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41 years.

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Looks terrible. There are NO mountains in The Netherlands. At all. So to see snow-topped little mountains here is a joke. Nor do we have rocky coastlines. It's just flat mud here in Holland. Nothing more. It's a terrible country with poor weather and even worse food.

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Announcing DLC-greed before the game releases only achieves that I'll never buy that game on Day 1 for full price.

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Good. There was a good game there, somewhere, but sadly EA decided to completely bury it under a heap of greed.

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The EU has already stated it needs to be possible for people to sell their digital purchases. So if I buy a game on Marketplace, Steam, PS Store, whatever, and I'm 'done' with that game, the EU says I have a right to then sell that game again.

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Bought it for 20 euro last week and that seems to be a nice price for it.

What's there is pretty good, but the amount of cars and tracks is quite disappointing, and the gameplay itself is just less FUN to me than the excellent Driveclub.

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Planning on getting an XBO X next year, if they can be bothered to release a white 2TB version bundled with a game...

Perhaps they're planning a Forza Horizon 3 Complete bundle once that gets its XBO X Enhanced patch in January. If not, they should....

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Easy; get (completely) rid of the micro-transactions, fix the balancing, keep improving and expanding the game through free DLC, and keep the retail-price at 50-60 bucks for the next 2-3 years orso.

If the game gets fixed and becomes great, as it can and should be, positive word of mouth will spread and people will want to jump on-board.

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Was gonna buy this game Day 1 full price because of the promised post-launch DLC support, which would keep the community together, but with a launch like this, I doubt there will be any community left to enjoy the game with after 3-4 months of this BS.

Might be better off finally picking up Battlefield 1 including the Season Pass for 30 euro total, and hoping after a few weeks/months they'll release all the DLC for free for those with only the base-game, like they did w...

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Does this mean we won't see a Forza Horizon 4 releasing next fall...?

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Well done, Sega. Announcing DLC greed before the game is even out only ensures that I won't buy it Day 1 for full price...

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I'll pick one up when they have a nice white (or soft-pink) release, with a 2TB HDD and perhaps 1-2 games bundled in...

Unless Sony announces PS5 for next year of course, in which case I'll just skip Xbox this generation completely, cause main reason for picking up an XBO X right now would be for superior 3rd party multi-plat releases...

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Well, the best games this year were mostly made in Japan. Nier, Persona 5, Mario, Zelda. Only outstanding Western games I can come up with for 2017 are Horizon Zero Dawn (which has a good chance of winning), and Assassin's Creed Origins. You have a couple of other great games, like Divinity Original Sin 2 and Cuphead, which were critically cheered, but are in genres that are often overlooked by the mainstream audience.

Objectively speaking, you'd say it's betwee...

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General consensus is that you can pretty much skip it completely, considering it's nowhere near as good as the first game, or the 2 handheld follow-ups...

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Great game, ruined by shitty shady practices forced upon it by their overlord EA.

Oh well, more than enough other great games out there still to enjoy.

Goodbye DICE. Hope you folks end up at some better publishers once EA shuts you down and kicks you out when they blame this whole mess on you instead of their own greed...

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Wait, what!? WW3!? Did EA just invade Poland...? They haven't taken over CD Project Red, have they!?

Anyway, was interested in the game, and I was okay with MT's if it meant free post-launch DLC keeping the community together, but I'm just going to wait a few weeks to see how those MT's affect the actual gameplay before I decide to buy the game or not.

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Looking forward to picking this up once they release a white (or soft-pink) version, bundled with a bigger HDD and 1-2 games...

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Sonic doesn't suck. Nothing wrong with the character.

It's Sega who keeps messing it up: They suck.

We KNOW what makes a great Sonic game. Everyone knows. And it isn't that difficult. Take him back to his roots, which is all us fans want; 2D platforming action. And with platforming action, I mean it's a platform game. Not a rollercoaster game which is non-stop running left-to-right without any distinguishable platforming. Just think of th...

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Here's an idea: Make a great game and sell it for 60 bucks.

Then keep supporting it with free post-launch content, yet keep that entrance price at 60 bucks. Positive word about the game and all the free content will spread, and people will keep buying and playing the game. At 60 bucks.

That way, everyone wins. Those who bought it day 1 will have a game that keeps getting updated with new free content which will keep them engaged.

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Rallisport Challenge 2, Def Jam FFNY, SSX3, NBA Street v3, Burnout 3, Jade Empire, Project Gotham Racing 2, Chaos Theory, etcetc please..

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