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I'd love more diversity when it comes to characters. Too often it's just a violent grunting 20/30-something white male with square jaws. It's a bit predictable and boring.

I'd also love to see more variety when it comes to locations/settings. Over 60% of games seems to be set in the USA, while so many countries/continents rarely appear in videogames.

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"Even that pales in comparison to the largest map in any video game: Minecraft with a breathtaking 4,096,000,000."

Ehm, No Man's Sky....!?

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Well, I wasn't going to pick it up, and now I will.

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Great news. Been keeping an eye on this for a few years now, has the potential to be very nice, and happy it will be coming to PS4.

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Perhaps meeting somewhere in the middle, so a hundred tracks/locations and 150 cars orso.

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Been thinking of picking this up for a while now, especially because of the free DLC support, but afraid not enough people are playing it, plus planning on picking up Battlefront 2 on day 1, for the same reason (free DLC support), and by then I hope we'll see Battlefield 1 Ultimate Edition for 40 bucks orso as well...

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Actually, I have always expressed far more interest in having more locations over having more cars. Considering I'll never use ALL the cars anyway, but you will use each and every track, probably hundreds of times, so when there are too few, and those are too boring, the game itself will quickly become too boring.

So tracks>>>cars.

As far as the DLC goes: I never bemoaned the amount of cars, but I dislike DLC-milking, and THEN not releasing ...

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@DaFeelz: Yeah, the best tracks in the Forza Motorsports series have been the fictional tracks: That track in the snowy mountains, the track in Brazil, Mapple Valley in the first couple of games, that amazing Japanese mountain, Prague, etc etc.

Not sure why folks here insist a sim must have all real-based tracks, which are often 1: boring as hell, surroundings-wise, and 2: they're tracks we have already seen millions of times across many other games.


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@Knushwood: It's my favourite racer this gen. Absolutely LOVE the track-design in that game. So much fun to keep playing.

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If the vast majority of those locations are just boring American race-tracks, it won't hold my interest for very long.

I prefer fictional tracks, driving through gorgeous varied locations, designed to be as fun and beautiful as possible.

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I'll buy it for Red Dead 2, Assassin's Creed Origins, Far Cry 5, and Cyberpunk. So I'm fine with picking the console up sometime next spring.

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That's nice, but I'd rather see a far larger roster of gorgeous original tracks, instead of hundreds of cars.

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They really wasted time and resources on THIS!? No wonder Street Fighter 5 is failing.

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Already didn't like the art-style used in MvC3, SF4, SF5, and having played (and completed) the MvC Infinite demo, it looks even worse. Also, the only character I really enjoyed playing as, was Chun-Li.

I seriously doubt I'll ever pick up a copy of MvC Infinite.
I might pick up SF5 some day once it's complete and worth the money.

Right now, I'll stick with something like Guilty Gear Revelator. Which looks and plays amazing, and ...

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Liked the beta. Hated the English dub. If the game has the Japanese voices included as an option, it will be a Day 1 for me...

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No, I didn't, it just struck me as very weird that they would change his origin like that. Turns out it was a mistake by the article and he has been Spidey for 8 years.

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I'd LIKE to get it, but certainly not at the current price for a barebones XBO X.

If they would throw in a nice bundle of games and perhaps an extra controller, I could be seduced into getting it. Although I expect that won't happen until after they see mediocre sales this fall.

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- "He’s 23-years-old, and he’s already been Spider-Man for a year when you start the game,” Allgeier said of the game’s hero." -

...So there never even was a teenage Spider-Man...!?

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I hope so. Too often a Season Pass just shortens the Online MP, cause the community gets split up between haves and have nots, and after a while those who only have the base game will stop playing the MP completely cause they find others are playing on the DLC maps, and those who did buy the DLC will find empty servers after a while simply because the community has taken a drop.

I stopped buying games with a Season Pass because of this, only picking them up if there's a...

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I'd love a Pro-release. A Switch that's a basic home-console without the whole handheld stuff, and comes bundled with the pro-controller instead of with the joy-cons. I have no interest in the portability function, and also have no interest in the whole motion-control stuff.

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