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There's such a huge potential to make an amazing racing game with this license, but sadly, this looks absolutely terrible.

Disney never should have closed the studio that made Pure and Split/Second.

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The problem with Vita, for me, was about the memory cards being ridiculously overpriced, so as a result I just stuck with the 8GB card that came with my Vita, which obviously soon filled up, and I couldn't be bothered buying games for the system cause I knew storage would be a hassle...

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So extremely happy about ilomilo finally being backward compatible. Absolutely LOVE that game.

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Hoping PS4 will also get a complete edition. Didn't buy it because of all the DLC, but like the series, so still keeping an eye on it.

If not, I might get it for Switch once I buy that console.

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Would be nice if they could leave out all the sci-fi crap from now on...

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I think they'll be going with a sci-fi western setting. It allows for a wider variety of wild life, weapons, locations, and wouldn't put them in direct competition with RDR.

It's also a relative original setting.

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@Rainmaker; Have you tried Stardew Valley!?

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We know Scorpio's specs are great, but a console also needs to have games, and while 3rd party multi-plats will be there, and I'm sure they'll be outstanding, XBO really also needs a wider variety of interesting exclusives.

Personally, I would also like to see the DLC-greed removed from a series like Forza (+ Forza Horizon).

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If it has Japanese voices, it will get my money.

Dub only!? Then zero interest in it.

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I'm just happy Nintendo made it possible to now enjoy the game with the original voices, and I hope they'll add that possibility with many more of their releases...

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It will depend on what they have inside that size that matters. If it's just desert and a bunch of old little towns spread around, then it will become pretty damn boring pretty damn quickly.

Personally not really interested in the setting of old Egypt, and would have preferred as Asian location, which to me seems to have far more potential and variety when it comes to martial arts, weapons, different clans, environments, religions, etc etc.

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I haven't picked up Hitman yet, mostly because of the episodic releases, so been waiting a bit for for the physical edition to hit 25-30 bucks.

That said, by all accounts, the new Hitman is a great game, and I'm looking forward to playing it, so this is disappointing news.

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The thing I hate most about Assassin's Creed is the whole Sci-Fi crap that's been shoehorned in. The gameplay and characters in those sections are completely uninteresting, and take away from the overall experience

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Nintendo and Treehouse will just ruin it again by throwing in a terrible English dub, which also ruined Metroid; Other M, and many of their other games.

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I miss last-gen, when it comes to the prices of these downloadable games.

Back then, a game on PSN or XBLA was often priced around 10 bucks at launch, which meant that often you were far more willing to take a risk, do an impulse buy, support the developers, etc.

Current-gen, it seems most digital releases are now priced at least 15, often 20 bucks. At which point they've got competition from AAA-releases which are a few months old and are in the barg...

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I don't mind it being (and staying) 300$/€

I -DO- mind that it doesn't come with the Pro-controller and a game included.

As a gamer who has no interest in playing this as a handheld, nor as someone remotely interested in having to put up with those joy-cons (cons indeed), it basically means the Switch STARTS at a 300$ (350€ at a local store btw) price, but I would have to buy a pro-controller as well if I am going to actually enjoy playing the sy...

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Perhaps a Space-Western setting!? I do love the action and shooting in Far Cry games, and they already did a bit of that sci-fi blend with FC3 Blood Dragon, which was very well received.

I see potential there.

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... and Nier, and Yakuza Zero, and Nioh, and Horizon Zero Dawn....

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Korean voices included or dub-only!?

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That's correct. Didn't see why I would want to invest in a console if the developers couldn't even be bothered to include such a basic option in 2017, while both the voices and English subs were already there on the card.

Luckily they came around and now made it possible. Hopefully many other devs/publishers will make such options available.

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