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SJW's are just in the victim-industry; invent a problem, blow it out of proportion, exploit that emotional outrage, and sit back and get attention and opportunities thrown at them.

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Sleeping Dogs was an OK game, which did a lot of stuff right when it came to gameplay (driving felt good, fighting felt good, shooting was barely used but felt nice as well)

I did feel the main character and story were a bit 'bland'. Like Mafia 2, it seemed to end before there was any kind of epic conclusion or something. These game are usually about rising to the top, yet this somehow kinda stopped halfway through that rise.

I also didn't li...

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I liked Modnation Racers very much, but I only picked it up once it was 3 euro in a local store. I actually had wanted to buy it long before then, but there was some greed going on with the DLC, so I was waiting for a GOTY/Ultimate edition to be released, which in the end never came.

Obviously, I just played the base-game and never bought any of the over-priced DLC, which also means that I kept away from the 'building tracks' part of the game, because I wouldn't...

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Yeah, like I said, some stuff I liked, some stuff I didn't like, but there's potential there and it seems like a nice enough game, and it certainly has my interest ever since it was announced, but obviously I'll wait for the reviews and such to come in before I decide on getting it or not.

I do really feel the backgrounds/environments are much too bland for a game released in 2016. Especially with a game that's 'slow' like this, where it should be pr...

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My choice would be Red Dead Rebels or Red Dead Rebellion. I also assume that it could feature multiple playable characters, just like GTA5.

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Also up in the Dutch PS Store. Just finished it.

I like the cute character-design. Backgrounds are a bit bland though, and apart from the end-fight, you basically just see the same background in the fights the whole time. Battle-system seems nice although obviously you're still at very early levels, so your attacks aren't that big yet. I like calling up the 'hero' who swoops in with an impressive display of attacks, although I can see it becoming a chore to...

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'Nostalgia effect' doesn't excuse the fact that including such old character models in a polished modern setting just 'clashes' and looks terrible. They should have just included the old classic costumes, but obviously polished and 'new'.

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Sales-wise, I agree it was a success (well, sales for hardware), because there somehow was a huge hype for it where it sold to non-gamers.

Games-wise, I'd argue it was a step back for the Nintendo & Industry, Nintendo has been going after that gimmick-audience again, instead of focussing on getting the basics of making a great game right, and we saw Microsoft trying to grab a piece of that gimmick-pie with them shifting focus from core-games to their Kinect. Sony o...

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Nice to see this getting good scores. Game looks pretty great, and I'm happy it's a top-down racer WITHOUT weapons, so it's all about the racing (I read there's boost though, which is a bit of a shame).

Not sure if I'll pick it up for full price: It's just a little bit out of my comfort-zone for a downloadable arcade-game, plus I half expect there to be new tracks/environments to be added later on, considering the trailer only showed a limited amount...

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I'll probably be getting an XBO next year, when they'll release that more powerful version, unless I have bought a powerful gaming PC by then, in which case I'll probably stick with that for my XBO experience...

I do feel it needs much more exclusives, and especially far more diversity in genres. So not just the Gears, Halo and Forza games, but far more new original IPs. Ori and Sunset Overdrive are in that category, but the XBO needs more.

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Good news. Looking very much forward to playing this.

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Absolutely not. They tried dubbing before (and it was by all accounts a disaster), and it's a very Japanese game, set in Japan, with a (almost) completely Japanese cast of characters. I would absolutely hate to see them then dubbed over with some crappy American voice-actors.

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Yeah, it's a bit disheartening. PES is clearly the better playing game this year, and pretty much the best football game ever, yet FIFA still has that mass-appeal, simply due to licensing (easily solved with an option-file for PC/PS4 btw), and obviously marketing.

That said, I can see many FIFA players giving PES a chance when it goes on sale in a few months...

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Great, loved this game on last-gen, so looking forward to playing it again. Would be even nicer if Sega would release a completely new Sonic & Sega Racing game.

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Played it tonight a few times: absolutely stunning arena. Best one yet. Love it.

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Yeah, it's beyond ridiculous how much foreign entertainment has to be 'tweaked' and adjusted (read: butchered) in order to 'appeal to a Western (read; American) audience.

So many fantastic Asian movies have been completely ruined because of Yankeeboo attitude. Whole parts of movies cut out, actors dubbed, (luckily dubbing nowadays is less of a problem than it used to be in movies, due to digital carriers...), and original music being replaced by some Wester...

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Because Yankeeboos wouldn't be able to cope with any other language than their American-English...

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All this crap does is simply making sure I won't be buying those games for full price at launch, but instead wait 8-12 months and IF I'm still interested in the game by then, I'll pick it up for 20-30 bucks, maybe. If they've bothered with releasing a complete release by then.

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Sadly, That Ezio HD Collection Ubisoft announced also seems like a lazy port. Was looking forward to that, cause I loved AC2GOTY, and haven't played Brotherhood and Revelations yet, but I'll just wait a year until that collection is 10 bucks or something...

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It's not about the terrible looking jiggly boobs: it's about the fact that Capcom goes out of their way to self-censor their creative visions to please a small minority of complainers who don't even play games.

It's something I very much object to. Not just boobs and such btw, but also self-censorship when it comes to violence or religion or whatever.

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