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I'm still playing this almost on a daily basis, and it STILL manages to catch me off guard some times with its graphics. Just tonight I did one of the new community challenges, this one from the developer themselves, the Evolution Studios community challenges (or whatever it's called), which was an Indian Track P2P, very early in the morning (6:30 I believe), and man, the clouds and weather (all dynamic) just looked amazing. Halfway through the level it even turned a golden brown some... #1.1.1
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Well, we've seen what they have shown this past 'Digital Event' for WiiU, and it seems they've basically already stopped supporting it, cause that was very depressing...

As always, I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll do with the 'NX', but TBH I'm also very skeptical, cause I doubt they have a clue as to why they failed with the WiiU (sales-wise...), and I'm afraid they'll just release yet another gimmick-ware console, thus re... #1.1
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... not to mention that fact that 99,9% of the enemies Batman beats into a pulp, are MALE.

But hey, let's focus on the 'poor little woman' (a well-known villain throughout Batman's history who has more than enough blood on her hands...) who is being 'used' by the big bad male Batman...(!)

Seriously, these whole 'women are victims' white-knight articles need to stop. None of the women in Batman are by any means WEAK or need prot... #1.1.1
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Not really, TBH, cause the English dub, especially Ryo's voice, was notoriously poor and has actually been a bit of a running gag as far as English dubs go. (Just check Youtube for examples)

Ryo just sounded extremely boring in the English version.

Really hope they'll include the Japanese voices as an option. #1.1
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Damn, I can't even get my coffee whenever I do that.... #1
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Damn, is it so hard for these players to just donate those PS4's to a local orphanage or something when they're done in these cities and leave that stuff behind!?

Just ring up the local orphanages and ask them to send someone over to the hotel to pick it up in the morning.

Such a small effort and it can make a whole lot of difference to some kids, making their lives just a little bit better.

Not to mention it would also be great PR... #1.1.1
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I dislike the live-action stuff in Guitar Hero, so I think Band Hero looks a lot more appealing to me...

I just prefer that visual cartoony colorful style over real video with some actors pretending to be popstars or whatever. #1.1.1
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Oh yeah, I still like the gameplay so I'll be getting 16 as well, but it's annoying to see these kinds of serious problems, still, in a such a HUGE release, year after year.

EA must KNOW about these problems, so it basically just means they don't CARE about addressing them... #1.1.2
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I rather would have seen a Battlefield 1944 being announced/leaked, TBH. #1.1.1
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There are so many things wrong with career, that it's pathetic it ships this way.

Just this week I encountered 2 of the most frustrating problems:

1: I'm at the end of the season with Man Utd, won everything there was to win, see a job opening over at Barcelona, so I apply and get the job. No more matches there to play either cause it's end of May or early June or whatever.

Then, at the end of July the board says they will see if... #1.1
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I'm not interested in the game (at all), but TBH I've always admired the design of these characters (they all seem to fit well together, even though they come from such different origins), so I've been thinking about collecting them for a while now.

Occasionally there's a 2=1 deal here in Holland, so perhaps next time I'll buy 20 or 30 of them or something... #1
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It looks amazing indeed, and one of those XBO exclusives I'm quite jealous about... :) (others being Ori, Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, etc) #1
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Decent sale for PS3, although many of those games have already been offered at those prices in sales before.

Vanquish is a must-buy at 4,50€.

I might have bought Naruto Generations if it had included all the DLC. #1.1
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It looks stunning, but I wish they had made the controller red-black as well... #1.1
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It's a highly impressive game, so I'm sure many people will enjoy the PS+ version, and it should result in a nice boost of sales for the developers.

I hope they'll announce some nice expansions with new locations/tracks soon. #2
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I don't want to boycot the game completely, cause I want to play and enjoy the game.

I'm very much interested in the game.

However, I don't agree with their greedy business-practice, so I don't want to support that through a day 1 purchase.

I'll buy it once I can get the complete Arkham Knight experience, including all content, for 30 euro or less, and not a day sooner. #1
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I want subs, with the original language. If they can't offer that with the western release, than just make sure the Japanese/Asian release has the English subs, so people like me have the choice to import it. #1.2
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I don't think they really understand why they're not connecting with the vast majority of gaming-consumers any more, so they're bound to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Sadly

Nobody will deny Nintendo makes AMAZING games. The problem is in other areas, like the hardware (not up-to-date, often gimmick-based, and not as 'open' as it should be, both when it comes to development (programming), as well as for the consumers (region-locked),... #3.1.1
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"After a somewhat disappointing E3 showing..."

...well, that must be the understatement of the day... #1.1
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I'm basically just expecting a 'zen-game', as in when I want an hour to relax, I want to just jump in my space ship, cruise to some gorgeous planets, and explore them.

That's all I want, that's all I'm expecting from this game, and it seems like it will deliver on that, so I'm looking forward to it. #1
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