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It's pretty good. You should give it a try. #2.1
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Absolutely LOVE this game, and looking forward to new tracks/locations. So much fun. #1.1
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It's running, but I have the occasional disc-spit problem, although luckily it hasn't happened in quite some time (knock-on-wood).

Also, 1 controller has become completely useless cause it keeps disconnecting with the PS4, as soon as I launch a game or whatever. In the dashboard it works fine, and as soon as you start anything it disconnects.

I already tried the numerous options listed online to fix it, but nothing worked... so that's a shame. #1.1.5
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Used to be a fun game for me, until a few months ago, probably after an update, it started to become a bit laggy, sadly.

It was always super-smooth before that, so either an update to my phone or an update to the game itself has introduced the problem. #1
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Have they included an option for English-language dashboard and XBox Live yet, for those in non-English countries, like here in Holland?

I hate all that localized crap shoved in my face. #1.1
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Depends. Faces and animations are a bit better on PES, while everything else looks better in FIFA.

I went with PES this year, after buying FIFA since 09, because I liked the PES demo alot while the FIFA demo was 'meh', but neither game is perfect TBH. #1.2
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It seems like a really nice game to relax with, so I will want to get it for the PS4, where I can play it while lying down on my bed or from the couch or whatever.

Yeah, I know I can hook up a PC to my Plasma as well, but my PC is in a completely different room, and it will stay there :) #4.1.3
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Typical Sony EU though: Everybody was raving about the Steel Black controller when the 4 new colours were announced, and of course EU Sony will leave the most popular choice out...

Annoying. #1.1
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That sucks. I love the game and I love the soundtrack, and for whatever stupid reason they couldn't use it anymore!?!? That's a real bummer. I hope it will be a great soundtrack in it's own right, but I will really miss the original music, which was fantastic.

Imagine playing a classic like Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario World with a completely new soundtrack. That would be unacceptable. #1
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Anyone who spends a dime on that game loses. What a travesty. #1.1
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I was interested in playing it since it was announced but the high price and 'decent' reviews have put me off, tbh. #1.1
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... because it's a Japanese game made by Japanese in Japan, so most likely, Japanese will be the original language.

And I, as someone from Holland, prefer to enjoy my entertainment in the original language. So The Simpsons and Breaking Bad and my American comics in English, my Korean movies in Korean, my Chinese kung-fu movies in Mandarin/Cantonese, and my Japanese games and anime in Japanese.

Not sure why that's so hard to understand for some people.... #1.1.2
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Same. This is a system-seller for me, IF they include the Japanese voices. #1.1
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Does this mean there are no Japanese voices available!? If so, then I'm not interested. #2
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In FIFA15 I always used 3-2-3-2 (3 CB, 2 DMF, 3 AMF, and 2 strikers) which usually worked perfectly. Haven't tried that formation in PES2016 yet though. #1
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A Batman Beyond game could be great. Big colorful sci-fi Gotham with lots of Neon lights. #1
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I'm in Holland, Europe. There is no Gamestop here and all XBO's come with digital copies only. #1.1.5
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I don't see how it would be a 'loss', considering they're older games, and although Sunset Overdrive has gotten positive reviews, it's not all that well-known or still selling very well. Also, they're digital codes. Plus these games would probably end up as free XBL Gold games within 1-2 years anyway.

Release a bundle like that and you'll seduce a whole lot of people towards your console, and that means many of them will also buy the gold subscript... #2.1.3
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They should make a big bundle, with some of their best exclusives included as well as an extra controller (2 in total).

A 1TB XBO with 2 controllers and 3-4 games, like Sunset Overdrive, Horizon 2, Ori, and perhaps the Gears of War Remaster, for 400 bucks orso, would fly off the shelves. #2.1
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I would be more interested in picking up an XBO bundle if the game(s) included would actually be physical copies of the game, instead of just a download-code. #1.1
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