized', like an asian model with western features, instead of like someone you would actually see on the streets in Hong Kong. #2.1
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Wow, very nice score. Played it when it originally came out, but didn't get all that far into it, most likely due to hardware issues on my part. Really liked it though, especially the classic Lucasarts humour. Graphics back then were kinda still struggling because of the 'new' 3D, but I'm sure it will look better now :) #1
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Yeah, I feel in this day and age the option for the original language in our entertainment should at least be available. It annoys me tremendously whenever it's ripped out completely, to the point where it basically just ruins the experience for me. #1.1.3
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I can't wait :)
Not sure yet how the game will turn out, but I expect it to be AT LEAST very good, and I'll support them day 1 for full price, because of how they'll treat us gamers respectfully, when it comes to DLC. #1
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I received Revengeance for free through PS+, and was very excited about playing it, being a big fan of Platinum Games (VANQUISH!), but when I had it downloaded and installed, it was disappointing to see there was no option for the Japanese voices (Vanquish did have that option), so I gave it a short try, but the disappointment was just too much so I uninstalled it again.

I kinda hope they'll consider doing a current-gen HD port of the game, which would include that option... #1.1.1
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I'd rather not have ANY extra services I need to be logged into, in order to be able to play a game. #2.1
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I'm still waiting for a complete release of Black Flag, before I'll even consider getting Unity. #1.1
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Oh, I'm sure they'll create completely original mistakes for their next games... ;) #1
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I believe Rockstar already mentioned once that they'll keep GTA inside the USA (apart from GTA London back then, I guess...(!) ).

Personally I would love a GTA set in Tokyo, or better yet, Hong Kong.

And no, Sleeping Dogs doesn't count. That wasn't Hong Kong, that was a very poor version of a very small part of Hong Kong. (and, obviously, it wasn't GTA...)

But considering their earlier statements about GTA staying in the USA,... #2.1.1
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I'll most certainly give it a chance, once there's a complete release. The game seems like a lot of fun, especially after all the improvements, but I'm still sceptical about what they'll be doing with the DLC, during and after their Season Pass.

Would have already bought the game if it weren't for that insecurity. #1.1.3
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They'll never learn, will they? Anyway, this automatically means I won't even consider buying it at launch. #1.1
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Not just talented, but unlike other developers, they'll release a complete game without DLC-milking.

Day 1 for me. I'll reward devs like that with a full price purchase. #2.1.1
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There's already a Season Pass announced, which means they'll be DLC milking anyway. I believe they even kept out Vegeta to sell him to us later as DLC. #1.1
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