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Despite the fact that clothed breasts and a pun/wordplay on 'jugs' do not equal a naked 'dong'...

... I certainly wouldn't mind the joke, or be upset about it. What's there to be upset about?

If it was 'NEYMGD', I would simply expect to see naked male genitalia. Not a big deal, tbh. #1.3.1
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Agreed, and that's what I already suspected last year, when I said it wouldn't surprise me if this gets delayed and turns into a launch game for a new Nintendo console, like Twilight Princess for Cube/Wii. #1.1.2
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But.... That's the joke!

What's wrong with that joke!? Are 'we' seriously SO oversensitive these days!? #1.2.1
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I'm confused...
... What exactly was the problem with the image/tweet, and why did they pull it!?

What exactly is so upsetting about foaming jugs!? #1
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Should be something completely different...
... like Gold Shift Fluid. :P

Nah, it's clear he was completely done with the Metal Gear Solid series and Konami wanted to keep forcing him to make new ones, so it's good that now he'll be free to follow his own ambitions and create something new and original again.

I'm sure he'll do great and bring us lots of cool new games. #1
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Agreed. Buying/building a new PC soon to run it. :) (my gtx460 sounds like it's getting ready for takeoff as soon as I try playing it...).

Finally a worthy successor to SimCity 4. EA & Maxis refused to listen to what WE wanted. These guys didn't. #1.1
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Battle Royale is a FANTASTIC movie
... one of my favourite movies ever. Well worth a watch. :) #2
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There is still the rumour that there will be a Mass Effect trilogy release for next-gen, so some people might want to take that into consideration.

Ni No Kuni for 5 euro is a must-buy. Japanese voices included! #1.1
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As someone who REALLY loves Hong Kong...
... I was quite disappointed with it's depiction in Sleeping Dogs.

They basically only had Hong Kong Island in SD, and not a very faithful representation of Hong kong Island either, sadly.

I truly hope that with this next game, they can do Hong Kong justice and include many more locations, like Lantau Island and Kowloon and the New Territories, instead of ignoring them. #1
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@Heisenburger; that's basically what I said. For me, it only worth around 20 euro, but if they want to release it at a higher price, that's their choice, and I'll just wait for a discount, and others might buy it at full price.

They do risk losing my interest completely if they release it at too high a price and it takes too long to hit the budget bins. #1.4.2
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They can ask whatever they want for it. I'll pay whatever I want for it. That's how the market works.

I've never played God of War 3, but I might pick this up if it's uncensored here in Holland and it hits the bargain-bins for around 20 bucks.

I feel the DLC-milking by most developers these days is much more of a rip-off than these HD-remasters. #1.4
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Whoops... :P #9.1.2
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That's sad news to hear. I feel they made the right decision postponing release, and when it finally did release, it still had too many problems...

... but the game has been out for a while now, and their 'post-launch support' has been absolutely fantastic, and the game looks and plays amazing.

Just very intense racing in well balanced classes through gorgeous environments on fun tracks. I've been very impressed with the game so far.
... #1.1.8
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The Witcher doesn't DLC-milk but just offers a complete game. Plus it's world is huge and features a realistic day-knight cycle.

I also don't see Arkham Knight to be as challenging as Bloodborne, nor as bloody/violent as Mortal Kombat.

It's an Arkham game, and that's good, cause the Arkham games have been great. #9.1
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Arkham Knight, as great as it looks and how big a Batman-fan I am, was never going to be a day 1 purchase for me anyway, because of their usual DLC-milking, which I don't want to support/reward with a day 1 purchase.

So yeah, I'll still be enjoying The Witcher 3 and many other games by the time Arkham Knight comes out, so this news of a delay doesn't really bother me personally, although obviously it's disappointing to all those people who have been waiting ea... #2.2
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Good news. These are classic games, and the chance to pick them up again with improved graphics and all content included, is nice.

I don't have any problem with great games getting re-released in new generations. We don't complain about classic movies and books getting new re-releases every few years, do we...?

As far as these Arkham games go, I'm disappointed they won't be bringing a next-gen version of Arkham Origins. I know it was 'mo... #1.1.5
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You think the whole war inside the city between Batman and that huge army and the Arkham Knight will be all in his head?

I doubt it. I do believe we'll learn more about the tragic and shocking events of Jason Todd's death through flashbacks, which is probably where Scarecrow comes in.

It also gives the developers the opportunity to bring Joker back into the game, without undoing their ending of Arkham City. #1.1.3
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It's Todd. It's someone with a personal vendetta with Batman, who KNOWS Batman, someone who can fight, and has an army at his disposal, as well as using twin guns.

It's Todd & Ra's army.

Tommy Elliott can't fight, doesn't have an army, and it's just not his m.o.

Same goes for Clayface. #6.1
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It's Jason Todd. 100%. #1.1
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Kojima is finally free >>> free = 3 >>> Half-Life 3 confirmed!!! #6.1.2
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