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Sleeping Dogs is also a relatively lazy remaster, while Tomb Raider and GTA5 really had a lot of extra effort put in.

Why I buy them: In many cases because I haven't played them before. With The Last of Us and GTA5 it was pretty much a given they would end up on next-gen, so I simply decided to wait for those.

And for some other games, I would enjoy playing them again. I'm still hoping we'll see a PS4 release of Super Meat Boy. Also looking forwar... #1.1.2
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I seriously hope the western release will include the option for Japanese voices.

There's a huge anime-following for this game, many of whom prefer their anime and games in the original language. #1.1
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I don't want the EU version to be censored again. #1
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I've got a PS4, and the (12 days of) Christmas sales in our EU shop have just been downright TERRIBLE this year.

Very disappointing, and I really hope Sony will start caring a bit more about their EU customers in 2015, cause pricing and sales are very poor when we compare them to those in the USA PS Store.

It was very nice from EA to give us Plants vs Zombies (PS4), Mirrors Edge (PS3) and Need for Speed (Vita) for free.

Also, the Xmas u... #1.1.2
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Same here. I already have a bunch of consoles, all with it's own backlog, so there's no immediate reason for me to NOW go out and get a WiiU.

There are quite a few reasons why I'm not buying it yet, like the very high prices for games here in Holland (The good WiiU games don't go down in price, so Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 are still 50 euro), and the region-locking, and the very small HDD, etc etc...

... but once Zelda WiiU comes out, th... #1.1
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The girls look nice, obviously...
... but that sand-texture is terrible, especially for current-gen. #1
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If true...
... I hope we'll get new protagonists to play as, instead of Michael, Trevor and Franklin again. :) #1
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I loved this game on my Dreamcast...
... just everything was tremendous, especially back then. Racing through real cities, different radio stations, using the internal clock to affect the in-game time of day you were racing, etc etc.

I remember being in Tokyo at that red temple and telling my friends 'Woah, I was here in MSR!'

Of course, the MSR game turned into the PGR series, which was also great. Really hope there will one day be a worthy successor. #1
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TBH, the GOTY-edition should have already come with all the DLC, instead of adding just 10 measly cars.

Using the term 'GOTY edition' for this release just devalues the term GOTY while duping unsuspecting customers into buying the game believing it will have all or at least most of the DLC included. #1.1
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Of course you are. Just don't demand for it to be banned and censored.

You can call it sick, twisted, immature, demented, cheap, whatever.

And that's OK. No problem.

However, nobody should be demanding for it to be banned or censored, meaning other people aren't allowed to make that judgement and decision for themselves.

I'm 38 years old. I certainly have my doubts about this game, and most likely, I'll n... #3.1.2
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Good news...
... and great that Gabe himself has stepped up and rectified this mistake. :)

While personally I'm skeptical about the game, I don't believe in censorship, and just like there are movies and books widely available which deal with very disturbing gruesome issues and content, the same should be true for video games.

There should be a wide variety of genres available for all ages, for all interests, etc etc. #1
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I hope they have made the CPU a bit more aggressive, cause they rarely foul you, meaning you almost never get a free kick. #1
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I quite liked DMC. It's a good game. It certainly doesn't deserve the hate it's getting. Might pick up this HD-release when it hits the bargain-bin for 20 bucks. #1.1.5
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If they want to fix this kind of 'scalping', they shouldn't have made it limited in the first place.

Just release it wide as a regular option, so everyone who wants one, can buy it for a normal price, instead of having to pay extortionate amounts of money to these greedy scalpers... #1.1
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I really wish the series would go back to an open 3D world where you can jump and run around in.

I like the gameplay in the fights. I like the fact that they offer you an option to play the game in the original language with subs. I love the cell-shaded gorgeous graphics and slick animation.

I just feel the SP is very barebones and limited when it comes to freedom and gameplay. And it really shouldn't. You've got such a huge gorgeous world at your dis... #1.1
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I'm in Holland. :)

Perhaps Nintendo games go on sale a bit more often in the USA than they do here in Holland, but games like Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 are still 45-50 euro here.

As I mentioned, I have quite a few other consoles, and a huge backlog, so there's no urgency for me to get a WiiU in the short term. With so many amazing old-gen games and now even PS4 and XBO games in the bargain bin for 15-20 bucks a piece, it really makes little sens... #1.1.4
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I don't think the WiiU is getting 'hate'.

I think for many gamers it's simply the question if it's worth 'investing' in a WiiU, while all the good games are still priced at 50 bucks despite some being 2 years old, while great games for other systems will be 20-230 bucks within a year.

Personally, I think the WiiU now has a very nice collection of great games available, but because I also have a 360, a PS3 and a PS4, all of which s... #1.1
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Very good and mature decision, and all that will matter will be the end product.

Looking forward to this. I'm happy CD project is doing whatever it can to deliver the best possible product to their customers/fans. #1
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It's Capcom. They would just DLC-milk the hell out of something like that.

I agree it would be nice to have a whole lot more freedom and options when it comes to dressing up your characters.

I just don't trust Capcom to offer that inside the base-game. Sadly. #1.1
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Not sure of the so-called GOTY-version is worth 4 extra pounds, considering it offers only 10(!) extra cars.

If it included all the DLC, then yeah, this would have been a no-brainer, but sadly, it barely has any extra content to offer over the regular version, and in such, it's just a sleazy disgraceful way for Turn 10 Studios to trick people into thinking they're getting a great deal, while in fact, it's a pathetic way to erode the term 'GOTY' into someth... #1.1.2
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