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"I don't know what's worse; This or Mighty No.9 character design."

They're practically the same...

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EXACTLY!!! This just REEKS of retaliation.

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According to these other translations GTSport won't have dynamic weather or time of day, only preset by you, in order to maintain 1080p/60...



"Thinking about it now, yeah, we could have called it Gran Turismo 7. But it's got so many features, we wanted it to be different."

It's like they just post quotes to purposely misconstrue meaning. Instead of working on GT7, they changed focus.

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GTSport is one of those rare times the spin-off is actually a bigger deal than the main-line release.

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*looks at GTSport*

Yeah, it's a promotional tool alright... promoting the next generation in high impact (metaphorical) competition on a global scale.

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"Hard to compare the two. One is running as twice the frame rate as the second."

And the higher framerate one also pushes more cars on track.

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Did Pachter take a testosterone pill today?


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It's up to Acti...

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Could've still been a Vita game if y'all supported PSMobile more...

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This was a better game to me as it followed the continuity from the first game and pushed more on a technical level, even if some of the bonuses rose my eyebrow a bit...

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Those character models are amazing for PS2...

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It's super hard, be careful when you play it.

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No... no semantics of technicality BS. Ski Crazed was their first title.

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How is this news anymore? Everybody knows how EA Access works with this...

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8th-tanic has allowed me to refine an old joke and MEAN IT!!!

"Two and a half Gamecube-to-Wii leaps duct taped together."

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They just had an update for PS3 and more games are in development still. This console will still be manufactured past 2017...

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PS3 getting some EXTREMELY belated love...

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I'm actually talking about the CPU, in which Puma is an improved version of Jaguar.

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