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Why don't YOU learn to read subtitles so they don't have to hold back every release to include an English dub for you guys!? It's a Japanese game; just let them talk Japanese and slap some subs on it.

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I just hope Sega will include (=not butcher out) the original Japanese voices. Sega usually keeps the Japanese voices included, while Atlus usually took them out completely.

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You want an in-game Dragon Ball rock band!? :P

Could be a nice rythm mini-game though, using all the music from the shows and music. Kinda like the karaoke mini-game in Yakuza.

Anyway, I want Dragon Ball. And with that I mean I want the ORIGINAL Dragon Ball characters, locations, etc to be included, so young Goku, ChiChi, Pilaf, etc.

Some Dr. Slump thrown in would be nice as well, considering they share the same universe.

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In Europe/Holland, they're ridiculously expensive, at 60€. Sadly, also almost never any sales or bundles.

I'm in Hong Kong right now, and picked up a few for 269hk$, which is around 32-35€. Obviously a huge difference.

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Like I said, -I- didn't ask for a gimped down VR-version. If Sony wants to take that risk with one of it's most respected and popular IP's in order to sell us to their VR, that's their decision to make, but that doesn't mean I, or anyone else who was hoping for just a new great GT, has to somehow like it.

Perhaps they should have done GT Sport as beautiful as they could WITHOUT VR, and then release a (seperate) VR-edition with the details dialled down.

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Not trolling, but I never asked for any of the 3 things you mentioned. I'm just a single-player guy who just wants a gorgeous and fun race-game with lots of interesting varied tracks.

I don't really care (yet) about VR, I barely care about customization, and I couldn't care less about the E-sport thing.

Which kinda makes it a shame that Sony dropped Evolution Studio and Driveclub, because that game did have exactly what I wanted from a racin...

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I would like a 'Remaster' of 1943, but instead of just those 3 (4) maps, I would like them to add 10-12 more. Just maps, everythinhnelse (gameplay, classes) was perfectly fine. I just want MORE of it.

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So because the English dub is good, according to you, the rest of the world just has to settle with those and not having the option for the original voices, which have been ripped out...?

Would you still say the same if they would rip out the Japanese voices and only offer a Spanish dub? Or a Chinese dub?

It's 2016; both the original voices as well as any relevant dubs can easily be offered, either on-disc, through downloads, or perhaps just adding...

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It's a shame they still won't give any info about the original voices being included in the Western release, or if they'll butcher them out yet again.

I'd like to play the game, but not with a dub.

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Yankeeboo: entitled western gamer who demands an English dub cause he can't bear to listen to a foreign language or having to read subtitles, so the rest of the world basically has to wait 3-12 extra months for a Japanese game to release in their country, often with the original language butchered out to make way for the far inferior English dub.

Thanks, Yankeeboo(!)

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Ah, the insecure Yankeeboo...

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Agreed. I could have given the game the benefit of the doubt, especially because it has the Japanese voices included, which I applaud, but I don't support self-censorship.

Judging from the reviews so far, I don't think we're missing out on much though. Seems a 'decent' game, but not great. With the huge amount of great games being released these days and in the rest of the year, I can give this one a pass without regret.

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I hope the search-engine allows to filter out all those custom servers with ridiculous 'rules'. I just want to play the game as it was designed, not where 1 mod decides certain weapons, methods, whatever, are 'not allowed'.

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Personally I prefer the contrast/shadows much better in the E3 version; it just looks more natural. Also, the leather strap has nice highlights and the background just looks a bit sharper and more impressive.

Obviously the retail-version looks great, but I prefer the E3 version.

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I bought it about a year after launch, when the game plus all DLC was 40€, and I still play it alot. Great game. The DLC maps sadly aren't played that much, plus I still feel there should be an option to filter out maps with custom rules and settings, but I believe this Is still the best MP shooter currently available for PS4. (I don't own an XBO so I don't know if Halo 5, Titanfall, etc etc are better than BF4 on that system)

Great game, still, and looking forw...

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If it's just subs I'll be happy. They'll probably butcher the Japanese voices out again in the Western releases, so it would be nice to at least be able to import an Asian release which does have Japanese voices AND English subs.

Sadly, I'm skeptical, based on their past releases.

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@TheRandomOne; if Nintendo goes Digital Only, you can be sure they'll keep their games at full price for even longer then they already do.

Anyway, I can see them going for 'cartridges' when they're basically locked memory cards (small). I don't really see the return of the old 16-bit sized cartridges.

It might be a smart move when it comes to speedy access to the content (faster loading times), but it could backfire on them if develope...

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I would really like to see Mark of the Ninja getting added to the BC list, as well as the Project Gotham Racing games, Ninja Gaiden Black, Trials Evo, Dirt 2, and a few others...

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Let's hope it's free DLC support, so everyone just buys the game, and every new map(-pack) that gets released afterwards will be free. Kinda like what the recent Halo did.

Benefits would be that you don't split up the community between haves and have-not's, every map will stay heavily populated (now often on the DLC maps there are far less players online to play with), and it will convince a whole lot more people to buy the game on day 1 for full price, ins...

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Well, excessive DLC is always a concern these days, so personally I usually just wait till there's a complete edition, unless it's a dev I trust to deliver and come through for their fans and customers, like CD Projekt Red... (Witcher 3)

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