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All this crap does is simply making sure I won't be buying those games for full price at launch, but instead wait 8-12 months and IF I'm still interested in the game by then, I'll pick it up for 20-30 bucks, maybe. If they've bothered with releasing a complete release by then.

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Sadly, That Ezio HD Collection Ubisoft announced also seems like a lazy port. Was looking forward to that, cause I loved AC2GOTY, and haven't played Brotherhood and Revelations yet, but I'll just wait a year until that collection is 10 bucks or something...

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It's not about the terrible looking jiggly boobs: it's about the fact that Capcom goes out of their way to self-censor their creative visions to please a small minority of complainers who don't even play games.

It's something I very much object to. Not just boobs and such btw, but also self-censorship when it comes to violence or religion or whatever.

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Yet another completely senseless and downright offensive chapter of unnecessary self-censorship by Capcom...

Was considering getting this as I missed it last gen. I won't, because of this crap.

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Cool. Loved Assassin's Creed 2 GOTY last gen, never played the 2 follow-ups (because of DLC), so this will be a good chance to revisit it. The HD-remaster doesn't look amazing, though, which is a bit disappointing, but 3 great games including all DLC is an attractive offer in itself.

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Yeah, perhaps, but like I said, I expect an even better deal/bundle before the end of the year, and still have a huge backlog to get through. I've been spending way too much money as it is already these last few weeks anyway ...

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Really want to pick up Ratchet and Clank, but I kinda expect there to be a bundle deal in the future where you get both the game and the CGI movie, for a nice price. Also, huge backlog, which is the only reason why I haven't picked it up already...

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It's not just the ridiculous price that bothers me. It's the fact that this Premium DLC will once again split up the community, and in the end it will be very difficult to actually find full servers for those DLC-maps, especially after the first year orso.

I'd rather see them sell 1 battlefield 1 game, including Premium, for 80 bucks. No other versions available, so everyone just gets the complete same game, instead of buying an incomplete 50-60 bucks game, whe...

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Players: We don't really like the light on the PS4 and wish it could be turned off.
Sony: Hey, let's add another light. (I know it's just a window to the same light, but still... :P )

Anyway, love my PS4 controller, but the only thing that really needed fixing was the battery life, as far as I'm concerned. Well, and maybe bring down the price a bit. It's 60 euro here in Holland. Which is ridiculous.

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The controller was a gimmick that was forced upon gamers and developers while not really adding much in terms of better gameplay, but it did add 100-150 bucks to the price of a new console. This meant the console was unnecessarily expensive, it meant it was less powerful than it could/should have been without the gimmick, it meant many 3rd party developers couldn't really be bothered with developing for the system, it meant 1st party games had the tablet-controls forced in, which in many ...

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PES usually takes quite a bit of time to really 'click', and even then it usually takes even longer to really start to completely get all the nuances. It's a game that rewards a long-time investment into it, as you'll keep learning new stuff along the way...

But like I said, I do feel the demo isn't perfect and there's still room for improvement, so I hope the final game plays (and looks) a bit better.

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Maybe your timing is a bit off, or perhaps the forwards you used aren't that good at headers!? I've had no problem with headers so far. Scored quite a few goals from them already, and sometimes you miss or it's straight at the keeper, and sometimes they go in. Seems pretty accurate to me.

I quite enjoy the demo, but not sure if I like it better than PES2016 yet, which I love (except for GK's and refs). It mostly plays fine, but some annoyances exist when yo...

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Well, Sonic's reputation IS/WAS in the dumps. The first few Sonic games were amazing, and obviously Sonic and Sega Racing were very good, but apart from that, sadly, most Sonic games have been very disappointing (plain bad, actually), and that's not just the games, but the direction they took Sonic himself (the character, design-wise, personality-wise) was also crapped on by Sega, plus they kept adding terrible new characters to the roster, who weren't even needed in the first pla...

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I've had my eye on this for a while now. Looks fantastic. Absolutely LOVE the art-design (except for the talking heads, which the developer mentioned could be changed before release). Also a big fan of it's inspirations, and the soundtrack seems pretty good as well...

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"Maybe that’s what all developers should be doing to a attract their fan base and keep them happy, at least big developers that have the right resources to do so."

Announcing (expensive) DLC (season-pass) before the game is even finished and launched just means it will be an automatic pass from me. I absolutely hate how Season Passes break up the community, and the sad truth is that it only harms the game in the long run, cause the community will be divided betwee...

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In short: They're not interested in the gaming-industry. They're interested in the victim-industry. That's what gets them attention. That's what gets them money and a career.

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Japanese voices included or no sale.

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Yeah, I don't really hold high hopes either. It's as if Nintendo don't WANT to listen to what gamers state they want, and instead insist on shoving gimmicks on us. Too often, I feel the gimmicks take away from the game, instead of adding to it. Which is a shame.

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Really just hoping it isn't once again expensive gimmick-based hardware, but a bit more 'mainstream' in order to lure more 3rd party support, as well as 1st party software not relying on the gimmick but innovating in other areas, like story-telling, setting, characters, etc etc... (in short, I just want to play Nintendo's greatness without the need of some weird special control-scheme forced upon me...)

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1: The game looks mediocre at best.
2: Expect the characters you actually WANT to be released post-launch as DLC.
3: I would have preferred a current-gen Hanna Barbera kart-racer.

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