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... I know opinions will differ from mine, but I rather have the lush gorgeous extremely detailed environments and locations in 30fps in Driveclub, instead of bland tracks in circuit racers in empty boring locations.

Also, keep in mind Driveclub is now already around 3 years old. It's just amazing that in many ways it's still the best looking racer on the market. Plus I LOVE the gameplay itself.

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Why!? The reasons why we are complaining already affect how we feel about the game and especially it's anti-consumer greedy developers.

Could be an absolutely amazing game, but after all the greedy crap they're pulling, there's simply no way I'd even consider buying it.

Not sure if the devs or the publishers are to blame, but either way, it's as if they're limping their own race horse before the race has even started...

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Why are you comparing a games-console to the most overprices PHONE on the market?

I could do the same and mention the 300$ OnePlus 1 released 3 years ago with 64gb storage. And then complain about how the Switch can't call people, or doesn't have a decent camera included, or doesn't have a decent mediaplayer on board.

It's a bit of a ridiculous comparison on your end to justify Nintendo's crazy anti-consumer decisions.

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It's ridiculous that a 300$ console releases in this day and age with the bare minimum of storage, so folks will need to buy extra storage seperately...

Should have launched with a 1TB HDD in the dock. At least.

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Agreed. Bundling a console with download codes is just being very very cheap, especially when that console already barely has any storage.

I know that kinda crap was one of the main reasons why I didn't buy a WiiU. I think it was with Zelda WW that was bundled with a code. Later MK8 bundles did the same.

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I'd really need a demo for WRC7 before I decide if it will be worth buying.

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I'd LOVE a new NBA Street, although a HD remake of NBA Street v3 would be fine as well...

Loved that game. EA was on fire back then (NBA Street v3, SSX3, Burnout 3, Def Jam FFNY, etc).

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Good. A developer which has focussed on treating their customers and their product respectfully (no DRM, no greed, DLC expansions actually worth the money), and turns out that's the way to go.

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Developer/publisher makes an anti-consumer choice with their product >>> consumers will voice their grievances and use their options to express that discontent.

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I agree it's a bit steep but it's a 3D remake instead of a straight port, and it will have voice-acting (both Japanese as well as English)

40 bucks is okay-ish, but you can also simply wait a few months until it's on sale, like most folks will probably do.

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No, it probably shows they're still greedy, selling the popular characters as DLC, post-launch.

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...that's some impressively nice junk right there...

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Let's hope that they'll also keep including the Japanese voices from now on.

Until not that long again their games were mostly 'dub-only', which is a bit ridiculous considering their games cater to an audience that's usually into anime and/or Japanese culture and games, and often prefer an option for the original language.

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Being a grown-ass adult means you don't have to defend yourself for liking what you like. Life is short. Spend it on simply watching and playing and doing the stuff YOU enjoy. It doesn't matter how some other folks will perceive your hobbies. I'm sure they have their own stuff they like that you and I couldn't care less about.

Just this morning, I was really enjoying that first episode of the new Ducktales show. It's great.

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Man, just look at the AMAZING detailed and fun characters in the background of that tournament arena stage. This game is going to be absolutely amazing.

Really hope they'll keep building on all this greatness and also include characters/skins/locations from the original Dragon Ball series, as well as perhaps a nice cameo by Arale and perhaps Dr. Mashirito in one of his wacky fighting robot suits...

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Season Passes tend to divide (and kill) the online community between haves and have nots. I've sene it with BF3, with BF4, from both ends.

With BF3, I didn't get the Season Pass, and right when the DLC released, you could already see there was just a huge drop in numbers of the people playing on the base-maps, and later on all the maps. Those who didn't have the DLC, just dropped the game. Those who did have the DLC, went to those new maps, and after a while fe...

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For me it comes too late. BF1 looks to be great, I liked the beta, but the Season Pass, as usual, kept me from buying the game.

Now Battlefront 2 will be coming out, no Season Pass to split up the community, so instead of buying Battlefield 1 now, I rather just wait and jump on Battlefront 2 on day 1, and enjoy that for a few years.

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Sonic 2 is my favourite Sonic game, but Sonic 1 has my favourite Sonic level; Starlight Zone.

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It's a shame downloadable games are so expensive this gen compared to last gen. I saw this in the PS store for 22 euro(!), while it would have been 8-12 euro AT MOST last gen. Back then, I'd take a chance far more often on these games, because they were price seductively.

For 22 bucks though, I can pick up Dark Souls 3 this week. Or a number of other amazing AAA games which are in the bargain-bin.

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Good. I would rather see Sega respond to this extremely positive reception by both fans as well as critics, by focussing on a fantastic sequel. No DLC-greed, but a Sonic Mania 2, a few years from now.

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